Foot worship is a great way for betas to have sex and to be of service to superior women. Feet are full of sensitive nerves, this sensitivity makes them a wonderful erogonous zone, and because they are the lowest part of the female body, it’s no wonder that some have labeled feet the “beta-zone.” For beta males, training the mind to get pleasure by focusing on worshiping the “beta-zone” should be mandatory! Activities such as sucking toes, licking soles, massaging the arch, kissing the ankles and the tops of her feet, is all good, healthy training! If a beta is not in a relationship, then he should make time for masturbating to feet centered porn and should incorporate foot worship into his fantasy life. In addition, if a beta is in a relationship, casual or more serious, or in a relationship with a domme, getting their partner into feet is also definitely beneficial for both parties, he shows devotion and service, she relaxes and basks in his praise and reverence, all while he is pleasing and stimulating the sensitive nerves in her beautiful, goddess feet. ❤️