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    Do you have any Michael afton headcannons? :) Cool designs btw

    I do and thank you!!

    - i love the thought of him helping around the diner and pizzeria by making drawings for the place per Henrys request! Whether its window art or decorations, hes happy to help on his free time ( ofc it def helps that Henry pays him for it under the table w/o Will knowing lmao )

    - He likes to skateboard, its how he met Jeremy :]!

    - He actually looked up to his father when he was younger and had a pretty decent relationship with the guy, it wasnt perfect but it wasnt as awful as it is now. He misses when it felt like his dad cared (at least he hopes his dad cared and wasnt just an act ) :/

    - He learned to cut his own hair after his mother left and cut his siblings hair as well.

    - He helped his siblings get ready for school each morning, helping Liz with her hair and Evan pick out clothes.

    - hes pretty decent at sewing and was the house plushie doctor :]

    - He was a big fan of rock n roll-still is- and would blast it pretty loud in the house, much to Williams annoyance

    - He carries around Evans old fredbear plush. It serves as a reminder of his little brother and his mistake.

    - Hes half Mexican on his mothers side !

    - He did graffiti from time to time with the Bullies before the bite happened and they went their seperate ways

    - Him and Charlie were good friends before her death. He misses her a lot.

    - He learned how to play the electric guitar

    - He likes Hawaiian pizza !

    - in a happier timeline, he would have turned his art into a successful illustration career in comics/books or perhaps animation!

    Perhaps when Im completing my animatic of Kind Of King from Beloved King: A Queer Bible Musical, I really want to start making animatics for "Epic the Musical" as well. So, I've been brainstorming designs for the characters, and I have to admit, I have no idea how Odysseus should look.......

    But I do have a clear idea for Hera's design, or at least a beta version, I suppose. Her design is heavily influenced by the tradition of how married ancient Greek women veiled themselves. Essentially, the tighter the veil was, the wealthier her husband was or something similar..... it was a kind of status symbol. So I thought, she's married to the king of the gods, so, of course, she should be veiled in an extravagant manner.

    Additionally, I want to illustrate that Hera has two different "forms." One is when she is heavily veiled, which represents her proper form as a dutiful wife to Zeus. The other form shows her after she's bathed to renew her virginity, appearing as a free spirit. I'll probably make some changes to the "virgin" form because I think it has too many details, but I'm very happy with the "veiled" form.

    I just think Jason Todd should get into historical fashion again.

    A comic page showing a young Jason Todd telling Bruce Wayne about a museum exhibit on historical fashion that he's looking at for history extra credit.
    A comic page showing Jason Todd in Victorian clothing as he looks around a Victorian version of Gotham, thinking of how similar it is to his own Gotham and how he would fit right in here.
    A comic page of Bruce Wayne asking young Jason Todd about his homework, which Jason explains is a comprehensive paper about two historical eras, involving fashion and some other things.
    A comic panel of Jason Todd in Victorian clothing, asking Bob the Monitor about Batman in this version of Gotham.

    Batman #413 // Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Gotham by Gaslight #1

    Image description: First image is part of a comic page from Batman #413, showing Bruce Wayne in a suit walking up to a young Jason Todd, in a museum. Bruce reaches toward Jason with a smile and says, “Good afternoon, Jason...I didn’t expect to run into you here.” Jason turns to him and smiles back, holding a tiny notebook and pencil in his hand, and he says, “Bruce! Hi! I left you a note when I got home from school. Right now our class is studying European history--the Napoleonic Wars--but the school thought it would be a good idea for us to take advantage of this opportunity, too.” Jason gestures at a display of three historical women’s outfits, then he says, “Like, that stuff over there is all old clothes people were actually wearing at the time of those wars. Some of it’s pretty interesting...And they said we could do extra credit on this Japanese stuff, if we wanted to pull our grades up. My history grade could use the help...”

    Second image is part of a comic page from Search for Ray Palmer: Gotham by Gaslight #1, showing a 19th century Gotham City with people milling around. Jason Todd is standing staring around the city, dressed in period-typical clothing with a dark top hat and jacket. Behind him are Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner, and Bob the Monitor, all dressed in similar Victorian outfits. Jason’s narration boxes say, “It’s really weird, but as alien as this place is, I know it well. Gotham City is Gotham City no matter where or when you find it. I can see myself living here. I can feel the rightness of that. I would fit here, I think, in ways I dont everywhere else...”

    Third image is a cropped part of a comic page from Batman #413 showing Bruce, Alfred, and Jason in the Batcave, near a desk and various equipment. Bruce is in his Batsuit without the cowl, smiling at Jason who is wearing civilian clothing sitting at the desk where there is a book and papers. Alfred is carrying a tray with a glass of water over to Jason. Bruce leans against the desk as he says, “Maybe they couldn’t...but your guardian is a little better informed than they are. What’s your report on?” Jason says, “Oh...a comparison of everything in the Tahara Exhibit with everything we’ve learned about England in the early nineteenth century...weapons, clothes, pots, pans, art...I don’t know if I’ll ever need to know that stuff again, but my teacher loves it.” Jason takes the glass from Alfred as Alfred tells Bruce, “I took the liberty of looking over Master Jason’s report when he’d completed it, Master Bruce. It seemed most comprehensive. I’m certain the professor will be impressed.” Jason grins and says, “Thanks, Alfred. I guess I shouldn’t worry too much about missing a couple of nights on patrol. After all, not even Batman and Robin can be everywhere at once.”

    Fourth image is a cropped comic panel from Search for Ray Palmer: Gotham by Gaslight showing Jason in Victorian clothing, tapping the shoulder of Bob the Monitor as Kyle and Donna watch from behind. Jay says, “Wait a minute...we’re trying to find the impossible and we’re overlooking the perfect resource...Bob--does this world have a Batman yet?” Bob says, “Indeed. A few other costumed heroes as well...”

    Nerodivergent Head Cannons:

    - Smokescreen hates physical touch -

    Remember that time when Bulkhead gave Smokescreen a really hard pat on the back and Smokescreen just stood there for a moment before standing back up. Yeah, that's my proof. Also the entire Knockout and Omega Key thing was just a big fat no no for Smokescreen.

    - Smokescreen owns non-verbal cards -

    Ratchet had dealt with nerodivergent bots before, so with the help of the kids he made non-verbal cards. After Smokescreen's arrival, and Ratchet giving him a check up, Ratchet quickly realizes Smokescreen is nerodivergent. He gives Smokescreen the non-verbal cards just in case, he's not sure if Smokescreen would ever use them though. He does use them every once and a while though. (Especially in the Predacon AU I made)

    - Smokescreen can and will run his mouth -

    Smokescreen can talk for hours about random stuff he knows. And he knows a lot thanks to his time in the Hall of Records. One minute he'll be talking about something about Earth he finds interesting, the next he's talking about how in ancient Cybertronian history bots were sacrificed to Primus or something.

    Other Head Cannons-

    - Smokescreen has Narcolepsy and Insomnia. As well as the fear of sleep. -

    Bro would be terrified of falling asleep for another million years, and I don't blame him. (I've found this is a very popular head cannon)

    - All Cybertronians can purr -

    You know when people say an engine purrs... Yeah.

    - Smokescreen owns reading glass -

    He probably read a lot of stuff at his time with Alpha Trion. I always thought that Smokescreen having those reading glasses, with the small chain at the end to keep them from getting lost, was a cute idea.

    - Smokescreen has PTSD -

    When anything, inanimate or not, touches his abdomen he's immediately taken back to the Nemesis. Sometimes when he sees someone sleeping his mind goes back to when Optimus died the first time. The first few days after everyone started rebuilding Cybertron Smokescreen had multiple episodes. Every time he saw a building reduced to rubble he remembered dragging Optimus out. It took a while for anyone to notice.

    - Claustrophobic -

    After spending 4 million years in an escape pod can cause some serious Claustrophobia.


    In the cannon timeline do you see C.C forgiving Michael?

    Not at first :’v but he stays with him the whole time and knows he’s sorry :’C

    @threestripeslider I hope sincerely that you allow fan-fiction of your fan-fiction


    Here is my little take on the peepaw. stealer. rascal.... smoking scene from chapter 8. (I'm sorry for the terrible hand writing, I didn't have the patience for the fonts in csp)

    Don't get me wrong. The chapter is perfect as it is, I just yearn for more Blue on Blue interactions and this moment seemed to be perfect for that.

    I beg @threestripeslider on my knees, (I'm sure you have it already planned), for the talk TM, where Leonardo learns what happened during the movie, and that Leo had the opportunity to learn his lesson AND had his self-sacrificing ✨moment✨