NEW – China is Attempting to Censor Information Related to Growing Number of Mystery Pneumonia Cases

    "A hospital staff member from Tianjin City told us that hospitals are so overwhelmed, some children wait days for treatment....The wave first appeared one month ago and is getting worse. Parents told us some schools have suspended classes as both teachers and students are sick. They added that authorities are trying to block information related to it from circulating online. This kind of information is definitely not allowed to be spread. Webo will delete accounts that spread it. It's not allowed. If you want to get to the root of the issue, they'll come warn you or even arrest you if it gets serious."

    Is it the jabber-dohickies? 🤔


    The pneumonia they’re talking about is listed as a side effect of the Pfizer jab!! Go figure!

    If you still believe “its safe and effective” you’re not stupid, you’re evil!!


    If this one minute of history doesn’t make your blood boil, you might be domesticated, desensitized and spiritually castrated.

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    So Many Lies


    She and her creepy PEDO Clan are the epitome of projection …..