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    What do you have to do to become an official vamp hunter? Is it just like the anime Hunter x Hunter when they have multiple challenges to do to pass, or is it simply an interview?

    Like any other job, you need to apply to become a hunter and take an interview. There isn't a dramatic test of skills like the anime you mentioned but all new recruits start as trainees. Oswald used to be one but over time, he became one of the lead hunters. If you need a reference, think of Demon Slayer and the difference between newly made demon slayers and the hashira. All it takes is training and developed skills to work your way to the top.


    Hello! I don't know if this has been asked before.

    But I'm curious to know how the hunters Hunt? Like how do they know where to look? Do they wait for rumors to spread about potential sightings of vampires? Or do they get information somewhere?

    And to add on to that, do they Hunt down colonies? Or just single out vampires?

    Hunters usually get reports of vampire sightings or suspicions and they respond by investigating the report since sometimes they're vampires acting on their own and sometimes they're kingdom scouts. Hunters also take turns going on patrols (in groups) in the area they're stationed in since most vampire activity happens at night. But unfortunately once a town has been sieged and taken over by a vampire colony, it's really hard to take it back which is why the Hunters are more on the defensive side as of current time.


    Okay so sorry another question.

    Is Mugs colony the biggest?

    Yes. It was built around a castle (that was already built before the colony) and lots of vampires often choose to stay there since it is directly under Mugman's protection. Which makes it the biggest one :)


    Is mugs the only high-tier vamp? Or is there more?

    Also are there like vampire colonies? Like say (idk what area your comic takes place but I’m gonna assume toon town or going based off of the time frame toon village lol) mugs is the ruler of the colony in the area in which cups is but there are other colonies spread to out in different areas of the world next to towns or villages.

    Or is it only mugs and the vampires and then Cups and the organization.


    Mugs is the only high-tier vampire still publicly known to be around but that doesn't mean there aren't more of them out there :) But there are very few for a specific reason. And yes there are colonies but they are not ruled by individual kings or queens. They are each ruled by generals selected by the vampire king or queen instead. But so far Mugman only rules over the regions that his colonies extend over. I would say that would mean there could possibly be more vampire rulers out there but vampires are very territorial and naturally prefer solitude which is why a united kingdom of them that's actively at war is such a big threat to the rest of toon kind.


    Question, can mugs be invisable, if he can does he do stupid stuff with it? Like just imagine seeing a floating jelly jar in the air for no reason... might as well ask what is life!

    No he can't go invisible but vampires ranking mid-tier or higher have a form of telekinesis that can allow them to move an object of their choice.
    So a floating jelly jar is still a possibility


    Hello!! I just want to ask you two questions

    ¿do you asnwer questions even if you are in Spanish?

    And if so, would you receive OCS while in Spanish?

    (Sorry if there is an error in the translation)

    I know next to nothing about Spanish so no, I don't answer questions that are in Spanish because I wouldn't be able to reply to them properly. :') And if you submit an oc in Spanish, I'll probably use a translator to read its bio so don't worry too much about that. Just some information may turn out inaccurate.


    I don’t know if you have answered this before but do you mind telling me your pronouns and sexuality? Sorry to bother you

    I go by she/her pronouns but I'm not too sure on the last one. I haven't really thought about it enough to give you an answer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    And don't worry about bothering me, I love answering your questions when I can :)