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    Byyyeeeeee Tumblr - T7′s New Blogs!

    Hiya my fellow followers! As we all know, it’s time to eventually move on from Tumblr. I won’t close this blog but will stop posting from Dec 17th. I have decided to move on and start a couple of brand new blogs for my content. You can follow me on…

    Twitter -  https://twitter.com/t7fakes

    LiveJournal - https://t7fakes.livejournal.com/

    Pillowfort - https://www.pillowfort.io/t7fakes

    Pornhub - https://www.pornhub.com/users/t7fakes

    Rule 34 - http://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/user_id=110937/1

    I’m quite interested to see how Pillowfort and Pornhub will work out. I hope Pillowfort will grow and become successful. I personally think it’s a great community for fakers to start up on. Besides contacting me here and on the new sites, you can also always contact me on ‘t7fakes@hotmail.co.uk’ for a friendly chat or a commission. Thank you everyone, it’s been a fantastic 3 years on tumblr. I’ve meet many friends on here. It’s a shame that it had to end like this but it won’t be the last from me and I hope to see you all at my new blogs.


    Be sure to Follow me on Twitter and Pillowfort before my Tumblr gets nuked to hell. I know this is spammy and you’re probably all fed up with these posts but once the 17th comes around, i’ll be gone for good.

    I even posted Tom Holland for ya’ll


    Already started re-uploading some of my old fakes and stories to both Twitter and Pillowfort so be sure to check me out. Every Fake I’ve made is flagged and ready for deletion so if you wanna see more of my new and old content, be sure to migrate along with me :)



    / This is not a complete list or meant to be one / To the best of my knowledge all of these blogs use only models and faces from celebrities over 18 years of age / All these blogs are 18+, please do not press any of these links of you are underage / I’ve tried to add necessary disclaimers to blogs with certain content / I tried to include only fakers who’s been active within the last 12 months /

    If you want to be added to the original list/post, please send me a message. I will put a ⭐ by newly added, and remove the stars after a while.


    Due to some problems with the post, I have deleted all blogs that haven’t updated the last six (6) months or so, and kept only active fakers. I have also removed people who have announce that they are quitting. If your blog is missing on the post, please DM me.



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  • I will update this continuously, so check in with the original post to check when I add new blogs!

    I have always fantasized about being in a glory hole, sucking random men’s dicks and swallowing all I could. I often watched porn videos of girls in glory holes and always wished I could be in their position.Lucky for me, I found out about a glory hole near by my house. I found it on a gay hookup website. It was at a truck stop near a Denny’s. I read it was mostly truckers trying to get off before they went to sleep, but I didn’t care. The way I thought of it, a dicks a dick, and I want it in my mouth.

    It had just got dark, the kids and Jennifer are asleep Ben said to himself,

    I had been planning on going for weeks, and flaked out twice. But this was the night! I grabbed one of my wife’s thongs and put it on. They were black and soft as silk. I loved the feeling on my crotch and the string up my ass crack. I put on some decent clothes, but nothing too nice. I didn’t want to stain up my nice clothes. I got in the car a drove to the spot. There were about 16 big rigs and a couple of cars parked. As I pulled up near the restrooms I saw a woman get out of a truck and get in her car to leave. I sat in the car for a minute, my head was rushing. I opened the door and noticed a trucker see me from his truck. I walked towards the bathrooms. There was a door for each bathroom, 6 on each side. I wondered which to go into, I figured ‘Might as well go in one of the middle one, maybe there will be a hole on both sides’. So i stepped in.

    The bathroom smelt like a public bathroom, luckily nobody blew it up recently. Yet, I loved it. I felt naughtier then ever before. I close the door and sit on the toilet, I wonder if somebody’s next to me. At that moment I hear the door next to mine open and shut. I freeze in panic. I hear his pants unzip, and not much else. I’m curious so I look through the hole. Shocked I jump back a foot. There right thought the hole I saw his dick and balls, hanging there. He was facing the hole. His dick was still soft and he had slightly hairy but low hanging balls. He was a white man as far as I could tell. My heart was racing with excitement. I was going to get another dick in my mouth! finally! I stick two fingers though the hole and look again. I can see him holding his cock, stroking it slowly and he steps forward. I pull my fingers out and as I pull them out his dick comes through, followed by his balls.

    'It’s time’ I think to myself. I grab his soft dick. Its smooth like the last one. I hold it pointing towards my face. I can smell his manhood. Slightly pungent smell of balls and sweat. It made my heart race more though. I hold my tongue out and slap it against it. After that I stick the whole thing in my mouth. I wanted to feel him get hard in my mouth. I suck hard, like I’m trying to suck the cum straight from his balls. With his soft dick in my mouth, I grab his balls up and lick them with my tongue. I hear him moan. I love this! I can feel his cock start to swell in my mouth. I bob my head, my lips hitting against his pubic hair, every couple bobs I pull it out to lick it from top to bottom and slide it back it. After a couple minutes his dick is fully erect. I pull it out to look at it. Its about 7 inches, pointed up and slightly to the left. He was cut. I rubbing his cock from the bottom side as it stands at attention.

    I stand up and take my pants and shirt off and put them on the top of the toilet. I’m bare in my thong now. My dick hard as a rock and sticking out the top. I continue to rub his dick. I can’t take it anymore. I need it back in my mouth! I quickly drop to my knees and start to kiss the bottom of his head. I hear him moaning as my juicy wet lips and tongue rub against the bottom sensitive part of his dick. My spit is flowing down his dick to his balls. I spit in my hand and rub his hairy balls. I move my mouth slowly down his dick till I’m licking and making out with his balls. His hot, hard dick is pressed up against my face. I love the warmth. I engulf his balls in my mouth one after the other. I’m so into pleasing him I don’t care about the hair. I grab his dick with both hands and stroke it as I continue sucking his balls.

    I pull back, making a loud popping noise and take a deep breath. I could feel his dick pulsing in my hands. I point it back at me and put the head in my mouth. I play with his head with my tongue. I could feel his dick twitch. I suck and bob and lick like I’m some kind of animal. I moaning as his dick hits the back of my throat and makes me gag. My hands switch from fondling his balls to rubbing his shaft to grabbing my ass. By this point my face, chest and hands are covered in my spit. I pull my thong to the side and stick my middle finger up my ass. As I do, I moan loudly and he pulls his dick back.

    'Whhhyyy!!!’ I’m thinking. I put my open mouth to the hole and stick my tongue out. I feel his dick gently touch my tongue. I moan slightly. At that point he slides it in. He starts pumping my face, I hold my head against the hole. I’ll gag, pull back and put it back on. He pull back out again. I fall back slightly and look though the hole. I see him stroking his cock vigorously. I know he’s trying to cum at this point. I have butterflies in my stomach. I’m going to swallow cum again!

    “You ready for it?” I hear come from the next stall in a deep manly voice.

    “Yes, please yes!” I beg

    “Ok it’s about to cum! get your mouth ready”

    I want every drop in my mouth or on me. I put my tongue out to the bottom of the hole, with my mouth opened and my head slightly leaned back. I can here him stock his cock faster and faster. My finger’s still sliding in and out of my ass hole. I’m pretty much bouncing on my finger with excitement. His strokes are still increasing. I can hear how my spit is still lubricating his cock.

    “Ooooohhhh!” I hear him moan, and his dick quickly slides back through the hole over my tongue at which point I instinctively close my mouth around it and start to bob my head.

    “Fuuuuuuck!” He yells, I feel his cock pulse a first time, but no cum yet. The second pule comes and I feel a thick glob of cum ooze out onto my tongue, quickly followed my two more pulses which shot cum straight to the back of my throat. I gag it up but don’t let his cock out of my mouth. I want it all! His cock continues to pulse as I milk the last bits of salty but delicious cum out with my mouth and one hand. My ass still bouncing on my finger. I pull his dick out and milk the last drop on my tongue. With the cum still in my mouth I kiss the tip of his cock right before he withdraws it from the hole. I hear his pants zip up and the door open. I’m still on my knees, swishing his cum in my mouth, still bouncing on my finger. He really gave me a mouthful of cum, I attempt o swallow it all in one, but gag some back up. I swallow the rest, and pull my finger out my ass.

    I’m still on my knees when i hear from behind me, “My turn!” I turn around a see a dick though the other hole. Was he watching me the whole time? God I hope so. I turn around crawl to his dick, Its about 6 inches, cut, white also, his balls are trimmed and sat up high and his head was huge. 'Fuck yes, two dicks!’ I think. I quickly grab his cock and gobble it down like I haven’t ate anything in months. His head alone felt as if it filled my mouth I would pull it out and kiss and lick the head all over. I licked his cock from the tip down to his balls, over and over again, like it was a popsicle. I stick my tongue out and slap his dick on my face, moaning like a whore. I spit on his dick and get it nice and lubed. I stand up and turn around. I put his dick so it sits in my buns like a hot dog, with my thong pulled to the side. I hold it between and start to back it up holding his dick in place. Almost like a titty fuck but with my ass cheeks. I’m moaning, I love his hot, hard cock rubbing between my cheeks. I hear him moaning too. I pull it from my ass cheeks and slap them with it some before getting back on my knees.

    I bob and stroke and lick. I want more cum! I keep going faster and faster. His dick is ridiculously hard and seems as if it got an inch longer and an inch thicker. I know hes about to cum. I keep bobbing. His head going in and out of my lips as I suck and suck. I hear him knock on the wall. I know what this means from porn. I keep sucking, then he cums. Spurt after spurt of thick hot cum. It hits me in the throat and I gag and pull back. He got about three spurts in my mouth and just kept cumming. It hit me first in the cheek. Then the chin. I open my mouth and stick my tongue out. The next hits me right on the tongue. I’m moaning uncontrollably as it seems like an endless shots of cum were hitting my face. They finally begin to stop and I wrap my lips around his cock again. sucking out all I can. I swallow immediately and use his cock to scoop whatever is on my face into my mouth.

    “Oh god! I was saving that one for weeks!” he says “Your a lucky slut, you are”

    “Thank you sir, yes I am” I say while kissing and licking his softening dick. “Thank you..mmm..thank you”

    He pulls it out. “Your welcome he says as he zips his pants up and leaves the stall.

    I scoop the rest of his cum off my face and into my mouth. I notice some cum on the floor. So i grab my dick, put a finger up my ass, and put my face flat on the ground where his cum is with my ass pointed up. I’m horny beyond belief. I finger my ass while stroking my cock. I face on the floor, licking what cum I can off the floor. I’m moaning as I stroke hard till finally I shoot my load all over the ground. I get back to my knees and scoop up some of my own cum. I put what I could in my mouth and swallowed it. I stand up, my head racing with what happened. I put my clothes on and quickly go to the car and leave.

    This will be a night I’ll never forget.