Pitch’s first line was “oh, I thought I heard the clippity clop of a unicorn”

    That was his introductory line

    A line that could have struck terror and dread into our hearts

    That could have been our first insight into a cruel and frightening and brilliant villian

    But no Pitch appeared in a pink room and commented on a unicorn

    And spent the movie dancing or making funny faces or scooting backwards on his bottom

    Yup that’s Pitch Black for you

    omg it has come full circle

    <>This is my favorite scene in the movie mainly because it shows the true meaning of the story. Although it focuses mostly on Jack Frost’s character development, the film is darkness and light fighting for dominance. The sandman is so underrated because he’s mute but he was the only thing standing in Pitch’s way in taking over the world. Pitch knew he couldn’t beat Sandy so he’s the first person he got rid of. The guardians were nothing without Sandy. This just shows how strong and important the sandman is in the story since he practically beat Pitch without trying. This scene is a perfect example why the sandman is the most important yet the most under appreciated character in Rise of the Guardians.


    During a conversation with my brother on the subject of clowns, I told him that they were an invasive species that have nearly rendered door-to-door salesmen extinct. Which is how we came to the conclusion that Jehovah's witnesses were introduced the clown inhabited areas, as they are the natural predator of clowns. I thought to share my research with an expert on clown ecology. Opinions?

    I’d like to clarify that Jehova’s witnesses are also an invasive species, just from a different evolutionary niche

    mormons are a very fast breeding and invasive species as well! please be careful around them. while they are only native to utah (and even there are dangerous in any number), it’s a rite of passage for every juvenile male to spend multiple years away from their territory with the sole purpose of imposing their parasitic ways on other species, and expanding their invasive territories further and further. take extreme caution and avoid all interactions!!! 

    juvenile males on this journey can be easily identified by black pants, bright white shirts, and name-tags**. their white shirts are actually an effective warning as to their poisonous nature, as many bright colors in nature are. they always hunt in pairs.

    while females on this journey do exist, they are few in number, but arguably more dangerous, as they are both harder to identify other than by nametag**, and at first glance are less intimidating. do not be fooled by this. however, the majority of the females are expected to remain in the territory and breed youngsters of the species at the fastest rate they can afford. 

    they are fast breeding and have large broods, so though their children are weak individually, it is very common for them to travel in packs of their own kind to “protect them from outside predators”. as a group they are still dangerous and should not be approached without backup.

    **any members of the fae courts are <>highly encouraged to use these nametags against them! however, caution must be taken, as if they themselves possess your full name, they<> can and will use it to induct you into their cult post-mortally. under <>no circumstances can they get ahold of your full name. take caution, and if unsure, default to using fae rules while interacting with them.

    I’m pretty sure the fae thing is a reference to how difficult it is to unsubscribe from Mormon mailing lists

    No, I’m pretty sure it’s a reference to posthumous baptism by the Mormon church

    The mormon church can WHAT now

    Oh, haven’t you heard?

    As a former Mormon (or formon otherwise known as a Jack Mormon) I can attest:

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    what the fuck

    Did you people really not know about this stuff?

    This isn’t….normal?

    Hold on a sec I’m still trying to wrap my head around the part where fancy mormon temples have hot tubs resting on pedastals of carved bulls NO this is not common knowledge

    <>Book Geralt: Wise, well-spoken, poetic, caring, grumpy, dependable, somewhat affectionate, can actually communicate.

    <>Game Geralt: Badass, determined, strong, intelligent, s e x y, romantic, trying his goddamned best, pretty decent dad.

    <>Show Geralt: Feral, a disaster, a fool, a baby, uptight, leather pants, fuck destiny, horse girl vibes, gay subtext, Bad With People.

    <>Hexer Geralt: A friend, a chill bro, doesn’t care about no homo, will cuddle if required, the supportive mum friend, protective babey.

    Let’s not forget that they all (except Netflix Geralt) probably follow the “Kiss your homies goodnight” rule. :/