I can't stop thinking about the way Weyoun said "I like games" in Ties of Blood and Water and I'd very much like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

    My thoughts on the matter? Uhh Well seeing as I just rewatched that a couple days ago I noticed something about Weyoun. He has a more positive outlook on life, he’s very enthusiastic about a lot of things especially in his earlier appearances. Like the entire dabo scene (“It’s all so... entertaining!”) Plus the scene at the end of Statistical Probabilities when Damar is complaining about their little secret mission (“Besides, I think it’s exciting!”) Like he is just so thrilled to be Doing Things and having Experiences. It’s almost sad that there’s less of that as time goes on and he’s used as more of a tool for the war effort by the founders and he’s not allowed to explore as much


    He’s also more likely to make jokes at this time as well, even in extremely dire circumstances. Like at the end of the Dominion occupation of ds9 when Sisko retook the station all he had to say was “Time to start packing!”


    Things I love about this scene:

    — Data is stronger than any other life form in existence and could very easily rip the finger trap apart to get out, but he chooses not to do that because that would be cheating and he wants to figure out the puzzle

    — He picks it up and starts playing with it while he’s talking and I just!!!! He’s stimming, captain!! Let him!!!

    — Geordi looks over at Picard like ‘please go easy on him, he’s trying his best’

    — Geordi saying, “my hero” (I will never get over this specific point I love it)

    — The ‘intriguing’ bit gets me every time he’s so fascinated by simple human things and that’s adorable

    — Riker finding this entire thing hilarious despite how he barely even knows Data yet

    — Data still using it as a pointer and then setting it down to finish talking when Picard gives him a Look™️

    — He leaves it on the table because he doesn’t want to get in trouble for messing around with it again, but Geordi is like, “hey aren’t you forgetting something”, because he knows how much fun Data has learning new things and playing with stuff like that and Geordi is definitely planning on teaching him exactly how it works as soon as they have the free time


    Geordi: my hero

    Me: **cries in DaForge**


    i think its really funny how in TNG they tried to make picard a paragon of masculinity but they did so by like, the ideals of masculinity from like the 1400s. he is celibate, he is an intellectual who loves to read, rides horses and is bald. he’s like the perfect virtuous man from medieval times but instead hes driving a spaceship in a world where everyone is horny and wants to fuck 24/7 


    picard fucks like a machine what are you talking about


    picard went to the sex planet for sex and was propositioned several times by beautiful women and only deigned to let his french penis out of his starfleet standard issue chastity belt when he was in an archeological dig (the only thing that excites him physically) 


    If he was gay then why wasnt he topping Q when that bitch gaped it for him like every episode