It was customary for hotels to offer 'single’s rooms', where two (or sometimes more) singles were paired together to share one room. Many friendships were made this way, even romances have evolved from this. I met my wife Stacey in one of these rooms. When I entered she had already been informed that I would be making use of the room -- and her. Her bare ass and glistening pussy, presented to me as she bent over the bed, won me over that very second. She had even put on some sex-heavy action flick known for its rough fucking scenes, and had clearly just showered. It was love at first sight. Any time I’m away for business again she encourages me to book a single’s room and share with her all the details -- bust size, tightness, how many loads, everything. Imagine the look on her face when I bring home a video.

    Putting her phone back in her purse, Charlotte hurriedly stepped away from the man pounding her wet pussy. His hard dick was quickly engulfed in a nearby woman’s throat as he noticed what happened. With an apologetic glance behind her, she darted through the closing doors and started making her way to the station’s exit. After a nice relaxing weekend at home with her parents, she was dreading the busy week to come.

    The fact that she would be hanging out with her friends tonight, drinking a few beers, and watching one of her favourite shows, made her happy. Jason and Ayleigh, who were usually hosting the nights, were a couple she’d met in her first year of college. Always happy, always fucking. “A girl can dream”, Charlie thought to herself as she felt some stranger’s cum dripping out of her ass onto the sidewalk. While already taking her first steps into the world as a professional journalist, she’d never had a boyfriend for longer than a year or so. Her friends -and hundreds of strangers - helped satisfy any sexual urges, but she felt that wasn’t always enough.

    Most guys she knew, especially Jason, loved a good ass. That was probably why she was such a popular public cumdumpster. Her perfectly round bubble butt that ‘just begged to be fucked and groped’, as Jason once put it, was in stark contrast to her otherwise shy and reserved demeanour. Finally reaching her apartment block, Charlotte was happy to finally wash all her dad’s cum out of her hair and freshen up a bit. The sleepover bags she was carrying, as well as some clean laundry, had been cumbersome to haul all the way back to her apartment.

    “Maybe it’s easier if I
    just go naked all the time”, Charlotte pondered while she prepared a hot bath. Noticing some cum on her left cheek, she scooped it up with her finger and brought it to her mouth without much thought.

    ~ to be continued ~ 

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    Could you recommend some blogs like yours?

    Here are some blogs that regularly post content similar to mine:http://freetousesluts.tumblr.comhttp://freeuseworld.tumblr.comhttp://worldoffreeuse.tumblr.comhttp://free-use-universe.tumblr.comhttp://decadentempireblog.tumblr.comhttp://eroticearth22nd.tumblr.comhttp://masterlovehurts.tumblr.comhttp://spidu.tumblr.comhttp://warpherclaimher.tumblr.comhttp://freeusecaptions.tumblr.comhttp://realitywarpdeviant.tumblr.comAnd of course, the creator of the “The Law” stories on hentaifoundry,http://ignoredsex.tumblr.comwho has a ton of captions both on that blog and more captions/stories if you click on ‘more stuff’. Also, make sure to visit the community on reddit and check out the sidebar.Enjoy ;)Edit: Sadly, the last blog I mentioned (ignoredsex) is now deactivated. It’s a shame, because his many captions and stories were what started this kink for me. Hope he returns soon!

    Tender moments like these were what separated a set of holes to use on the bus from your loving, caring wife. That little encouraging smile when she sees you eyeing up some plump-in-all-the-right-places slut strutting her ass in front of you on the side-walk, a naughty twinkle in her eye as she watches you defile a saleswoman right in front of her in the store, imaging things you’ll be doing to her tonight, and innocent gestures of kindness - like bringing you a cup of coffee, and giving you a peck on the cheek as she leaves, while you grade papers trying not to get distracted by the sound of the next-door neighbour sucking you off - all serve to remind you why you married this bombshell of a woman in the first place.

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    “This restaurant just opened around the corner, wanna go there babe?” Your wife asked as she showed you the menu. “I know how much you like girls with big boobs! Just last week you went over to the neighbour’s house like ten times every day, poor girl. She’s still got your dried cum in her hair last time I saw her.”


    “Holy shit, that was great. You’re pretty incredible. Why haven’t I seen you around before?”

    “I…I just started here…today’s my first day,” the young waitress answered softly with heavy breaths of pleasured relief between her words, still recovering from a series of intoxicating orgasms she’d experienced just moments ago. “My name is Marissa. Thank you very much for using me as your bouncy’s™ whore today. Will that be all for now…?”

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    Check out this continuation by ChaosMuramasa, it really brought the idea of a free-use restaurant to life! Excellent stuff as always :)


    Quick question for you. As you may or may not know, Friedman is working on a new update for CHYOA. It turns out he didn't know that caption pictures existed, so he was just going to put in pictures at the start of stories. The question is: If CHYOA gets the ability to do pictures in threads, would you be interested in posting caption stories to CHYOA? Would you use CHYOA for suggestions (someone posts a pic to your story, then you use your editor powers to add the text)?

    I might be interested, yeah! It would be a good way for readers to request captions to pictures they already have.