It’s my understanding that Black voters are aligning with Trump in greater and greater numbers as election day draws near.  This is a picture of Donald Trump with his parents.  For those of you too young to know the significance of what they are wearing, they are Klan robes, an in the Ku Klux Klan, and they were life long members.  Fred Trump, Donald’s father was arrested in 1927 at an event for Klansmen, almost 2 decades before Donald was born.  This picture is towards the end of Fred Trump’s life in 1999.  Fred Trump, Donald Trump’s father, was a member of the Klan for more than SEVENTY years.  Yet, this year, Donald Trump said he didn’t know enough about the Klan to disavow them.  Why would he lie about that? 

    I am BEGGING everyone to please repost this and repost it often until election day.  Donald Trump is a liar and a racist. His not so hidden agenda is to restore white power to America.  Understand that his policies will be detrimental to Black people in ways far greater and more far-reaching than we can comprehend. 


    Which is precisely why I posted the link to his father’s 1927 arrest at a Klan event.  His father was a Klan member. 

    And this is further proof that his father was the same Fred Trump and very well may have been involved in the killing of someone.


    Inbred looking parents

    Rosalynn Carter: Advocate for Jimmy Carter and many others, always leveraging her love of politics

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    You know, given the other crap that's happening in Washington and Richmond, a woman giving her husband a BJ is such a minor deal, it hardly seems worth mentioning. Really?

    Oh, it was live streamed. Yeah, awful. Dirty, dirty.


    I hope she runs and gets elected. Maybe she'll do better at cleaning up the true obscenity in American life. You know, like racism, bigotry, bribery, corruption, unconstitutional laws, collusion...