you have that post with the flowers and berries on the pies and it's tagged as raspberries but im near positive that they're strawberries and i desperately need confirmation one way or another please it haunts my every waking moment and has begun to infringe upon my dreams(if they're strawberries im literally begging you to fix it please my sanity is already slipping)

    fixed it! sorry :) thanks for pointing that out

    hope you’re ok, take care


    hello can i just say i love your work!! it gives me so much witch in the forest kind of vibes :)) i'm a new follower, so i'm wondering where you shoot such great photos(?). like which country? and the backdrops like the house/garden/kitchen, is that ur home or do u rent a place out? thank you so much for sharing ur art, it adds a touch of magic into my feed and my life ☺️☺️

    hello! I wish i was a witch in the forest :) I am a photographer from Russia, a small-ish town. I am lucky to have an apartment where I shoot and also both my parents and my boyfriends parents have houses in the countryside where we spend time and sometimes I shoot there as well :)