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    man you know what is just as bad as men-hate-their-wives-lol jokes? parents-hate-their-kids-lol jokes. i cannot STAND how many memes and posts i’m seeing from parents who are upset that they have to spend quarantine time with their kids & homeschool them for a month or two… like why did you have kids if you’d rather lock them in a basement than teach them…

    Saw someone on fb post “teachers after this quarantine if u see my child flinch when u raise ur hand..mind ya business” and not a single person criticized it like hahaha yes child abuse is so funny

    Too many people have kids because it’s an expected life stage.

    They don’t want those kids. It’s just the thing you do.


    As a teacher, I tell you, DO NOT have children just because “it’s what is expected of you”.

    They are people, with their own personality, wants, and needs.

    And raising a child costs a lot of money. A LOT! Much more than you must be thinking right now.

    They also cost your time and freedom, the ability to just do whatever you want whenever you feel like it.


    I especially see it when people are talking about their autistic kids, they’ll insist they love them but then go on to list all the things they hate about them

    Reblogging for that last one

    the receptionist was so scandalized when i told her my male cat was named daffodil. “but that’s a flower” she kept saying “why would you name a boy after a flower” like lady…’s a cat…..

    like when i went in she went “and here’s little miss daffodil” and i corrected her with “actually, he’s a boy” and the woman just fucking short circuited. “you named a boy cat daffodil?” “yes.” “but that’s a girl’s name” like lady….it’s a flower


    Wait, there’s physical copies of Fallout Equestria? That’d have to be massive.

    The first run was five hardbacks of progressively increasing girth. The stack is hefty, but the books are comfortable. Each chapter has chapter art too, which I consider a plus in all fantasy books.

    Later runs were single-book softcover monstrosities. I think I saw another five-volume hardback run recently, but I’m not deeply involved in the fandom anymore.

    The second print run was two volumes, hardback, with jackets.  Dunno about any subsequent runs.

    I still think the 5-volume split was the best option.  It’s a big damn story.

    (For anyone who hasn’t read it: yes, that’s a functional replica of the main character’s go-to weapon.  No, I didn’t customize it like that; I bought it from the person who did.)

    anon PLEASE tell me your teacher is the author of this

    Ok, I Kind of hate that I know this, but I’m pretty sure that anon’s teacher did NOT write the books the others are showing off. He wrote the darker, edgier and somehow even longer fanfic OF that fanfic called Project Horizons.

    Original Fallout Equestria was written by someone known as Kkat who I’m 90% sure is a woman and the story only has some PG-13ish scenes at worst (you know, aside from the violence and gore that comes with a Fallout setting.) Project Horizons was written by a guy known as Somber, who I remember him mentioning in the post-chapter notes that he got fired for failing the wrong student once and the fic itself includes multiple explicit sex scenes.

    it’s important to me u know what the 3rd printing looks like<>. please note the gilded pages

    one of tumblr’s secret trump cards is its ability to deliver absolutely OBLITERATING gut punches like this post without any context or warning whatsoever

    it’s crazy cause stuff like this cost money to build and install… put the money towards fixing the actual issue

    This is wildly unjust and disgusting. If you see these in your community, please say something. Speak to your local organizers and get involved in whatever capacity you’re able.

    This level of policing property is toxic. It’s anti-human.

    a lot of things like this are also designed to be “artsy”. if you see weird abstract chairs or futuristic styles of subway benches or statues / boulders in little alcoves, a lot of it is intentional to keep people from being able to sit comfortably or lay down in that space. ex:

    just remember, “poverty” is a social construct. when the economy collapses, the farms don’t disappear. goods don’t vanish from the stores. poverty is created through exclusion. it is violence. so when you see articles about how the pandemic could “plunge billions into poverty,” please remember that it’s not the virus that’s creating poverty.

    if i have a warehouse stored full of grain, and a drought wipes out your crops, it’s not the climate that’s making you starve, it’s me with my refusal to share my stockpile.

    indirect violence is still violence

    my little brother came into my room last night to tell me that he was gonna sew a stack of my mom’s saltine crackers together through the little holes and then left again

    i ended up distracting my parents so he could put the crackers back in the little sleeve like hed only taken one from the top. i dont know if anybodys found them yet but i talked to him about it later and it turns out that theyre sewn together TIGHTLY. like. the ENTIRE stack through ALL the holes

    it has been three days and my mom has still not discovered the sewed together cracker stack in the box in the cupboard

    I’m DESPERATE to see the sewn crackers

    i have no idea how he accomplished this

    there seems to be some confusion on how old my little brother is. my little brother is 19, one year younger than me, and is majoring in three separate subjects in uni. he just likes to cause problems on purpose

    That strange feeling of longing when you are at a train station, in a 24/7 open market, when you are buying a coke from a vending machine, watching the city lights glow from your window, when you’re walking aimlessly on a busy street after 5 pm, that feeling as if something is missing in your life and it will never come back although it was never there in the first place; that inexplicable urban sadness.

    This is an actual thing in anthropology and urbanism guys!

    Marc Auge explained how when we shifted from modernity to what he calls “supermodernity” we ended up creating “non-places”. They’re the opposite of place, as in they’re places with no real identity, and have no real emotional connection with the users. They’re there to fulfil a specific need and that’s it. It’s places like gas station, metro station and supermarkets, places where you go and you feel so detached, like everything is out of place. (The name of the book is  "Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity" it’s really interesting)

    Rem Koolhaas also has a similar concept called Junkspaces, which are basically spaces that are born out of a capitalistic lifestyle, where everything is about selling and being bigger and more. Like malls and airports, and most big buildings. It’s places that are empty, that tend to cut you off from the outside world and have no real connection to the users other than functionality. He also talked about the struggle of identity and city planning in Asian cities specifically in his essay “the generic city” and talks about how a lack of identity can lead to “empty” cities and this “urban sadness” op was talking about