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    The riot scene in 13rw 4x08 is almost disturbingly accurate and on the nose to what's going on rn. Some of Clay's lines ("they're going to make us feel like we're the problem" and "the system wasn't designed for us, that shit's broken") as well as the fact the cops were arresting mainly brown kids??? Why aren't more people freaking out about this??

    Justin Foley

    I’ve had a soft spot for Foley since season 1, and watching him get up and go to prom even though it was the last thing he wanted to do made me so proud and then I was upset because what if not dancing round and jumping meant he wouldn’t have gone to hospital quickly. Then I really thought about it, imagine if he hadn’t have gone to prom, would he have got to hospital in time at all? Would clay have realised something was wrong when he got back? Would Mr.Jenson have checked on him? Justin’s last day was at prom with the people and the girl that he loved, they were happy, he was happy. His death affected me the most cause that boy didn’t deserve one day of what he went through and he didn’t deserve that ending but in the circumstance he got the best one possible. He was surrounded by family and friends, he had the best medical treatment possible, he was loved and for me that was enough closure for the character. Tbh I’m not sure where I’m going with this, I’m just sad that he’s gone and the whole show has gone. But thank you for the actors for being so damn good that I forget it’s not real life 🙏🏼

    haikyuu ao3 fic recs

    some loved writings i enjoyed on my quest to find amazing fics (and i was not disappointed) this will be continuously updated !

    (uhh i didnt specify the ratings since i only made this for my friend, but ao3 always has ratings and specific tags, so browse through those before you read :) )

  • <>open tab -  daisuga  -  inc; 529k  -  bartender! daichi and artist! suga w fun dialogue!!
  • <>but for me, there is a storm<>  -  kagehina  -  comp; 276k  -  pacific rim au
  • <>all the small things  -  oisuga  -  comp; 12k  -  sweet runthrough w old acquaintance at a grocery store
  • <>national hot dad alliance is now calling  -  mostly gen  -  comp; 58k  -  memey funny lighthearted stuff in a texting fic
  • <>crowchildren  -  kagehina  -  comp; 58k  -  beaut heartwarming angsty fantasy-ish kinda tale about crowchildren who carry souls of the dead to the final resting place
  • <>sunshine harbour  -  kagehina  -  comp; 110k  -  hinata goes missing 1 day n kags sets out to find him, but he ends up in a mysterious town w a shit ton of secrets
  • <>bell, book, and candle  -  daisuga  -  inc; 647k  -  magic fantasy world where suga is an exorcist/supernatural hunter n ends up fixing up everyones shit
  • <>in transit  -  kagehina  -  comp; 4k  -  lighthearted fluff and soft feelings from second years! kagehina
  • <>rewards program  -  bokuakakuro  -  comp; 8k  -  bokukuroo buyin random shit @ the convenience store where akaashi works everyday
  • <>i’ll wait with you in rain or snow  -  daisuga  -  comp; 75k  -  super fluffy cute wholesome daisuga adopting wolf kids (the hinatas!!) (no a/b/o)
  • <>i like the way your clothes smell  -  kagehina  -  comp; 74k  -  fluffy teen boys being teen boys (+ awkwardness)
  • <>lips like sugar -  iwaoi  -  comp; 8k  -  iwa gets kissing lessons from oiks
  • <>tea-stained polaroids -  bokuaka  -  comp; 5k  -  photographer! akaashi + a very in love bokuto
  • <>love in the time of wifi  -  bokuaka  -  akaashi gets a crush then asks advice from online friends (namely, user HootHoot17)
  • <>right in the head  -  bokuaka  -  epic zombie apocalypse au
  • <>twitch  -  kagehina  -  comp; 72k  -  hinata has tourette’s syndrome (uncontrollable tics + twitches); angst w a happy ending
  • <>come and get lost with us  -  kagehina  -  comp; 150k  -  wholesome char development of kags, a thief, who ends up at some secluded camp in the woods
  • <>darlin’, your head’s not right  -  iwaoi  -  comp; 13k  -  childhood friends + lots of teasing (iwa pledging to marry oiks) (oiks never letting him live it down)
  • [updated 02/12/18]

  • <>bang! now we’re even  -  bokuaka  -  super hawt n cool spy au that is too good to be true
  • <>undeniably special  -  bokuaka  -  lighthearted friends to lovers where kashi just feels like kissing bo
  • <>better than spy films  -  bokuaka  -  bo scavenges for food at kuroo’s place n finds smthg better than food
  • <>come morning light  -  kagehina  -  angsty apocalyptic setting i have yet to finish
  • <>he may suck at beer pong but he slam dunked my heart  -  kagehina  -  refreshing college au w/ frat boy hinata
  • <>come and take a walk on the wild side  -  asanoya  -  asahi just moves in and noya’s pet tarantula is on the loose (CUTE AF MUST READ)
  • <>and when we touch, the stars explode  -  kenhina  -  fluffy modern magic au what more can u ask for
  • <>let’s do it like they do in my furry animes  -  kurotsukki  -  crack fic w wayyyyy too many memes 
  • <>by any other name  -  tsukkiyama  -  yama is sick of people asking him if tsukki is single (fluff, not really angst!)
  • [updated 04/01/18] 

    (u can guess my current otp atm nfjkjfsdn)

  • <>how (not) to share a bathroom  -  oisuga  -  each dorm has a connected shared bathroom + passive aggresive sticky notes convos ensue
  • <>but with a whimper  -  oisuga  -  the fake dating au u need after discovering oisuga
  • <>oh mercy me  -  oisuga  -  the mature fic u need after reading the fake dating au one  oikawa opens his phone during class n stuff goes south from there
  • <>sweet sunshine  -  oisuga  -  the fluffy counterpart of above (im joking, but this is a soft, sweet texting fic)
  • <>drawn to you  -  iwaoi  -  oiks has a secret crush on iwa n tries to talk to him, BUT IWA THINKS HE’S A FAN surprise he’s a secret shoujo manga author
  • <>shooting stars and satellites  -  yamatsukki  -  nostalgic au where tsukki goes to tokyo for uni, loses touch w yams, and sees him again after 4 yrs
  • <>upstairs -  bokuaka  -  neighbors au where where bo is stuck w an unfairly attractive neighbor who he can hear moan every night
  • <>let’s do it like they do on the infomercial channel  -  kagehina  -  everything u dont want to read in the form of a crack fic