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    How did Maki end up as Shuichi's slut?

    "I think she was around.... The second girl I ended up claiming for myself, I'm pretty sure." Shuichi quickly answered, before taking a moment to remember just exactly what went on... After all, he's been with so many girls, it's hard to remember the exact details of how he managed to break every single one of them!

    "Right, right! Well... After I ended up, uh... Making Kaede faint from her turn with me, I kind of needed to get my head off of sex for a while-- so, I asked Maki if we could train together for a bit. She said Kaito was sick for now, but... That didn't really matter to me very much. So, we just went to our usual spot outside the dorms, and went to it."

    "....Though, I probably should've just asked Kaito. The way her ass ate her panties into a borderline thong every time she did those fucking squats, the way her thighs jiggled every time she did a push-up, and the way her tits in general just.... I-I had to at least get one feel of them, you know? And after that, well..."

    Shuichi looked down to show Maki happily sucking his dick dutifully and needily, the girl damn well choking herself on his length just for the sake of pleasing him more. All the while, she made sure to BOUNCE that fat ass of hers, giving the boy a view that couldn't be matched!

    "....I probably shouldn't have fucked her that hard when we were right in front of where everyone was sleeping... I think Maki screaming my name was what started all those rumors about me in the first place. Isn't that right, Maki...?"

    "Shh.... Shhhtpp, Shhhishii....~"

    "....That's what I thought, Maki.~"


    Shuichi, I dare you to breed every single girl at Hope's Peak in a single night!

    ....Well, this was what they asked for. Shuichi had around 12 hours to breed every single girl in Hope's Peak Academy, or... Or he'd lose a dare he agreed to with a total stranger. Truly, the stakes have never been higher.
    Firstly, he decided to have the hardest girls to take care of go first with him, since the faster they were dealt with, the faster he could get to taking it much easier. That meant breeding Sonia, Hiroko, Akane, Aoi, Chisa, Angie, Mukuro, Sakura and Junko all in one go! They were either physically total monsters, or extremely experienced when it came to this, so he needed to get them out of the way as soon as possible. So, while he ended up wasting around three hours of his time limit already, but he managed to deal with the biggest dangers of this dare already! And by the time he was done, he was sure every single one of them were completely and utterly pregnant once he finished with them... Besides, if he went after these girls individually? Just one of them could have taken six hours to deal with...

    Though, he didn't have any time to lose. He quickly had to move onto class 78, as well as a few of the other girls involved! Either a couple of the girls whose classes were too small for them to separate like Ruruka and Seiko, or girls who didn't fit in any of his categories... Like Komaru, Miaya, Sato and Natsumi. He'd managed to make girls like Kirigiri and Sayaka totally melt as soon as he shoved his fuckstick in, so Toko and the others were equally as easy to totally dominate! But... That was around when Celeste decided to turn the tables on him, and Toko decided to switch personalities, and they just had to share him... So, he ended up with either Celeste or Toko's ass on his face while the other broke themselves riding his dick! Sure, he bred them eventually, but... He lost more time as a result, and he only had about half of his time left!

    So, once he managed to escape their grasp, it was on to class 77. And, thankfully... Since Sonia and Akane were already dealt with-- this class was a class of completely subby sleeves, the boy easily able to plow Chiaki unconscious, Peko following her shortly after despite how tough she seemed herself! And sure, Mikan and Ibuki were definitely somewhat difficult to deal with, but-- it was nothing he couldn't handle. All he needed was a little bit of force to make Mikan completely submit, and Ibuki just ended up knocking herself up on his dick with him barely even doing anything! And while Hiyoko's demeaning attitude seemed difficult to deal with, all he had to do was ram into Mahiru's tight little snatch to make Hiyoko follow up shortly after, those cries of ecstasy coming from the photographer far too much for her to ignore!~ Before he knew it, he already had a good deal of the girls he knew totally knocked up, with four hours to spare!

    Then, finally?

    It was time for his own class-- except for Angie, he definitely had his work cut out for him. While Kaede was more or less a routine for him so she was barely even a factor, and Miu -seemed- tough, but... All he really had to do was just whip out his dick in front of her and it seemed as if just moments later he was totally skewering her on that thing! He was almost done, with just three hours left for him to win the dare...

    Then, there was Tenko. He wanted to save her near the end of the dare, since... Well, she was Tenko. If he just asked her to let him get her pregnant, he'd wind up with her kicking him in the face if he was lucky. But... Just like with Hiyoko, he had a plan. All he had to do was to start fucking Himiko senseless right in front of her dorm, and hearing that little mage cry out in ecstasy, screaming out to Tenko about how good it felt... While Himiko could barely even last ten minutes before passing out, Shuichi easily pumped his load into both after having his fun with Tenko for a good fifty minutes, the list thinning more and more...

    Two hours.
    As for Kirumi, he just had to ask her to let him fuck her, so... That was just about a non-factor, and she barely lasted longer than Himiko

    did! So... He was about to move onto his next target, when--
    Maki ended up pinning him to the floor, letting that huge, sweaty ass of hers completely smother her face! A cocky glint in the assassin's eye could be seen, all the while she teased that dick of his with her hand...
    "....Well, Saihara.... I've heard about this dare you've been doing. Breeding everyone in the school in one night, right? Hah... You really are a total pervert, aren't you? And I know that Tsumugi and I are the last targets of yours, riiiiiight?~ Now, Shuichi... You've got a bit of time left, so I'll give you a deal. If you last an hour with me without blowing your load, then you'll have just about forty minutes to knock up Tsumugi once we're done. The others have been easy doormats, but... You need to show me you to deserve this, Saihara...~"
    Then... It was on. Maki throating Shuichi's dick to the base, pumping his dick with her hand with the expertise of someone whose been handling men like him for years, wobbling her ass all over her dick in an attempt to make him give up and glaze those cheeks of hers in a bid of desperation to orgasm... And eventually riding his dick with her ass, refusing to let him fuck her pussy until he proved his worth.

    And eventually? Even though it was total hell... He managed to do it. He managed to survive Maki's test of endurance for him, and knock her up in the middle of the corridor! But, after that... There was just one girl left-- being Tsumugi.
    With forty minutes to spare.

    So, once he arrived at her lab... He didn't waste any time in simply plunging into her cunt without a word, Tsumugi crying out... All-too-eager to please him. And while he came surprisingly quick inside her...
    "Ah-Ah-Ah, Shuichi... Sure, you came inside me, but... Unlike the other girls, you're gonna need a lot more than that to really prove you knocked me up....~"

    After that?
    It was half an hour of nonstop debauchery, Tsumugi... Starting to swap costumes on the fly.

    The boy ended up fucking Ryuko Matoi into a mating press, forcing Palutena into a full-nelson, having Ochako throat him before fucking Tsuyu against the wall, end up forcing a hex maniac to ride his dick until she squirted her brains out, and... Far too many others for him to mention. But regardless....

    It was five minutes past the deadline, and he did it! He knocked up every single girl in Hope's Peak...

    But, suddenly... Shuichi jolted as he realized something, the boy's eyes wide as he ended up having his spirit completely shatter before uttering the words;
    "...Fuck, I completely forgot about Chihiro...!"
    ...And just like that, he lost the dare by just one girl.

    Though, since he's about to go and try rectifying that... He may end up learning he completely won the dare all along.


    Shuichi, at first, thought he'd need to find someone that Kokichi liked to cuck the boi so he'd stop being *so annoying*... but in truth, he realized that the reason Kokichi acted in such a manner is that he was getting jealous of the whores who constantly surrounded Shuichi. The detective, with that insight, made quick work of a very willing and very slutty femboy~

    Well, yeah... Shuichi did think at first that he needed to truly humiliate Kokichi in order to get him to leave him alone, but... No, he didn't have any ways to actually help with that, unfortunately. Kokichi didn't seem to actually be interested in... Well, any of the girls.

    ... And by then, it was about obvious who he was really in!

    "SAIHARAAAAAAAAAA!~~~" Was the closest the fellow boy could get to speech anymore as Shuichi completely pounded him from behind, rearranging his ass and having those cheeks of his collide into Saihara's hips with every single thrust, especially as Shuichi slapped that boy's ass in return! Poor Kokichi's much smaller dick was almost nonstop squirting on the ground as well, even when Shuichi first shoved that dick of his down Ouma's throat the boy ended up creaming his pants to an obscene extent!

    ... Though, it was clear that Shuichi managed to solve one problem, and even get a new boyfriend as a reward!... Though, now that this has happened-- Kokichi's more than likely going to start annoying him in a brand new way...


    Shuichi has been investigating the Kuzuryu Clan and its criminal activities. He is confronted by Peko, who has been ordered to stop him before uncovering anything big. Caught off guard, Shuichi is has no choice but to give Peko everything Fuyuhiko couldn't. (Couldn't remember the exact wording.)

    “…Saihara Shuichi.”

    That was all the greeting Peko gave the boy upon approaching him, having brandished her sword as a sign of menace to the detective– attempting to corner him in his own dorm-room, removing the bamboo exterior of her blade to show the steel she intended to use on him in– those red eyes of hers piercing into his soul upon meeting his own!

    “…Peko? What… What are you doing, exactly? You’re not gonna just– try to–”

    “You’re not as subtle as you think you are, Saihara. Certain people know of what you’ve been doing… And now it is my duty to wipe you out.”

    “…The Kuzuryu family have been doing terrible things, Peko. Why are you defending them?

    That caused Peko to flinch for but a moment, her calm gaze broken by him knowing exactly who she was talking about– almost dropping her sword in a moment of panic!

    "How did you–”

    “…Because you just told me. He was just my first suspect, but… There were definitely a few others. Anyways, now that I know they had to send you to stop me… Then I can’t just give up on my investigation now, Peko. I’m sorry.”

    “…Then I am sorry as well. If you thought this speech of yours was going to stop me, then… I’m afraid you’re mistaken. I will do everything in my power to ensure my young master gets a sound sleep tonight.


    ”God, where the fuck is she?! It’s been HOURS now, and she still isn’t answering her phone! I know she didn’t seem to want to kill that detective guy, but–“


    "....Huh? Oh, she... Sent a video? That's... Weird, but... Alright."



    Poor Fuyuhiko was subjected to seeing Peko scream like a banshee as Shuichi pounded her from behind, yanking on her arms as the swordswoman cried out louder than she ever had before, Shuichi making a completely new side

    to her show its face! The detective could be seen knowingly smirking down at the sight of Peko screaming into her phone in ecstasy, her eyes rolling into the back of her head whilst she squirted on his dick over and over again, showing emotions and making expressions Fuyuhiko had never gotten to see her make in his entire life! And if it wasn't worse than that... Fuyuhiko actually ended up spurting in his pants at the sight of her lifelong servant and massive crush was fucked right in front of his eyes, and he was barely a tenth of the way into the video! The two ended up fucking in all sorts of positions, Shuichi facefucking her into the bed, pressing her against the wall and plowing her there, even having her squat over the phone's camera whilst the sounds of her sucking him off could be heard for what felt like hours! But, when it felt like the video was almost over.... The two ended up addressing the camera.

    "Hahh.... Hahhh... FUUUUUCKK.... I-I'm sorry, my poor, young cuck-- Ah, young ex-master.... But I'm afraid that I will be a tool to sate Shuichi's needs from now on. Please... Have this video be the last thing you remember my by, as we won't be done for a long time...~"

    "....Ah, yeah, well... It seems like now you can't really send anyone after me, huh...? Though, this is definitely a kind of weird way to bribe someone... I guess I'll delay the investigation a little bit. But... I'll have to turn you in eventually, sadly."

    ...And with that, they ended up getting right back to it, Peko being stretched out so far that even if they got back together, poor Fuyuhiko's pecker had no chance of fitting inside her again, let alone getting her pregnant... Hell, the only reason the video ended in the first place was because Peko's phone ran out of battery, meaning the video must have sent on its own.


    I know Makoto is used to Kirigiri being busing with work most of the time, but hasn't he noticed that his girlfriend has been busier than usual? Maybe the lucky student should pay a visit to her shared lab with Shuichi, the other Ultimate Detective might have an idea if what's up!

    "Keep quiet, or someone's gonna- Ah! Makoto, what are you doing here...?"
    The luckster was met with the boy sitting at what seemed like a... Very strange looking table, considering it seemed to hide everything below the waist from anyone who was in there except for whoever was sitting behind it... And he could have sworn he heard some sort of strange noises, like some sort of... Gah, he can't put his finger on it!

    "...Ah, Shuichi. This is your lab too, right? Is Kirigiri here at the moment? She's, uh... She's been pretty busy with work lately, but-- she never usually gets this busy. Have you been seeing her acting weird at all, lately? You're her partner, so..."

    "...Weird? I-I, uh.... I don't know what you're talking about. But, as for her being busy... There's been a lot of incidents happening here lately Makoto, and we need to get to the bottom of it together. I-I'm sorry to say that we're both gonna be busy for a while together still, so... Just know that she's gonna be fine, but I'll let her know you're concerned."

    "....Okay, Shuichi. I believe you, then... But, do you hear something? First it was that one noise, but now it sounds like someone's clapping or something? Ah, it's probably nothing..."

    Though, as soon as Makoto stepped out? A certain lavender haired detective surfaced her head from under the table, looking up at Shuichi with a wiiide smirk on her face!
    "G-God, you fuckin' bitch.... You almost got us caught! I'm gonna have to lock the door while you're in here from now on... And I don't care about your boyfriend at this point, I'm gonna stretch out that ass of yours as much as I want!"

    "Ehehehe...~ As if that wasn't what I want you to do to me in the first place, Shuichi. Besides... I bet you wanted him to catch us like this, knowing just what I've been doing the past few weeks....~"

    "....Bend over that table, Kirigiri."


    I'm sure that Shuichi's fame will grow after fucking Kaede to the point of exhaustion, but I'm curious what the girls that already have a relationship will do...

    Trigger warning: NTR! Well... We don't need to name any names, but it should be rather obvious as to what they're going to do, isn't it? At first they'll try to scold whoever told them about the rumors in the first place. Mention how their boyfriend is the best person they could ever have, and how no one could replace them just because they have a big dick. Maybe even avoid the person who told them about it for a while, out of sheer disgust for such open degeneracy. But, then they'll end up having more and more people start talking about Shuichi, less and less people actually -against- him than they ever were when the rumor started. They might go to their boyfriends for their own personal comfort, or to just stay with someone sane for once, but... That's when the true temptations start to truly show. Sure, their boyfriend is really nice, and really cute looking, but... What about him? Surely.... Surely just one night wouldn't hurt, right? After all, they can break it off immediately after, and make Shuichi promise he won't tell anyone about the incident. He's such a pushover they could even blackmail him with reporting him to the teachers, right? He wouldn't be able to do a thing... And before they know it? They're hanging out with their boyfriend less and less over time, cancelling meetings and dates they promised each other, potentially even missing their anniversaries! All with the promise that they'll be able to get together one of these days, they just need to have Shuichi help them with -one more piece- of homework and then they can hang out again. And for the lucky boyfriends, that'll be worth it. But some... Some of them will learn *exactly* what their girlfriend was doing for the past while.


    Chiaki! Been some time since you called in Hajime for some gaming! Did you find another player 2?

    "....Huh? Oh--- Yeah, Hajime... Well, he definitely wasn't bad at gaming, it's just that he was a little... Uhhhm..... Disappointing, at times. I think that's the right phrase, anyway... Though, I have found a new player two, for sure. Shuichi's just been... So much better as a player two than Hajime's ever been. His stats are so much higher than Hajime's had ever gotten when we were together, he's an absolute expert no matter what game we try together, and whenever we start grinding together... No matter how many hours pass, I don't think I ever got bored with him once. With Hajime, I just fell asleep as soon as he started with me.... That, and I don't think I've managed to beat Shuichi in a real one-on-one even *once* yet." Chiaki couldn't help but smile to herself after saying that, an almost vacant expression on her face once the words left her mouth, but... Shortly after that, it almost looked like she was-- Drooling? "....Oh. Shuichi's also pretty good at smash, I guess. I should go see him, though..."


    Shuichi, how gobsmacked were you that Kaede's tits were big enough to completely bury your dick?

    "....I wouldn't really say gobsmacked is the right word, honestly. After all, with how huge those things are? I kind of knew as soon as we met that they'd end up completely smothering my head, let alone my actual dick... But-- You aren't wrong in that she managed to completely smother my dick in between those things. Honestly though, I have to wonder how she manages to carry those things..." Of course, once Shuichi and Kaede got together, him fucking those tits of hers were an inevitability! And the best part is, every single night? Shuichi got to paint those cow udders of hers completely white, Kaede refusing to even bother attempting to clean it off before she was promptly pounded into submission~


    Kirigiri, I heard you started an investigation on Shuichi, after some rumours starting floating around the school. Mind telling us what you've found?

    "...Well, I suppose this doesn't add anything to your question, but... I find it funny how our assignment this week was to perform a presentation on natural selection just before I began this investigation. Now, more importantly... I couldn't have just sat idly by whilst these rumors against Saihara grew more and more, and more and more people started to repeat them. I just.... I've known Shuichi for a few months, and he's a good friend of mine-- He'd never do something as brash such as sleeping with several girls... At the SAME TIME. Now, I tried to watch him for a while, but... I couldn't get any... Decisive evidence, if you might say. So, I had to approach him directly about the issue." ...After saying that, a knowing glint appeared in Kirigiri's eyes, a wide smirk on her face as her eyes trailed away, even biting her lip for a moment as memories started to return to her.... "...And quite frankly... While the actual details are -extremely classified-, I can say that... Well, those rumors definitely have some weight to them....~" While she didn't spill any of the details, that puddle between her legs was FAR more than enough than anyone would need to know that Kirigiri learned more than she ever needed to know with her fellow detective!


    Hey Miu, you know what you should do? You should invent something that can measure just how goddamn potent and virile Shuichi is!

    "Goddammit, I thought these asks weren't supposed to be stupid! Of fuckmotherin' COURSE I tried to measure that as soon as damn possible once he started makin' that damn womb-basher of his known to the public! I, uh... I don't really remember what the actual reason behind it was, but you better have KNOWN I made that shit in just a few days! Sure, it was just a little something I macgyvered together with a couple of condoms and a few small gadgets I had, but anything else would've been too much effort for someone like Shuichi! All I had to do was have him shoot one of his blanks into that baby, and boom! I was gonna get to see the fact that he can't make babies!" "But, uh...." Miu's face turned ever-so-slightly red after she said that, her cocky smile evaporating into a worried frown after realizing what she had to say next... "...I never got to use the thing, though. Once I tried to get a chance to use it on him... That fuckin' dipshit ended up going totally raw on me! I can't even find the invention anymore, and now-- Now I had to let him knock me up for hours because I didn't think he was THAT much of an idiot! ...But.... Since he went raw on me, I think I can say that with no room for error, that his virility is around a 100% impregnation rate when he's with... Just about any woman. I-I never... Stood a chance..."


    Shuichi, as a good detective, you are training hard to find out the truths in the world. So when Celes called you for a game, I imagine you'd want to make sure you could find out if she was cheating. So... how did that work out?

    "Well... I felt like she had something up her sleeves once she mentioned playing with -me- of all people, and-- I kind of had to know if she was cheating herself. So we ended up sharing our terms together! Loser does whatever the winner wants, simple stuff! She had some kind of cocky smile on her face when she said that, though, but..." A smirk could be seen on Shuichi's face as he gestured towards his front, the boy could be seen eagerly stroking his massive, throbbing cock as...

    ith a scowl on her face that could only be seen as her thinking out potential murder plots for the boy, the gambler could be seen throwing those gigantic pale orbs of bootymeat back at his face on the poker table, clearly all for the boy's amusement!
    "....Shut the fuck up, Saihara."

    Ah-Ah-Ah... I never said you could talk back, Celeste. Anyways....~"
    With a ever-so-cocky smirk on the boy's face, he quickly turned back to answer the remainder of his question!
    "...I kind of think she was expecting me to be a total novice at the game, but my uncle taught me a few things! Mostly the basics, how to have a good poker face and things like that, but... Well, if I wanted to know if Celeste was cheating, I had to cheat myself. And whether she was or wasn't... Well, I still made out like a bandit, right? Now... I think I'm gonna enjoy the rest of this deal for a good while...~"

    As soon as Shuichi said that, his dick throbbed before damn well spraying Celeste's wobbling ass with what felt like a firehose going off all over it, the gambler almost popping a blood vessel at the sight of her body, her clothes, and even her clip-ons being sprayed with the boy's mighty load! The two were still in silence for a few moments, but soon enough?
    "....What would you like me to do next, Shuichi....?"