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    you can give seven days of internet connection to someone in gaza for just 6 USD

    gazaesims.com is a website dedicated to helping people donate esims for people in gaza. there are multiple options for where to purchase an esim to donate, for the price i listed you want to use nomad esims. then use the promotional discount code from this article (BACKPACKNOMAD) to get $3 off your purchase (note: this only applies to the first purchase you make on nomad) this discount obviously also works on the more expensive options too if you are able to spring for those! also it took over an hour for the email with my information to come through so don't panic if it doesn't show up right away.


    I checked another eSIM provider, Airalo, and their MENA (Middle East and North Africa) regional eSIMs are on sale for 70% off. So a 30-day eSIM, normally $39 USD, is now less than $12.

    (Current as of 28 November 2023; I can't tell how long the sale will continue).

    I've been seeing a disturbing number of "queer safe spaces" describe themselves as things like "femme & them" and even worse "she+," conflating femininity & nonbinaryhood. cease this immediately. say it with me: nonbinary people are NOT women-lite and it is extremely violent and straight up incorrect to imply that all they/thems are fem adjacent. this is erasure and this verbiage does nothing but make gnc and nonbinary spaces unsafe for masc and male nonbinary people. nonbinary, genderqueer and other third gender people can be and are masculine and men, we can be hes as well as shes and theys, stop allowing yourself and your peers to view nonbinary as woman/femme-lite, signed a butch nonbinary person.


    "... a stark reminder that genocide is about more than just the premeditated mass extinguishing o human life; it's also about the calculated, and often vindictive, destruction of a people's culture, language, history, and shared sites of community." [source: Gabrielle Bates on X, formerly known as Twitter. 11/27/23.]

    Original post they are responding to on Literary Hub: "Gaza's main public library has been destroyed."


    Here's the full article for those interested. I highly recommend the whole thing, and all of the work LitHub has published on Palestine. They're one of the big literary orgs (along with Electric Lit, Kundiman, Mizna, and Academy of American Poets, to name a few) that has truly stepped up to center issues and writers based in Palestine.


    @1kittynoir1 replied to your post:

    What did it get used for? 👀

    It's not done yet, but it's the facing, collar, and cuffs for the patchwork dressing gown I'm working on!
    It was less than half a metre of silk/rayon velvet that I dyed in college because the sample we did of that colour was so nice I wanted a bigger piece. (It was PRO MX fibre reactive dye in the colour Marine, and I don't have my dye sample book with me right now but I think it was at 4%. It shows up more green on some fibres and more blue on others, but is always gorgeous.)

    I had no specific plans for it at the time, but eventually the perfect project came along, and there was just enough!

    I've been working on this thing (intermittently, in short busts) for a few years now, and am finally done the patchwork and on to the construction. I've posted occasional updates on @vincentbriggs and will post photos there when I'm done.

    I've also been filming the whole process, so I'll have a video about it up on my youtube channel eventually, but that'll be a while after it's finished because I have so so so many clips and it's going to take a horrifyingly large amount of editing.

    It's based on this c. 1835 original, which is a good 50-100 years later than what I usually sew, but I like it and I wanted one.

    If anyone's wondering how many triangles mine has, it's 6,957.

    Since I've got the time consuming part out of the way I'm hoping I can get the construction done before winter officially ends.

    Edit: Why does everyone think I had a bad time working on the triangles?? I loved working on them, it was so satisfying to put lots of little bits of colour together. The reason I worked on it intermittently is because I could not put it down once I got working on it, and would work on it all day for several days straight until I was very tired and sore, and then I had to put it away to stop myself, and then I'd forget about it for a few months.

    Also, they're machine sewn. Most of the actual garment construction will be by hand, but the patchwork is all by machine.


    Haha! Hoohoo! I saved this very heavy short section of cardboard tube that came in a thrift store bag with some fabric wrapped around it, and it just happened to be the perfect thing to stop this office chair from sinking. (following this tutorial.)

    Also I finished my dressing gown this morning, but haven't got any photos of it on me yet.


    #op have you. considered an adhd diagnosis

    I have actually asked about one, but all the options were super expensive, alas. but fortunately everything that's ever been wrong with me will be magically cured as soon as I finish moving and have an actual sewing room that's separate from my bedroom.

    Now I shall re-add the finished pictures, since this version of the post doesn't have them!

    BRo i have not slept, all the videos for secret life release between 10 pm and 4 am and as soon as i found out what happened with the canary curse i had to draw it so i pulled an allnighter, i hope you like it.

    i am going to bed now , the sun is up.

    this bird is so so dumb and so so stupid but i love him so much

    also how dare he slightly break the curse right as it half way through working on a canary curse animatic.


    Cinderella rewrite where Cinderella’s father is an unusually successful fisherman due to his secret friendships with the shy and mysterious mermaids, successful enough to attract a moderately wealthy and ambitious bride with two daughters. Once he dies, her stepmother, determined to make sure her daughters inherit the fishing business as dowries by marrying before Cinderella, forbids her from going out on the fishing boats or into town and makes sure she spends as much of her time as possible doing drudgework, hauling offal and cleaning fish. When the Prince’s ball comes around, an important occasion for young women to make good connections, the stepmother forbids her from going, telling her that she needs to get the latest salmon catch gutted and ready for sale instead.

    Cinderella’s mermaid godmother calls upon her people to clean the fish and gifts her a dress and shoes of shimmering fish scales that wreathe her in rainbows under the moonlight. She makes an impression on the Prince at the ball so strong that he immediately falls in love with her, and when she’s forced to flee before her stepmother notices her (no masquerade mask or dancing rainbows will disguise her from her own family at close range), the Prince is left with only a delicate fish leather slipper left on the front steps to try to find her again.

    He goes around the houses, seeking the owner of the slipper, but Cinderella is once again working in the fish sheds. He stepmother, desperate and determined and having found Cinderella’s other shoe that very morning, realises what has happened and takes a knife to the feet of her prettiest daughter, telling the prince that she suffered an injury that very morning but those are definitely her shoes, see, here’s the other one, and they still fit.

    The daughter is pretty and witty and charming, and while the Prince doesn’t feel the same spark and instant sense of connection that he did at the party, he reasons that she’s overwhelmed and in pain and once she’s healed, all will be well. There are no birds to whisper of blood in the shoe – the Prince has seen the bandaged feet already – and the daughter slips on the shoes (the only shoes she has that will fit her, now,) and accompanies him to the palace.

    But the stepmother is no doctor, and by the time the Prince gets her to the palace doctors, it’s too late – his beloved has contracted an infection in her feet from the shoe leather, made unclean in its travels. She will survive – it is an infection of a common filth of fish and birds, one that the doctors have potions for for the occasions where dangerously cooked food causes outbreaks – but in her raving, she confesses the whole scheme to the Prince who, furious, returns to the village to find the girl he truly fell in love with, the girl hidden from him.

    “Oh, yeah, the fish cleaner,” the villagers shrug. “We don’t see her around very much, she’s probably in the sheds. Her family calls her Salmonella.”


    They hate me for my whimsical fairytale swag


    I saw this post on reddit


    You have an extremely recursive blog premise


    How is this still going around

    as a society i dont think we talk enough about the culture clash between ‘dirty dishes go beside the sink’ and ‘dirty dishes go in the sink’ people also here is a poll about it. you can put your rationale in tags i guess


    "we need less sanitized queer stories" yall keep saying fucking she-ra romanticizes abuse. you couldnt possibly handle less sanitized queer stories


    "we need less sanitized queer stories" youre the one saying the locked tomb series is bad because you dont like the prose. based off of a quote from goodreads of all places. that was dialogue, not even the actual prose.


    people keep reblogging only the first half of the post when the addition was the original post. ok


    girl help. 4k notes


    "she-ra fumbled its message" no! crucially, it didnt! it had the same message as the original she-ra show, which is "this lady is a superhero and is going to do superhero things like save the planet" and she did do that!

    "oh but catra never apologized for what she did and they just let her join the good guys" thats a perfectly normal thing in childrens media, and the only reason yallre calling it out is because its queer and you want the perfect unproblematic queer media to exist. except that even if it did you would all find ways to nitpick it, which is the whole point of this post!


    Also, notably, she did apologize. They just think it wasn't good enough.

    They absolutely could not handle more nuanced media.


    can we please pretty pleasr reblog this version,