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    Ignorance Is Bliss

    “Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to the special edition of Ignorance is Bliss, the critically acclaimed gameshow where reality is not always as it seems!”

    I nervously tap on my contestant podium. The host stands metres away from me, reciting his perfectly practiced speech into the intimidatingly large camera. The studio lights reflect off his teeth and blind me. Behind the camera stands three bleachers, seating large crowds of giddy gawking audiences. Most of them are men. Just a bit older than me, I say. But what really caught my attention was the cube on the other side of the stage. A big one too. It’s like a glass room. A room without a door. What the hell could that be?

    The host smiles and waves his hands openly. He’s charismatic, I’ll give him that. I can see why people like his show. Though me personally, I’ve never seen it. I’ve heard about it though. Specifically through people on Reddit. Apparently, it’s a generic trivia show. Aired after midnight too, so the audience for the show can’t be too big. So, even if I embarrass myself on here, my dignity won’t be completely destroyed. I just have to answer a few pointless questions and then I’ll be rich. Shouldn’t be too hard. At this point, I’m broke, so I’ll take any cash prize I can get. Whether it’s $100 or the full $1,000,000, I’m not leaving here empty handed.

    “I am your host, Jimmy Clark. Let’s get right into it!” The crowd lets out a large cheer.

    “Our first contestant of the day is Atlas Green, an economics student at MIT. He’s a self-proclaimed maths genius, his favourite TV show is Survivor and he has never travelled outside of America!” The crowd lets out a light chuckle.

    I didn’t think they’d use my application as my introduction. We’re not even a minute in and my cheeks are already red.

    “Hi there, Jimmy.” I exaggerate my phoney smile for the camera.

    “So, Atlas, you know how the game works. Get a question right and you’ll be one step closer to our grand prize of $1,000,000.” The crowd goes wild as the figure flashes up on the large screens behind us. “Get a question wrong however…”

    The studio falls silent, anxiously waiting for Jimmy’s reveal.

    “You will leave here, no money, no grand prize. But don’t worry, here on Ignorance is Bliss, no one ever leaves empty handed…”

    I glance nervously at the audience. They had reverted back to their obnoxious cheering and shouting. Although, a part inside me is celebrating too from hearing I won’t be leaving without some sort of prize. But what kind of prize? That’s the real question here. It won’t be a $1,000,000 dollars worth prize, I can tell you that much. Maybe it’ll be a small Ignorance is Bliss trinket or something? I hope not. Though I’m curious about the loser’s prize, I don’t intend on finding out what it is. I’m here for that grand prize. I’m not leaving without it.

    “Let’s get started!” Jimmy beamed, the crowd screaming. “First question.”

    The rounds start off easy. As easy as you’d expect from a stereotypical game show. Current events, pop culture, geographical stuff. Though, none were particularly difficult, I can’t let myself get cocky. It only takes one royal fuckup and that $1,000,000 dollar prize slips right through my fingers. And the questions are definitely getting more difficult. I know that much. Now, the questions are delving into actors I’ve never heard of or countries I know bare minimum about. I just gotta keep calm and I should be able to do it.

    “Last question of the night!” Jimmy applauds me. “Almost no one has gotten this far. In fact, no one has ever won the cash prize, Atlas. Will you be the first?”

    “The final question of today’s show is…. ‘In Hinduism, who is the male God of erotic love, lust and sexual pleasure?’”

    I look towards Jim, then to one of the camera men and smile nervously. Weird final question. And what makes it worse is I have no clue what the answer is. I’m a young white student. Never left the country. Was raised Roman Catholic. There is no way I am getting this. At least not through rational thought or logical reasoning. I’m just gonna have to guess. I have a one in four chance of winning a million dollars. 25%. Fuck. That doesn’t bode well for me. One in four… one in four… okay. No point in delaying it.

    “Your options are:

    A) Vishnu

    B) Krishna

    C) Ganesha

    D) Rama”

    A timer appears on the screens behind us, ticking down quickly. I glance at all four options. It could be any of them. I don’t know. How am I supposed to know? I have to guess.

    “We’re gonna need an answer now, Atlas!” Jimmy warns.

    The timer continues to tick down.

    Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.

    “3 seconds left Atlas!” Jimmy yells frantically.

    “Rama!” I shout. Less than a second left on the timer. But is it right…?

    “You chose option D, Rama.” The charismatic host looks towards the screens, waiting for them to turn green or red. “The correct answer is…”

    Time stops. I look at the screen. Waiting. One million dollars…

    Suddenly, the screen and studio lights turn a deep dark red. The words ‘wrong answer’ flash across the monitor. I feel my heart sink into my stomach. Jimmy emulates a sympathetic wince, letting out a condescending ‘awww’.

    “The correct answer is…”


    What? Kamadeva? That wasn’t one of my options! Was it a mistake? Or was the show rigged? I’m betting the latter. No wonder no one has ever reached the grand prize. They’re being lied too, forced take the stupid loser prize home. I was set up.

    “Hey! That’s bullshit! That wasn’t-“ I scream before Jimmy cuts me off.

    “Don’t worry my boy! As you know, no one goes home empty handed!” He pats me on the back. “Get over here.”

    Jimmy throws his arm around me, tightly holding me in place. He escorts me towards the other side of the stage. Towards the big mysterious glass cube. As I’m forced to approach it, a side of the cube lifts open letting mist seep out of it, like some kind of sci-fi movie. The intimidatingly tight grip of the host eases before he tosses me inside. As I stumble to the ground, the glass door behind me slams shut, leaving me trapped inside the glass cage. I scramble to my feet. The audience gawks at me. I feel like an animal in a zoo. Is this some kind of humiliation technique? Is there actually a loser prize? Or is this the loser prize after all? It’s a sham either way, that’s for sure. I begin looking for a way out but the cage is empty. Although, at the top of each glass corner, there are orange tubes. The tubes connect to the ceiling of the studio. God knows what’s in it. Maybe thats where the mist came from? It can’t be good, that’s all I know.

    “So Atlas! You lost Ignorance is Bliss!” The host announces. I can feel rage filling inside me. “But, no one leaves here empty handed! It’s time to announce your prize!”

    “You clearly don’t know much about Hinduism or Indian culture, Atlas!” The crowd giggles and whispers to each other. “So as your prize, Ignorance is Bliss is granting you a LIFELONG TRIP TO YOUR HOMELAND, INDIA!”

    The crowd goes wild.

    My clueless expression remains unchanged. Lifetime? Homeland? What does he mea- what the fuck? Suddenly, an orange gas is pumped into the glass cage from the tubes above, robbing me of clean air and replacing it with a hot suffocating warmth. I pounce onto the glass and yell for help. My cries are met with the audience gawking at me like I’m some kind of monkey at the Zoo. I try to avoid breathing the gas, but at this point it’s all-encompassing, giving me no choice but to take a gas filled breathe. As I breathe in, a strange feeling travels throughout my body. A strange pleasurable feeling. Erotic almost… I look down to see my 6 inch boner straining against my pants, on full display for the audience. I feel more and more blood rush into my cock. At this point, it feels as if my cock is hard enough to burst through my pants. I grab my boner with my two hands and then realise... never in the 22 years of my life have I fit both hands on my cock… one hand was enough to cover it whole. I slowly look down at my body. My cock… its growing. Inch by inch, I see my cock expand. As if I have a growing boner which never stops increasing in size. It grows and grows, straining my pants, until the tip of my boner presses against the side of my hip. The new cock, which fills my pants, suddenly stops growing in length. Instead, it starts thickening. My cock, which was just thicker than my thumb, begins fattening up, becoming chunkier and thicker. It grows heavier and heavier until my knees feel like giving out. Still adjusting to my new fat manhood, I take a step backwards, tripping. I twist and fall on my new fat package, causing the seams of my pants to burst open. My fat cock flops out, acting as a cushion for my pelvis to lay on. I pick myself up and sit back on my flat ass, my cock now long and heavy enough to still be laying on the ground. I panic, lift myself to my feet and turn around to the audience, displaying my new unnaturally large appendage. It hangs down between my legs, reaching my knee. The heat fills my genitals, more specifically, my balls. My balls, which looked ridiculously small compared to my new massive cock, begin to grow. Almost like a water balloon, my balls fill with hot potent semen, ready to shoot inside some fuckable ass. My new balls begin to appear proportionate to my unnaturally thick penis, forcing my legs apart to accommodate it.

    “Look how flustered he is, folks! That new big appendage of his looks like it could cum everywhere at any moment!” The host laughs, inspiring cheers from audience members.

    God… I’m so hard. The audience is staring at me… but that turns me on even more. They’re in awe of my Godly cock. My Godly Indian cock…. wait… no. Why am I thinking this? I’m not Indian. I’m not… gonna stuff my Godly Hindu cock into some pathetic white boy and impregnate his hole. Oh fuck! I need to stop. What’s wrong with me?! My average dick turning into a massive monster cock is one thing, but this is even more overwhelming. Not only have I lost control of my body, but now… I’m losing control of my mind. It’s as if the gas is seeping into every crevice of my brain, making my thoughts more lustful… more primal. Images of my fat cock breeding men assault my mind. Vivid fantasies which involve my thick sperm shooting into a big fat jiggling ass. I begin hitting my head. This is too much. It’s all too much. As I smack my head, attempting to knock some sense into myself, I notice something strange.

    I look down at my body. It seems to be… growing. My chest… its inflating like a balloon. The two muscles press against my tight shirt. They look soft. The kind of soft that would make for the most comfortable and fuckable pillows. I decide to feel it. I press my hand on it. It sinks into it, fat flowing through the crevices between my fingers. My pecs look like the most beautiful pair of perky fuckable tits. Is that what they’re making me into? Some big titted, massive cocked hybrid? Maximising femininity and masculinity on the body of one person… I panic that this will be my final form. A bisexual’s wet dream.

    This worry is soon subsided as I feel the growth shoot down my arms. My biceps triple in size, looking like the arms of a professional NFL player. My hands begin fattening up too. My fingers turning into sausage sized monsters. Each finger is as fat as my old penis used to be… I’m thankful that they’re still useable… mostly. I might struggle to use a keyboard or accurately press the numbers on my phone now. The fingers are fat enough to press multiple buttons at once, like some big brute. My stomach begins to develop abs. They form into six perfectly shaped mountains. I run my thick brute hands over them, feeling the calluses from my fingers glide over each crevice. The growth finally reaches my lower half. Thankfully, my massive cock and balls are unaffected. I don’t think I could handle them growing any larger. I wouldn’t be able to walk… The growth mainly affects my legs, feet and unfortunately… my ass. My two cheeks begin to inflate but not in the way you’d expect. Instead of an unnaturally large increase in muscle mass like the rest of me, my ass seemed to only fill up with fat. Like two water balloons, my cheeks grow and jiggle, bouncing and shaking around with every slight movement. The audience watches as my insanely fuckable feminine ass sways from side to side, preventing me from walking normally. I waddle. It’s humiliating. This will be on TV. My friends will see this. My coworkers will see this. My classmates. My family…

    Jiggle. Jiggle. Jiggle.

    My fuckable ass reaches its limit. It looks like two huge beachballs attached to me. The growth spreads to my legs. My thighs and calves grow, though not to an unnatural size like my bouncy cheeks. Their size is still nothing to scoff at. My legs look like two heavy tree trunks. They make it even more difficult to walk, or should I say, waddle.

    I look down at my new self… I feel weird even saying its me. My pecs… my ass… my muscles.. I don’t resemble the skinny economics student who entered this studio an hour ago. I don’t look like me. I look like some dumb fuckable brute. It’s humiliating. I watch the crowd laugh and cheer at me. The new me. Mocking my waddling. Flexing their biceps, which were nothing compared to mine. Bouncing their pecs, which looked nothing like my big fuckable tits. I even glance at one guy in the second row who is fingering his hairy straight ass, letting out a jokingly high feminine moan.

    “Do you feel like an Indian God, Atlas?!” The host laughs, his voice booming through the entire studio. “No? Let us help with that!”

    The host clicks his fingers causing the gas to become noticeably more intense. It pumps the orange transformation gas into the glass cage at a higher rate than before, forcing me to inhale even more than before. I look down at my huge body, anticipating what could happen next. What is there left to change? The gas already inflated every part of my once skinny body. It elongated my cock, inflated my ass. What more could this smelly gas possibly do? How much more humiliating could this become?

    I glance down at my thick forearm to realise something… it seems hairier than before. The hair seemed different too. Well, at least it looked different. Instead of my normal weak arm hairs, this new hair is noticeably thicker, like a wolf’s pelt. I never remember my arm hair being so dark. I assume it must be the gas again. I look at my body, realising my arms aren’t the only part of my body sprouting in thick hair. My chest has too. My once hairless chest now sprouts a thick sweaty pelt of hair. My legs seem to have adopted the wet pelt too. My armpit hair also seems more thick, although that’s the least of my worries right now. My face begins to itch. I reach up with my hairy paws and scratch it. My face feels fully bearded. My eyebrows are significantly more bushy too. Untrimmed. As if they had never seen a tweezers in their life.

    I glance beside me to see a man standing on the other side of the glass. He stares at me, watching my transformation. He has dark skin. Beautiful dark skin. It glistens with sweat. I could almost smell his stench from here. He continues to stare at me. He looks confused. Confused and dumb. Very dumb. His jaw hangs agape, breathing strictly through his mouth. His forehead is very pronounced. His eyes are vacant. As if he had no brain. Couldn’t form a single thought of his own. Drool dribbles out the side of his mouth. It gathers in his beard as he dumbly chuckles at me. He looks like he’s only good for one thing: fucking. He continues to stare at me. Dumbly. Vacantly. Confusedly. I reach up and scratch my beard… he does the same. I tilt my head to the side… he does the same. I grab my juicy fuckable big pecs… he does the same. I stumble back in shock. It hit me. All at once… the smelly stench… the big pecs… the huge muscles… juicy pecs… fat cock and fuckable ass… it’s… me.

    The man… the one staring back at me… my reflection… his… his skin. His deep dark beautiful brown skin. It’s mine. Gone was my caucasian skin. Gone were my caucasian features. The show completely changed me. It changed me into some big, dumb, fuckable, Indian brute…

    “There we have it ladies and gentleman! Our sex God, Kamadeva!” The crowd screams in awe. I gaze into the crowd, displaying my new Godly form. I see men jerking each others cocks while looking at me. Even some fingering their holes chanting my name. I am… a sex God.

    “That’s it for today’s show, folks. Tune in next time to see what happens to our next contestant!” The crowd screams and cheers. “This has been Ignorance is Bliss. Goodnight!”

    The lights and camera shut off. Members of the crowd pull up their pants and make their way out of the studio. The host walks over to my glass cage and chuckles. I adjust to my new weight. He stares at the Indian God in front of him.

    “Don’t worry, Kamadeva. We’ll have you shipped off to India in no time.” He smirks. “Soon, all of this will be just a distant memory…”

    “प्लीज मेरा सुराख भर दो। मैं बहुत हॉर्नी हूं” I mutter.


    And so, Atlas will live out the rest of his life in Mumbai as the Indian sex God, Kamadeva.

    Reviews conclude he definitely lives up to his name. He puts both his massive cock and fuckable ass to good use, providing pleasure to men all over India. He lets men cum up his big juicy wobbling ass and he also breeds every man with a bubble butt that he sees, making the most out of his Godly body.

    The man has no memory of his life in the US. To Kamadeva, he was always Indian. He was always a sex God. He was always a dumb fuckable brute with a low IQ. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

    As Ignorance is Bliss promised, he definitely didn’t go home empty handed…

    Alpha Seed

    “Naw man, you crazy. What’re you goin’ on about? That I used to have tits? That I was sold some cursed necklace? That I’m supposed to be your submissive white girlfriend? Are you trynna get with me, whiteboi? I ain’t gay or nothing. This 9 inch monster cock has been buried in every pussy in town. No condom can hold me back. Soon enough, the whole town will pregnant with my alpha seed.

    Anyway, if you find that girlfriend of yours, send her my way. One round with her and she’ll be swelling with my child.”

    I Have A Twitter

    Hey everyone, I’ve decided to join Twitter!

    You can find on there at @Changing_Men. My Twitter is gonna consist of stuff that I find really hot. Whether it be tf stuff, muscle growth, hypnosis, celeb fakes or just regular porn. It’ll all be there. (And I won’t be limited to SFW images like I am on here!)

    So if that interests you, you can check it out by clicking the link below :)

    Click here

    Don’t worry. Tumblr will still be my go-to for posting original content. I might post captions or something on Twitter but nothing huge.

    Intro to Advertising

    Shit! I’m late. I grab my coffee, take a seat at my desk and open my laptop. Another semester of online classes… great. I like college. I swear I do. I’ve always been the smartest kid in the class. No other student’s brains compare to mine. That kinda sounds conceited but it’s true! I was top of the class last year. And I intend on keeping that title. No one will stop me.

    I load up Zoom and enter in the meeting code. First module of semester 2… “Intro to Advertising” it reads. Ten minutes late. No one’s gonna notice, right? The call finishes loading. I am met with the faces of fifteen other students. 

    “Looks like we have a latecomer.” The professor scoffs. “Eh… let’s see what your name is… Robert? Is that right?”

    I sit there like a deer in headlights, quickly regretting entering the class at all. I stare blankly at the screen before deciding to bite the bullet.

    “Yeah, that’s me. Sorry for being lat-“

    “We started ten minutes ago, Robert. This isn’t the best first impression. We’ve already started the discussion without you.” 

    We sat in silence for what felt like an eternity. “Sorry” I smile awkwardly and turn off my microphone. Other students in the call smirk and snicker.

    What a dick. I was ten minutes late. I’ve never been called out like that before. In fact, I’m usually never late. This was the first time. And he still made a mockery of me. Jeez. Screw this guy. 

    I had never seen him before either. He sat upright in his chair as his bulging muscles strained against his shirt. He was in surprisingly good shape for his age. He looked around forty, maybe fifty? He’s basically bald but his body seems hairy. I can see his thick forearms covered with jet black fur and a tuft of chest hair poking out of his shirt . His beard is manly and thick. His voice was deep and commanding. He might have been hot but he was still a prick for calling me out.

    “So, as I was saying.” He glared at me. “Let’s discuss target demographics. When selling a product, businesses target their adverts towards specific groups based on factors such as income, age, race, sexual orientation and occupation.”

    The moustached professor continued on with his big spiel. I passively took notes from the slides until I heard the dreaded words.

    “Robert!” The professor sarcastically smiled. “How about we use you as an example?”

    I let out a fake smile. Fuck. Why me? I unmuted myself. “Sure”

    “Perfect.” The professor smiled and leaned back on his chair.

    “Let’s say… I’m selling gym equipment, okay? And you’re my target demographic.” The professor smirks a devilish grin. “Let’s say your name is Jackson, okay?”

    “Okay… my name is Jackson” I passively agree. Something about the professor’s words… they just spiralled in my head. Repeating. Spinning round and round in my mind.

    “Class.” He addressed the rest of the students. “If I’m trying to sell gym equipment to Jackson. What kind of target demographic do you think he’s is in?”

    Brad, the class jock, chimes in. “I’d say Jackson would be big and muscular. Like big pecs… and biceps and stuff.”

    I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Does he not hear how stupid that answer is? He sounds more like this supposed ‘Jackson’ than I do. I reach up and scratch my chest but something seems… off. I look down at my chest. It seems… swollen? It doesn’t normally look this big. I thought I was wearing an oversized shirt today. But it looks totally normal on me now. It fits me to a T. I lay my hand on my obsencely big chest, letting my fingers sink into my new fat pecs. Now that I’m looking, my hands seem unusually large too. My hands are supposed to be small and thin. I shouldn’t have thick fat sausage fingers. They’re huge! My eyes travel up my arm to see my huge biceps. My once think skinny arms are now monstrous beasts. I look like I lift weights every day, like one of those dumb jocks. Are people seeing what’s happening to me? Am I going crazy?

    Brad continued rambling on about this ‘Jackson’ character. What better person to describe a jock, than a jock. “Jackson would also like… hate wearing shirts, bro. He’d wanna show off that big bod of his. He’d be just like me and the other bros.”

    Suddenly, I feel the need to strip for my class. I want to just pull off my shirt and show them these new big muscles. Oh God, what’s happening to me? I can’t be actually turning into this fake ‘Jackson’… can I? That’s crazy. And yet, I can’t help but feel the need to just show off my beastly body. Maybe, I can just take it off for a bit. I can just show my muscles and then put it back on… yeah, totally. That’s not weird. People should see my body. It’s gonna feel so good to show off.

    I grab the bottom of my t-shirt and strip, putting my body on full display for everyone to see. I can’t deny, it feels to right to be shirtless. I don’t even want to think about covering myself up. I should just stay like this for the rest of the class. It won’t hurt anyone. I bounce my new tits playfully at the camera.

    “So, would a business target something like a book towards someone like Jackson?” The professor watches my bouncing tits and smiles.

    Callum, the posh kid, scoffs. “Jackson probably doesn’t even know how to read. He just spends all day at the gym. Flexing his muscles and jerking off to porno mags.” 

    As I absentmindedly play with my tits, I hear movement across the room. The noise is emanating from my bookshelf. I’ve spent years trying to fill it up. It’s got every book you can imagine. That bookshelf is one of the reasons for my grades. It’s filled with every literary classic you can imagine, from The Great Gatsby to Jane Eyre. The noise from the bookcase only grows louder. The books start vibrating. As if each book is trying to wiggle its way out of the shelf and onto the floor. My huge body sits helplessly in front of the Zoom call. I focus in on my favourite book, The Catcher in the Rye. I’ve been in love with that book ever since I was younger. I watch it wiggle and struggle as it slowly creeps closer to the edge. With one final wiggle, the book falls off the shelf and towards the floor. As the book falls, it elongates and becomes thinner. As it hits the floor, I hear a loud thud. I look down at the ‘book’ in horror. The book is now nothing more than a gay porn magazine. I try to think of the book it was before… but I can’t remember. All my knowledge of the book is gone. As if I had never read it. Each literary classic falls of the vibrating bookshelf. Each one of them becoming gay porn magazines as they hit the floor. With each thud, my brain shrinks a little bit more. All my literary knowledge is gone and now replaced by images of big cocks and fat fuckable asses.

    The thuds become too overwhelming for my brain to handle. I panic after seeing I had drooled all over my laptop. I glance back at the Zoom call to see everyone staring at me. Some students were laughing. Some were scoffing. They now saw me as some big dumb brute. 

    My jaw drops open, becoming slacked and lazy. I’m left looking like a dumb ape who can only breathe through his mouth. My brain feels so small now. As if the words of my professor and classmates have just drained my IQ. My head is beginning to feel so light. So floaty. Airy. It feels so… goooooooooood. Huhuhu, I cahnt stap dreeewlinggg, brah. My hed is sooooh emmmptyyy, broooh. 

    “Everyone is completely correct.” The professor smiles. “Jackson would be in the target demographic of dumb gym buffs in their early 20s.” 

    “Huhuhuhu yehhhh I ammmm” I chuckled dumbly.

    “Now Jackson, thank you for accepting to be our example for this class. But this degree is for smart, hardworking students. So, we won’t be needing you from here on out.”

    “Huhuhuhu, okaaayyyyy, sirrrrr. Taht makezz senze” I slurred.

    “Alright, Jackson. Say goodbye to the class.”

    “Byyyyyeeeee, brahs” I dumbly chuckle before Zoom closes.

    ‘You have been kicked from the call’ appears on the screen. I chuckle, grab one of the porno magazines off the floor and begin beating my 9 inch cock until I shoot my thick potent load all over it.


    Jackson was now nothing more than a dumb smelly college drop out. The apartment which was once full of academic papers and literary classics was now littered with dirty underwear, gay porno mags and video games. By the end of the class, no one even remembered the high-achiever Robert. They only remember his new self, Jackson, the dumb fuckable jock who would never amount to anything in life.


    In the van that was parked down an empty alleyway, Joshua shuffled through the packages that were in the back, shaking some to try to guess what was inside of them. The cocky stud had caught wind that he was set to get fired soon because someone had snitched on him for stealing some of the packages that he was supposed to deliver. He had been, but they hadn’t had any real proof. He’d just claimed that some of them must’ve been swiped by porch pirates and left it at that.

    He grabbed a rectangular box and gave it a good shake, liking the way something heavy inside of it banged against the cardboard.

    “Jackpot!” the twenty-four year old, ex-football player smirked. Based on the weight, he figured that it was probably some bluetooth speaker or some other expensive piece of machinery. If he could use it, then he’d take it home. If not, then he’d turn around and pawn it for a few bucks.

    The stud ripped the box open and shifted through the packing peanuts blindly until his hand brushed against something that felt like it was made of rubber. Cocking his eyebrow, the stud wrapped his fingers around the object, noting how his they were unable to meet due to its girth. He yanked the object out of the box, bursting into hysterics at the large dildo that he held in his hand.

    “Fuckin’ queers,” he guffawed, tossing the kinky object to the floor of the van. The dildo must’ve been over a foot long and was about as wide as a beer can, making Joshua shake his head as he imagined what kind of freak would be able to take such a big thing.

    Joshua went back to shifting through the boxes when he felt an odd sensation from his backside. It was as if he could feel his uniform shorts growing tighter by the second. The rear of them seemed to press tightly against his ass, making him cock his eyebrow.

    “What the hell?” he asked himself as he looked over this broad shoulder.

    He gasped in horror as he saw what looked like his ass shuddering and inflating. Both of his previously normally-sized cheeks had seemed to round and pull away from his back. They strained against his shorts as they grew, making the fabric groaned as it struggled to contain the globes.

    The stud grabbed at his massive ass in disbelief. “What the fuck is going on?!” he shouted as he felt his hands get pushed away as his bubblebutt continued to expand.


    Joshua’s eyes bulged out of his skull as the loud ripping noise echoed out in the back of the van and there was cool gust of air brushing against his now-bare ass cheeks. His ass continued to inflate so much that the back of his briefs started to get swallowed into the deep crevice, looking more like a thong. He stumbled on his feet as his weight was thrown off, and the hunk’s stomach dropped when he felt the unfamiliar jiggling rippling from behind him with every movement.

    The bottom-heavy stud panicked and his heart raced in his chest. In his panicked stupor, he knocked over the opened box that had contained the large dildo. A card fell out of the packing peanuts, and it landed just right for him to be able to read what it said in large, red letters: TO STOP GROWTH, USE DILDO

    It didn’t take a genius to put two and two together. As impossible as it sounded, Joshua knew that he’d somehow fell victim to some kinky curse that had caused his ass to inflate simply by touching the obscene sex toy. The cocky stud had never even thought about being penetrated before, but if it could fix whatever the hell was happening to him, he’d give it try.

    He waddled over to the discarded dildo and set it upright on the floor of the van. Thanks to his massive cheeks shredding his shorts, he didn’t need to take them off. Instead, he tugged his underwear out of his crack and positioned his still-growing ass so that it hovered over the dildo. He took a deep breath to pump himself up, and started to plunge the large cock inside of himself.

    “OOOhhh!” Joshua moaned loudly as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. His giant ass magically took in the extra-large dildo as if he were a regular pro. There was no pain or discomfort as the stud worked the dildo deep inside of himself. Having something up his large ass was unlike anything he’d ever felt before. No amount of fucking chicks or getting blowjobs could compare to the fireworks shooting throughout his body as he took in the dildo.

    The stud winced when his cheeks hit the floor, meaning that he’d taken in the entirety of the large dildo. His hard cock pressed against the front of his shorts, but it was quickly forgotten when the stud grabbed a strong hold of the base of the dildo and began to toy with it. He howled and wiggled his hips, feeling his inflated cheeks jiggling as he pumped the fake cock in and out of his bubblebutt. His hips bucked like a wild animal and he couldn’t see straight as he played with his giant ass, thankful that the doors to the van were closed and no one could see him.

    “Uunnghh!” Joshua spasmed as his untouched cock sprayed his load. A cold wave brushed over his toned body and the stud let go of the dildo, shuddering as the heavy object slipped out of his hole and fell back to the floor of the van with a loud thud. There was an uneasy feeling of emptiness, but it passed as the stud started to come back to his senses.

    His heart fell as he realized that he’d just fucked himself silly with a dildo— and he’d loved it. His hole still tingled with want and he could feel himself getting hard all over again at the prospect of doing it once more.

    Joshua took a deep breath and took a step towards the door, wincing at the jiggling he still felt. The hunk looked back at his ass and felt the blood drain from his face. His ass was obscenely large. It looked like he had over-inflated beachballs attached to his back, and they jutted out from his lower back at a near ninety degree angle, looking like a shelf. Worse was that his shorts couldn’t cover them and his cheeks presented themselves through the tattered remains of his clothes for all to see.

    The stud whimpered as he envisioned himself walking throughout the rest of his days, towing this massive ass behind him, looking like a complete gay freak. However, his eyes caught sight of the dildo that rested on the floor by his feet, and he felt his cock start to twitch to life again, and he unconsciously flexed his inflated asscheeks.

    “Fuck it,” Joshua moaned as he grabbed the dildo and started round two.

    – – – –

    This was a request. If you have a picture of a stud you’d like me to TF, then message me or send me an Ask!


    I requested this story from @ultram0th2 and it turned out amazing. Go check his stuff out!!! He’s highly underrated


    Make sure you’re writing what YOU want to write and not what other people want you to. Nothing makes a story hotter than the writer being passionate when writing it

    Oh, of course random anon! As I’ve mentioned before, I only like to write stories that I want to write, that’s why my blog is filled with random kinky content.

    But as long as you bring this up, this should be made into a public announcement. As all of you readers have hopefully heard a billion times by now, we writers are not your writers. Yes, we create stories you like and yes, sometimes an author will go through with a request sent in--but this isn’t always the case. 

    Make sure you treat your favorites writers with respect because not only are they doing this out of the kindness of their hearts, but they have the courage to share their work with you. It’s a hard, strenuous process, so please thank them for their work and for distributing it to the public.


    Whats your star sign? Or Myers Briggs?

    I try not to believe in these kind of things but I do know/have done them because I have friends who are super into it haha.

    I’m an Aries

    My myers briggs is ISFJ

    BONUS ROUND: My enneagram is 9w1

    Do what you will with that information

    This is the last question i’ll answer tonight just cause I feel like i’m being spammy. I’ll finish off the last few tomorrow! Thank you everyone, i have so much fun doing these :)


    Fav type of Setting. Example tf in a office school etc

    That’s a great question

    For me, my favourite settings tend to be settings I relate to in some way. Whether it be an office, school/college or a hotel, I have personal memories for those settings which I can draw from. Obviously, that won’t always be the case. But it’s definitely what I gravitate towards.

    To answer your question, you pretty much nailed it. I’d say offices and college/school would be my favourite settings for tfs. Cause I can most easily put myself in the shoes of those characters cause I‘ve spent a lot of my life in those settings.

    Damn, I can’t believe you guessed my answer.


    Who are some of your favourite transformation blogs?

    Ooooo, I’ve always been scared to answer this question. I don’t want to create a long list of writers, cause then I’ll inevitably leave out some writers that I love. And from personal experience, being left out of these kinds of lists HURTS hahahaha. So, i’m limiting my list to one writer. That writer being:


    I’ll leave it at that for the reasons i’ve stated above. Hope you understand haha.


    If you could transform yourself how would you want to end up looking?

    The age old question hahaha.

    I’d probably be blonde, have a huge juicy ass, a nice set of fuckable pecs and I’d be very very VERY dumb. The most perfect empty-headed fuckable himbo. So dumb and horny all the time. I’d be too dumb and incompetent to work any generic job. So, i’d just be a dumb cam boy. Then ideally, a hot dominant guy would come along and i’d be his fuckable trophy husband.

    That sounds pretty good to me, don’t you think?

    There’s some other asks i’ve gotten relating to this question, so to avoid repetition, i’ll skip the repeats.


    What got you into these kinds of stories? (BTW you're doing awesome)

    I honestly don’t even remember how I discovered the tf community haha.

    I’ve been around for a long while. Since 2014 I think. And I started writing in 2020, so I was a long term lurker haha. As for how I found the tf community, I was just browsing the internet and I ran into muscle growth stuff, then that led to celebrity tfs and then to himbo tfs. I just lurked and didn’t interact/DM/create an throwaway or anything, I just observed.

    As for why I started writing? There was no real reason. I remember just being really bored in quarantine, so I just decided to write a story of my own. I didn’t really have a plan. I definitely didn’t think i’d still be writing now. It was just a way of passing the time. But as more people found me, I became more motivated to keep it up.

    And here we are. I genuinely think I have such an amazingly loyal following. Like it’s crazy that people support every one of my posts. You guys are amazing :)


    What's your favorite type of tf to read/write?

    I’ve always been really into three types of tfs:

    1. Mental Changes

    2. Ass Growth

    3. Pec Growth

    I’m sure this doesn’t come as a surprise to any longtime followers. These themes basically show up in every one of my stories.

    There’s just something about a guy’s ass/pecs fattening up and becoming so sensitive to the point where he can’t even hide how fuckable he is anymore. And then mental changes are just the cherry on top. They tie the whole tf together and let us imagine what will happen to the character after the story ends. Not to mention that it’s just hot to see a guy turn into the complete opposite of what he used to be.

    I feel like those 3 themes are staples of my work at this point haha