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    Degrade me

    I’m a slut. I’m a slut for any older man who pays attention to me. I’m a slut for daddy.

    I have a sexy little whore cunt. It’s bald and puffy and it needs to be fondled and fucked. It needs to be used.

    I like being molested. I like having men palm my hairless mound, finger my cunnyhole, and push their thick daddy cocks deep into my pussy.

    I need cum. I’m prettier when there’s cum in or on me. I’m a dirty little cum dump whore and it makes daddies like me more.

    I get off when daddies talk to me while they look at my body, while they stare at my cunny, while they penetrate my pussy and fuck me hard. I like being called names. I like being told I’m special and pretty. I like being daddy’s dirty whore and his sexy little girl.


    “GOD Mom !!! Like you and Uncle Craig didn’t used to play ‘Show Me Yours’ back whenever.”

    “What? … How did you-  JESUS !!! … That’s DIFFERENT !!! “

    “And you just LOOKED at each other … Right? … Nothing else? … Come on Mom … Admit it … You did more than just look.”

    “That’s NONE of your-   Like I SAID Mikey … If you get your Sister pregnant … You’re a DEAD man.”


    - 22 Years Earlier -

    “I don’t know Craig … I can do THIS for you … You can play with my breasts … I’ll let you lick between my legs … But I don’t think I should let you put it in me. What if I get married and have kids some day? How can I tell THEM not to do things with each other if WE do it?”

    “I’ll just put the Tip in … “

    “Oh … Alright.”


    “Oh GOD … Oh GOD … Put it in a little.”


    “Oh Jesus Nicole … How far is just the tip? … Can you go like … another inch?”


    “Oh GOD, OH GOD … How about … As long as there’s still a couple inches NOT inside … We can still say we did’t fuck … Right?“