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2023-10-21 20:07:56

    Guess who went and got fat again?! Just regained 36 lbs since the beginning of the year (9 weeks), which puts me at 236. So that means I’ve been gaining 4 lbs/week so far this year.

    I was particularly inspired by Dudlight’s Gain he’s been posting on YouTube. The dude has gained about 60 lbs in 14 weeks, so maybe I could pack on another 24 lbs in 5 weeks to catch up to him! It’s crazy tho because this is his first gain, which means it’s 10x harder for him than me on my 3rd gain. Yet he’s still giving me a challenge to keep up! He had gained 41 by the time he hit 9 weeks, so I’m 5 lbs behind!


    My friend Charlie needed to fulfill one of his fantasies. On this planet, human beings have the ability to swallow very large things. This helps us carry our children after they are born as a kind of animal called a kangaroo from another planet similar to ours.

    But Charlie asked me if he could swallow it for a few days. I'm already a fat man, so no one will notice.

    On this planet there are two types of humans, those who measure from 1.30 meters to 1.75 meters and those who measure from 2 to 3 meters. I'm 2.74 and Charlie is 1.38

    It took me a bit, Charlie is short but he's still an adult, but I felt rich when I felt his naked body pass through my throat and when his whole body fell into my belly my cock was pure hard.

    Charlie has been inside me for 2 days and it's amazing how no one notices.

    -Hello Josh! Hey what belly do you have there? Don't tell me that one of your children... they're already big, you shouldn't carry them.

    -Oh no! It's that I ate very well.

    When I get off work I put on a coat and jacket and my belly pops out and I get horny when Charlie kicks I don't think he's ever going to come out.

    I go into the bathroom and lift up my shirt and take this picture so you can see what Charlie looks like inside me.

    I really love the thought of a well-dressed, proper guy letting out a satisfied moan as he cradles his round stomach, finally in the privacy of his home. He sits down, his belly sloshing audibly at the movement, processing his herculean dinner. He was visibly uncomfortable at said dinner, pausing to stifle a burp into his fist after each chunk of food was dropped into his stomach after thick gulps.

    Now, finally alone and with no expectations to uphold, he indulges his gurgling gut by unbuckling his belt, surprised at his stomach's responsiveness when it sloshes forward, bubbles rising from within. He thumps his chest to dislodge a relatively short, but very deep and thick belch