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    As Hurricane Ian closes in on Florida, 'The View' co-host Joy Behar slams DeSantis for climate change comments | Fox News

    Worthless ignorant cunt


    Remember, kids, voting Democrat keeps bad weather away.


    Yo that digital currency post is super deep and insightful. You heard of credit/debit cards b4?

    right except your income/assets are tied into them (CBDCs) and the bank/government has an on/off switch & deposit/withdrawal button. it means joint ownership of your belongings/money only if the bank allows access to them, it’s relinquishing your possessions to an entity that wants quite literally everything you have regardless of worth, because the true value in ownership over everything you have is ownership over you as an individual when you are totally reliant on them for your survival. framework scaling, new methods of control; money is evolving and you haven’t caught up.

    Kari Lake:

    "I'm not afraid of the fake news, I'm not afraid of the globalists, I'm not afraid of anything that I'm facing on the campaign trail. I'm not afraid of the cartels. But I'm scared to death of what happens if we don't step in right at this moment, and DO something."


    Only at the precipice will people find the will to change...


    To buy a taco in Texas

    - two dollars

    To buy an "assault" rifle


    -be over 18


    -background check

    -no history of mental illness

    -1000 dollars


    This isn't even shameful about how blatantly dishonest this all is. It just outright admits one is about buying and the other is about selling. And then, on top of all of this, it actually relies on the notion that those criteria to sell a fucking taco is in any way sane. Fuck those regulations too.


    Now let's discuss what's required for a store to legally be able to sell that rifle in Texas.