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2020-12-21 21:32:57

    Are you on any other social media? Even out of cosplay? I used to be a big fan of yours before I fell out of homestuck,hope your doing okay with how 2020 has been

    I only have instagram (also as captaincrunchcosplay) but I haven’t posted anything on there in forever either :x it’s a cosplay only acc but I was thinking to start some out-of-cosplay content on there. that’s mainly bc I haven’t done any cosplay related stuff in forever (with no cons going on I just can’t get motivated to do anything. am I the only one with that problem? :x) but then also, I have never done any non-cosplay stuff online like I never take pics of me out of cosplay so I feel it would be kinda boring and weird to do it now haha maybe I’m just a little awkward and introverted in that sense^^’ 

    thank you for your well wishes, I am very lucky so far as I wasn’t hit with any health or financial problems. I hope you’re doing okay too!


    Hey! Glad to see you again around here! Just wanted to say I've been trying to learn German recently. And you are one of my influences for doing so! Someday, I hope I can make english subs for your old videos that used to have subtitles on annotations. I don't care if it may be unnecessary, I just really wanna practice ^^ Anyway, auf wiedersehen!

    Heyo! Yes I recently have been checking on here again :) I’m happy to be one of your inspos for learning a new language and very honored that you would choose my videos to do practice on! (I remember feeling kinda dumb considering I spent so much time getting the time stamps for the annotations right and then they’d just delete that feature altogether haha)

    If you want you can send me asks with any questions you have about studying the language or we could chitchat a bit in german if you like :)


    Bro why didnt you post videos on youtube?, answer me cuse love you

    heyo I know I have gone full silent on social media for a while now. A couple things happened such as university going nuts and then also lots of private stuff, too. I planned on going to conventions in 2020 (booked and everything) and film there but the first con of the year was actually the first big event that got canceled because of covid in march here in germany. All these things also led to a cosplay fatigue I guess. I also needed some time off social media. I still haven’t gone back yet but some day I’ll hope to have the energy and courage to do so :x


    The music guy here! I really like those two Ultraviolet Sound songs (La La Love and Dead on The Dancefloor), that one Eurobeat track (Anima Libera) from the one year video, One in a Million and that Molly Nilson song, I Hope You Die, I think. They all give me a really good feeling and a weird nostalgia hahaha

    heyo sorry for not getting back to you in forever >o< I should have made a playlist back then, bc then I would have had some suggestions now. I nowadays listen to a bit different kind of music and I personally haven’t checked on the artists I used to listen to in a while so I don’t know any new songs^^’ but I’m always happy when someone shares my taste of music ^u^


    ik ur not really active on this site but i thought u ought to know that i basically learned how to do makeup from you :')

    hello there! yes I rarely use tumblr nowadays bc I deleted the app on my phone. thank you for your commet though, I’m glad my videos were helpful ^u^


    I personally think the idea of everyday makeup posts sounds really cool, your makeup always looks phenomenal. Also I hope uni gets less stressful for you and that 2020 is a lot nicer to you than 2019 was.

    Thank you for your input and thank you for the compliment :) I’m thinking about coming back to insta once the busy phase is over. And also thank you on the well wishing, I was lucky enough to finish lab work before my uni was shut down so I can write my thesis now in home office. so far I’ve been lucky. stay safe ♥


    Just wanted to say that I really like your musical taste! I've discovered a bunch of good songs because of you and background music for some of your videos. Is there anything else you'd recommend?

    I’m glad to hear that :) maybe you could tell me which songs you liked so I can specify recommandations for you. I use 8bit/instrumental versions of songs so if you’re into that I recommand krelez youtube channel for 8bit music. I go there often to find new songs. Then also, sheddy’s channel (previously l0rbsheddy on youtube I think) makes great remixes. If it’s not about 8bit music specifically, again, you could tell me songs you liked and I can base recommandations on that :)


    Are u gonna post on insta/YouTube ever again?? I've just been wondering were you've been, I hope everything's been good for you!

    By now about a million reasons have come into play why I haven't done anything in a long time. First it started out with a hectic move and another stressful semester. Then things went down big time with my at the time boyfriend which dragged my motivation down bc money related things happened so I didn't feel like spending any extra cash on cosplay. Then unexpected things at uni happened which lead to having to write my bachelor thesis earlier. And this is where I currently am. I spend about 9 hours each day at uni and I also have a job now that I do on the weekend. Not only do I have like no free time but also any extra time I need to relax. I haven't done any hobby in the past year/almost two years.. and cosplay and making videos takes too much time and effort tbh. The fatigue is real, I'm telling ya. All in all, 2019 was like the worst year I ever had and I didn't feel comfortable taking pics for insta either. You know when you have your down phases und you don't like looking in the mirror and just don't feel comfortable in your own skin? That feeling still hasn't gone away yet. I wanted to make a video to explain it at least but again, I feel like I've become too shy or something. It's really hard to explain. I was thinking to start doing stuff on insta again but maybe more focused on non cosplay makeup. Just to slowly get a grip again and start being okay with looking at myself again and gain some confidence. But then I don't know if anyone would be down for that bc it's a cosplay acc. So yea I don't know, part of me really misses it but I also feel like I'm not the same person like I was then. Oh and also, I actually planned to make a video for lbm this year but the con was cancelled bc of corona. So that sucks too haha


    different anon but i hope life treats you well and amazing things come your way! you were my first cosplay inspiration so many years ago and i really don’t think i would be the person i am today without your videos, thank you for existing

    Aww no way thank you so much! TuT that's a really inspiring thing to hear, I'm glad when I can do anything remotely positive for someone. Keep up, you're just as much of an inspiration. And thank you for the well wishing, it's going better now :)


    I'm very sorry for what happened between you and your ex! And I seriously hope you can get out of this situation well to proceed with your life. Also, regarding the new Homestuck content coming out nowadays, while there is a heavy fan-imput and a bunch of new writers are joining the bandwagon, everything is very canon and has imput from the man Hussie himself!

    Thank you for your kind words! Finally, things are sorted out and slowly everything will go back to normal I think :) and thank you for the info on the new content, I'm glad to hear that haha


    yo, im not sure if it was you, or another cosplay group, but im trying to find this one video with people cosplaying as trolls and the song "exile vilify" in the background... would you happen to know anything about it? thank you! (love ur cosplays btw!! :^D)

    I think I know the video you're talking about. And I think I remember that another video of the same creaters 'went missing' when I was looking for it years ago. But I'm not up to date anymore and I also don't know their names/channel name. Sorry I can't help you. But thank you :)


    hi, sorry if you get this question a lot or if you had already answered it. i couldn’t find anything on it, but what’s the wig you use for your terezi? or do you use a different one now? btw i love your cosplays

    Thank you! Please check out my FAQ for that. Captaincrunchcosplay.tumblr.com/faq


    I'm not trying to be mean go your ex but that's super fucked up and you don't deserve to be in that situation

    No it's fine, you're right. And there are so many details that make it even worse. It was honestly such a shitshow for so long.. thank you for your words.


    if you want to know something wholesome about "post canon homestuck". jade's pesterquest story. the 4 kids actually got together for the first time in 10 years and they were happy with nothing bad happening

    Haha that's so sweet, that's the kind of 'spoiler' that I like to know about. Thanks for telling me. If the feeling/vibe of hs2 is like the original comic then who knows I might read into it.


    Have you read Homestuck 2 or tried to play any of the visual novel games?

    I just learned about the existence of hs2 oops haha I'm not opposed to read it but it's not on my priority list atm. I did try to play the visual novels but I can't get into them. But I've never been a fan of this kind of concept anyways :o I prefer regular comics.


    I'm sending lots of love and good vibes your way. You were the first cosplayer that really inspired me to get into the hobby which has brought me so much joy and good stuff in my life. I hope something good pops up for you soon! 💙

    Thank you for your kind words. I got so distracted with real life, uni studying and then the bs with my ex that I kinda turned a cold shoulder to the community. I didn't want to soil the happy safe space that my channel is for me with a bitter version of myself. I also don't want to drown in self pity bc I want to handle the problem like an adult but it's taking me so long and I refuse to give up. I also kinda felt like telling you guys bc I keep getting sweet comments here and there and I feel awful for letting it die down bc of what this garbage human being that is my ex did to me. But it's the truth, I'm weak rn and prefer to not show myself atm. But still, all the nice comments mean the world to me so thank you again.