what the signs will learn in 2018

    aries: you’ll learn that all of your hard work is going to be worth it. all the time, effort, tears, etc. is going to turn around and be in your favor for once. without even noticing, everything will be changing and suddenly the relief of everything you’ve been working towards will be here.

    taurus: you will learn to connect. you’ll learn to get out of your room that you’ve shut yourself in. you will realize that there’s a whole ocean of people who care about you, and you’ll finally let them into your life. you’ll create great friendships and relationships with people who really care.

    gemini: you’ll learn that not everything is in your control, but that’s the beauty of everything. you never know what is going to happen next, so alas, you will learn to go with the flow and not worry as much as you have been.

    cancer: you will learn who is really supposed to be in your life. it’s no secret that you’ve let people take advantage of you, but this year, you will learn to put your foot down and welcome in the people who have pure intentions. you won’t be so trustworthy of just anyone anymore, because you know that trust is earned.

    leo: you will learn that you have to create your own happiness. you won’t depend on people for validation and reassurance as much as you used to, and it will be freeing to finally understand your own worth and love yourself. 

    virgo: you will learn that love comes in its own time. it cannot be forced, it cannot be begged for. you will realize that the people worth fighting for, actually will never have to be fought for and it will change your life for the better.

    libra: you will learn that even when you don’t feel like it, people care about you. you might be overwhelmed a lot this year because of how many people come around and want to know how you are and how you’ve been. but, it will set your heart free knowing that these people aren’t going anywhere, and they really want to be here for you.

    scorpio: you will learn the true value of the people in your life. it’s true, you’ve been hurt a lot. but you’ve really been starting to notice the people who have been around and stuck around all this time. the people that left you won’t matter as much anymore.

    sagittarius: you will learn to care about yourself as you care for others. you will learn to take your big heart, and use it on yourself instead of constantly using it on others who simply don’t deserve it.

    capricorn: you will learn that being lost means being found. you may have felt completely broken last year, but now, you will really start to figure yourself out. you won’t have to constantly wonder where you’re going or what you’re going to do, it doesn’t have to be so scary anymore.

    aquarius: you will learn growth. you are going to grow a lot as a person this year and have lots of big changes. by the time this year ends, you won’t remember who you were at the beginning, but it will be beautiful.

    pisces: you will learn to heal. all of these hurtful things that have happened to you over the years, you will learn to gracefully let them go. they won’t have such an impact on you anymore, and it will finally feel nice to move on and let yourself be free of it all.