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2022-06-28 15:10:31

    Let me get this straight because I’ve only seen memes and am piecing this together as i go, but i think i figured out what’s happening.

    Tumblr is advertising the tumblr app, on the tumblr app, using a photo of a guy in a Pikachu cosplay, because that’s what they think it will take to successfully sell this app, to people whom already use it?

    But now the ball shaving ad is gone? Or is that one still in the mix?


    It’s real and your timing was uncanny


    Ok. Why is tumblr advertising tumblr on tumblr though? What happens when you click the ad?



    I suppose shit like this is why tumblr gave us the option to turn ads back on. Hold on. I’ll be back after i experiment.


    I’m getting plenty of ads. Real actual ads. Mattress firm. Burger King. Walmart. Actual ads. No weird Pikachu man. What is even going on here? Is he just a very infrequent ad? Is he a tumblr ploy by @staff to get those of us whom pay to be ads free to turn on ads so we can see him? Is he am actual facts ad for ads free tumblr and already being ads free means you don’t get the ads free tumblr ad? I have more questions, not fewer!





    The weirdest part is, when you click on the ad from someone who reblogged it, it sends you to a blog with just the word ‘help’ on it


    What?!? No. What??!


    THERE’S LORE????


    Okay, so I just spent five minutes scrolling furiously until I found the stupid Pikachu man ad so I could click on it. I was dreading the possibility that this was fake.

    A Tumblr page with the following text: Help, I clicked a Tumblr ad on Tumblr, and now I'm still on Tumblr? It’s like Plinko. You scrolled the dash. You saw an ad for Tumblr that looked like a shitpost version of an ad for Tumblr. Surely Tumblr isn’t advertising itself on Tumblr. You click the ad. You are...on Tumblr. The ad for Tumblr that you found on Tumblr has taken you to Tumblr. Well, sometimes ads don’t lie. Welcome to your hellsite.  Here’s how to react to an ad for Tumblr that you see on Tumblr:  Find the weird Pikachu man ad on Tumblr that is advertising Tumblr by telling you this is “Where your interests connect you to your people.” Click that. Find yourself...on Tumblr. But wait. This is a different part of Tumblr. This is the part on Tumblr where you read about an ad on Tumblr that took you to Tumblr. Click here to leave this metaverse and go to the part of Tumblr where you find out what the other humans on Tumblr are doing on Tumblr. Then scroll across the trending topics at the top, or just dive right on down into the hellfire that is trending posts on Tumblr. Underwater wife? Check. An opinionated raccoon? It’s here. Oh, and the aforementioned plinko? Naturally. Remember that Pikachu man is always watching. Sometimes, Pikachu man is judging. But one thing Pikachu man never is? Off Tumblr. Or actually Pikachu.


    IT ISN’T

    I had already clicked the ad. I decided to click the links.

    The first link takes you to the trending page.

    The second takes you to the underwater girlfriend page on best of reblogs.

    The third is a trash panda on dank memes.

    The fourth is the horse plinko tag.

    I…can’t believe that this was here the whole time. How hard do you think is was for @staff to watch us complain and not say anything?


    I pay tumblr 5$ a month and thus never ever have to see ads whether I’m on browser or app, unless i go in and turn them back on. So my means of learning about Pikachu man was from memes suddenly showing up on my dash one day. So I’ve sort of just been piecing this together as I go. I just think it’s so funny though that most of tumblr saw the ad and y'all are so well trained to never ever ever click on ads, that no one had apparently thought to click the ad to figure out what the heck Pikachu man was trying to sell. Which I’m so proud of y'all! But we sincerely almost let Pikachu man come and go without this bizarrely delightful discovery.


    Best social media site ever. I love this little blue hellsite.


    Other social media sites use The Algorithm™ to mess with their user’s heads to make them stay on the site.

    @staff just messes with our heads for the sheer joy of it, and we love it.


    Tumblr. Knows their userbase now.


    It’s so good now


    @hellsite-hall-of-fame I know it’s not your usual stuff, but I think it might fit


    I agree, thank you

    Makes me laugh.

    Everyone is mad at a mafia man for not being more mafia where we literally watched a whole episode where he never wanted this life.


    Porsche is the only thing he wants other than his family safe and that's what he's focused on.

    Nobody's stopping you from taking 4 tablespoons of butter, melting it in a pot, and adding two tablespoons of minced garlic. Nobody's stopping you from letting that garlic saute for like two minutes, or from then adding in two tablespoons of shaved parmesan. And nobody will stop you from stirring half a pound of al dented pasta into that buttery mess, cracking some pepper over it, and feasting on the garlicky spoils gained from such labours.

    Nobody's stopping you. The cops can't even arrest you for it.