In case you don’t know, when someone asks you a question in a casual conversation, they’re expecting you to also ask them a question to keep the conversation going. If you just answer the question and don’t say anything else that just kind of kills the conversation and forces the other person to do all the work during your interaction with them.


    So this is why i don’t have friends


    See you in 1977


    It is literally impossible to pick a favorite line from this because the entire thing is gold. 


    She had no horses but thought she did


    The emotional whiplash in this one always gets me. To go from “helping her sons to be disadvantaged youths” and “Brenda was a bird” to “She owed us so many poems” and “In lieu of flowers, send Brenda more life.” 


    As someone actively trying to teach 3rd and 4th graders how to write after the pandemic lost them a year of school, I’m beginning to think the children think like this AI.