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    This Biology Teacher Disproved Transphobia With Science 


    Sex redefined

    “The idea of two sexes is simplistic. Biologists now think there is a wider spectrum than that.”

    More on anti-trans arguments as bad science


    As a biologist I am reblogging this so hard.

    Biological sex is not and has never been a binary. The complexity of the natural world cannot be contained in neat little societal boxes. Stop using science to justify your bigotry.


    The complexity of the natural world cannot be contained in neat little societal boxes. Stop using science to justify your bigotry.


    THANK YOU!!!


    simplicity of concepts absolutely never accurately describes any of the concepts.

    simplifying something, by it’s very nature, means the simplification does not explain the entirety of the subject in question, and it’s frankly just embarrassing when bigots with an agenda try to point to the simplifications their worldviews are founded upon as evidence of an empirical “truth” that does not actually fucking exist.

    just because they believe the thumbnail is the whole image does not mean others will never bother to expand the image to see the bigger picture.

    i would say they’re people who only ever skim the abstracts of scientific papers, but most of them don’t even bother with that.


    My physics professor just told the class the wildest story from when he was in grad school about building a high voltage unauthorized Tesla coil with the ability to kill a man


    No I’m still not over this - this man along with two other graduate students rigged a Tesla coil and a faraday cage without a budget and the arcs of electricity that came off of it hit things in the room like exposed gas pipes. He found a thick piece of plexiglass that he sawed into smaller pieces, he found a screwdriver that he filed down to a sharp point, and he reasoned that by charging the plexiglass with a shit ton of excess electrons and striking it with the screwdriver-ice pick immediately after flipping the coil off but before the energy in the room had a chance to dissipate, they could see the physical path of the conducted electricity as it conducted through the excess electrons.

    These men rigged up an empty storage closet in their lab with the faraday cage and Tesla coil and ran their little experiment. My professor ran into the room the instant the coil was turned off, grabbed the grounded screwdriver-ice pick, and stabbed the plexiglass millimeters away from the edge where he could’ve missed.

    And it worked.

    This man captured a god damn lightning strike in physical media. That shape is from the electricity breaking through the structure of the plexiglass. That’s literally the conduction path.

    Anyway I was talking to one of the lab instructors about it and she put her head in her hands and literally groaned. “I wish John hadn’t told you that story.”


    jane fonda got arrested the third week in a row at climate change protests. this time with ted danson


    Legends only


    For everyone complaining about how these two can get arrested and it won’t affect their careers, you’re right. It most likely won’t hurt their careers. That’s why they keep going out and doing it. They’re using their platform to their advantage. They’re both white, of an older generation, and famous enough to be recognized. They’re holding their generation accountable and making an effort to show up and enforce change. This isn’t them advertising a TV show or some bs, they’re there to help


    This is a very good way to use your privilege.


    Jane Fonda has been involved in protest since the America Vietnam war


    Jane Fonda’s activism did, in fact, hurt her career, and she’s out there risking it all again. She wasn’t just involved in protest since the Vietnam war (tho that is what did her career the most damage, some lawmakers were actually calling for her to be tried for treason over it)

    She was already under government surveillance before that for her support of the Black Panthers and her show of solidarity with two separate first nations re-occupations (Fort Lawton and Alcatraz). 

    She’s not being silly or doing a bit or pulling a PR stunt. She’s just not letting the cops scare her. Because this is far from her first rodeo.


    Jane Fonda’s mugshot from Nov. 3, 1970.

    She was arrested on trumped-up drug smuggling charges, which an officer later admitted was their only way of booking her because god damn Nixon wanted her arrested for her anti-Vietnam War activism. The FBI and the CIA, and the NSA had been surveilling her for months without her knowledge.

    If there is any celebrity whose activism is not empty lip service, it’s Jane fucking Fonda.