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2020-08-09 04:24:08

    “they” (1 word) is shorter than “he or she” (3 words)

    “they” is more inclusive than “he/she”

    “themself” flows more naturally than “him or herself”

    “they” is less clunky than “(s)he”

    it’s time to replace the awkward “she or he”


    “hey can you go ask they what does they want for dinner, and when is they coming over to watch movies with they?”


    “Hey, can you go ask them what they want for dinner, and when they’re coming over to watch movies?”

    Step one is learning how to talk like a human person.


    Friendly reminder:

    “I shouldn’t like to punish anyone, even if they’d done me wrong.” —George Eliot, The Mill on the Floss (1860)

    “A person can’t help their birth.” —William Thackeray, Vanity Fair (1848)

    “But to expose the former faults of any person, without knowing what their present feelings were, seemed unjustifiable.” —Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice (1813)

    “Every Fool can do as theyre bid.” —Jonathan Swift, Polite Conversation (1738)

    “So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses.” —King James Bible, Matthew 18:35 (transl. 1611)

    “God send every one their heart’s desire!” —William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing (~1600)

    “Now this king did keepe a great house, that euerie body might come and take their meat freely.” —Sir Philip Sidney, the Arcadia (1580)

    “If … a psalme scape any person, or a lesson, or els yt they omyt one verse or twayne…” —William Bonde, The Pylgrimage of Perfection (1526)

    “And whoso fyndeth hym out of swich blame, / They wol come up and offre a Goddés name” —Geoffrey Chaucer, The Pardoner’s Tale (~1380)

    “þan hastely hiȝed eche wiȝt on hors & on fote, / huntyng wiȝt houndes alle heie wodes, / til þei neyȝþed so neiȝh to nymphe þe soþe [Then hastily hied each person on horse and on foot / hunting with hounds all the high woods / ‘til they came so near, to tell the truth]” —William and the Werwolf (transl. ~1350-1375)

    “Bath ware made sun and mon, / Aiþer wit þer ouen light [Both were made sun and moon / Either with their own light]” —Cursor Mundi (~1325)


    We’ve been using they/them/their pronouns to indicate a person with unspecified gender for a long ass fucking time. The only reason it’s become a big issue lately is because it can be used as a semi-respectful term for trans and non-binary folks and we can’t have that can we

    These fucks are literally trying to change our language to hurt trans/nb folks, and claiming that’s just the way its always been


    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    Singular “they” predates

    Singular “you”


    So you might have seen this image going around the internet.

    [ID: A high school hallway crammed with shoulder-to-shoulder teenagers, about three of whom are wearing masks. End ID.]

    This is a high school in my area. This was the first day back. This picture, taken by a student, went viral (ha), and the superintendent was more or less forced to make a statement. It’s long and it’s a lot of bullshit but here’s the big stupid part.

    “One area where we have received a good deal of feedback is mask use in our schools. Wearing a mask is a personal choice and there is no practical way to enforce a mandate to wear them. What we will do is continue to strongly encourage all students and staff to wear masks.”

    If I have to explain to you the staggering level of bullshit in this statement, then you’ve never been an AFAB person in high school. Tank top? Sent home. Jeans too tight? Home. Collarbones showing? Home. Never mind the application of out-of-school suspension, which is its own kind of bullshit that we’re not here to discuss today. If you can send someone home for showing too much ankle you can send them home for not wearing a mask.

    I’ve seen pushback against him on Twitter but they’ve already proven they don’t give a shit what we think, or care about the safety of the students OR staff. Only that things look like they’ve gone back to normal.

    So it’d be a real shame if people from all over blew up their phones at 770-443-8000 or used faxzero.com to send 5 free faxes per day to 770-443-8089 making known their concerns about this anti-response to a massive public health risk. Make it a national issue and maybe shame our government into acting like they’ve got a single brain cell between them. It’d just be real upsetting. I’m just saying.




    “ Within days of that workout, several North Paulding [football] players had tested positive for the coronavirus. The school’s parents were notified just hours before the first day of class.”


    “James’ parents saw the photograph that had been circulating Tuesday and told him, ‘You are not going back to school again,’ he said. But a few hours later, his mother had spoken to the school and was told that students who ‘chose not to go to school’ could face suspension or expulsion.“


    Any student found criticizing the school on social media could face disciplinary consequences.”

    This is a fraction of the article, please read the whole thing. I didn’t know about the expulsion threats - there was a literal three-day window to enroll for virtual. These kids are forced to choose between their health and their academic career. I can’t form words, I’m so fucking mad. Please don’t let them get away with this unscathed - Kemp either, this is his goddamn fault.