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    Uncle Rus was asleep in the finished basement. His thick thighs spread showing off a fat heavy basket for all who came down to see. I don’t know how he fell asleep like that. I didn’t care. I silently crept down. Knelt beside him and leaned in close. I knew my breathing was brushing across the tented bulge of his boxers; I could see the fat neck of a long heavy filling cock, slightly darker than the rest of his skin. ‘Uncle Rus?’ I asked, softly. No response. I reached up. Touched the bulge. No reaction. I tugged his boxers ever so slightly. The fat beast slipped out. Inch by glorious inch. I thought it would keep going. Seven and a half half hard inches and as soon as my breathe teased it, it raised its large half hidden head, wrapped in extra foreskin, up in pride. I couldn’t take anymore. I wrapped my lips around the tip. He groaned in appreciation above me. Even asleep, a man appreciates getting his cock drained. I slipped him in deeper. He sighed and moaned. I was halfway down his cock when I felt it, his hand moved, placed itself on my head. He pulled me down and in. Every inch slipped into my throat. My nose pressed to his crotch. I looked up. He was smirking. “Fucking good boy… Took the bait. Like I knew you would… Now hold on tight, baby, I’m fucking this pussy throat deep and hard… I got a week’s worth to feed you…then I’m taking that sweet jock ass of yours and teaching you how a man fucks his bitch.”