I'm secretly in love with my best friend since we were kids, but he's gay and now he has a boyfriend. Can you help me "straight" him a little? Putting some muscle on him wouldn't be that bad either.

    "HEY BESTIE," screamed Josh

    "Oh hey, Josh," You replied hugging your best friend Josh.

    Josh was the first arrival for your party, and for good reason too. You two were going to need some alone time. For the longest time ever, you had a crush on Josh. He was your best friend since you were little and you did so much together. Unfortunately, when you thought he was going to ask you out in high school, he instead came out as gay. You didn't hate him for it, just disappointed he wouldn't be yours. Out of both of you, he was the lucky one. He was dating the nicest guy around, David, who was lovely, and the two felt sweet together, but you envied this. A few days ago, you had broken up with Brad after three weeks. He was hot and had a big dick, but he was gross and disgusting, with some bad views. So now you were single, bored and had a huge crush on your gay best friend. What do you do? You go to a shady website and buy some bath bombs, except these bath bombs are different. They could alter the people in the water to become something else. Naturally, you went for a large selection of fuckboi and jocks ones. All you needed to do was get Josh in the jacuzzi early while you changed, and he would start to change. All you wanted was him to be a tad bit bi and have a little muscle. They recommended using half for a single person, but obviously, you wanted your friend to remain gay and keep his kind personality, so you used just under a quarter.

    You watched him get changed into his swim shorts, smiling naturally as you prepared yourself for your pre-party starter. Once Josh got into his shorts he quickly sat down in the Jacuzzi.

    "Aren't you joining?" he asked.

    "Oh, I will be," you smirked, "But first I need to go to my room to get changed. Hey, here's a little starter for a relaxing afternoon," you said, getting out a bath bomb. You broke a piece off and dropped it in. The water began to fizz up instantly.

    "Wow this feels amazing," Josh said, resting his head on the side and closing his eyes.

    "Oh, these are gonna be great, but we're only putting little bits in at a time, so save it," you smiled, before putting the rest of the bath bomb down.

    "Don't take too long," joked Josh as you walked back into the house to get changed. As you turned a corner, you felt great. Everything was working as planned. You looked out the window and saw a few small changes appearing on Josh.

    You went back to get changed, and get makeup. Ten minutes passed, and you began to hear moaning. It was coming from the Jacuzzi, Josh was in trouble. You rushed back to the window to check on him. You gasped at what you saw. His body had grown and morphed way too much, while his pale skin had developed a bronze tan. You looked closer and could see his body become toned with muscle, he looked so hot now. But part of this was wrong, he wasn't your plaything, and now he looked nearly unrecognisable. However, he didn't look as if he was in pain. In fact, he looked like he was enjoying it as he changed more. You couldn't stand here and do nothing you had to get him out of there.

    "Josh are you ok? Josh?!, Josh!!!" you yelled as you rushed out, but he just kept on moaning. As you got closer you could see more of his changes. He had a set of washboard abs and two large pecs. His arms had blossomed with muscle. His face hadn't changed too much, keeping much of his boyish features. His usual hair was quite short, but now it had grown into a curly jungle on top while the sides were faded, in size 1. His hair had also taken on a golden brown colour.

    "Josh?!!" You repeated as you got closer to him. His moaning slowed down, and the jacuzzi stopped bubbling. He looked up at you as the moaning stopped, for a split second, his eyes looked as if they had a hint of fear as if he was crying to get out. But then his face re-arranged into a cocky expression. You had to admit he was sexy now, there was no way anyone could say no to him.

    "Hey babe," Josh said seductively.

    "Josh," you repeated again.

    "Come and join me in the jacuzzi? I have something to tell you" he slyly cooed. You came closer and closer, not taking your eyes off of him. You gently sat down in the pool slightly uneasy at what was before you. Was he still Josh?

    Josh continued to smirk at you. Something about him felt different. His voice oozed cockiness and yet retained Josh's old soft and gentle feeling.

    "Come closer, babe, I want to whisper it in your," he seductively asked, as he lurched forward into the middle of the jacuzzi. You were still unsettled by this but did it anyway. You looked down and saw as Josh began groping himself, eager to get the monster under his shorts out. As got close, he gently put one arm around the back of your head, holding it softly, while the other one reached in and got out his large Python. His lips went round to your ear.

    "I'm going to fuck your brains out here, babe," he whispered. The words echoed into your brain. It was so wrong, and yet you couldn't say no. Your underwear sunk to the bottom of the Jacuzzi, and Josh's smirk became wider as horniness took over now. He gently pushed you back onto a seat and confidently lowered his cock right up to your hole.

    "No Josh," you said, trying to defuse the situation. This was wrong, Josh was your best friend, and he was ga...

    Your thoughts came to a halt as Josh's python found its way inside you. He went in deep taking his time a savouring the moment. He said he wanted to fuck your brains out, and that's what he was doing. Any thoughts or worries vanished as his lips began gently kissing your neck all over. Josh was still the same, but now he was cockier, more muscular, and most importantly hundred per cent straight. God, he was good, but you wanted more. Your hands rubbed his soft skin and hugged him tightly, pulling him in further, causing an eruption of pleasure. You moaned loudly before moving your head. You opened your eyes and looked at the side. You panicked again as your saw, well didn't see the bath bomb from before, sitting there. Josh must've put the whole thing in. But before your panic went any further, Josh shot his load deep inside you and put you at ease.

    Your phone buzzes, and it's a text from David. Josh doesn't seem to care though, still only focused on you. But then you worry for a second, thinking about how you're going to explain this to David. Your eyes look past your phone, and at the container of other bath bombs.

    David would love one of those, and he was a bit small too, and it's not like you didn't have plenty of girlfriends coming over later he could play with.

    He's been playing Nick to the tee so far, nailing the workouts, the trainings, the camaraderie, he's through and through Nick Bosa.

    He's only been apprehensive about grazing into Nick's personal territory, especially the seemingly flared sexual part. He wanted to access that, but such excitement coming from that part put him in quite a limbo, should he? Could he tame such excitement? What if by accessing that part too he would lose his focus on football and instead busy busting nuts here and there?

    But the naive and homeschooled 18 years old clearly have no more choice to keep blocking the sexual intimacy of Nick's brain as he got faced with the ultimate test, Nick girlfriend. He didn't (and couldn't) prepare himself for such intimate moment or the idea of literally having such a hot babe right in front of him flaunting that gorgeous set of boobs he could only wondered to have within reach. He's been training continously and she's been away since his takeover of Nick's body, so this is their first encounter

    He glanced a little too long and the girl instantly noticed, inviting a hilarious response from her as if her man never seen boobs ever. Well, that's basically true as he never seen boobs up close and personal except the one that belong to his mother, and he cannot hide that fact with that stunned handsome face of his.

    But what he can do is tapping into his inner Bosa, accessing the repressed sexuap parts of his brain as he was afraid with the possibility of having thoughts that blocked Nick's career development (he's so afraid to mess Nick's careeer!) and instantly assert his dominance as the well-known football superstar to this babe that he just learned to be quite a sensation on her own respective field. Well, with all part of Nick's brain already accessed and no longer blocked, guess he has no interest to block it back, it seems fun fucking her silly like two cats in heat. Besides, football is quite an intense sport, having some fun wouldn't hurt right?

    Rarely do people (celebs too) in their real identity, not going to be something regular, just tempted by the GIF honestly

    Greener Grass: Russian Grappler

    “What did you do to me, man!” He tried to say, but it only came out in fluent Russian instead of the English he intended, “Why am I speaking in this weird language?”


    “I only did as you wished,” the mysterious spirit only he could see and hear told him plainly, “You wanted a muscular and masculine body with a thick uncut cock. Well, in case you didn’t know, there’s not many guys like that near where you live in Wichita, and since Vladimir here wished he could live life as an openly gay man in America – we swapped the two of you out to grant both your wishes. That’s how we operate – maintaining balance.”

    “Wait, first of all, I’m not gay! And secondly, why couldn’t you just turn me into what my ideal was instead of swapping me with some other guy,” the muscular young man said, growing angrier.

    “Yes, you were gay. You didn’t want to admit it to yourself, but you found men attractive, which is why you wanted to be more muscular and more masculine, to better impress other men.”

    “Bull shit!” He shouted, “I wanted to be bigger to get more ladies attracted to me, and a bigger dick to satisfy them!”

    “If you say so,” the spirit responded, disbelieving, “Regardless, the deed is done, and now you are Vladimir and he is you. I would suggest you come to terms and accept the outcome. It won’t be easy for you being a gay man here in Russia – But if you really were straight, well, perhaps you might do something with that instead – that remains to be seen, however.” The spirit said, before fading from existence.

    “Shit,” the new Vladimir muttered to himself as he looked over his new body. “Well, it is certainly a nice body, even if I might be gay in it, or that I am speaking a language I never spoke before – which is really weird…”

    “Vladimir!” Another young athletic man shouted in the distance, “You ready to spar?” He asked in Russian, and somehow the new Vladimir understood it completely.

    “Uh, yes, I am.” Vladimir replied as he stepped into the ring and squared off with his opponent, an equally muscular but slightly younger blonde man… with a gorgeous face despite the clearly broken nose and crystal blue eyes. Vladimir daydreamed about kissing those beautiful plump lips before shaking his head to regain his focus for the grapple session he was about to commence.

    “Shit… Maybe I really am gay…” He thought to himself as he pictured pinning this handsome young blonde stud under his massive body – or even better, getting pinned under his body and feeling his thick young cock grind into his bulbous muscular ass.


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    Stay Out Of The Men’s Restroom!

    This story is a request from@bodyswappingandshit​.


    Outside the doors of his gym, Jerome eagerly posed for the camera as he flexed his bodybuilder body for everyone to see. His incredible physique was a sight to behold, which was exactly why every bystander found their eyes immediately gravitating towards his impressive physique. While the man peeled off his shirt and flexed his bulky biceps, the sun proudly shimmered against his built body and emphasized how breathtaking he looked. Watching the faces of every bystander and driver passing him on the street, the man couldn’t help but chuckle at just how great his life was. As a famous bodybuilder and Instagram influencer, Jerome had little to complain about. He was living the dream life that afforded him an impressive bachelor pad that he brought guys to every night. However, unknown to Jerome, this wasn’t how life always was for the man. Just a few days prior, he had lived an entirely different life from a completely different perspective…



    Grabbing onto the door to her gym, Jessica mentally prepared herself for the onslaught towards her senses. However, any attempt at preparing was immediately destroyed as the intense odor of ripe sweat flooded her nostrils. Groaning and allowing a few curse words to slip forth from her mouth, she angrily yanked on the door and entered the building. While Jessica looked around, she silently mourned as she caught sight of the various bodybuilders that dotted the wide gym floor. When the gym first opened up, it was a gym that caters towards females, with bright and inviting aesthetics that differed from the cold vibes of dim lighting and dented iron of normal gyms. Thinking back towards the opening of the gym, Jessica remembered the various ladies that she had met and soon became fast friends with. This was lucky for the doe-eyed Jessica, having just graduated from her small-town college and starting her life in a big brand new city. As a result, the instant connection and comradery she found with these ladies was quite the relief. 

    However, as the months went on, Jessica grew annoyed as the pristine and clean gym was quickly overtaken by the several beefy men who cared less about hygiene and more about showing off their huge muscles. Despite the modest following that the gym had, it wasn’t enough to apparently keep the doors open. So, the gym soon changed hands in ownership and as a result, the gym itself underwent its own revamp. She had seen the new owner on a few occasions, a hulking man that was buff to absolutely extreme proportions. Based on the looks that he gave towards the woman, it was clear that the new owner had no intention of appealing to the female demographic. As a result, several of Jessica’s friends had begun to grow distant as more and more of these douchebag bodybuilders began to invade the gym. Jessica began to lose contact with so many of her essential friends, many who just up and ignored her messages entirely. To Jessica’s own shock, many of her friends often changed their phone numbers too, leaving her to deal with several guys who were annoyed by Jessica’s constant messages. It was no surprise that the woman soon grew disgruntled and began to count down the days until her year-long contract was over and she was free to go elsewhere.

    Every time she walked through the doors into the ever-changing gym, Jessica reminded herself about how many days left she had before she was free and no longer having to subject herself to the constant odors of ripe armpits and sweaty male bodies. Luckily, as the woman entered the locker room, her nostrils found temporary relief from the disgusting odors wafting through the gym. After changing into her workout clothes, she took a deep breath and walked out of the locker room and into the gym.

    Walking around, she gingerly avoided the hulking brutes who had taken up permanent residence around the bench presses. This was due to the fact that she wanted to avoid confrontation and more assaults on her nasal passages. Eventually, she made her way over to a set of machines and began her workout. However, to try and counteract the scent, Jessica attempted to spray some air freshener around her that she kept concealed in her drawstring bag. Despite being a far distance away from the brutes, Jessica’s attempt at ridding the air of the sweaty odor caused the men to groan and protest. Jessica remained unfazed though as she continued her workout and bounced between several machines.

    After a good 30 minutes or so though, Jessica stopped herself as a huge pressure began to centralize in her crotch. Clearly needing to relieve herself, the woman hopped off of her machine and began to pace towards the bathroom. However, she soon grew frustrated as she caught sight of the woman’s bathroom. With a huge cleaning cart barricaded the door, Jessica groaned as she looked up and saw the shotty handmade sign taped up the door. Despite reading the words “CLOSED FOR CLEANING”, Jessica refused to accept this as truth and moved towards the door to try and work her way into it.  However, her desperate attempts to get into the bathroom were useless as she realized that the door was locked from the inside.

    It was at this point where Jessica began to hear a sea of deep chuckles behind her. Looking behind her shoulder, she saw three hulking men laughing at her standing there struggling to reach into the bathroom. To be fair, Jessica acknowledged the fact that she most likely looked hilarious. Standing cross-legged and desperate banging on a locked door, the woman amused the men with her erratic behavior. Despite understanding how crazy she must look, the men’s behavior still frustrated the hell out of the woman. Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to make it into the locker room across the huge gym, Jessica shook her head in disbelief and stomped her way towards the men’s bathroom. Pushing the door open as it violently slammed against the wall, Jessica pulled the door back and twisted the lock behind her.

    Not able to waste another second, Jessica rushed into one of the two bathroom stalls and also locked the door behind her with a heavy thud. As she pulled down her pants and sat onto the toilet, she let out a sigh of relief as she was finally able to relieve herself. However, as she was doing this, an interesting sensation began to course through the woman’s body. A fiery heat began to radiate around her as the scent of sweat ensnared her as well. In her various attempts to wave the disgusting scent away, she found herself somehow strengthening the power of the odor to the point where it made her eyes water. 

    Before she could continue to deal with the scent, she began to feel a brand new sensation radiating from her crotch. With an intense tug, Jessica groaned in pain and closed her eyes to try and prepare for what was to come. However, just as soon as it began, the fiery heat was soon replaced with a cooling feeling. Looking down in curiosity, the woman screamed in shock as she gained direct contact with a new addition: a long dick protruding from her crotch. To her disbelief, the cooling sensation was revealed to be the cause of her new genitalia pressed against the cold porcelain of the toilet bowl. Still in shock, Jessica jumped up to her feet, which caused her new dick and balls to bounce in response to the sudden movement. With her manicured nails, Jessica delicately touched her new equipment, both in shock at how this is happening and how her new dick was so long. Based on how tiny her hands looked wrapped around it, she knew for a fact that she had somehow gained a dick that rivaled all of her previous exes.

    As she attempted to pull up her shorts and conceal her new addition, she found a newfound resistance occur around her thighs. Trying to find the source of the issue, Jessica’s face remained stuck in an expression of shock as she watched bulging thighs soon emerge on her body. Previously, Jessica had a thin physique, with thin thighs that allowed her to have a thigh gap that her friends often said they wished they had. Now, her thighs were rapidly expanding outwards as they gained muscles that Jessica never knew she could have. Due to this, the petite pink shorts now were firmly stretched to their limits right above her knees and unable to proceed further.

    Her calves were the next to change, now increasing to match the muscle growth that Jessica just gained in her thighs. In response, Jessica moved her legs and stared in disbelief at the impressive musculature that she had suddenly gained. However, as she moved, she grew annoyed as her thickening dick continued to bounce and loosely shake as she moved her body around. To try and remedy this new issue, her tiny hands grew strained as they attempted to clasp onto her package. With her package now secure, Jessica looked down and watched as the next set of changes continued up her body.

    Abdominal muscles were the next additions that began to manifest onto her body, causing Jessica groaned in discomfort as she also felt her body tugged from the sides. While she was too busy watching each abdominal pop into place, Jessica’s torso was growing wider to provide a more masculine shape to her body. With her abs now prominently displayed on her body, she chuckled to herself as she caught sight of the infamous “v” around her waist. Despite the male gym-goers and their grimy behavior, Jessica always had a soft spot for buff and muscular guys. With her lithe physique and previous experience as a cheerleader, it wasn’t shocking that Jessica was able to always have a partner that matched her desired appearance. However, staring down at herself, Jessica chuckled as she caught sight of a body that would most definitely be bigger and buffer than any of her exes.

    Any potential aspect of reveling in the changes begin to fade away as her chest is the next to undergo their own changes. Looking down and watching her modest breasts begin to fade away, Jessica’s face goes back to a look of shock as one of the last vestiges of her femininity vanishes from existence. It only takes a few seconds before the woman becomes completely flat-chested, which causes Jessica to explore in both bewilderment and concern. By this point, her sports bra is now loosely hanging off her body along with a t-shirt that now is more of a crop top given her increased height and size. Wanting to take a closer look, Jessica quickly peels off the pesky bra and shirt and stares down at her bare masculine torso. With her petite fingers running along her intense abdominal muscles, the sight before Jessica’s eyes only further showcases the war her body is currently facing between her innate femininity and growing masculinity. 

    With a now-barren chest, Jessica let out a muffled yelp as she felt her chest now beginning to grow once more. However, as she watches her chest expand, it’s clear to the woman that she’s not gaining a new set of perky breasts. Instead, muscle continues to pump into her chest as an incredibly pectoral shelf begins to proudly jut forth from her wider body. Curiously, her hands immediately move towards her chest and cup her ever-growing pectorals. The power and strength contained within her chest leaves Jessica gasping in shock as she struggles to adapt to the equally apparent but less bouncy chest she’s now gained.

    As her chest finishes its transformation, her arms are the next section of her body to get its complete makeover. Immediately, the petite and frail arms that she used to own begin to expand with force as she’s injected with insane strength. With each clenching of her fists, she can only stare in disbelief as biceps that rival the size of footballs push forth from her body. While these biceps continue to grow and thick veins begin to criss-cross across her arms, her forearms also begin to thicken as her hands crack and contort for their own transformation. She watches in shock as her hands thicken and grow wide enough to the point where Jessica easily palm a basketball. While flipping her hands and staring at the changes, the woman could only stare as her well-manicured nails lost their shimmery polish and shortened into a more appropriate length.

    Groaning in pain, Jessica cranes her head as her neck and shoulders expand to gain prominent trap muscles and gain a wider neck. With these changes progressing, a weird tingle radiates from the inside of Jessica’s throat, which brings about the emergence of a prominent Adam’s apple. Jessica’s now-wide hands move towards the tingle, groaning in discomfort as she notes the deeper richer tone coming from her throat.

    While attempting to understand what’s going on, Jessica groaned in shock, which caused her now booming voice to echo throughout the vacant restroom. The cause of this groaning was due to the fact that her face was now beginning to undergo its own transformation. At first, the changes started near her mouth, which was apparent as her jawline and chin became more angular and masculine in terms of shape. A yelp was uttered as a stinging sensation radiated throughout the woman’s lips. With each passing second, she could feel both lips slowly inflate to an incredibly kissable shape that far defied her thin and almost non-existent lips. Her small and dainty nose cracked and snapped as well, which ultimately caused it to gain a more prominent appearance on her increasingly masculine face. The changes begin to finish on her face as her eyebrows grow thicker and lose the shaped and trimmed appearance of a woman’s. 

    To any outsider, from the scalp down, it was clear that Jessica was the perfect representation of a man. With hulking muscles and a deep voice, she was quickly becoming her perfect type of man. However, one last remaining display of Jessica’s femininity remained: the mane of long hair running down her back. Of course, this began to be remedied as her hair was quickly pulled up towards her head and began to shrink as if it was being pulled into her scalp. After a few minutes of this strange inner sensation of tugging, only an inch or two of hair remained on her head. Intrigued, her hands move towards her scalp, which was perfectly timed for the woman as she was able to feel the consistency of her hair begin to evolve. While running her thick hands through her head of hair, she notes the increasingly tight curls that are manifesting all around her head and the more wiry consistency that it’s now gaining.

    With these changes now done, it’s clear that Jessica’s body is a far cry from the petite feminine body she had not even 30 minutes prior. Instead, she’s been given the body of a bulky and muscular jock. It’s abundantly clear that this body requires great self-control and a strict regimen, which only adds to Jessica’s discomfort. Not only did she want to be a man, she was afraid of the rules she’d have to stick to so she could maintain a body like this. The sight of her own body was a turn on though, clearly made apparent by the rock hard dick sticking straight out into the air. Looking down, she chuckled as she twisted her hips back and forth and watched her dick sway in response to each passing action.

    However, as she played with her new dick, her brows furrowed as she leaned down and looked at the straight sight befallen onto her legs. The pale porcelain-like skin was different on her legs, gaining a darker complexion. Watching in disbelief, her skin continued to change color as it darkened into a brown skin tone that instantly indicated that she was no longer going to be a Caucasian man. Mouth agape, she could only watch as the darkening skin progressed up her body until it reached her chest. Looking at her hands, she watched as it filled in with color and fully transformed her into a body that was completely different from her own. Finishing up, the changes pooled into her face and left her now an African American man. With these changes now officially completed, Jessica was desperate to get a look at her new body. Struggling to navigate around the bathroom stall that now poorly contained her bulk, she eventually managed to open up the stall and stumble towards the mirrored wall with sinks. During the journey out towards the sinks, the skintight shorts wrapped around her knees dropped onto the ground and she stumbled out of them.

    Staring into the mirror, Jessica gasped in shock as she finally came face-to-face about her new physique. Not only had her body completely changed, but her clothing had changed as well, which was apparent by the new boxer briefs that had replaced her underwear. Staring in the mirror, Jessica chuckled in disbelief at just how fucking swole she was now. To amuse herself, she began to flex her impressive biceps and pop her pectorals while staring in the mirror. With each cocky display of her newfound strength, a wide smile that rivaled the cockiness of her behavior manifested onto her face. In fact, she loved what she saw so much that she quickly pulled out her phone and began to take selfies of herself. 


    With each passing pose and flex, memories of her past life drained away like sand slipping through someone’s fingers. Jessica chuckled as memories of being a cheerleader passed through his mind. Of course, that was crazy, Jerome was an incredible jock, having played countless sports and becoming the star athlete in both high school and college. With these new memories came vivid images of the steamy hookup sessions that Jerome had with his teammates when it came time to celebrate their win. Despite every attempt from the ladies to get with him, he remembered having to shoot down a sea of thirsty women. Of course, he could tell they were beautiful, but they were of no use to him due to the fact that they could never get his thick cock even slightly hard. He loved masculine physiques, and that did not exclude himself. While he continued to stare into the mirror, he continued to flex and turn himself on as he continuously pre-came into his boxer briefs.

    To Jerome though, he didn’t care about his leaking cock. Masculinity was something to revel in and actively promote in the world, not something to feel ashamed for. As a result, he felt no need to guilt trip himself for his horny behavior. In fact, he encouraged himself to continue doing it. It was no surprise then that those boxers quickly dropped and Jerome began to jerk himself off to the sight of his ripped physique. Cocky glances turned into direct stares as he smiled at his own body while flexing his buff body and winking at himself. The guttural moans of pleasure were not stifled by the man, which caused them to ferociously echo across the restroom and spill out to the gym floor.

    In a matter of seconds, those guttural moans turned into breathy tones as he quickly shot his load all across the bathroom mirrors. While he came, he couldn’t help but chuckle at just how great his life was. In this gym, he was a god that everyone loved to worship. Despite several complaints from some grossed out men, the owner of the gym didn’t mind Jerome’s sexual displays, as long as he cleaned up after himself. As a result of this deal and respecting the owner’s own buff physique, Jerome caught his breath as he quickly grabbed some toilet paper and wiped off the cum-soaked mirrors.

    Once he finished, he grabbed the wad of toilet paper and flushed it down with that cocky smile now permanently affixed to his face. As he walked towards the door, Jerome grabbed his pair of workout shorts off the floor and pulled them on with quickness. Despite his self-indulgence in blatant narcissism, Jerome was eager to get out and have a great workout. His body required a strict regime and he didn’t want to disappoint himself or his body by not fulfilling its aspirations. Unlocking the bathroom door, Jerome neglected to put on the tight Gymshark workout shirt strewn across the tiled bathroom floor. With a physique like this, he felt it was a disservice to himself and humanity to conceal it. He wanted to showcase his strength and also allow the measly weaklings in the gym to thirst over him. Of course, it would allow the few remaining girls to catch him out, but he didn’t care about their gaze. 

    Plus, as he scratched his side, his nose immediately caught a whiff of the ripeness his body already reeks of. His pits were coated in sweat and would definitely stink up the entire bathroom if he remained in there much longer. However, Jerome wasn’t too worried about this possibility. He reveled in his sweaty odor as if it was a badge of honor. This was a body that didn’t take shortcuts, hence the odor that seemingly was permanently affixed to him. His incredible body was now a prime example of pure determination and absolute masculinity. 

    While he exited the bathroom and walked out towards one of the machines, he caught the sight of two girls talking near a stair climber. To Jerome’s amusement, he watched as their faces contort from a look of pure thirst to a look of disgust as their noses caught the scent of his sweaty body. Eager to turn away from his ripe body, the two girls quickly got onto the stair climber and began their workout while facing away from the hunk. 

    With a wide grin on his face, he thought about his odor once more. Not ashamed of his scent, Jerome began to consider the possibility of allowing some frail guys the ability to admire his sweaty body after his workout. He certainly wasn’t into fucking twinks like them, but it was always fun to watch them worship every inch of his body in hopes that he’d fuck them in the sauna. Shaking his head, he began to chuckle as he stepped towards his other workout buddies encircled around the bench presses. Upon his arrival, the cocky attitude of Jerome’s went on full display as he began to flex to jokingly taunt his bros about his insane body. Unknown to Jerome, these buff gym bros that he was currently fist-bumping and joking with were the very same individuals that used to be the old Jessica’s girlfriends. Of course, all of that changed once they took a dreaded detour into the men’s restroom…


    New Position

    “What do you mean I’m not in the team anymore?!”, Harry screamed and the locker room of Puddlemere United vibrated with his loud voice. Livid with rage he threw his broom to the floor and glared at his fellow team mate. He could not believe it! HE was the youngest seeker in Quidditch history for hundred years! HE was an exceptional talent, even with almost 24 years!

    “Harry, please, you need to understand… Leo here caught the snitch two seconds faster than you”, Ethan, his oldest teammate and a really good keeper, tried to persuade him to calm down. But this made Harry even angrier! Ethan became the new captain of Puddlemere after Harry came to the Quidditch club after the Battle. Harry felt like he was sold down the river. Above all he was angry. HE defeated Voldemort and now someone else stole his position! “Guess what, I DON’T understand this nonsense, Ethan”, Harry answered still very short-tempered. After the Battle of Hogwarts, he wanted to spend his future in peace. And especially with Quidditch!

    „Leo, maybe you go to the pitch without me? I’ll come in a few minutes, okay? “, Ethan said to the small blonde man and waited until he left the locker room. “Listen, Harry, I understand your anger. But sometimes a team needs a fresh start… um… say, have you ever played in a different position?”, Ethan asked Harry after a short pause. “No, but Oliver Wood said I’d be a good beater as I fired one Bludger away without any Quidditch experience. But… I’m a seeker… please, Ethan, let me…”, Harry asked desperately. But it was no use, the other one shook his head.

    “No, Harry, I took a decision and I won’t change it. But listen, let’s make a deal: we still need a second Beater. And if you’re good enough, you can stay in the team, okay?” With mumbling, Harry picked up his broom and a Beater's bat and went to the Quidditch pitch. At least he could stay for now.

    The game was a disaster. Harry barely hit the Bludger and still looked around all the time for the snitch. Downheartedly he sat alone in the locker room after the match. He looked down at his half-naked body. Of course, he had some muscles. But a Beater needed to be thick. Even the Weasley twins had been quite muscular if he remembered it correctly. And they had been excellent Beaters. And he had more like a runner’s build. Soon afterwards Ethan came inside with a serious face and issued an Ultimatum to Harry. Either Harry would have enough power to actually hit the ball in their next play in three months or could pack his bags forever. That hurt. Harry never felt so sad and angry at the same time. Life without playing Quidditch? No, that could not be possible! „THAT´S BLOODY AWFUL!”, he screamed and without wanting it the showerheads in the showers exploded. What a great day…

    Harry did everything possible to become stronger. He stuffed himself with protein supplements he ordered in Muggle London and trained his body every day for many hours after his other part-time job. He even apparated back to Hogwarts and moved around Hagrid’s giant pumpkins without magic, he did pull-ups in the woods, he swam in the lake. He did everything! But it didn‘t work. The only things he achieved were murderous pains in his whole body and absolute exhaustion. He could not lift his arm to hit the Bludgers. So, Ethan suspended him from their training sessions until he was able to do this little thing. It would be easier for the team to win without him, he had said to Harry. That hurt very bad. Right in front of their teammates of him.

    Harry immediately flew away and went for a little walk around the lake of Hogwarts after a quick and tearful shower session. How can this Ethan believe to tell him that he was a burden for the team? Without thinking he went back into the castle to clear his head and realized he stood in the corridor where the Room of Requirement used to be. Was he still working after Crabbe once set the room on fire with his curse? Why not gave it a try, Harry thought and walked up and down next to the wall where the room had been before the battle.

    “I need help to become stronger. I need help to stay in the team. I need help to have more muscles”, Harry murmured. Whatever it might take he added in his mind. A rumbling sound reached Harry’s ears. A wooden door had appeared in the wall next to him. He sighed. It worked! But he was cautious and drew his wand. Carefully he opened the door and saw an empty room except for a little desk with a smoking glass on it. Harry closed the door behind him and walked over to the desk. A little sign next to it said „Muscle Growth Potion“. Harry’s eyes widened. Could that be the solution to his problems? But he was suspicious. He actually never heard of a potion like this. But… that did not have to mean anything, because he was not very good at Potions. And in this particular moment, he was desperate.

    “Oh well, screw it”, he said loudly and picked up the smoking glass. The potion inside was transparent and he could not smell anything. So, Harry drank in one gulp. And… nothing happened. Harry waited a few seconds. But he still was the same scrawny ex-seeker he was before. Angrily he threw the glass to the floor. It shattered into pieces. Of course, this idea of a magical solution was idiotic!

    Then, however, Harry coughed and smoke flowed out of his mouth. “What the hell?“, Harry coughed again and in the same moment, his body began to change. Muscles pushed themselves against Harry’s school uniform. Pecs grew thick on his chest while his arms swelled with muscles. His shoulders widened and gave him a perfect V-form. The seams of his clothes began to break as more mass was packed on his skinny frame. Harry grunted as his legs doubled in size and his butt became very muscular so he would never feel pain during the Quidditch games. “Yeah, that’s perfect”, Harry grunted in sheer happiness as the pain of the change subsided. He felt euphoric. Now he could stay in the team! Without thinking he ripped his already torn clothes off his body and looked at his new physique.

    Harry now stood in the middle of the room and was speechless. His hands roamed over his quite massive body. This was unbelievable. It worked! Just for fun he flexed his guns and let his pecs bounce. Left, right, right, left and both at the same time. This was AWESOME! For the first time in his life, he had visible muscles and was not thin as a sheet. He traced the line of his abs and bounced his pecs again. Accidentally his hand brushed his nipples and he nearly dropped down to his knees. “Ooooooooh, that’s nice”, Harry moaned and he continued to stroke his nipples. Almost immediately his cock responded. It throbbed inside his boxers and Harry stroked it with one hand.

    Suddenly he felt the same pain rising in his body as he freed his aching cock. “Oh yes…”, Harry moaned and started jacking off. His muscles swelled even larger while his spine elongated and pushed him up to 6’’1. Something hit his nose and he lifted his arms, letting go of his hard cock for a brief moment. His pits smelled like he had not showered after two days of training! But somehow… it was kind of nice. To smell the smell of working out. Harry’s pits tingled as his sparse pit hairs grew longer and thicker. The smell intensified right into Harry’s nose that was next to his right pit. Like a cannonball it hit him. For a second, he was disgusted, but as he inhaled deeply for a second time, it felt more natural. Men stank after work. Sweat began to sink out of Harry’s pores. While one hand returned to his cock, Harry licked over his sweaty biceps. And licked over every inch of skin he could reach. He put his fingers deep into his sweaty, stinky pit and rubbed it all over his body. His arms and chest prickled as tattoos made their way through his skin.

    His whole body tingled as hair pushed through his skin. The first black but soon the colour seemed to vanish and they became blonde. Hair flowed over his muscular torso and coated his chest and abs with a decent layer of hair. It grew a little thicker around his nipples. Harry pumped his cock. Oh yes, he would be the Number One Beater of his team. The hair spread further downwards and soon his legs were quite hairy. Something was tickling his hand while he furiously jacked off. His pubes curled themselves and grew over the base of his shaft. It was like the hair pushed his cock forward while it enlarged between his hands. And after another moan, his balls dropped lower. Coarse blonde hair sprouted on them. His crotch started to produce the same musky odour as his pits.

    Harry grunted again. His voice dropped lower and lost its quite youthful sound. He aged up and hairs pushed themselves out of his face. They grew longer and thicker and formed a full blonde beard. His scar faded and his hair trimmed itself. “Yeah, I’ll beat them all”, Harry grunted as he felt a pressure building up inside his balls. All his intelligence, his skills in practical magic disappeared out of his brain and were replaced with all-time working out. Skipping the showers as he knew his fellow teammates of Puddlemere United loved his musky smelling body. Every bit of being the Man Who Lived sank deep down into his lemon sized balls.

    And finally, with one last deep moan, he bucketed his hips and sprayed his cum all over the broken pieces of the glass on the floor. His mind went blank and every muscle in his body spasmed and grew, even more, thicker while the hair in his crotch spread between his legs and coated his muscular crack with musky hairs. Harry Wolpert opened his eyes and blinked. They became dull and lost their beautiful emerald colour “Woah, bro, wha’s that?”, Harry asked and looked down at his softening cock. He chuckled dumbly and gave his pits a deep sniff. His cock twitched again and the room changed into a locker room. Harry smirked cockily. “Time to beat the shit out of the other team, bro.” He put on his skin-tight Quidditch uniform and strutted out of the locker room. He sniffed at his musky pits for the last time and sat on his broom. He was the best Beater of them all!

    Hey tf-fans! This is a re-edited version of an "old" story of mine from the last year. Like I said in the last announcement I'll go back to writing some stories with the Harry Potter fandom. As you can see Harry is clearly an adult in this story. If you have ideas for this fandom, please remember this! :D (Thx btw for the ideas you people sent it already!)

    Some of you might know this story some not. Nevertheless I hope you like it! Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

    Young, Dumb, and Full of...

    Darren winced as he tipped out the leafy, green contents of the bag. The skunky stench reminded the clean-cut thirty-three-year-old of his wilder college days. He wasn’t exactly a connoisseur of marijuana, but he felt he deserved a break after the successful conclusion of a months-long period of intensely stressful work. So after a short search, he purchased a small quantity from the New You Dispensary website, which seemed reputable looking enough to him.

    He rolled the weed into a clumsy-looking joint, which served to remind him just how long it had been since he’d last tried to unwind.

    “Here goes,” Darren thought as he leaned against the balcony doorframe, lit the joint, and took a huge huff. He burst into a coughing fit, totally unaccustomed to the sensation of the hot smoke in his lungs. Once Darren stopped coughing he took another hit, spluttering as he exhaled again. Something felt odd, almost like it was hitting him unusually fast, filling him up, permeating him.

    A strange tingling started in Darren’s fingers and moved up his arms. He squinted in disbelief as the skin on the backs of his hands seemed to smooth out somewhat, the past thirteen years of age fading away. The sensation spread across his entire body. Lines and blemishes on his face ironed out. His temples itched. As he rubbed them with his fingers he swore he could feel hairs regrowing where they had receded slightly.

    He didn’t have long to process any of it before he hunched forward with a moan, clasping his stomach as his slight beer gut pulled inward. He stumbled to the bathroom believing himself to be hallucinating. But his reflection merely provided a better view of exactly what he’d seen with his own eyes. He lifted his shirt, shock crossing his younger face at the sight of his body restored to its state in his early twenties.

    “This… can’t be real,” he mumbled aloud, clasping the sink with the joint still wedged between his fingers, “It must… ugh… be laced with… something.” He fled the bathroom in panic, making it a few feet down the hall before the smoke that pervaded his entire body flared with a fiery euphoria. He fell against the wall, clenching his eyes shut and moaning at the sensation of his slimmed-down chest beginning to bulk up with muscle instead of flab.

    Darren tugged at his shirt desperately, pulling it off in a frenzy and watching as the brown smattering of hair on his torso retracted while the muscles throbbed below. Lean pecs bulged from his chest and abs he’d never had before pressed out from his stomach. His waist pulled inward as tight cum gutters formed, causing his jeans to loosen precariously.

    Darren frowned in complete disarray at what was happening to him. He hadn’t just turned younger, he was becoming someone else entirely. Despite his best efforts to resist, his expression shifted to that of someone in the throes of orgasm. “Make it… s-stop!” he moaned, clenching his eyes shut and feeling his back, legs, and arms compress and shorten.

    Gasping for air, Darren opened his eyes to see himself now a good few inches closer to the floor. He’d been six-foot-one but he could tell there was no way he was any taller than five-foot-ten now. His cock, excited by the blast of pleasure, was now rock hard and pressed against his jeans.

    He clambered further into the living space, desperate to reach the sofa that sat a mere few feet away. His relief as he collapsed onto the couch was brief as his arms began to throb. “Shit dude… Why does it… argh… feel so fucking good?!” Darren whined, realizing to his horror that his vocabulary and patterns of thinking were changing. “Get outta my fucking head!” he groaned with a silkier, smoother, and more relaxed accent as his mind began to be filled with new ideas. He could sense a passion for skating and amateur basketball attempting to take up residence in his mind, alongside an urge to relax, chill out, and get high.

    The tiny muscles in his arms fluttered and twitched under the smoke’s influence. They swelled and expanded lean and powerful. The growth flowed down the limbs, bringing more lean muscle as went, bulging down his forearms.

    He felt the same terrifyingly pleasurable growth strike his hands. But he barely even paid attention to his fingers lengthening, finding himself captivated by the joint still held between them instead. Overwhelming temptation gripped him as he stared at the smoke still wafting from the end. “Fuck, man… I… I can’t fight it… Feels so good,” Darren moaned as he moved the joint to his mouth and took a deep hit. The elongating, slender fingers and broadening palm of his free hand gripped the seat in delight. 

    The feeling of air around his ankles caught his attention as his jeans shrank up his legs, softening and turning black with a white stripe down the sides. The receding material revealed legs less hirsute than Darren had been used to. What remained was lighter and sparser. Elastic formed in the waistband and hugged his leaner form while his underwear faded from existence, allowing his cock to slide sensually against the silky fabric. Within moments Darren found himself tenting a baggy pair of basketball shorts.

    Darren whimpered as he inhaled the joint again and held his breath, feeling the additional smoke add fuel to the fire of his transformation. His legs rippled and twitched with energy. Unable to hold it any longer, he exhaled hard with a loud “Fuck yeah!” 

    His thighs packed on new muscle while his calves expanded and strengthened from years of skating and sports. The leather sofa squeaked under Darren’s inflating ass. It filled out the back of his billowy shorts, smooth and round. He looked across his body, increasingly in love with his slim, muscular arms, ripped chest, and stockier legs.

    Hitting the joint again, his feet began expanding against his shoes. He smirked and moaned as stupidly long, slim toes surged from the fronts of the material while his soles continued to bloat. The tattered footwear shifted to life, forming skating socks and a large pair of new Vans. He somehow recalled buying size twelves, large for his height and perfect for stability while riding.

    The smoke and it’s associated high were traveling straight to Darren’s head now. He gave a loud moan as his younger face simmered with movement. His jaw creaked straight and angular while his small chin jutted out. Short, prickly hair sprouted where previously none would grow. The light hairs coursed across his face, forming an almost complete stubble. He felt a chill on the sides of his head as the hair shortened to the skin and lightened in color. Running his hands through the tousled top he could feel it lengthening and kinking into waves, leaving him with a handsome fade. His brow, nose, and lips softened giving him a dumb, dopey, and charming appearance. 

    The damp tent in Darren’s shorts was twitching in excitement as he touched the more attractive features of his charmingly sleepy-looking face. His grumbles and moans turned to grunts and cries as his tenting cock began to throb, filled with indescribable pleasure. 

    “Dude! H-Holy… shit!” Darren whimpered feeling his slick head push taller against the silky shorts. It took every ounce of effort for him to resist whipping his five-and-a-half inches out. Instead, he twisted and moaned watching the tent in the shorts ease slowly higher. He could vividly feel his cock’s growth under the fabric. It pounded like a ceaseless, bounding orgasm where every pulse of ecstasy stretched his shaft just a little longer and thicker. With every little twitch and bob, the head bulged larger and wider.

    Feeling the end approach, Darren pulled the waistband down, exposing his long, thick cock to the air. He watched it throb and bounce lightly, growing larger still. With the joint still in hand, he took another deep puff, causing his cock to surge forward and his balls to inflate and fill with fresh cum. Growling and cursing in pleasure, his larger balls tensed and sent his old cum rocketing out of his eight-inch pole. His head leaned back as he thrust hands-free into the air, shooting over his shoulder and spraying his tight, lean chest. Not content with ejecting the last remnants of his former self, his balls and cock tensed and rippled continuously. “Fuck, man, fuck!” Darren yelped with a cocky grin, seemingly ceaseless orgasms and ropes of fresh cum firing from his cock.

    Once totally emptied and relieved the effortlessly handsome skater tidied himself and grabbed his shirt from the ground, which had morphed out-of-sight into an oversized t-shirt.

    “That shit was fucking dope,” the now twenty-year-old skating stoner mumbled. He chucked the stump of the burnt-out joint to the floor and glanced around for his phone, desperate to order more of the stuff.


    One more Josh

    Somehow Josue doesn’t seem to be who he used to be. His vacation in North Carolina changed him. Josue dealt too intensely with jocks, who literally fucked everything French out of his mind until he suddenly started to call himself “Josh”. Subsequently, the French authorities did not allow Josh to enter the country again because his French is as bad and foreign accented as it is possible for a real American who is by nature completely unable to learn other languages. The French authorities denounced Josh as a fraud and reported him since someone who speaks French so badly cannot possibly be a citizen of the French Republic. Fortunately, his bros have taken precautions and already got him an American passport to match his new American past, which will gradually replace his earlier memories from France. With every circumcised cock that splatters on his depilated muscle mass rubbing its glans clean on the skin, one more part of old Josue is getting lost in favor of new Josh.

    American beef

    Josh skillfully flexes his arms. The massive biceps, freed from any useless hair, testify to concentrated masculinity. Due to his work as a craftsman, he was always well built anyway, favored by a naturally tall, strong physique. And now Josh is really blooming and unfolding his true potential as an American bull. Unable to become aware of his circumstances, the former Frenchman was assimilated without leaving any residue. To express this new affiliation with the other jocks, Josh has always been wearing a baseball cap and loose-fitting blue jeans since his return to America. At most, a plain white t-shirt still covers his beefy upper body, with the pecs and arms bulging through the fabric: “Duuude, you are so incredibly manly. A true American!” Josh will hear these words very often, increasing his pride and arrogance immeasurably until he is accomplished in fulfilling his duty as a smooth American muscle beef.


    can i please request a story about two nerds who get hypnotized to become shirtless barefoot rednecks?

    William and Joseph were two psychology grad students working on their thesis research. Their research was a study to determine whether or not hypnosis couldn't be used to radically alter a person's personality. There would really be no ethical purpose for this research but the point of their study was to show that hypnotherapists needed to be highly trained and regulated because of the amont of influence they have over their subjects. If proven right their study could cause major alterations to the monitoring and ethics of hypnotherapy.

    One day though while they were looking through their computer suddenly the screen glitched and the hypnosis program activated. They both paniced and tried to shut it down but they both ended up lost in the subliminals. The system read that they were both well dressed, highly educated, nerds. So it started to program them to be the opposite. They felt years of grad school, college, even most of high school fading from their minds as their IQs dropped to the point where they could never fix this. Their thoughts of academic pursuits shifted to They wanted to be outdoors all the time. They were so convinced they had spent their lives doing farm work and working out that theur muscles pushed out and swelled. Their stomachs flattened and hardened into abs. Some stubble started to grow on Joey's face as both of them felt a tingle go up their whole body as their skin took on a deep country tan. Suddenly they each pulled off their shirts because their chests felt hot and like guys should always be shirtless. They kick off the shoes and socks for the sane reason. Their feet hardened and callused from always being outside barefoot. The program ends and now they are Billy and Joey, two dumb shirtless and barefoot redneck guys who don't know what all this fancy ass equipment is for. The camera on the computer took a quick picture as the virus inside it put the subliminals into the picture to change others too.


    A skinny college student found a medallion and everytime it touches to a clothing, he become the owner of the clothes, along with his/her mannerism and mind.


    Tony only noticed it because it glistened in the sunlight. The gold medallion was just laying there, in the middle of the grass in the middle of the quad on campus. He picked it up, and it had some heft to it. “Is this real gold?” Tony thought to himself. Being a broke college student, he would do anything to get free money. He was a bit busy for the rest of the day, so he decided to wear the medallion before he could go to the pawn shop. As he placed it around his neck, a tingle went down his spine. Tony didn’t think too much of it, as the tingling happened every so often. 

    As he walked through the quad to get to one of his classes, he saw a freshman sprinting across campus, trying to get to class himself. Unfortunately, Tony wasn’t as nimble as he thought he was, and the poor freshman crashed into him, the ping of the medallion hitting something very loud and clear. As Tony began walking forward again, he quickly realized something had changed. 


    He had changed into the freshman who had just run into him! “Can’t be late for class, can’t be late for class!” Tony found himself thinking, and he sped up his walking, even though he had a solid fifteen minutes to spare. The medallion was somehow still around his neck, and a few people called out stuff like, “Yo, Demarcus, late again, bro?” Tony knew something was off, and it had to do with the medallion. He tried taking it off, but he didn’t magically change back or anything. 

    As he suffered through class, normally Tony’s favorite, he realized the swap or transfer or whatever the fuck it was was slowly taking over. It was a large lecture class he was in, so no one noticed another student in the class, but Tony quickly realized he didn’t understand half of what the professor was saying. It seemed Tony only knew he had swapped and that the medallion had powers of some kind. For everything else, this Demarcus dude seemed to be in control. 

    After class ended, Tony wanted to get back to his dorm room ASAP. Unfortunately for him, he walked into someone again, although this time they seemed to do it purposefully. Tony heard the medallion clang again, and when he looked down, he was even more surprised! 


    He had boobs now! His cock had also disappeared and was now replaced with a pussy. His old body, Demarcus’s body, just seemed to disappear, and Tony quickly learned that he was now in the body of Alexia, the captain of the cheerleading squad. As more and more of her thoughts invaded Tony’s mind, he learned that she was quite the slut and bimbo, and the only reason she was in this high-level class was because some nerd answered the questions for her, and she allowed him to sex with her once a week. 

    Now that Tony knew that it had to do with the medallion and bumping into people, he just needed to figure out the “why”. As he went back to his dorm room, he got a text from someone named Riley. He read the text, and thanks to Alexia’s knowledge dominating his, he knew that Riley was the nerd she had to have sex with. “I’m free now if you are,” he texted, adding some eggplant and peach emojis. 

    “Okay, like be there soon,” Tony responded, Alexia’s mind taking over to send the text. He made his way to Riley’s dorm room, oddly enough in the same dorm Tony lived in, just a few floors down. Once he was inside, Tony stripped and laid on the bed, only keeping the medallion on. Riley stripped naked as well, and Tony got ready to swap with the weak and nerdy man about to fuck him. 


    Riley was surprisingly hirsute, and even though he fucked Alexia like an alpha jock, pressing his body up against hers, no swap seemed to happen. Tony could feel Riley’s cock in his pussy, and he blew his load inside her quickly, probably a side effect from the deal he and Alexia had made. Once he finished eating his cum from her pussy, Tony got dressed and made sure not to touch Riley until Tony was out of Riley’s room. He knew now that it was when the medallion touched someone else’s clothes that the swap initiated. With that in mind, Tony had to figure out who to swap with next. 

    This swap he was hoping to make permanent, so it had to be a good one. It didn’t take long for Tony to come up with the perfect choice. Even though he was straight, he had to admit that he had a man-crush on the college football team’s quarterback, Elijah. He was a jacked and tattooed Black dude, and rumor had it that he had a massive cock to boot. As Tony thought, Alexia and he had been chatting for quite some time, so it wouldn’t take much effort at all to set up a meeting. 


    Elijah was hanging out with his bros tonight, but after that was over, he couldn’t wait to plunge his cock into Alexia’s tight pussy. As a result, Tony had to go back to Alexia’s room for a little bit and get ready. Alexia’s mind handled most of the make-up and other stuff, but it still felt weird showering next to a whole bunch of other naked women. Eventually, Elijah texted her that he was ready for him, and Tony rushed over to Elijah’s dorm room as fast as he could. As he hoped, Elijah hadn’t stripped yet, hoping to have some kinky foreplay with the cheerleading captain. 

    Tony glomped the muscular quarterback, making sure he heard the medallion clang as it bounced against Elijah’s six-pack, but more importantly, his clothes. A couple seconds later, Tony was alone in the dorm room, now in Elijah’s body with the medallion around his neck. After he felt up his new muscular body and played with his much bigger cock, he took off the medallion and threw it in the trash, making sure to cover it up with a bunch of other shit so no one would find it. 

    His plan was successful, and for all he knew, the medallion was deep in some landfill across the world now. Over the course of the next week, he discovered Demarcus and Alexia were themselves again, having no recollection of ever swapping bodies or being possessed by Tony. Without the medallion to tether himself, Tony slowly lost more and more of himself to Elijah. By the end of the semester, it was like Tony had no longer existed. It was only Elijah now, and Elijah had just received his letter stating he was eligible for the NFL Draft. 


    Hey bro. You think I wouldn’t notice you dosing my coffee with that jock growth shit? Making me grow all week and get all horny for muscle? Could’ve just asked dude. I’ve always wanted to be a hot jock. So I went ahead and used the rest that shit in my morning cup and fuck it feels good. I’m gettin swoll dude. You wanted a cocky muscle bro for a roomie? Well look at me now. I’m just getting started.


    He was on his way to class when he got a call from his best mate Jake. Jake’s voice was oddly deep and slow, like he had a cold, but when he asked him “If you were a dumb jock what would you be…” he thought it was a joke and started to answer. Before he knew it he was putting on muscle filling out a new outfit with light fair hair and a semi hard massive piece of meat between his legs, on his way to the gym to meet his bro Jake at the gym.


    My brother is this dumb jock and he’s really getting on my nerves. He stinks all the time, he’s dirty, and he’s always farting because of all the protein shakes he chugs. He’s such a pig, can you make living with him more bearable?

    He sounds fun. I love to meet him in person. But yo make him more bearable to live with would be easy. Your know why they say. Twos a charm. And your parents always did want twins. So instead of changing him let’s change you. Instantly you’ll feel the changes taking effect.

    Drool pooling out of your mouth as I literally had to take a sledgehammer to that iq. And now that I e made you just as smart as your brother. Or rather just as dumb. And damn is he dumb it’s time to work on the rest of you. You say he farts from all the protein so get ready because your going to have a deadly concoction coming out of you now because just like him you drink nothing but protein drinks. You’re going to lose basic hygiene concepts. Wearing deodorant and daily showers are now fleeing to that dumb brain your have now. You and your brother can sometimes me seen wearing each other dirty clothes. Mainly socks and underwear bevause you two are just so dumb and forgetful. Plus being twins you have the same smell. You sniff your socks and underwear thinking that they are alright to wear because it’s just a little dirty. And they smell like tours when in fact their his. And hen does the same. People sometimes get you two confused bevause your so much alike. Both stinking and sweaty just the dumb alpha males you now are. You both lift hard and fuck harder. Doing whatever you can to make yourself grow. It’s a shame though. If you two were such filthy animals you would probably have more sexual encounters. Until then you’ll have to settle for sucking each other off. Which I must say. Is probably one of the reasons you both have such nasty protein farts. But hey. At least he’s more bearable to live with since you’re exactly like him in everyone now.


    I'm tired of my life man. No job, no purpose, no partner etc. And I am aware it's probably far from the truth, but being a horny alpha bro seems so pleasant. Think you can make that happen bro? I don't care about the consequences.

    It's not like you'll consider dumbed down and horned up all the time as consequences when you always believe that's the state of your mind. Oh, you think I wouldn't clean your mind first before working on your body? Well, rather than choosing which part to keep and which part to let go, I preferred to wipe it all and built your brain from that clean slate. Just to be more time efficient, you know.

    Why, you ask? Well, I wanted to give you the best physique that would scream dumb douchebag from miles away. So, let's see, definitely wouldn't describe your face as demured and feminine-like as if you are some yes-man associate lawyer with no sex life, it's more on the handsome and slack-jawed type of face. Skinny is definitely out from the conversation when we describe your body. It's jacked-up, smelly, and just like as if you are always pumping iron during every free time you have. And it's going to keep growing, after all you're just 20. Yeah, 20. Do you really think you can fool anyone and claim yourself as 32 years old? 24 maybe, but definitely not 32 lol, what are you? Dumb? Oh right, you are indeed dumb. But ladies wouldn't give you the time of their day with just that, right? It's that schlong that give you the comparative advantage among the other jocks in your campus. It's not only long, it's hella fat too. Rested and it's almost as thick as a beer can, just imagine the kind of power when that monster split open some pussy, or boipussy. Of course you are straight, but when you are in need of a relief, any hole could work wonder, right?

    So, bro, flex that muscle and start looking, someone in the proximity might be drenched already upon seeing you, and even if no one sees you, there's nothing wrong with flexing and showing off the muscle that you worked so hard. After all, what's the purpose of being so muscular if you will just hide it in some oversized sweater?


    I'm a 28 year old skinny, British guy with a Masters Degree. While I loved my time at university I can't help but think what my life would be like if I hadn't had gone to university and took up a manual job instead. Not sure how many spins I will need, maybe 4?

    Warping Reality: file 01

    I understand your thinking. But I believe using the spinning app is too much of a risk when it comes to such a specific wish. I would prefer to use my own powers, just to be safe!

    So, a scholar. You have to be really smart for a master degree, so I think that we should take some of that intelligence! If you were smart, you would not have to do a manual job to begin with! I believe your IQ is between 115 and 120.... let’s make that 75! So now you are not dumb, but I am pretty sure you won’t be able to understand a normal lecture.

    Now, most people start with their manual job at 16, maybe 17. So if the math is correct, you have been doing this work for 11 years now. This means you can not be so skinny. You have worked in open air for so long, you have decently gained some muscle. And since you are quite dull, I assume you don’t read books as a hobby. No, I think you would prefer working out! Feel the blood pump through your body! The testosterone!

    I think we have ourself a new you! You were never the smartest kid in class. You bullied some children because you were insecure about yourself. You were, and still are, the definition of toxic masculinity. Everyone who has a degree is some weak nerd in your eyes. You are the Alpha. You are the king!

    Cross Contamination

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    I’m fucking furious. To most people Jack Wilson is a hockey hotshot, but to me he is just my wife’s ex that can’t let go. She said they had another encounter, but wouldn’t go into details, saying it wasn’t just his fault. She couldn’t help herself, she said. Knowing how much she loathes him I suspect she was afraid of him turning violent. He is a star athlete after all, known to have punched more than a few players on the ice.

    I know he’s training at the stadium right now. That’s how bad it has gotten, that I even know his schedule. I’m probably speeding getting there, but nothing else is important right now. I park the car in the huge, but almost empty parking. Neverending slabs of concrete to allow for the cars of thousands of cheering fans during game day. Well, I’m certainly not a fan. Still fuming as I exit the car and heading towards the arena I see him and a few others from his team running towards the same building from across the car park. They must be out for cardio or something. I stop and shout towards them “Hey! Jack!”

    I can see them slow down a little, Jack saying something to them, and then breaking apart jogging in my direction while they continue at speed towards the stadium building. I remain still, just glaring at him as he closes in on me. He slows down quite a bit away and saunters towards me, still panting. He has an aura of smug superiority. He’s good looking, despite his matted, sweaty hair and week-old beard. It’s not just because he’s in top shape, but he has that classic athlete chin cut, and mesmerizing eyes to go with it too. He’s quite a bit shorter than me, and way denser and muscled, but I would bet my weekly martial arts practice can match him if needed. “Hey, cocksucker! You managed to find your way here,” he yells back at me.

    “I want you to know…” “Shut up”

    I don’t know why, but I can’t look away from his intense eyes. It’s like they can see into me, see every part of me. I’m frozen in place just watching him getting closer. “I said hey cocksucker. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and suck my cock.” He says this as calmly as he can, never breaking eye contact. I don’t think he blinks. I don’t think I blink. I slowly go down on my knees,  grabbing the hem of his sweatpants, and pull down. I still keep eye contact, so I have to feel my way for the waistband of his underwear to pull it down too. I can feel the heat radiate from his steaming body. There’s a smell of sweat, not the stale, musky kind, but from someone who showers every day and uses fresh clothes for each workout. He’s professional and they got staff. I can hear his heavy breath as he is still recovering from the sprint. And I can feel a rather large cock in front of me that is erect, or at least a good way there. I grab it in my hands and guide the tip to my lips and begin to lick it. It doesn’t really taste of much. I open my mouth and get more and more of his compression shirt wrapped abs and pecs in my view as I stare into his deep eyes, and take his big cock deeper and deeper into my mouth.

    The tip reaches some point at the back of my mouth and I start to gag, making horrendous gurgling noises. I move back from him. “All the way. I want to be balls deep down your throat, cocksucker.” I do as he commands, and push it in again, further. It’s somehow much easier this time and my lips are tickled by his moist bush of pubes. I then start to work it, in and out, in and out. The noise I’m making is still horrendous. A wet, sloshy sound, and I hate it. “Yeah, you like that, cocksucker. Now, faster.” I grab him by the hip and increase the pace. I get lost in the actions, like nothing matters but his cock, the noise, and his eyes.

    I don’t know for how long I was in a trance, but I feel him tensing up, pulling me tight to him, and shooting a big load of his cum down my throat. Suddenly the gaze that had held me like a vice breaks and he looks at my face rather than into my eyes. The spell is broken. I’m kneeling in a parking lot with Jack Wilson’s cock down my throat, and my nose nuzzled into his pubes. His eyes suddenly widen, and his face turns into horror, like he is looking at a monster. Everything is going like in slow motion. I begin to push him away, to get his disgusting cock out of my mouth as he shoots his second load. Somehow in shock I manage to breathe in his cum. He pulls away from me as well, and his third load ends up just next to me on the concrete. “Fuck!” he says, visibly upset. “It’s still in the bloodstream. Spit it out! Spit it out!”

    I’m not sure I even have any in my mouth to spit out. It just went straight into my belly and into my lungs. Lungs that are desperately trying to cough up his spunky goo in phlegm-filled, deep whoops. “Fuck!” he shouts one last time, pulls up his sweatpants, and runs towards the Stadium building with one hand holding the pants up. I’m just folded over on my knees coughing and coughing while my mind is racing to make sense of what just happened. My chest is burning and I feel nauseated. There is the salty, bitter taste of cum in my mouth and a stench of athlete sweat as I gasp for air in between the coughs. I keep coughing, but less and less of substance is coming up. I spit out specks of Jack’s spunk on the concrete in front of me, and realize what she had meant when she said she couldn’t help herself. Did he fuck her? After what just happened I wouldn’t put anything past Jack, and there is literally nothing I wouldn’t forgive her for having done. She would have been helpless to stop.

    I can feel my whole body burning as I get up from the concrete. I’m very aware how my clothes rubs against my body, like my senses have just gone into overdrive. Everything, every single muscle in my body feels sore. My head is spinning. Still coughing I stagger towards my car and get in behind the wheels. As I close the door the world goes silent. I can only hear my own exhausted panting. I’m confused about what is happening and feel sick as shit, but at least the world isn’t spinning anymore. Somehow I must have been poisoned. What did he mean with “in the bloodstream?”

    I start the car and carefully drive from the parking lot and out in the direction of home. Perhaps I shouldn’t be driving at all. Crashing while driving is worse than crashing while sitting in a parking lot, but I really don’t want to have to call anyone for help. Not after what I’ve just been through. I so sympathize with the movie cliché of a girl sobbing in the shower. I only want to cleanse myself in any way possible. To get rid of Jack from me. Even now I can feel the smell of athletic sweat, like it was clinging on to me.

    There is a big pop accompanied by one of the chest buttons on my shirt shooting off in the car. The pop isn’t so much heard as felt, as a reverberation in my body like someone just punched me in the chest, with dull spikes of pain in the joints. I swerve dangerously close to the side of the road. It feels like my shoulders pops into their sockets, like my chest just suddenly expands and the rest of my body catches up. There is no mirror I can look in, but I can clearly see something is off just by looking down at my body. What little movement I can make while driving the car feels different.

    There is another big shift. Knees and hip joints this time, I think. I’m a little more prepared to handle that one without swerving, but this time I’m instead missing the brake pedal like the seat is set wrong. I scoot forward on the seat and reach the pedal. Now I’m getting real nervous what is happening. I’m almost home though, but I can feel my thigh muscles involuntarily flexing, my feet are hurting, and my stomach is gurgling like bad plumbing.

    Her car is not home yet, thank God. I park mine as calmly as I can, screaming inside that I need to get inside and see what the fuck is going on. As I step out of the car I get a first inkling about the enormity of the changes. I almost trip stepping out of the car, and sit down again on the edge of the seat. The fabric on the trousers are straining, and I realize that my feet are probably hurting because they have swollen up inside the shoes. I try to kick off one of the sneakers, but it’s stuck enough that I have to untie them. My movements feel off. It’s not that it is hard to move. The opposite in fact, but different somehow. Me feet thanks me in relief as they are freed,

    With the shoes off I awkwardly make my way into the house and step into the nearest bathroom. It’s me in the mirror, of course, but me 5-10 years younger. I’m touching my face in disbelief. But this isn’t just me regressed a decade in time. I was way taller than this then. Curious I unbutton the remaining buttons on my shirt and throw it on the floor. The chest and abs are not me 5-10 years ago. I’ve never looked this buff before. For one I’ve never had washboard abs, and the pecs and shoulders are wide and meaty. The arms more slender, though still muscular, and the core is built more for function than aesthetics. A bit too dense for the show off V shape. Dense, with a low center of gravity.

    It’s the body of a hockey player.

    I rip off the straining trousers and the socks. Sure enough, massive leg muscles, big thighs, big ass, big feet. Jack the fucking cheater is a fraud in all areas. Whatever the fuck he is taking must have concentrated in his balls, shot into my lungs, and from there gone straight into my bloodstream to do whatever the fuck it’s done to me. And there is nothing I can do to hurt him with it. Who would believe me? This is so far from any science I’ve heard of.

    I take a closer look in the mirror again. Perhaps it isn’t all bad after all.


    How about a story of Erik Haula having his ass, thighs and hips blown up to massive proportions? As a bit of a twist, let’s say he intentionally did it. Like he loves the attention his ass has gotten, so he got a ton of work done over lockdown, and the story could be about the rest of his team’s horrified responses? I’d like to see them humiliate and embarrass him for what he’s done to himself, and turn him into a cock addict. Bonus points for gangbang and EHaula eating his teammates fat asses!


    [I don’t really know a lot about hockey… or sports in general, so please forgive any incorrect terminology or player names!]

    Hockey player Erik Haula relaxed in his home, watching TV when his notification ringtone pinged on his phone. The stud groaned as he stretched out his limbs to reach it, sore from his strenuous workout. There was a big game coming soon and the athlete was trying his absolutely best to keep his body in peak performance condition to ensure a win.

    Erik opened up the notification on his phone that had some weird spiral logo on it. As soon as his thick finger tapped it, flashing colors lit up the tiny phone screen, and the athlete’s jaw hung low as he was mesmerized by the kaleidoscope effect, even drooling a little bit. There was a robotic, staticky voice that whispered out a singular word, creating brand new gates and pathways within Erik’s mind.

    Bubblebutt,” it whispered to the stud…

    — — —

    “Where the hell is Haula?” one of the players on the team, Craig, asked, looking around the locker room for him. The big game was set to start in a half hour and the center player was nowhere to be found.

    Ted shrugged his broad shoulders as he changed into his jockstrap that struggled to contain his meaty cock. “I have no clue,” he muttered. “The guy’s been M.I.A. for a while.”

    The five men who remained in the locker room looked around at one another in confusion, wondering where their teammate could have disappeared to. They were about to call the coach when the door swung open.

    “Sorry I’m late!” Erik Haula huffed as he waddled into the locker room, his gym bag slung over his broad shoulder. “I had a little trouble getting started this morning… none of my pants fit for some reason.”

    Sure enough, the athlete was wearing his usual hockey jersey over his torso, however he was also clad in what looked like a tiny pair of terry cloth booty shorts. The small fabric bunched up near his groin due to the massive size of his wide thighs which rolled over each other as he waddled, looking more a pair of bright pink underwear.

    All five of the other hockey players gasped loudly when Erik dropped his gym bag to the floor and turned to open up his locker, presenting his side profile them.

    They’d all heard of “Hockey Butt”, but this was a whole new level. Erik’s bubblebutt had somehow inflated to epic proportions, looking like it had tripled in size. The cheeks were obscenely round and jutted out from the stud’s body so much that they almost formed a ninety degree angle from his back. The tiny shorts were stretched to the limit as they struggled to cover the massive cheeks. The bottoms of the mounds were slipping out down the bottom of the shorts, while the top of his ass crack was easily visible over the top. The seams of the shorts groaned as the stud moved around, his giant ass bouncing with every step he took.

    “Erik!” Ted gasped. “What the fuck happened to you?!”

    Erik cocked his eyebrow. “What do you mean?” he asked, sounding genuinely confused. The bottom-heavy hunk struggled to take off his tight shorts, having extreme difficulty balancing himself as he stepped out of them with his thighs pressing against each other so much. The jockstrap that he wore was also stretched to bursting. It was tight over his normal-sized cock which looked small by comparison as it was nestled between inflated thighs, and his globular ass was even visible from Erik’s frontside, looking like he was trailing something behind him.

    “Your ass is massive!” Craig shouted, going so far as to point an accusing finger at him. “You look ridiculous! How’re you gonna play let alone walk around with a wagon that huge?”

    Again, Erik looked confused as he glanced at his inflated ass, giving it a tentative poke. “I guess it does have a slight pump to it,” he murmured. “I have been getting a few looks here and there. Kinda nice, if I’m being honest.” The stud shook his hips slightly and the small movement caused his colossal ass to jiggle wildly.

    All five other men in the room couldn’t help but stare at the shaking, large globes affixed to Erik’s backside. Watching the stud wiggle his massive ass sent an unfamiliar sensation throughout them, each one of them getting painfully hard.

    Erik noticed and he found himself getting hard as well for some reason. The stud used to think that it was odd that he was enjoying showing off his ass so much and that none of his pants seemed to fit him anymore, but he found that he couldn’t bring himself to care. Instead, he smirked as he continued to advertise his massive cheeks to the other men, a growing desire to be stuffed forming within him (for the hundredth time this week).

    “Come and feel it,” Erik purred, pressing both of his palms against the cool metal locker and sticking his inflated bubblebutt out further into the air, presenting himself to the other men.

    The other players rushed forward, pawing and worshipping the giant butt their teammate owned. Erik’s head rolled back as he moaned loudly at the sensation of the men feeling up his cheeks. Ted even shoved his face between the massive mounds and tongued the stud’s hole, sending stars shooting into his vision.

    “Oohhh!” Erik moaned, his toes curling as he was eaten out and felt up. He still had no idea why people were acting so differently around him, but he couldn’t deny that he was loving every second of it. He had a giant hockey butt, and he loved to show it off; and he loved it even more when guys wanted to play with it.

    “You’re such an ass!” Sam roared as he stormed into the gym manager’s office.

    The manager, Greg, tried his best stifle a laugh as he saw the muscle man waddle and try to walk with his pumped up thighs. He was obviously having a hard time with the giant bubble butt he now sported which jutted away from his backside like a shelf, making it look like he had two pumpkins shoved into his tight blue speedos— the only article of clothing that fit him.

    “I find it ironic that you’re calling me an ass,” Greg smirked, loving the way Sam’s face turned red.

    “You son of a bitch!” the bottom heavy hunk shouted, trying to stomp threateningly over to the desk, but his jiggly booty ruined the effect. “You told me that the supplement would give me a bigger cock and build my stamina, but all it did was give me this giant ass! You have to fix it!” He turned around to show the manager what he was talking about, his massive cheeks seemingly in perpetual motion as he turned. The speedos he wore made stretching noises as they struggled to contain the inflated cheeks.

    Greg shrugged his broad shoulders. “I lied,” he simply said.

    Sam stood there dumbfounded, unable to look away from his warped reflection in the posing mirror that was in the office. “B-but how can I fix it?” he pleaded.

    Greg stood up from his chair and walked around the desk towards the altered stud. “There’s no fixing it,” he simply said. “And before you ask why I did this, I think you know why. You and I both know about how you thought your flirty teasing was going to get me to give you a membership discount. Well, all that teasing came to this.”

    He slipped his hand down the back of the speedos, his finger lightly brushing up against Sam’s tight hole.

    “Ooohhh!” Sam gasped, his knees going weak as an earthquake of pleasure tore through him.

    “But I was honest about your stamina increasing,” Greg grinned, enjoying how Sam’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he circled his finger around his hole. “But, it just so happens to be with your bubble butt now. But don’t worry, I’ve worked out the formula so that you’ll never want to play with your cock anymore. Nope, you’re never gonna cum unless something is shoved up that tight hole of yours.”

    Sam’s mind was too overcome with the immense pleasure he felt from having the other man toy with his hole, his cock painfully hard. His head rolled back and he knew that if Greg was telling the truth that there was only one way he’d get release.

    “Fuck me!” he begged, falling onto all fours on the office floor and wiggling his massive bubble butt towards the other man.

    Greg unzipped his pants…


    I'm quite a chubby dude, and I've always loved chris Hemsworth, so I was wondering if you could help me turn him into my dumb himbo chaser bf. Love your work by the way!

    Thank you so much! A Chris Hemsworth transformation, you say?

    Well you’ve cum to the right place! Hemsworth transformations are my specialty, my bread and butter, so to speak. If I had a dime for every time I’ve turned someone into that man—or turned that poor man into something else—I’d probably be about as rich as him!

    Now let’s see, you want Chris to be your dumb boyfriend, is that right? Ha! I could do that in my sleep! All it takes is some simple mental rewriting (and perhaps a little extra muscle) and presto! I’ll have it done in a snap…

    … Literally!


    Oh shit.

    Um… so… here’s the deal: there’s a chance I might have spoken a little too soon. Oh don’t worry, everything’s fine! No one is getting dusted. Your request just got a little… um… how to put this delicately…

    Let’s just say I might have gotten a bit cocky and mixed up “who” the subject of transformation was. Again: nothing to worry about. There will be a dumb, extra large version of Chris Hemsworth standing in this room momentarily.

    There’s just a tiny chance that it might be… you.

    Oh please don’t be mad, I know this is not what you signed up for. But as someone who has turned into Hemsworth many-a-time, I can promise you: the process is pleasurable and painless, though your difference in body types will certainly make for a... *ahem… drastic change.

    And hey, look at the bright side! You’ll have guys literally crawling over your big, muscular body. Trust me, I know from experience. The downside? Well, you did specifically ask for him to be “dumb,” so I can’t say you’ll be the sharpest tool in the shed, and that’s to say nothing of—

    You’re not even listening to me anymore, aren’t you?


    Things are looking a bit different, aren’t they? Bigger arms, smaller waist. It feels pretty freaky, I know. We haven’t even gotten to the changes below the waist, and believe me when I say that Hemsy’s biceps ain’t even his biggest asset.

    But you gotta admit… it also feels pretty great. All that muscle packing onto your skeleton. All that power surging through your veins. You’re probably finding it hard to think about how much you’re changing, about the man you are becoming.

    Fuck, you’re probably finding it hard to think period! I’m so sorry, man. This never happens… okay, it rarely happens. There was that one time I accidentally turned a guy into a cock ring for his crush, but that’s a story for another day. Besides, he ended up really enjoying himself, and I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy yourself too.

    I can see that horny fog descending over you now, that desire to fuck above all else. I can see that extra muscle I talked about packing onto Hemsworth’s frame, making you look more like a pinup model than a Hollywood celebrity. What’s the term you used?

    Right: “himbo.”


    Well, congratulations: that’s exactly what you’ve become. At least try and keep it in your pants, Hemsy. Not that that’s even possible with your massive new tool.


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    Micah had pinned and focused Hannah’s camera while Ms. Cooper’s slide deck was running in the corner of the screen. The slow decline over the past year of zoom classes meant that clothes had been increasingly loose-fitting and comfortable.  Micah had never been much for dressing up for school in the first place, so his white tank top and gym shorts weren’t that far off from what he would wear a year ago. Hannah on the other hand used to be meticulous with her outfits and makeup. Now she was sitting in front of the camera in just a white tank top of her own, but one of those loose ones. Micah was pretty sure she didn’t even have a bra on today. He would usually be able to make out a black or red sports bra on mornings when she wore the white top, so he was extra focused today. Then it happened, what he had waited for. She reached out for the teacup she had somewhere up and to the right of the computer screen, showing her cleavage for the camera in the process. You could clearly see her smooth, perky breasts, bogged down by gravity as she leaned forward. The light from the screen and presumably Ms. Cooper’s slide deck lit up the cave the webcam was peering into. Micah imagined the warm air in there. She used to smell of lavender. “Yeah, show those tiddies!”

    “Who said that?” Ms. Cooper demanded. Micah pressed mute faster than anything he had done in his life. Everyone else was silent too, and all other participants were on mute as well as far as he could see. Hannah was blushing, though there was no way for her to know the comment was about her. Micah felt hot too, and a knot in his stomach, but at least his face looked the same as far as he could tell.

    “No one?” she continued. “Well, we are just about at the hour so let’s break here. Whoever that was, I hope you grow a pair and apologize for it when you’ve had some time to think about it. See you all on Wednesday.” People started to drop off well before she finished the sentence. Micah pressed End Call and threw himself back in the chair. That was close!

    He still didn’t feel well. Flush and high pulse as if his adrenaline was running. There wasn’t anything to be afraid of, but still he felt like he had just escaped a death trap, or that he was hunted. He didn’t know if he felt shame that Hannah blushed, or a bit of horny pride that he made her do it. He didn’t make her expose herself for the entire class though, so why should he feel bad?

    Then came the convulsion. It was like his back contracted, contorting the rest of his body into an arch, and jutting his chest violently forward. His front felt a flash of warmth, like someone threw a water balloon that had rested in the sun straight at him. He could hear the sound of ripped fabric, but all he could see was the ceiling. His head was swimming, like he was about to faint. For a second or two he was fixed like that, afraid that any attempt to move would just make him tumble out of the chair and smash into the floor, until just as abruptly all the tense muscles relaxed and he fell back into the office chair.

    He could feel them rubbing against his arms even before he looked down at his new, enormous pecs. They weren’t impossibly large like porn star breast implants, but you would have to really dedicate yourself to work up that size of male pecs, something he had never attempted or even wanted. At the front of the chest both nipples, at least double their previous size, protruded out and slightly down. There was no PG way of wearing a tank top anymore, he realized. Or T-shirt, or polo shirt, or most shirts. Even a sweatshirt wouldn’t really hide that they were there.

    Perhaps that was the idea. Was this Ms. Cooper’s doing? Or Hannah’s? Or something else altogether. He brushed against one of the nipples and a shiver shot down his spine to his dick. He realized he had another problem as well to urgently deal with.


    I'm an 18-year-old, reserved, 185 pound and 5’6, nerdy Latino boy with a bit more body hair then I would like to have. Can I try 5 spins on the machine?

    Of course you can child! Five spins coming right up.

    1. Body hair - smooth

    Good bye body hair. You are completely smooth! Which means, SMOOTH! No hair under your head. No hair on your legs, arms, pits. You are smooth like a baby from neck to toe.

    2. Facial hair - stubble

    So you will have a light beard. It will be forever! If you shave it of, it will regrow in a matter of seconds. You will have a smooth body and a five o’ clock shadow until the day you die.

    3. Muscle mass - big

    Good for you! Your body will be big! First, your pecs start to swell up. Next, your neck, shoulders and arms blow up like balloons. Your body fat melts away and 6 cubes appear. The swelling travels through you body, and end when your calves have dabbled in size. Don’t be cocky now. You didn’t do a thing for those muscles.

    4. Character - Alpha

    So appearently you will be cocky. Your persona starts to shift from reserved to a powerful Alpha. You are the best! Everyone knows that! You have the body and the attitude! Whenever you enter a room, people will know that they are there for you. You will flex your muscles, show of. You can have any bitch that you want.

    5. Jewelry - necklace and stud

    And now the finishing touch! Some people think jewelry isn’t for men. Fuck them! You know that the jewelry only helps to get the message across. You are the one true MAN.