The Ordeal of Emilia Clarke Chapter 8

    The long awaited Chapter 8. Sorry it is so short. To keep these chapters going in shorter times, I’ll have the chapters be shorter.  

    Today we have Emilia Clarke get raped by her stepdad internet buddy. Please enjoy.  I will continue to repost these stories on my blog

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    Emilia Clarke vomits out more cum into the toilet of a gas station a few miles from her home. She is still recovering for the brutal cumblast Dan Everett gave her and had to pull over into the gas station to spill out her gut.

    She got up and went towards the mirror to clean up and fix her makeup. Afterwards she noticed that her bloated stomach is gone and she looked perfectly normal. She smiled to herself and tried to keep a positive attitude despite recent events.

    Ever since that interview with John Oakhill her life has been a sexual nightmare. She kept running into men that not only want to fuck her, but want to actively humiliate her while doing so. No matter how hard she tries to avoid it, she always falls in these situations that usually ends with her being raped, degraded, and humiliated.

    The door to the bathroom opens and a man walks inside with a smirk on his face.  

    “This is a private bathroom, what are you doing?” asked Emilia processing this intrusion.

    The man had on black shorts, and a white t shirt. He was chubby and it looked like he had not taken a shower in weeks. Emilia looked down and saw a concerning erection.

    He slowly walk towards the actress and she in turn walk back until she hits the sink. The man grabs Emilia and sniffs her.

    “ HELP!” Emilia yells.  

    There was no signs of anybody coming in to help. Its because the man paid the attendant off.

    The man smirks and begin to lick and kiss on her neck. Emilia burst into tears as she is assaulted orally by the man.

    He brought his hands to her small breast and grabbed and groped. Emilia in a futile attempt tried to wrestle herself away from the mans grasp.

    This earned her a firm slap on the face. In a rare act of defiance she spit in her soon to be rapist's face.

    She instantly regretted when the man smirked and scooped the saliva off his face with his fingers and licked it.  


    The man slapped her so hard on her other cheek Emilia started to sob.  

    "I'm sorry! Please let me go!" she said sobbing. This made the man even harder and he gave her another slap and pushed her to her knees.

    He chuckled as he dragged the poor actress to the toilet. pushed her head into the toilet.

    Emilia felt her skirt being lifted, and a cock entering her  pussy. He flushed down the toilet a few times as he  pumped in and out of her pussy. Her hair was starting to  catch onto the wave and slowly pulled into the toilet.  

    He pushed his cock all the way into her little hole,  stretching it with its width. It was not over-the- average length, but very thick. The pleasure came from  stretching her pussy instead of how deep it touched.

    He held tight on her hip with his right hand, but still  pushed her head toward the toilet. As time passed, Emilia could not hold her breath anymore. It had to be at least  two minutes with her head inside the toilet. Images came  to her mind. Emilia imagined she was Daenerys Targaryen could see herself laying naked in a grass field. Her hands were tied to her back and her  legs cuffed together. Dothraki men approached her. They  whipped her with their belt and started abusing her.  They soon stripped of their cloths and fucked her  brutally. And then they left, leaving a couple hundred  dollar bills on her cum covered body. A big tall guy  came in and took the money and pissed all over her.

    Emilia felt herself being lifted. She felt like relieving  herself from this world and going to heaven. Then she felt  another painful push into her pussy, stretching it as  far as possible.  

    The actress woke up to find herself bent over the  sink. The man was still fucking her. But right  after that thought, he cummed in her pussy. She could feel  it overloading and dripping down between her thighs. She sighed in relief that it was over.

    "Clean this." Emilia Clarke has given up completely and obeyed. She got on her knees and wrapped the cock with her hands. She could not get her hands around it. Instead she licked the head  where cum was still dripping out slowly while pumping his cock with both her hands. After about a minute, he  slapped her face to the floor, and took a long piss all over her.

    Emilia just layed on the floor crying while hating herself.

    The man buckled his pants and took some pictures of his work.

    “Tell your father DutyWing88 sends his regards.”.

    Emilia Clarke’s stepdad’s jerk off buddy leaves the worthless actress on the bathroom floor covered in toilet water, cum, and piss.

    In the next chapter Emilia Clarke will discover her stepdad’s secret and will confront him.  You can guess how that will turn out for her.

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    Emilia Clarke is someone I just have a hard on for and it is always agressive.  If you’re reading this for the first time.  The series does get more brutal.  When it comes to Emilia Clarke I will never let up in my writitng. She will always recieve the most brutal, degrading, and humiliation treatment in my stories. 

    Please Enjoy

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    Hi ! If you're planning to make another Ordeal of Emilia Clarke, could you make with DP or gang bang or every hole please ? I don't think there was any of those in previous chapters . Thanks )

    These are the plans I have for her so far.

    Chapter 8: She will be brutally rape by Dutywing88 and his dog.

    Chapter 9: Raped by her Stepdad

    Chapter 10: She blows an executive and recieve painal from Dan Everett.

    I plan on having her gang-bang one day but wanted to build up to it.   But a dp is possible in Chapter 11.

    The Tribulation of Natalie Dormer

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    Today we have The Tribulation of Natalie Dormer.  For context this takes place after one of the holiday specials I have done.  Dan Everett crashed a holiday party and fuck her.  

    Afterwards John Oakhill takes her to his home for some fun.

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    The Ordeal of Emilia Clarke Chapter 8

    Emilia Clarke is raped by her stepdad’s internet buddy, DutyWing88

    The Ordeal of Emilia Clarke Chapter 9

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    Hello everyone, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.  I know I am a a couple days late for a Thanksgiving special, so instead I decided to do a Holiday special.  Throughout the Holiday seasons I will write short stories on your favorite (mainly mine) celebrities getting ravished on the holidays.  These take place in the same universe as Life as a Rich Kid and The Story of Dan Everett and some entries will feature the characters of those series. 

    So please enjoy and message me any suggestions you have.

    Maisie Williams

    Tony Sunburo sighs.

    He is standing guard outside of Maisie William’s trailer.  She just got done with an interview and is preparing to leave   Once she is done Tony can be off duty and go home to his family for Thanksgiving.

    But he has been waiting for nearly 45 minutes and is getting impatient.  Tony Sunburo is usually a kind person and is nice to the celebrities he is guarding, unlike most other bodyguards.  Ever since some guy named Dan Everett popped up all the bodyguards in Hollywood have been “hands on” with the female celebrities and it is almost liked their cursed to constantly degrade and humiliate them.  

    But Tony Sunburo have stood above that, and because of that Tony has been the most requested bodyguard.  Maisie Williams manage to hire him, so she must stop sharing Sophie Turner’s bodyguard, who has ravished the both multiple times and joined in on Dan Everett’s enjoyment of tormenting them.

    Tony knocks on the trailer door.


    “Hold on Tony!” said Maisie Williams, “I am still getting ready.”.

    Tony sighs again.  He pulls out his phone and check his texts.  His mother has texted him that the family has started the dinner without him.

    “Shit!” whispered Tony.


    “Williams, we have to go now.” said Tony Sunburo has he opens the door to the trailer.  What he witnesses is Maisie Williams sitting down in the chair, fully dress and make up prepare.  She was on her phone texting when Tony barges in.

    Maisie Williams stood straight up and asks “What the fuck do you think you are doing? Get the fuck out?”.

    Tony stood there shocked.  She must’ve been prepared for a while now.  She was just doing gods-know-what, while he was waiting outside.  In anger he started to walk up to her

    “What is taking long Maisie?” asked Tony as stop a yard from her.  Maisie Williams take a step back and responds.

    “I- it takes a while for a woman to get ready.” Said a now nervous Maisie Williams. “Now can you get the fuck out”

    Feeling of rage and anger raised inside Tony. She has been lollygagging and taking her sweet time getting ready and must have been on her phone texting for quite a while.  Tony couldn’t take it anymore.


    Tony gave Maisie Williams a hard slap to her face and she fell to the ground.  She rubs her cheeks as she looks up at Tony in fear.

    “Listen to me you dumb cunt!” said Tony as Maisie Williams tried to get up.  He pushes her back down to the floor with his feet.  “I am going to miss my family’s Thanksgiving dinner because of you.  I am going to get something out of this.”.  

    Tony then pulls Maisie Williams to her knees. He then unbuckles his pants and take out his dick.  “Suck it. Suck it now!”.

    Maisie Williams hesitates, and Tony gives her a firm slap to her other cheek.  This motivate Maisie and she slipped his cock between her glossy lips.  She held up Tony’s cock and started sucking, bobbing her head up and down.  

    Tony placed his hand on Maisie’s head and pushed her head down whenever she bobbed on his cock, making her take his cock in deeper into her mouth,

    “Suck more you little cocksucker, Mmmm, yeah, just like that” Tony groaned as he felt his cock press against the back of Maisie’s throat.  He held Maisie Williams’s head in place firmly and savored the feeling of the 20-year-old’s mouth surrounding his cock.  After fighting down Maisie trying to pull back, he let go of Maisie.  The sound of Tony’s cock leaving Maisie’s mouth made a loud pop sound.  Maisie Williams sat back on her heels and catch her breath as she wiped away the saliva around her mouth that had drooled down to her chin.  After letting Maisie catch a couple breaths, Tony placed his hands behind her head again, motioning her to continue.  Maisie Williams hesitantly scooted forward and resumed sucking.

    “No hands” commanded Tony.

    Tony placed both his hands behind Maisie’s head and guided her as she sucked.  Hitting the back of her throat each time.  Maisie Williams slapped Maisie across the cheek, and leaned forward.

    “I said no hands, you little whore.”

    Tony took a step to angle his cock into Maisie Williams’s mouth, making it hit the back of her throat and slip its way into her throat. He disregarded the gagging and choking sounds Maisie Williams made as he pushed his entire cock down the little actress’s throat.

    “Mmmm…Yeah you little whore, I bet you like having a throat full of my cock.  LOOK UP AT ME, WHORE!” said Tony as he kept pushing his hard cock at Maisie’s mouth, grinding his hips against her face.  Maisie Williams face was flushed red, and her eyes were full of tears.  Tony wrapped Maisie’s hair around his hand and pulled her back making her tilt her head back.  Maisie started gasping to take in air.  Tony rested his cock on Maisie Williams’s face and kept grinding, sliding his wet cock against her face.

    “Open your mouth.” Said Tony as he rubbed Maisie’s lips with his thumb.  Maisie Williams took a big breath and opened her mouth for Tony again.  Maisie leaned down and spit into her mouth and stared. “Swallow it cunt. “said Tony.  Maisie reluctantly closed her eyes and took a big gulp down.  Grinning at his power.  He grabs her by the hair and drag her to the couch.  He takes a seat and command Maisie to stand up.

    “Spin for me slut. said Tony as he stroked his cock. Maisie stood up and slowly turned around. She felt even dirtier from the way Tony closely inspected her body. Once Maisie had her back to Tony, she felt his hands on her thighs. She stopped turning. Tony moved his hands up underneath Maisie’s outfit and cupped her ass in both hands. He kneaded it around and played with it for a while, admiring its smoothness and softness, and how perfectly shaped and sized Maisie’s ass was.

    “Very nice…” murmured Tony. “Bend forward and pull down your panties for me baby… No no, don’t bend your knees. Keep your ass up high. Yes, Mmmm, just like that. Bend more… more, there, perfect.” Tony stroked his cock faster as he leaned forward. Pulling up Maisie’s skirt, Tony dived his nose into Maisie’s crotch and took in the scent of her pussy. Maisie was wet. “Gonna fuck you now, okay slut? I know for a fact you Hollywood sluts have been fucked good.” Maisie nodded. It was true that she had to sleep with a few Hollywood executives once she was of age.  Especially since she met Dan Everett it seemed half her job is being fucked by dominant men.

    Tony got behind Maisie. The view of Maisie on fours from behind was simply art. Her short legs and perfect ass made up a sexy peach shape with Maisie on fours. Tony looked down at Maisie’s two loving pink holes as he aimed his hard cock between Maisie’s pussy lips, making them stretch around his mushroom tipped cock. Tony moaned as Maisie’s tight pussy squeezed around his cock. He felt his cock get even harder inside Maisie’s amazing little cunt. He held Maisie’s hips tightly as he slowly pushed his cock in as he enjoyed the feeling of Maisie’s cunt molding around his cock. Maisie bit her lip down as she felt Tony’s cock stretching the sides of her tight cunt. She broke down and started sobbing as Tony slowly but forcefully fucked her. “ at how your little cunt loves my cock. You were born a slut, Maisie.” said Tony as he slow-fucked the actress. “Beg me to fuck you harder, slut. Beg me for my cock.” Maisie didn’t reply and only sobbed. Tony picked up his speed and started fucking Maisie hard, pulling his cock out most of the way and then slamming it back into Maisie, stabbing into Maisie’s cervix as he ruthlessly pounded Maisie from behind. Maisie cried out loud as she desperately held her position. “I bet you like this you hot little slut. You like my big cock raping your little pussy? Let me hear you beg for my cock, bitch, or I’m gonna fuck you even harder. I bet you want me to fuck you harder, that’s why you’re not begging.” Tony placed his hand behind Maisie’s neck and pushed her down against the floor as he continued to pound her. “Fuck me, please…” said Maisie, sobbing. “Not desperate enough.” “Please fuck me harder, sir. I want your big cock to fuck me harder…” “Come on baby, you can do better.” “PLEASE sir, fuck your hot little slut, ugh, I love your big cock sir, give me more, ughhh… ” “Good slut… you’re such a cheap little whore. You worthless little cocksucker. Look at all that drool on the floor, you little cockloving slut… Ahh you’re such a perfect fuckdoll, Maisie… Such a shame you’re just a worthless whore…” Tony raised his body and continued fucking Maisie downward, pushing Maisie down against the floor every time. Tony pushed his hands up under Maisie’s shirt and ripped down her bra, then cupped Maisie’s ample tits. He grabbed Maisie’s tits tightly, using them as handles to keep Maisie in place. “Keep, your, ass, up, you, cunt,” panted Tony as he rammed down at Maisie. But whenever Maisie tried to keep up her butt, it just got pushed back down from Tony’s force. Tony leaned down on top of Maisie, spooning her from the top as he fucked. He pulled out his left hand and grabbed Maisie’s hair tightly, pulling it to the side hard, making Maisie’s arch back. Tony licked all over Maisie’s cheek and ear, groaning. Maisie’s face was covered with tears and saliva. He pulled out his right hand and choked Maisie’s throat several times, then shoved his fingers into Maisie’s gaping mouth, stirring the back of Maisie’s throat. “You’re such a good fuck, cunt.” Whispered Tony as he slowed down his pace, thoroughly enjoying Maisie’s pussy around his cock. “I’m sure a good little slut like you is already on birth control, am I right you little cockslut?” Maisie nodded with her cheeks against the floor, her head still held down by Tony. “Then again, I still haven’t fucked your little butt hole…” said Tony to himself as he went back to kneeling behind Maisie. He shoved his fingers that were wet from Maisie’s mouth straight into Maisie’s asshole. Maisie shrieked. She cried even louder as Tony’s fingers slowly fucked Maisie’s ass. She did not want to go through anal again after she just recovered from Dan Everett destroying her ass on Halloween. “Please no sir, not there, it hurts so much even now… Please just cum in my pussy, PLEASE!” cried Maisie as she reached both her arms back, attempting to cover up her little hole. Regardless, Tony continued playing with her asshole, testing the tightness of the little ring muscle and the soft texture inside. Maisie became more desperate as it became evident that she’d be fucked in the ass too. She tried to crawl away, but Tony simply wrapped his arm around Maisie’s hips, holding her in place as he toyed her. He finally pulled out his cock from Maisie’s pussy and pressed the tip against Maisie’s asshole. “I’ll let you push yourself down, slut.” said Tony sternly. “Pull apart your butt cheeks and fuck yourself on my cock.” Maisie kept crying as she curled up. She couldn’t bring herself to do it. The tip felt so large pressing into her asshole. “Should’ve done it when I was being nice.” said Tony as he held Maisie’s hips, opening Maisie’s butt cheeks with his thumbs. “No no, stop, sorry, I’ll do it.” said Maisie, reaching back and stretching her cheeks apart. Tony again placed the tip against Maisie’s asshole and waited. Maisie slowly pushed back at Tony’s cock. Her little asshole fought back, but soon became stretched around Tony’s mushroom tip. Maisie shrieked again. She paused for a moment, but Tony held her hips again. Maisie continued pushing back at Tony’s cock, slowly inching her way down. Tony watched as his cock disappeared into Maisie’s ass. “Take more, baby. Take my whole cock. Don’t pull at all, just take it.” commanded Tony as he held Maisie’s hips tightly, preventing her from pulling away. Moments later, Maisie finally had Tony’s whole cock stuffed inside of her tight asshole. “Now fuck yourself on my cock, make daddy cum in your little asshole baby…” moaned Tony. Maisie supported herself on her elbows as she rocked herself back and forth. Tony groaned as he felt the familiar feeling in his balls. He thrust into Maisie’s asshole as Maisie was taking his cock in slowly. He fucked Maisie with the same intensity as fucking her cunt. Maisie bit her lip down as she fought to not get pushed away. “Are you ready for my cum you little anal slut? I’m going to fill you up!” said Tony as he fucked in and out of Maisie’s asshole, his big balls slapping against Maisie’s pussylips. Tony pulled apart Maisie’s ass cheeks and pushed his cock inside of her as far as he could, and started cumming inside. Maisie started crying again as she felt stream after stream of cum shooting inside of her. Tony groaned as he fucked Maisie slowly, squeezing out each little spurt of cum from his balls.

    “Mmmmmmmmmmm…” Tony sighed as he collapsed on top of Maisie. He slowly grinded against Maisie’s ass. His cock felt fantastic being squeezed in Maisie’s little ass. “That was a good fuck.” whispered Tony into Maisie’s ear. Tony stood up and fell back onto the couch. Little Maisie curled up on her side and sobbed quietly. Despite this, Tony kicked Maisie lightly to get her attention back. “Up now, little slut girl. Come clean this cock with your mouth.” Maisie brought herself back between Tony’s legs. Tony’s cock was smeared with cum. She couldn’t bring herself to put her mouth around it. Tony grabbed the back of Maisie’s head with one hand, and his cock with the other. He cocks slapped Maisie several times, and then pushed Maisie’s face against the cock, rubbing the juices on her. “Get to work, Maisie, I thought you loved cock.” said Tony as he grinned. He rubbed the tip of his cock against Maisie’s soft lips. “Open up now or you aren’t being a good girl to me, and you know what that means for your dad.” Maisie opened her mouth and slowly licked Tony’s cock, sucking up the remains on his cock as she diligently cleaned his cock. Tony leaned back and reached for his phone on the table. He couldn’t believe he finally gave into his temptation and ravished Maisie Williams.  At least he is getting something out of missing family Thanksgiving dinner. “I think it’s clean now, sir…” said Maisie, looking up at Tony. Tony looked down at Maisie and lightly slapped her cheek. “Now tell me, are you or are you not a little slut?” “I am a little slut, sir.” said Maisie, starting to sob again. “And little sluts like you are only good for getting fucked?” “Yes sir, I’m a cheap little slut.” Tony nodded as he placed his cock in front of Maisie’s lips. Maisie immediately opened her mouth and started sucking on Tony’s half-hard cock. “Swallow it all. Don’t lose a single drop.” said Tony. Maisie didn’t know what he meant. Tony shot a little spurt of piss into Maisie’s mouth. Maisie forced herself to swallow Tony’s piss. Immediately, another longer spurts of piss filled her mouth. Maisie drank Tony’s urine as Tony refilled Maisie’s mouth, pissing more and more each spurt, and he finally just peed without stopping. Maisie drank as much as she could, swallowing as fast as she can, but streams of piss escaped her mouth and dripped onto the floor. Tony pulled his cock out of Maisie’s mouth and started pissing on Maisie’s face as Maisie opened her mouth open, following the stream, drinking down as much as she could. By the time Tony was finished pissing into Maisie’s mouth, there was a small puddle of his piss on the wooden floor.

    “Clean up that mess, you dumb slut.” said Tony as grabbed Maisie Williams by her hair and pushed her face into the puddle of piss. “Slurp that up. Yeah you little whore, slurp up my piss.” chanted Tony as Maisie brought her lips to the dirty floor and cleaned the piss. Tony placed his head on the back of Maisie’s head.

    Once Maisie Williams finished, Tony got dress as she laid on the floor tired.

    “Y-you’re fired.” Said Maisie Williams weakly.  

    Tony finished getting dressed and smirks. He grabs Maisie Williams by her hair and drag her to the bathroom.  He then dragged her in front of the toilet and opened it.  She tried to resist but ultimately fails as Tony dunks Maisie’s head into the toilet and flushes it.  

    Tony laughs “It is fine bitch.  I quit.”.  He leaves while Maisie Williams is passed out with her head in the toilet.  She also missed her family’s Thanksgiving dinner a few hours later.  

    Thank you for reading.  The next entry will feature another Game of Thrones actress (Emilia Clarke) and will be her against Cy Oakhill (The main character of Life as a Rich Kid) please stay tune to that. 

    I also have the Emma Watson entry of The Story of Dan Everett in development and a revision of Life as Rich Kid is stil being worked on.

    If you have suggestions for Sluts of the Day please message me and I’ll make it happen.

    Have a nice day.

    Alternative Sites

    Hey everyone, it has been a while. So I have freedom for some writing and I have some ideas.

    Problem is I I post them they’ll just get taken down. Please suggest sites I could post to.

    The Ordeal of Emilia Clarke Ch8-10

    - Chapter 8: Emilia Clarke finally gets raped by DutyWing88 and gets its brutal. Will include dog rape.

    - Chapter 9: Emilia Clarke makes it home after she escapes her rapist. Only to find out the secret about her stepdad

    - Chapter 10: Emilia Clarke goes to another movie studio and blows the exec for a deal only to get painal by Dam Everett in the end

    The Story of Dan Everett

    - Zendya: Both Sony and Disney execs thinks Zendaya is one of the other girls and send out on of their cronies to rape Zendaya to send a message to the other studio. Will include Zendaya getting oral raped, spanked, and painal.

    - Elizabeth Olsen: Dont know details yet but it will happen.

    Fans vs Taylor Swift 2

    - Taylor Swift gets gangbanged by a bbc