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    Sure would be a shame if this got spread around and he lost his job 💅🏽

    He was ordered to resign. 💅🏻

    OMG I live around there. I am beyond grateful I chose not to attend Weber's Criminal Justice program.

    Guys,he rescinded his resignation and I am physically sick by the amount of support I've seen in my community (I live in Utah) that he is receiving because a man "shouldn't be fired over having an opinion."

    "He was just emotional......Haven't you said things in anger....Freedom of speech.....what he said was wrong but you shouldn't be fired over an opinion......Hes a great teacher."

    He's a damn criminal justice professor! How is any minority supposed to feel safe going into his class?

    I just...Ahhhh! My screams aren't loud enough to convey how angry I get being a BLM supporter in a state that has an extremely small black population outside of Salt Lake City (still really small). I have had to bear so many "All Lives Matter" speeches and pro-police from my husbands family and ugh. My mental health is being taxed.

    Cannot stress how bad this is. I live in Utah as well and if people are protecting a man like this, we are in an extensively bad position.

    Hey can u guys start reblogging this version and the other ones where they say they TOOK BACK his resignation and hes WORKING again. OUR WORK HERE ISNT OVER YET WE GOTTA MAKE THIS COLLEGE EAT SHIT FOR PUTTING SO MANY STUDENTS AT RISK.


    I was unaware that Cyberpunk 2077 had been in development hell. I got the impression that they are just spending a lot of time polishing it and that Witcher and GoG revenue allow them to do this. Can you elaborate on the situation?

    Any game with a development cycle of over four years has almost certainly spent a significant amount of that time in development hell. Cyberpunk is no exception. Most might not realize this, but Cyberpunk 2077 (May 2012) was announced about six months before Star Citizen (October 2012). It’s been in development for over eight years by now, twice as long as the Witcher 3. Cyberpunk was announced a year and a half before the PS4 launched and will likely hit store shelves around when the PS5 launches, meaning that they came close to skipping an entire console generation.


    Nobody sets out to build a game with a development cycle <>that<> long. Between then and now, here are some of the notable gaming trends that have come and gone:

  • MMOGs were still in fashion (SWTOR launched six months before Cyberpunk was announced)
  • MOBAs hadn’t hit their peak yet (League of Legends didn’t hit their peak of 100 million unique monthly players until four years later)
  • Fortnite and Battle Royale wouldn’t be a thing for another five years
  • Doublefine had just run their first kickstarter campaign three months before Cyberpunk’s announcement
  • Hearthstone and online card games wouldn’t be a thing for another two years
  • It’s no secret that the Witcher 3 (released May 2015) hoovered up practically all of the Cyberpunk devs during their final push to launch, but the fact it’s taken another five years on top of that to get to (near) release is also not a good look for the game’s development process. These signs point to meandering development that had a hard time nailing down what the game was supposed to be about, building a lot of things, and then scrapping them. This also gels with the stories I’ve heard about their internal development process. 


    Additionally, the game has had announced delays along the way. A delay signals two things - that the delay wasn’t planned, and that the project fell so far short of their expected scheduled progress that the dev team could not make it up by crunching. Cyberpunk delayed not once but twice. If they had initially thought that they needed the additional two months from September to November for their release, they would have delayed the game from April to November, rather than April to September, and then again to November. The fact that there are two delays instead of one (in addition to thei<>r eight year dev cyc<>le) means that their leadership thought they could get the needed work done in six months and realized that they were so wrong that they they needed two more on top of that. 


    Scope is a major concern with a game this size. The game’s multiplayer mode, for example, is one of the features they promised for Cyberpunk 2077, but will not be in the game at launch. They have promised they will patch it in later, which means they had to cut multiplayer from the launch scope in order to make their release date. Overall, all of these signs point to a troubled development process - starting with the abnormally long development cycle, and then factoring in other signs like delays and scope changes in addition to CDPR’s baseline crunch culture. So yeah, I feel very comfortable saying that I believe Cyberpunk 2077 was in development hell for quite some time. I can’t think of a game that took so long to build that wasn’t.

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    A gentle reminder that the “last lynchings” were between 1981-1991, so it’s less than 40. The CRA act was passed 54 years ago. Not enough people want to hear or remember that.

    Nah black people still get lynched to this day. Multiple cases this year alone. The police just say they committed suicide. But they committed suicide in public places in the middle of the hanging themselves. The police just cover the shit up because they’re in on it. If it’s deemed a suicide they don’t have to investigate. Case closed.

    It’s amazing that we only want equality and not revenge.