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2023-12-11 07:45:12

    Whenever I'm in the store, I'll stand or walk as far over in the aisle as I can without knocking over displays, but people (especially with carts) insist on walking right at me. Even in the parking lot, cars will act like I'm an inconvenience in their way, when I'm like hugging the backs of parked cars and they have so much space to go around.

    But when I'm driving or have a cart, people walk right in the middle of the aisle or parking lot. They're well aware I'm behind them (yesterday I picked out the loudest cart in the entire store, and these 2 people were walking sooo slow down the middle of the aisle and kept stopping to look at stuff), but they just. can't. step. aside.

    There was also a woman ringing a bell asking for donations, and she had her dog in a stroller by her side, and I'm annoyed how inconsiderate she was being to her dog's hearing cause she was ringing it loud and right next to his head.

    At first, making fun of trump's last name or calling him orange was sort of funny. But this many years later, if you're still reducing him to "haha, he's orange", it's time to move on. He's a lot of horrible things, and I think people are forgetting everything he's said and done and not taking it as seriously as they should because there's just a ton of posts where he's making a dumb face and there's a dumb quote attached with a hash tag about how he's orange.

    I've made it through a whole day without napping and I'm still not really tired. Happy that my "18 hours of sleep a day" phase has seemingly passed, but I'm also suspicious if I can stay up for a while longer, or if I'm about to crash.

    I know the impulsive thoughts saying "what if I did this really bad thing right now?" are actually normal and good, but they're still one of the worst feelings ever.

    I'm not going to hurt someone else, I never could, but then my brain comes up with a horrible scenario and says "wouldn't that be awful? Hope you don't accidentally lose control of yourself and go through with it!".

    Yes that would be awful, I'm confident I'll never actually do that, please get out of my head so I can stop feeling guilt over something that hasn't happened.

    crazy how katy perry killed people and people just aren't talking about it because it's not true

    I hate the way the "For You" page works, because the amount of time it takes to see a post and block that account is apparently enough time for tumblr to say "Oh, you like that post? You stopped scrolling for a whole second, you want to see more posts with that tag?". Then I'm blocking accounts for the next few posts that come up, which continues the cycle.


    my names christian baby. im the one from all the questions. I grew up now but I'm not Christian anymore. I tell people my names "Lyle" and Im a shift manager at a secondhand sports clothing store. honestly I want to leave all that business behind me


    sorry about the time a baseball pitcher threw you at me and I hit you with a bat and scored a home run to a chorus of sinful cheers and holy boos. I thought you were a baseball... 😎 wrong emoji πŸ€‘ wrong emoji 🦢 wrong emoji πŸ‘„ wrong emoji 😷 wrong emoji πŸ›€ wrong emoji πŸ˜–


    its cool man. water under the bridge


    you did what you had to do and I get that