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2018-07-05 14:41:10

    Let me repeat myself real quick for all y’all in the back (҂⌣̀_⌣́)

    I feel like most people reading Edens Zero are only looking at the fact that it was written by Mashima and how it resembles Fairy Tail.

    ONE, so fucking what if it resembles FT? It’s a different manga, look at it as its own entity.

    It’s. Not. Fairy Tail.

    Remember that.

    Move on.

    New characters, new story, new world.

    TWO, why so much hate on the friendship concept? Are you disappointed because you think its boring? Not what you expected? Okay, then goodbye, we don’t need you on this journey with Shiki and Rebecca. If you think its overdone then um so what? That’s your damn problem? Go read something else? Don’t shit on Mashima for his efforts to create a whole new fucking world for us.

    THREE, fanservice? What’s the problem? I feel like it was made a huge ass problem here. Have you read an ecchi before? Mashima is pretty delicate with it in my mind, he doesn’t overdo it, tho it’s prevalent because it falls in the ecchi category. Get over it. He’s not outright demoralizing women, is he?? Shiki had never met a woman before so ehem if he doesn’t understand certain things right away? And it seems clear that Rebecca will at least teach him manners. And if the women were not powerful as FUCK in Fairy Tail. I’m ready to read more badass bitches that Mashima will introduce to us. I’m ready to watch Rebecca grow into a strong ass woman. He doesn’t do ANYTHING to put down women.

    FOUR, so um we didn’t need an immediate backstory? It’s the first damn chapter, give me a shit load of manga that outright explain a character and how he lived and how he was brought up AS SOON AS WE MEET HIM. I feel like if we were given all the information about him now? Where’s the surprise then? I want to see Shiki open up to Rebecca or Happy or whoever about his past.

    FIVE, the sweet ass fucking robots. My god, did I cry when Micheal had to let Shiki go without telling him the truth. So what if they lied. They wanted to give him a reason to leave. They didn’t want him to know they would shut down. I think that was sweet as fuck, they gave him a reason to leave and never come back. I can understand why he let them hit him, who would attack their family right away? And a virus? That led me to think this may be a problem within their universe, I’m interested to see if I’m right.

    SIX, ether gear. Goddamn am I excited to see him use his ether gear. How cool!! I’m all for a character that can use an uncommon form of fighting! I’ve never seen anything like it, and he could float? Fucking amazing. Those fight scenes? Fucking amazing. That art, those flips, that punch? Fucking amazing. Give me my badass boy. You fucking fight alongside Rebecca all you fucking want.

    SEVEN, really? We’re already calling Rebecca useless? Do we know shit about her? Do we know what she’s capable of? So what if she just likes to travel and make vlogs? So what if she’s not someone who has learned all the lessons she needs to learn IN THE FIRST CHAPTER. I’m sure she’ll get to see part of the world and actions in the world that she had never experienced before, AND THEN WILL LEARN TO STRENGTHEN HER SPIRIT. Get to know a girl before you judge her, hmm?

    EIGHT, its the first chapter. It’s the first chapter. It’s the first chapter. It’s the first chapter. Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up. Shut your hate down. Is it a bad story? I DON’T FUCKING KNOW BECAUSE ITS THE FIRST CHAPTER

    I refuse to accept any backlash against this story because it’s just fucking starting out.

    And just because of who wrote it! Really?! Do better, be better.

    Hate on Mashima? Fine, go do that shit somewhere else while we support his creative ass.

    Hate because of its concept? Fine, go do that shit somewhere else while we support his creative ass.

    I thank the world every day for Fairy Tail even with its mistakes, it’s made me who I fucking am. My career would be on an entirely different path if it didn’t allow me to unlock the skills I have practiced and excel in.

    And I am so ready to thank the world for Edens Zero because damn do I just live for Mashimas art.

    Do you shits know how the story is gonna flow? Um no, none of us do. Watch what it becomes, watch it grow. And then I’ll kindly listen to your bullshit.

    I’m supportive af to the guy who gave me a whole world.