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    LILO & STITCH (2002) dir. Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois

    Everybody try and guess what Stitch said.

    Nerd Time: 

    But I think there was actually an article in a Disney Magazine that transcribed a lot of Stitch’s alien language from back in the day that I actually remember reading!

    and for some one who grew up watching the Lilo and Stitch TV series it was a godsend (cause Stitch spoke “alien” in the series way more then then english in the TV show for whatever reason, even if he should of been fluent after so much time with Lilo. Smarter then a super computer my left buttcheek I think Stitch is just stubborn) 

    They only had a few casual words of Tantalog (the language of Jumba’s species that most of the experiments spoke) 

    I suggest looking up some of the linguistics of Tantalog on the Lilo and Stitch Wiki! 

    The alphabet is really in depth and they based it on native Hawaiian, Chinese and Chezcreekian. 

    And I remember being able to understand some of Stitch’s linguistics due from context clues alone. 

    So long story short:

    Meega = Me/I

    Nala = either “I want to” or “evil” 

    Kweesta = “Destroy”

    Meega Nala Kweesta = “I want to destroy”

    Although, Given the context and the council’s reaction, I think a more appropriate translation is the implied as a direct threat: “I want to destroy al<>l of YOU”

    Like “I want to cause problems on purpose/ I will fuck all y’all up” 

    Also I’m tagging @xryn-art in my rambles. Idk if they even like Lilo and Stitch but I think the Linguistics side of the IZ fandom would find this interesting. 

    *takes notes*

    @abraxaswithaxes​ its a crime you put this hidden in the tags

    so these photos are all cute, right?

    these last few months, Grim’s been back & forth from the vet for irritation and hair loss on her ears. my vet’s theories included a food allergy/bacterial infection, so she’s been on daily pills and her food’s all been swapped out for hypoallergenic stuff

    then today, Pangur and Grim went in for their annual checkup. Pangur was dealing with her anxiety by alternating between SCREAMING, and obsessively licking Grim’s head and ears, at which point the vet just raised her eyebrows and said “oh…..okay, that’s the cause.”

    tl;dr I’ve literally spent hundreds bc Pangur won’t stop getting freaky with her girlfriend


    the grand revenge