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NSFW. Captions featuring nude females in various situations.

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    importantangelempathtoad asked :Should a young virgin couple be guided through their loss of virginity to each other? Or is it best to deflower them separately with more experienced partners? asked :


    Really a case by case thing. From a practical standpoint, having them learn in a loving yet not “heat of passion” setting has the advantage of not being awkward, plus they would be freer to give feedback. With a boyfriend, she might hedge her feedback because she is afraid to have him be offended and break up. This way, their first lovemaking time will be comfortable and they will both know what they prefer from the other person.
    By the way, you can’t deflower a male. The Bible only ever refers to women/girls as virgins.

    The book of Nood does not promote such terms as ‘virginity’ as it implies that sexual acts remove something from the person, rather Noodism promotes the idea that rather than losing something during your first sexual encounter, you gain something. The feeling of connection with a person that cannot be felt without sexual acts. Noodism is about love and freedom, not barbaric books like the Bible.


    Hey there followers, what are your thoughts on me posting some pics of cartoon, anime and similar pics with the PN/NWO type of themes? I don’t have hardly any of that kind of thing, but I was thinking about doing more from time to time.  Yay or nay?

    Sounds good to me, I was thinking of doing something similar.