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2021-08-14 18:47:24

    Two Unpublished WildC.A.T.s Revival Pitchs

    Freddie Williams II (Batman/TMNT artist) has revealed artworks for a pitch he submitted to DC Comics for a new street-level Wildcats team. Williams had two versions planned: either (A) a revival of Travis Charest-era of the classic team. Or (B) a new team composed of both WildStorm and DC characters, including DC’s Batman, Robin & Deathstroke the Terminator, and WildStorm’s Deathblow, John Lynch, Zealot & Grifter.

    As for why Williams added Batman on the roster, he explains:
    “Batman would have been an occasional member, since he is so busy (and so his resources didn’t outshine the rest of the team), DC didn’t give me much in the way of a reason they didn’t want to ⁠- they just rejected it - which is just how it goes sometimes”

    Artist by: Freddie E. Williams II