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    how do I convince my mom that being a landlord is not a job?

    it might take a lot of repetitions - nobody is ever convinced of anything in just one go, but here are some things that you might point out:

    - You can inherit your way into being a landlord. There are no necessary qualifications, skills, or training
    - You can hire someone else (an estate agent) to do all the “work” and still have it be your official job
    - A landlord’s salary (i.e. the rent) is not determined by their skill, hard work, ingenuity, seniority, or any of the things that are ideally supposed to affect someone’s wages. They just set their salary at the highest level they can get away with. Most can (and do) sit on their asses and wait for house prices to go up so they can give themselves a raise
    - Landlords are supposed to pay for upkeep and repairs, but tenants could pay for those things (certainly a lot more easily if they didn’t have to pay rent). So even if being a landlord is a job, it’s superfluous.

    These things are true because a landlord’s so-called “job” is just owning stuff. Many landlords claim that they worked hard and saved up to own stuff. This does not affect any of the above and is an attempt to centre the argument on the landlord’s feelings, which are irrelevant. It’s also the case that most rental properties are owned by massively rich corporations, so to talk about ‘uwu smol landlords whomsdt just need the went pwease’ is not living in the real world.

    I’ve seen people talking about trans landlords, or live-in landlords, or landlords from vulnerable groups, and going easy on them - it’s important to remember that every landlord exploits their tenants, being a landlord is never a real job, and in a just society it would never be permitted. Just because a landlord is from an oppressed group doesn’t mean they can’t be part of the owner class. (Though we should all remember that our criticism of them should centre their membership of that class, which they can leave at any time and become allies, not on their identity, and that we must fight to make sure that nobody is oppressed for who they are.)

    Furthermore, when people don’t have access to housing they suffer and die. There are more empty houses than there are people. Landlords do not “provide” housing, like many claim - they hoard it, condemning their fellow human beings to suffering and death. They produce nothing, add nothing to the world - they only take from others. ‘Landlord’ isn’t a job the same way that ‘mafia boss’ isn’t a job.

    …so I just realized something about all the ~TOM NOOK IS EXPLOITING YOU!!~ discourse that uhhhh… puts things into a different perspective.

    animal crossing is a japanese game. 

    in the first game, the prices for houses are unchanged from animal forest, which was intended for a japanese audience. the price for buying a house is 19,800 bells.

    going to google: 

    at the current exchange rate, one dollar is about 100 yen. (and while this has its ups and downs it doesn’t seem like it’s varied THAT much over time.) on top of that there’s been a little inflation since 2002- something that costs $180 now would have cost about $125 today.

    tldr: tom nook sold you a house for a hundred bucks and told you to pay him back whenever you can. 

    Good morning Househunting, today I’m pissed.The housing market in Seattle and even 45 miles east is absolutely fucked and I really don’t think it will ever recover. Tiny houses with medium or large lots are bought by developers (with multiple offers sometimes in the double digits and minimal chance of competing against full cash no contingency quick close offers) and torn down to build a larger house or a small development. it’s driving the prices up in small towns so fucking much and making them literally impossible for poor people to live in. 

    Wtf do you do if you get divorced and have to sell your house or lose your house and need to stay in the same town so your child can go to school and you don’t have a car to get him to school elsewhere and it’s rural so there are no buses and now you don’t have a house and definitely cannot ever afford a house that should reasonably cost $200k but also can’t afford skyrocketed rent? you’re fucked. 

    Poor people get shit on by ignorant rich people who lack critical thinking skills and say things like “rent is throwing away money! why don’t you just make an investment and buy something instead?” 

    this is the reason why that’s not possible:


    and this is considered cheap. the last time this house/piece of land was sold, it was for $800,000 in 2014. 18,000sf lot. 



    Developers have driven up the price of land so much that you absolutely cannot buy a starter home or fixer upper for a reasonable price at all. Even 45 miles outside of Seattle in North Bend/middle of nowhere, a 2 bedroom 800 sq ft apartment is $1700/mo. It’s absolutely ridiculous. houses that could be maintained and used as actual homes are snatched up by developers, a plastic house is slapped on it in 2 months, and then it’s sold for triple the overpriced cost they bought it for. It’s super fucking depressing. I really hope we experience a massive crash soon because this is absolutely disgusting and depressing and very few people are weathering this well. 


    the cheapest lot in the area, for 1/3 of an acre, that might not even be buildable, is listed at $50,000. absolutely fucking ridiculous. the reason this happening is because of the tech boom/amazon/startup culture if that was not clear.