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    я не говорю по-русски, но вы возьмете свою странную фотографию лошади, и вам это понравится, мудак.


    что, черт возьми?

    я не знаю, что происходит. Я устал и использую онлайн-переводчиков для подделки поддельных русских подписей. Я боюсь, как быстро мои родители стареют.

    Я не верю, что ваши предки быстро возрастут, если вы продолжаете смотреть на них. ибо время - это река, которая течет, как море, и не берет ни одного заключенного. доверяете ли вы тому, что говорят вам пальцы? освободить их

    Наконец-то люди говорят на нормальном языке 

    ах, другой, кто говорит на высшем языке! я рад вас встретить. я также боюсь, как быстро мои пальцы ног упадут и боятся за будущее моего младшего брата


    Я призываю древних демонов. и откладывать на поверхность земли. Истребите человеческие отходы, как те, которые у них есть; пировать их мозги, как поп-пироги прямо из сумки.

    кто-нибудь в этой теме курил сорняк?

    I just. I don’t like this view of “millennials vs Gen Z”. This is NOT supposed to be a competition of who got fucked over the most and who’s “actually fighting back”.

    Millennials are fighting back just by surviving in a job market where the minimum wage doesn’t cover the living cost. Millennials are awesome at “killing” the diamond, golfing and napkins industries. Millennials are using the internet to make sure things that corporations want to keep in the dark are exposed. They’re open LGBTQIA-friendly business, they’re supporting each other with online donations so everyone can survive this shitty economy.

    And the Gen Z kids? The Gen Z kids are rad. I remember a post about something like the millennials making a collective promise to never become a disenchanted generation that only criticizes the next one and I want to point out that this “millennials vs gen z” trend is trying to do exactly that: split us apart. Prevent millennials from being the older siblings that teach the younger siblings to throw a good punch and turn them into the annoyed adult complaining about “those kids” on their lawn. We are the two groups that grew in a connected world of information. We are two very unique generations.

    I think that it’s our duty for us millennials, as a disrespected, underpaid, very angry generation to stand up by our younger siblings, and fight together the oppressive systems that brought us all to this point.

    They’re trying very hard to pit Millennials and Gen Z against each other because I honestly think they’re terrified of what the two will accomplish together.

    They already started making articles about TikTok Gen Z teens are making fun of Millenials. Don´t fall for that shit

    If your partner feels threatened when you want alone time: RUN.


    thats creepy

    This applies to you boys too- if your girlfriend won’t let you hang out with your friends<>, RUN

    No matter what gender you or your partner are, if they refuse to let you spend any time with your friends that’s a big sign of danger.



    Last time I reblogged this I lost ten followers, someone I liked blocked me, and I got hate mail in my inbox for several days.  Let’s see what happens this time.

    Abuse begins with insecurity

    My ex wouldn’t even accept a ride from my friend who offered to drive us home in the pouring Orlando rain and instead forced us to walk 12 minutes in the rain, soaking my only pair of work shoes and giving me a cold. FUCKING RED FLAGS

    Me: doot doot doot doot *reblogs this* doot doot doot *reblogs this again* doot-

    my first s/o (we were dating online) would yell at me whenever i wasnt online. like even if it was for five minutes. sometimes i stopped them bc i told them a good reason beforehand but only if it was for like 5 minutes or less


    hey quick question why are all adult cartoons like that 


    like why is it that adult cartoons could build upon this beautiful format for storytelling used in children’s cartoons to deliver more complex, powerful narratives and include themes with more depth and comedy that adults can relate to, but instead it means “hey here’s an array of every nasty vile bigoted thing u can think of drawn in the most tedious ugly obnoxious art style” like why did we go so wrong.. 

    Because the industry at large STILL thinks cartoons are for children only, despite their advancement in themes, tones, and story telling since the early nineties. Thus, when a company needs to make a “cartoon only for adults” they go SO FAR in the opposite direction that you end up in that world of non-stop sex, drugs, and poop jokes. 

    Maybe with the drastic shift we’ve just taken in the US because of stay-at-home, as well as the introduction of streaming services desperate for eyeballs that are now willing to try new and untested things, we will break through those last few layers of resistance and see more mature animation that doesn’t reach Sausage Party levels of vile garbage.


    You guys are dangerously close to realizing specifically what kinds of people they keep from voting and why.

    I want to drill this into everybody’s head:

  • The United States of America has the highest prison population in the world
  • Black Americans and Latin people make up the majority of this population (many of whom are non-violent offenders)
  • Federal Prisons in America require that their state keeps their prisons at a maximum occupancy at all times.
  • The 13th amendment did not entirely abolish slavery…just one form of it. It remains legal through industrial prison system
  • Oh and we have privatized prisons which allow companies to actually make money off of keeping people incarcerated 

    <>Here’s what’s really perverse: prisoners, who cannot vote, still get counted in the U.S. Census. The more prisoners a county has, the more representation it gets, even though the prisoners cannot vote. See how that works? The more black and brown people they lock up, the more government resources and political representation they get. Even though those prisoners have no say and cannot vote.

    If county-A has a population of 50 voters but no prisons, and county-B has a population of 50 voters and 50 prisoners, the county with the prisoners gets more government funding and more political represention. This is sometimes called prison gerrymandering” and it is used in redistrictring.

    <>Not so fun Fact: Southern states that reliably vote for Republicans also have the highest prison population in the United States. (source). So mass incarceration is a double whammy. It’s both a form of voter suppression and a tool to strengthen white people’s political power.


    talk about getting two birds stoned at once

    That just means that the local economies will be able to recover without a predatory megacorp sucking them dry as well!  What a win-win!

    And that’s not a joke: The average Walmart Supercenter costs taxpayers between $900,000 and $1,750,000 (since they don’t pay their employees a living wage, the workers have to go on public assistance programs) this is intentional, since Walmart accepts SNAP, it means that they not only get to skimp on paying their workers properly, they can also funnel taxpayer money into their bottom line.  

    I see no downside to any of this.