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    The best part is the fact that out of the two of them Martha Stewart was the one who went to prison.




    Wiiiiild. He did commit murder (in self defense - no judging) and America‘s Best Housewife was sent to jail because of insider trading, securities fraud, obstruction of justice and conspiracy. This is wiiiiiild 😄😄😄


    also he has every right to make fun of kanye west considering snoop has had a successful career for about two decades including his own cookbook and appearing in movies whereas kanye is a flat earther who had to crowdfund another album because he ran out of money despite kim kardashian being with him, not having the money to produce another album should be the metric when you know you can tell a musician has failed somewhere in either money management or actually being a musician rather then a famous trainwreck


    snoop dogg is a good man who loves cooking, nature, and supporting the dreams of young children in poverty. kanye west helped get trump elected.


    seriously though check out his cookbook its beautiful

    and filled with lgiht humor, legit cooking, and charming life stories


    Whenever I think about snoop I remember that episode of cribs where he lived in an unusually modest house compared to everyone else on that show, spent the entire time with his young daughter hugging onto his leg and dragging her around as he walked. He even talked about how he didn’t want his kids to be musicians and that he just wants them to have a chance at a normal life / he doesn’t wish music career drama on anyone

    The dude is mega down to earth for having a networth of 135 million dollars and staying relevant for longer than some of the top charting musicians have been alive


    he says he keeps a supply of poptarts in the house for his nieces/nephews and grandkids but admits theyre really for him and then goes on to discuss what selection of condiments your fridge should have to jazz up leftover takeout hes one of the most thoroughly human humans ive ever known of


    Doesn’t he also coach football for kids, and stops smoking during the season to set a good example for the kids?


    all these people going on about how Hozier is the peak representation of musical soft masculinity when Snoop has been out here rocking the smoothest braids and most hype manicures for decades


    Have you seen his Planet Earth voiceover video? It’s the best thing I’ve ever heard. Man knows nothing about otters


    Plizzanet Earth is a joy. Here’s the playlist:


    Why has no one ever told me about Plizzanet Earth oh my god


    Snoop is legit; don’t come for him. 


    He also did an episode of Storybots and my kids adore the computer man. Which is wild to me. Cuz I remember gangster rap Snoop. And we love and support Snoop in this house.


    Love him, great man


    plizzanet earth


    The moment a movement becomes commercialized, it dies.


    When I wrote this, I was very specifically talking about the way in which white people have commercialized black lives matter. So while I understand that you all want to relate this to LGBT issues, and I’m not saying that it’s not relatable, I feel like it’s important to notate that I wrote this specifically in reference to the way that black lives matter has essentially been strangled in its cradle by white people.


    this is what we mean.


    Peep the 3/5ths off tho


    There was a Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic that I've never been able to find again that tells the dystopian short story of The Powers That Be figuring out that the Youths lose interest in causes once they're appropriated by commercial entities, and weaponize this by deploying drones that fly up to you the moment you espouse a radical opinion and offers you a t-shirt with a pithy slogan about that position.


    when you die you get to see your irl achievements list like they have on steam


    I get struck and killed by a falling air conditioner and as my soul ascends to heaven three merit badges reading HAD SEX IN A GOLF COURSE, TOOK LSD IN THE MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM, and CRIED IN THE RESTROOM OF AMERICA'S OLDEST OYSTER HOUSE drift through my field of vision. these are my only human accomplishments deemed significant by god




    at this point i literally just straight up view companies as fiefdoms exactly the same as they were 600 years ago and more or less consider America a Feudalist nation. is there still hope for me or am i too weird now


    Not weird enough. The modern owner of a new car dealership carries the same social capital as a duke used to.


    we should lay a claim to some guy's car dealership and then see if we can fight a bloody war over it


    kids in 2062 writing essays about the Battle of Dave’s Nissan Dealership