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2020-07-11 05:41:28

    please help me escape an abusive mother

    i feel so absolutely terrible asking for donations, but my situation is getting worse by the day and there’s only so much i can do

    i’m a 24 year old latino trans man in new york. i suffer from clinical depression, an anxiety disorder, and bpd - as well as several physical health problems such as a compromised immune system (celiac disease) and chronic migraines.

    despite my compromised immune system i work part time (i’m an essential worker) but i make very little due to few hours.  i’ve lived with my mother for my whole life and she has always been incredibly emotionally and verbally abusive. since the start of the covid-19 pandemic, her treatment of me has become something i am unable to tolerate without shutting down. i’m at the point where it’s hard to function. each day is a battle with her that leaves me wondering if suicide is the only way out. she’s begun wildly gaslighting me and triggering shutdowns and dissociation. i’m so tired from both work and doing everything for her + my emotional exhaustion that i can sleep all day (and i do).

    i have actually started a profile for affordable living for my boyfriend and i today, but nyc affordable living is a lottery you must apply for. my boyfriend is also a trans man and lives out of state, but was put out of work by the pandemic. his home life is also not ideal. at this moment in time, neither of us have the savings or income to even apply for housing. all that i know is, my mother is telling me i need to leave asap.

    please, if you can, donate to help me, my boyfriend @dadbodsarehot​, and my pet rescue duck into a better and safer situation. i didn’t know where else to turn. 

    you can send any donations <>here (my paypal.me is under my witchcraft business’ name).

    you can also contact me directly for $5 tarot readings or $10 astral readings. if you are interested in spirit/entity companionship, you can also join <>my shop discord<> and browse the spirits i have available for binding. it currently gets next to no business.

    please reblog this if you can’t donate. thank you so much, everyone.

    here’s a picture of my duck, paz, to make you smile (you may have seen her around social media)

    It's a dark and stormy night.

    I hear thunder and see bright flashes of lightning at increasing intervals and intensity.

    "Oh no! I sure hope a local cryptid doesn't steal me away to live with them in a quaint cottage in the woods, where we would live in peace with as many dogs, ferrets, and other animals as we could possibly care for!"

    that would be just


    just kidding please do