Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Geographers of War!

עליו השלום מִיסטִי (1996-2017)

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    This is your daily reminder to download Firefox on your desktop AND on mobile. You can import all your bookmarks from Chrome very easily. For mobile browser on Android you can install extensions like AdBlock and they also have a YouTube extension that lets you watch picture-in-picture without the YouTube app and listen to videos with your phone screen turned off.

    Firefox is great here's a link for the desktop version. Their website also has a link directly to the app store for the mobile browser. Have fun y'all 🦊💕


    My first reblog isn't showing up in the notes I guess bc I included a link to their website but please download Firefox 🥺


    When I mentioned taking a day off to move house, my manager asked who I went with for my mortgage

    When I told him I was renting he asked "why don't you just borrow ten grand or so off your parents for a mortgage deposit?"

    Sir, we lead very different lives


    Have you considered being born into wealth? You should try it some time. It's not hard. I was born into wealth all by myself!


    I once visited a coworkers house and a cleaning service van pulled into her neighbors driveway. She said ‘They’re using THAT maid service now? How cliche! What service do you use?’ I felt like I’d somehow been transported to another dimension.


    One time I was working at a thrift store as a cashier and talking with this dude about how expensive living and school were, and he looked at me and was like “Just go over to Europe, school is free there. Have your accountant write it off as a business expense so you won’t have to pay taxes on it” and I was just so fucking baffled I couldn’t speak


    the skiing is by far the least batshit thing on this thread


    Rich people are so wildly out of touch with how working class people live their lives.


    i support universal free healthcare for one simple reason: if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness you should quit your job. quitting your job is the correct response to terminal illness. but you can’t do that if your healthcare is tied to your job


    listen if somebody knows that they will be dead in a years time, and you are forcing them to continue to come into work, that’s fucked up. terminally ill people should be able to quit their jobs and live their last few months to the fullest. i don’t get how that’s a controversial opinion

    Here's a terrifying view of the tornado. The QuickLube on the right is no more. Many people were calling this person an idiot, but you have to understand this happened in a very few minutes, there was baseball size hail, cars were stopping in the middle of the road, and there really aren't any ditches in this main part of town, it's paved parking lots. The GoodWill she pulled into is half gone, so it's not like there were any good options unless she could've turned around and driven the other way, but again, cars were stopping, this is right in the congested part of town, and this tornado was reportedly moving at least 150 mph, so there's not much anyone in the middle of town could do when it all happened in a few minutes. It's unclear if she got out when you hear the door ding and just left her phone or dashcam running or stayed in the car. If she was in the car the whole time. I don't know how she wasn't screaming or whimpering in fear with that coming right at her. I'm amazed that the vehicle that drove right through it wasn't tossed like so many other parked vehicles, at least one semi, and all those campers were.