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Croatian, 44. An afficionado of anything with a blade, a hand porn enthusiast (see the according tag #hands), an avid admirer of moths. Owner of 11 cats, 1 dog and more books than it's healthy for an individual to have. Please, do us both a favor and put some effort into your message if you expect a response.

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2022-09-26 20:24:47

    I will selfishly and unashamedly ask for you to indulge us with a few more selfies...

    I'm feeling blah, so you can have one from my visit to a technical museum. 😂


    Tagged by @occultumterestra (who is drop dead gorgeous) and @oshea52. It's definitely a day to hide my mug and bring this one back instead.


    @carnalreincarnated I love this pic. And dare I say 'You are the bomb '. I know, dad joke. I would love to see this museum.


    Dad jokes are the best. 🤷‍♀️

    One day simply isn't enough to enjoy that museum properly.

    Thank you. 🙂

    In September summertime ends, floats away on little puffs of milkweed, and the mindless geese will fly over the trees so crowded with leaves that we cannot see the geese but only hear them in their chaos of communication; they come and go, come and go, dragging their invisible net over the land, gathering the last scraps of summer, scattering the first olive-green leaves among the returning finches until you cannot tell finch from leaf, leaf from finch.

    Katinka Loeser, from “Weeding,” A Thousand Pardons (Atheneum, 1982)