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    This is the Baby Bible! Thank you so much!!!

    Diapering Easton (Part 1)

    The weekend had come after a long work week though it hardly seemed like a regular weekend. I had unfortunately agreed to let my co-workers son stay the weekend at my house while his mom took a much needed weekend out of town with her boyfriend. I’d known Danielle for a few years now through the company we worked for though I’d not seen her more than once until we were both transferred to the same branch about 6 months ago. She was a hard worker and enjoyed staying physically active. Her boyfriend’s name was Chuck though I’d never met him, and their 13 year-old son’s name was Easton. I’d seen family photos of him and Danielle on her Facebook from time to time but never paid much attention.

    I’d hoped Easton would have gotten cuter as time went along over the last few years but no luck. He was rather hard to describe and I’d never actually met him in person so I could only guess when he looked like today. In just about every photo I saw of him he was in a sports uniform, be it football, basketball, or baseball. At least that kept him skinny and in good shape, but lanky was a better description. He has relatively short blonde hair, blue eyes, and a rather unique look about him. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the weekend because I knew he would want to go to the gym, run, play basketball, or something like that. When it comes to the weekend, I’m all about staying home and watching TV.

    Just as expected, about an hour after I had gotten home Friday after work, Danielle and Easton dropped by, Easton carrying his gym bag and backpack full of clothes and his toothbrush I’m sure. I opened the door and laid eyes on him, completely taken back from what I had expected. There stood a gorgeous 13 year-old Easton who had grow into his long lanky body perfectly. He was 5'9" and about 140 pounds of pure muscle. I had to snap myself out the trance he had put me in before his mom saw, or who knows what would have happened.

    “Well come on in,” I said as I opened the storm door. “Hey, funny seeing you again,” Danielle said joking around since I’d seen her only a few hours earlier. “Hey Easton, you all set for the weekend?” I asked, looking at him, still caught by his boyish beauty. “Yeah, I guess,” he replied, in a shy manner while looking around my living room. “Go take a look in the backyard,” I said as I pointed to the door on the other side of the living room that led to the backyard. I had an above ground pool that I rarely used but always kept ready to go should I ever want to jump in and cool down. “Holy crap, you have a pool!? Can I go swimming? Mom? Can I?” he said as he just about jumped out of his skin.

    “Yeah, sure, go for it,” I said while glancing at him mom, making sure I had her approval. “Go jump in, I gotta talk to your babysitter anyway,” Danielle remarked with a grin on her face. “Mom!” Easton exclaimed, obviously quite adverse to having a ‘babysitter.’ He ran outside and stripped off his shirt, shoes, socks, and pants. Of course he was wearing basketball shorts under his pants, what athlete doesn’t I guess, I thought to myself. No sooner than I turned back to talk to his mom than I hear Easton make a big splash. “So yeah, we’re all set then?” I asked Danielle. “Yep, here’s a list of contact info just in case, if anything bad happens, give me a call. If I don’t answer, Chuck’s number is on there too, so is the hotel’s,” she finished. “Alright, well you two drive safe, we’ll be here,” I said as I ushered her out the door.

    I watched Danielle get into her car and drive away, all the while hearing Easton splashing about in the pool. I walked into the kitchen and looked out the small window over the sink to see what he was up to. Wow, I thought to myself, he sure was something else. He was splashing and moving about, diving under water and back up again. The water glistened on his smooth tan skin. It was at this moment, I hatched my plan to turn him into a diaper boy.

    I’d been into diapers since I was about 10 years old. I loved wearing them, using them to their max, and secretly wearing them in public. I thought it was cool wearing something I wasn’t supposed to in public around others without anyone knowing. Sometimes, as a teenager, I would even go to the grocery store by my house just so I could change my diaper in their family restroom. These days though I had migrated into the daddy role and found more satisfaction from babying other little guys instead of wearing diapers myself. I had painted one of my guest rooms a light baby blue and built an adult size changing table, crib, and a baby bouncer that could hold up to 250 lbs. The room was well stocked with diapers, wipes, little clothes of all sizes, and everything else needed to turn a big boy into a little boy.

    I went to the room, input the code in the cipher lock on the door, and walked in, heading straight for the diaper shelf. I grabbed an open package of generic white diapers that I figured would fit Easton perfectly, and headed toward the guest bathroom, closing the door to the little room behind me. I put the opened bag of diapers on the floor in the guest bathroom, making them impossible to miss, then grabbed a towel and headed out to the deck.

    “I got you a towel for when you’re ready to get out,” I said as I held the towel up and placed it on the deck railing near the pool. “I’ll put your things in your room, alright?” I said as I grabbed his gym bag and backpack and headed inside, not really expecting an answer, closing the deck door behind me. The guest room that he would be staying in was right next to the little room, however this room had a proper bed, dresser, etc. I dropped his things on his bed and turned to leave before I turned right back around and grabbed his backpack, opening it gently. I knew it would take time for Easton to get out and dry off, if he was even ready to get out, and I’d hear him if he came in the door, so I went on a quiet and gentle search for his boy sized undies. Only a second later I found them, sure enough he was still wearing whitey tighties.

    I pulled out a pair, a little sad that they were clean and gave them a feel, then a smell. They were soft and smelled like laundry detergent and fabric softener. I lovingly enjoyed their feel and smell for a moment before sticking them back in his bag and zipping it closed.

    I left his room and went to the living room to watch TV. About 15 minutes later I saw a soaking wet teenage boy emerge from the pool. He was in outstanding shape, his boyish pecks were defined and he sported an amazing six-pack and god like V line that descended into his shorts. Even his calves were defined, he was a real piece of work; not quite a boy but not quite a man. I watched him dry off and head to the door, holding his clothes and shoes he had taken off earlier. “Where should I put these?” He asked, after opening the door. “Just put them in your room, its down the hall,” I said as I pointed down the hall behind me. “Go take a shower and get that pool smell off you, then get dressed. There is a dry towel already in there. We’re not going anywhere so you don’t have to get dressed up or anything.”

    “Okay, I brought my own body wash,” he said as he went to his room, then into the bathroom. I heard him close the door and the shower turn on. I figured it would just be a matter of time until curiosity got the best of him and he began to explore the opened package on the floor.

    After ten or so minutes, I heard the shower turn off. A minute later the bathroom door opened and Easton walked to his room to get dressed. As soon as he went into his room, he came out dressed in basketball shorts, a t-shirt, and socks. “Did you eat yet?” I asked. “Yeah, I’m good. Could go for something to drink though,” he said. “Alright, follow me,” I said as we went into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and said he could get whatever he wanted. We both grabbed a Coke and went back to the living room to watch TV. Easton didn’t say much, he just kept looking at his Coke, obviously thinking about something. “Do you wear diapers?” he asked finally. “Occasionally, just for fun. Why do you ask?” I replied. “I… I found some in the bathroom,” he said.

    “You know, you’re right, I must have left some in the guest bathroom, my bad,” I said. “You wear them for fun?” he asked with a very surprised voice, “what’s fun about diapers?”

    “Well, there’s one way to find out,” I said as I hopped up and disappeared into the hallway. I quickly walked into the bathroom, grabbed a diaper, and then walked back to the living room. “You’re up, champ,” I said as I tossed it right at him.“ He caught it with both hands and gave it a gentle squeeze, feeling it and listening to the sound it made. His face almost immediately went red. "Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, what happens here, stays here,” I said as I sat back on the couch and picked up the remote, pretending I wasn’t interested in whether he put it on or not.

    “How do I put it on?” he said with genuine confusion about him as he began to slowly unfold his diaper. “I’m sure you’ll figure it out,” I said again, in a relatively disinterested manner, trying too play off how much I wanted to see him wearing a diaper. Easton stood up and slowly and walked to his room, still examining his diaper, looking at the taps, and figuring out how he would go about putting it on himself.

    I heard the door close behind him and I could only imagine how cute he must have looked, naked on my guest bed, taping up his first diaper in a good ten years. I kept the volume on the TV low so I could hear as much as possible, but couldn’t hear a lot with the door closed.

    A few minutes later I heard the door open and Easton walking slowly towards the living room. He stopped at the entry way to the living room and I turned around. Easter stood there, fully clothed but obviously padded under his big boy pants. He couldn’t help buy smile then a moment later we both started laughing. “Well, how is it?” I asked as he walked back into the living room. “Weird… It’s super soft, feels like I’m wearing a cloud,” He said, still exploring the padding he was wearing under his shorts.

    “I’m glad to see you’re curious enough to try new things,” I said as he sat down in the chair next to the couch, “Better drink that Coke and put that diaper to good use then.” Oh lord, the shock on his face was unmistakable and actually pretty adorable. “What do you mean?” he said with a bit of fear and shock, already well aware of the answer. “Well silly, you know what diapers are for, so putting them to good use is part of the fun. Besides, you can drink as much as you want and not have to take a potty break.” I said to reassure him.

    Easton sat there silently, looking at his Coke, probably trying to figure out how he had gone from swimming to wearing a diaper. “Don’t worry dude, I won’t tell anyone, remember?” I said, “now what do you want to watch, I’ve got Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+.”

    “Just whatever is okay with me, I’m going to play a game on my phone anyway,” Easton said as he pulled out his phone and started messing around on it. I kept watching my show and tried to ignore him so as not to put him off at all. Maybe 15 minutes later he asked if he could get another soda. I stood up and went into the kitchen to get him another Coke and returned with that and a big glass of water. “You get the Coke after you drink the water. All the swimming in the hot sun can dehydrate you without you knowing,” I said, both of us with a smile on our faces. He knew I was just giving him water so he’d wet his diaper. I assumed that smile meant he had accepted that he would use his diaper as I had instructed.

    Sure enough he downed the glass of water so I traded him the empty glass for his Coke. He cracked it open and took a sip as I put the glass back in the kitchen and returned to the couch.

    About 45 minutes later I noticed he was moving about in his chair, unable to sit still. “You doing alright buddy?” I asked. “I can’t go pee,” he said, “it’s too wierd.”

    “Stand up and go look out the window, relax, and it will just happen,” I said. I knew exactly what he meant. The first few times I had worn training pants when I was about his age, I had a hard time wetting them at first too. Sure enough, he put his phone down, stood up, and went over to the window to look out on the backyard. About a minute later I heard him exhale along with the unmistakable sound of a jet stream of piss letting loose in his diaper. He must have really had to do because he kept peeing for a while. He finally stopped and began squeezing his crotch, feeling the soaked diaper between his legs, a sensation he’d not felt since he was a toddler.

    He turned around and went for his chair, still feeling the front of his diaper. “Wow,” he said with a smile as he sat down, still exploring. He pulled up the waistband of his shorts and slipped his hand inside, feeling the front of his soaked diaper with his bare hand. “It’s so smooth and warm,” he said with a grin on his face. “See, I told you they were fun,” I said.

    “Well what do I do now,” he asked. “What do you mean?” I answered. “Don’t I need a diaper change or something?” He continued. “Well your diaper can hold quite a lot more, unless you really want one,” I explained. “Oh… well how long until I can take it off?” He asked. I noticed the change in his language as he went from 'diaper change’ to just 'taking it off,’ so I jumped at the opportunity.

    “Alright then little guy, I can see you want that wet diaper off you, lets go get you a diaper change,” I said in a happy cheerful voice as I motioned him to follow me down the hall. He jumped up and followed me right away as we passed his bedroom and I input the code in the cipher lock on the little room. I opened the door and said, “Alright, come on little guy, lets get you a diaper change.” Easton walked into the room and looked all around, seeing the changing table, crib, diapers, toys, etc. “What’s all this?” he said. “Well what’s the point of wearing diapers like a baby unless you can have everything else that comes along with it?” I asked.

    “I’m not a baby though…” Easton said, followed with his mouth wide open, just about speechless at what he was seeing. “Relax little guy, you’re wearing a diaper like a baby, you wet your diaper like a baby, so you should be treated just like a baby. Just go with it, it looks like you were enjoying yourself in the living room…” I said as I motioned him to the changing table. He was about as red as a strawberry, looking very small in the room with over-sized furniture. “You won’t tell?” he finally said. “Of course not, we’re just having fun,” I reassured him.

    After a second he walked over to the changing table and continued looking around the room. “Alright baby boy, big boy clothes off,” I instructed him, “do you need help or can you handle it?” Easton stripped off his shirt and dropped his shorts, allowing them to fall to the floor, exposing his soaked diaper. He wrestled with his shorts as he kicked them off, leaving him standing there wearing nothing but his socks and diaper. I did everything I could to control my raging boner. Easton was just magnificent as he showed off his well toned and muscular thin figure. He was perfectly tanned from his chest to his calves, and coincidentally the only thing in the world that could have made him cuter was wearing a soaked diapers. “Hop up,” I said as I patted the pad on the changing table. He did just that and laid down, still looking around at the room and occasionally back at me.

    “Look who’s got a wet diaper up here,” I said in a playful nurturing voice as a poked him in his tummy. He giggled, turning his attention to me and I reached into one of the drawers of the changing table and pulled out a Nuk 6 size pacifier. “Here you go baby boy, every little guy needs a paci,” I said and I stuck a red paci in his mouth, which he began sucking on right away. “Now lets get this little guy a diaper change,” I said as I turned my attention to his wet diaper. I gently rubbed the front of it, slightly squeezing it to feel its wetness, causing him to jump. I don’t imagine anyone has touched his crotch like that so his reaction was to be expected. “Relax little guy, you’re alright,” I said, again in a nurturing voice.

    I continued running my fingers along his diaper, soaking in every moment of how amazing he looked wearing a wet diaper, laying on my changing table. “Lets just see how wet you really are,” I said to give me an excuse to continue feeling his diaper. After a moment I began un-taping his diaper and then pulled it down between his legs, exposing a fully erect and hairless Easton. “Looks like someone is excited” I said, “it’s okay baby Easton, sometimes little guys get excited in their diapers.” I looked up to see his eyes glued on me, probably wondering how he’d gotten himself into such an embarrassing and vulnerable position. I was a little surprised to see his diaper area with without hair. I was sure at his age I had pubes but I couldn’t exactly think straight because I couldn’t take my eyes, or my mind, off his cute little boy cock.

    He had been so open minded that he had put on a diaper without much hesitation, and was now letting a grown man he had only known for a little over 2 hours see him naked. I wondered if I could get away with sucking his 3.5 inch little cock right then and there. I amazingly held back and decided to not risk it.

    “Lets just get you cleaned up and put into a dry diaper,” I said as I pulled out some baby wipes and began pulling a few of them out. I set the package down and grabbed a wipe and began wiping down his diaper area, steering clear of his boy cock, saving that for last. I used a second one to clean his balls and between his thighs, then took the third one and wrapped it around his fully erect boyhood. This caused Easton to take a deep breath in, surely as a result of someone else touching his dick. I began cleaning his boyhood gently, but threw in the occasional pump of his cock just to hear him moan. “Legs up,” I said, which he did immediately so I could pull the back of his wet diaper out from under his perfectly round boy butt. This left him laying completely naked; this wasn’t a boy at all, Easton was nothing less than a god.

    “Alright baby boy, lets pick a new diaper for you,” I said as I walked over to the floor to ceiling diaper cabinet. “How about a special blue diaper, this should last you until bedtime,” I said and I grabbed a North Shore Care Supreme from the shelf. “This might be a bit big on you but better too big than too small,” I explained as I turned around holding the diaper only to see Easton playing with himself. “Well, it looks like someone is excited for a reason,” I said with a smile across my face. Easton quickly moved his hand back to his side, trying to play it off as nothing. “Easton, I told you, if you’re going to wear a diaper like a baby then I’m going to treat you like one,” I said in a playful but scolding voice. “What baby do you know that is allowed to play with his pee pee?” I asked as I moved up close to him.

    Easton just laid there, sucking on his paci, not sure of what to do. “Well I suppose before we get you diapered, we better take care of that stiffy,” I said as I eyed his boy cock. Now was the time, it just had to be now… Without a second of warning I bent down and took all 3.5 inches of his boyhood in my mouth and began pleasuring him to my fullest ability so as to not give him any choice but to enjoy it. Sure enough, he didn’t protest, he just laid back and let out some obvious moans of pleasure.

    I thought to myself this must be the first time someone have sucked his little dick. It took only 60 seconds for him to shoot a boy sized load of cum in my mouth, accompanied by a loud boyish scream of pleasure. As I swallowed the little cum he had shot in my mouth I couldn’t help but smile and even laugh a little. After he settled down I stood up and searched for another baby wipe to get him cleaned up. “I hope that will teach you to not play with your pee pee while you’re in diapers. If you need some touchie time, just tell me and I’ll take care of it, okay,” I said in my continued nurturing voice.

    Easton didn’t say anything, he just laid there breathing hard, trying to catch his breath. As I stood there imaging what I would like to do to him, I unfolded the diaper I’d chosen for him to wear next. “Legs up, baby boy,” I instructed him. Still breathing hard he lifted his legs like he had done before, as I slid the diaper under his bottom. Reaching into a drawer I pulled out a tube of Destin diaper cream and some baby powder. I was happy that I’d get to diaper him this time properly. After a second I reached down and also grabbed a tube of lube and a container of suppositories. I handed him the baby powder and asked, “When was the last time you smelled baby powder?” I wasn’t too particularly interested in the answer, but needed an extra second to retrieve a suppository and open the lube without Easton catching on. I wasn’t sure he would be so quick to mess a diaper so I figure I would sneak this one past him.

    “Alright little guy, time for some diaper cream. This is so you don’t get a rash for wearing a wet diaper. I’m not going to change you until bedtime, alright?” I explained as I squeezed a little lube onto the tip of my finger. “It might be a little cold so just relax,” I said as I touched my finger to his tight virgin boihole. Easton didn’t move an inch, still sucking on his paci and examining the baby powder bottle. I rubbed in the lube and pushed my finger ever so slightly into his bottom, then slowly inserted the suppository, disguising it as part of my finger. I opened the diaper rash cream and squeezed out a generous portion onto my index and middle finger, knowing he would soon need it. I took my time to gently apply it evenly, over his hole and the entire area between his perfectly round bottom globes.

    I grabbed a diaper wipe to clean off my hands then wiped the remaining little bit on the inside front of his diaper. “Baby powder time,” I said as I reached for the bottom, which Easton handed me right away. He sat up on his forearms and said through his paci, “I wanna watch.” I smiled and sprinkled plenty of baby powder over the front of his diaper area. I slowly began rubbing it in, starting from the sides, moving to his thighs, then to his boy parts. He had since gone soft but obviously enjoyed me rubbing the powder into his little dick and balls. He looked absolutely adorable laying there with powder and cream throughout his crotch, sucking on his paci. I wondered to myself what else I’d get him to suck on before the weekend was over. “Here we go, baby Easton,” I said and I pulled his diaper up between his legs, making sure it was a perfect fit, then taped it into place. Not only did blue look great on him, but the small sized adult diaper was a magnificent fit on him.

    “Uppies,” I said, motioning him to sit up and move towards the edge of the changing table. Easton did as instructed and started to stand up with the room filled with the noise of the crinkles from his diaper. “Up we go,” I continued as I embarrassed him confidently with a hug. I could feel his nervous arms reaching around me as I did to him. I padded his padded bottom and said, “Good boy,” to praise him for following directions. “We better get you dressed then, huh?” I said in a nurturing voice. Easton looked down at his shorts and shirt as I moved to the closet door and opened it up. “No, no, baby boy, these clothes are much more appropriate,” I continued as I turned on the closet light and showcased the colorful onesies, footie jammies, and shortalls. “Do you wanna pick?” What’s your favorite color?“ I asked to a motionless Easton standing there in complete surprise.

    After a few second of awkward silence I grabbed a red onesie, with black seams and white sleeves. "This one would look super cute on you, baby boy,” I said as I took a step closer to him, “here we go, arms up.” Easton put his arms in the air and I slipped his onesie right over his tall and toned physique. I used one hand to feel his chest and tummy and the other to lower his onesie down his torso. “Lets get you all snapped up. Can you help me count?” I asked as I pulled the back of his onesie under his diaper and began snapping it to the front. Easton not only counted quietly with his paci still in his mouth, but he used his fingers too. “Good boy, now some shortalls and you’ll be all set. You’ll be daddy’s perfect little guy,” I encouraged and I turned around and picked a standard pair of shortalls with a cloth Charizard Pokemon on the front.

    Easton continued to stand there sucking on his paci and not protesting as I got down on one knee so he could step into his outfit. I guess it was self explanatory because Easton stepped into his shortalls without any prompting. I stood up slowly, pulling his shortalls up his skinny almost hairless legs as I went until I positioned it over his diaper area, then pulled the straps over his shoulders and buckled them into place. “Awww, well look at you… don’t you look just adorable?” I said, wanting to further encourage him for letting me dress him up like a baby. I booped him on the nose and he let out the cutest little giggle. I grabbed a paci clip from on top of the dresser and looped it around his paci, that remained firmly in his mouth, and clipped it to his shortalls. “Hmmm… something is missing. Oh, I know,” I said in a playful voice. I went back to the closet and grabbed a floppy stuffed teddy bear and handed it to Easton. “Every little guy needs a stuffie,” I said as he embarrassed the plush bear with both arms.

    “Alright little guy, take a minute to look at yourself in the mirror,” I said while further opening the closet door to display the full-size mirror, “and come out to the living room when you’re ready.” I exited the room and closed the door, purposely giving him some alone time to explore his diaper, paci, and little clothes. I didn’t hear a sound as I sat down on the couch and returned to watching TV. A million thoughts entered my mind about the possibilities for the weekend as I looked down, seeing I still had a raging boner. I wondered if I could quickly rub one out before Easton made his way to the living room, but that thought was dashed as I heard the little room door slowly open. I heard Easton taking small slow steps down the hallway, along with the muffled crinkles of his diaper. “What do ya say, champ?” I said once he reached the entry way into the living room. “This is weird, I can’t believe I’m wearing a diaper and dressed like a baby,” he softly said, in a much more submissive voice than he had earlier that day.

    “You’re too adorable, little Easton. I’ll bet you’re thirsty after that diaper change, you want me to get you something to drink?” I said as I patted the seat next to me on the couch. Easton shrugged his shoulders, nodded his head, and walked over to the couch as I stood up and walked toward the kitchen. I grabbed a baby bottle out of the cabinet and filled it with milk, returning to the living room promptly. His eyes got big when he saw the bottle. I could only imagine the thoughts going through his teenage head. I sat down next to him and used my arm to lay him down with his head in my lap. I pulled his paci out of his mouth and stuck his bottle right in. I gave him a great big smile while running my fingers through his dirty blonde hair, cradling his head with my upper arm. “Good boy,” I said in a soft voice as Easton, the former teenage sports star drank milk from a baby bottle.

    I could feel him relaxing more and more and settling into his new role as a diaper boy. “All gone!” I said when he finished his bottle, and he sat up where he had been sitting. “Here’s the remote, how about you find a Disney movie to watch while I bring some toys out from the little room,” I said as I stood up and headed down the hallway. I grabbed a box of toys and a blanket from the closet and headed back into the living room. Easton was still looking for a movie so I spread the blanket out on the floor between the coffee table and TV, then put the box of toys in the center.

    “Can we watch Cars 3?” he asked. “Sure,” I said with a smile. He started the movie and put the remote on the table. “Come on down here baby boy, I got some toys for you to play with,” I said as I motioned him to the blanket. He stood up and made his way over. “What about your teddy?” I asked, “don’t forget him on the couch.” Easton went back for his stuffie then sat down on the blanket and looked into the box. “These are all baby toys,” he protested. I laughed, “Well what did you expect baby Easton?” He thought for a second and shrugged his shoulders before he began pulling out some blocks. I returned to the couch and sat down, all too eager to watch my baby boy enjoy being a little diaper boy.

    He played with the over-sided blocks, building tower after tower, and knocking them down when he wanted to build something else. After a bit he began laying down on the floor, facing the TV, giving me an excellent view of his cute little diapered bottom that was so pronounced under his shortalls. He player with action figures, seeming building a block fort and staffing it with soldiers. He took one in each hand and used difference voices to they could talk to each other.

    After about 30 minutes he got onto his knees, facing away from me, and did only what I assumed was wet his diaper. Those two Cokes and that glass of water were catching up with him. A few seconds later he kind of flinched and turned around to look at me. He dropped his paci out of his month, caught by his paci clip, and said, “I have to go to the bathroom.”

    I looked at him with raised eyebrows and waited a second, raising them further, expecting my facial expression to be enough of an answer. “Can I get changed so I can go to the bathroom?” he continued. I knew that suppository must be taking effect and he was holding back from making a mess in his diaper. “You mean you want to use the big boy potty?” I asked in a babyish sounding voice. “You’re wearing your bathroom, little guy,” I continued. “What?! But…” he trailed off. “But I can’t… I…” He continued.

    “Baby Easton, do you have to make a poopy in your diaper?” I asked him, already knowing the answer. “I have to go in my diaper?” He asked, still unwilling to consider going poop in anything but the toilet. “You’re wearing a diaper, honey, that’s what it’s for,” I answered. I could tell Easton was thinking about a million miles a second so instead of let him think about it too much, I stood up and walked over to him and offered my hand. “Come on baby boy,” I said gently.

    He took my hand, stood up, and followed me down the hallway and into the little room. “Lets get you in your baby bouncer, that will help you make your mess,” I said. “But…” he said, probably thinking I was going to take him out of his diaper and let him use the big boy potty. Without letting him continue I said, “Come on, then.” I helped him get situated in the custom made seat, I could tell he would get a good bounce from the springs. By the look on his face I could tell he was doing everything he could to hold in his mess.

    I pulled the shoulder straps over his shoulders to strap him in, then pulled the seat down so he could get a good bounce. “Come on, Easton, I’m sure you get the idea of how a baby bouncer works,” I said, “…so lets see it, champ.” I stuck his paci back into his mouth and Easton began bouncing up and down. I grabbed the remote for the small TV that was mounted on the wall and turned on some cartoons. “You alright?” I asked. Easton nodded his head while sucking on his paci, his face growing red as he continued to hold the impending mess that would soon fill the back of his diaper. “Alright then, I’ll leave you to bounce and watch some cartoons. Make your poopies and I’ll come back in when you’re done.” I said as I closed the door behind me.

    No sooner had I heard the click of the door close, did I hear Easton exhale and let out a sigh of relief. I was a little disappointed that I’d missed it but it was a long weekend and knew it was a minor miracle that I’d got him this far into my fantasy. Instead of going back in right away, I returned to the living room to wait for a bit. I figured Easton would bounce in his messy diaper some more and he’d get more comfortable in wearing a messy diaper.

    A few minutes later I heard faint sounds coming from the little room so I quietly headed down the hall. As I got closer I could hear Easton calling, “Daddy… daddy…” I couldn’t help but smile. He’d really gotten into a head space, I thought. Instead of going nuts and trying to get out of the bouncer himself, he called for me, still in his role as a diaper boy.

    “Yes, little guy?” I answered as I opened the little room door. I could smell that Easton has made a mess in diaper, it was pretty obvious. “I made poopies, daddy,” he said in a submissive voice. “Awe, good boy…” I said in an encouraging voice as I unstrapped the baby bouncer’s shoulder straps. “Can you show me your bouncies?” I asked, wanting to see how cute this little teenage god would look, bouncing in his messy diaper. Easton obliged and gave me a few bounces, more than enough to make sure his mess was spread all over in his diaper.

    “Good boy, lets get you out of your bouncer and back to playing with your toys,” I said. “Don’t I get a diaper change now?” he asked. “Nope, that diaper will last you until bedtime,” I replied, but quickly followed with, “But if you’re a good boy, I’ll give you a bubble bath before putting you into your bedtime diaper.” I was surprised I’d made it this far with him, all in a matter of hours, but I figured as long as I had him in diapers, I may as well try to keep him padded as long as I could.

    I helped pull Easton free of the baby bouncer and gave him a couple of pats on his messy bottom. He raised each leg up high as if he was trying to get underwear out of his butt crack. “My diaper is stuck to my butt,” he said in the most “matter of fact” voice ever; it was actually pretty funny. “That’s cause you’re messy silly. Let’s say about an hour and a half until bath time. If you can manage to stay in your diaper without giving daddy a hard time, then you can have some ice cream and a story before bedtime,” I said in a bargaining voice. “Do I get to sleep in that,” he asked while pointing at the crib. This surprised me a little, for whatever reason I didn’t expect it, then realized he was actually enjoying himself. He was actually enjoying being treated like a baby and being told what do to.

    “Of course, baby Easton, little boy’s are too little to sleep in a big boy bed, so the crib is all yours,” I continued. Easton lets out a smile, popped his paci back into his mouth, and jumped up and down a little, happy that he would get to spend the night in a crib for the first time in over a decade. He reached out his hand, knowing we were going back into the living room. I took hold and led him back to his blanket. He sat on his blanket and played with his toys, occasionally patting his bottom and feeling the front of his diaper through his shortalls the best he could. After a little more than an hour, Cars 3 came to an end and it was about time for a bath anyway, so I stood up and walked over to his blanket.

    Easton looked up at me with a smile and reached his hand up to be led to the little room. I pulled him up off the floor and he gave me a giant hug. I reached down and lifted him up, picking him up clear off the ground, holding him in my arms. I used one arm to support him while I used the other to pat his messy bottom. His arms were wrapped around me so I carried him into the little room. I gently kissed his neck and held him close, running my fingers through his hair.

    As we walked into the little room I guess I kissed his neck a little too hard and he must have figured out what I was doing. I worried for a split second that he would get all creeped out, but instead he leaned forward, still being held in my arms, and planted a kiss right on my lips. I moved my non-supporting arm from his waist to the middle of his back and held him close and I returned his unexpected kiss, just enough to know it was more than welcome. After a second he pulled back and I took another step towards the changing table. I let him see me run my eyes up and down his amazing body and said, “Good boy, Easton,” when our eyes met again.

    I set him down next to the table, wondering what I would get away with in the next few minutes. “Lets get your little boy clothes off and get your all cleaned up,” I said as I unbuckled his shortalls, allowing them to fall to the floor. His diaper was swollen under his onesie, I could tell he’d wet it a few times since I first set him down to play with his toys. “Lets get you unbuttoned and up on the changing table,” I continued, “can you count with me?” I figured it worked the first time, why not again. As I unsnapped his onesie he counted out loud like before as well as used his fingers. “Arms up, champ,” I instructed, which he did promptly. I pulled his onesie over his head and then past his arms, booping his nose as it came off and fell to the floor.

    He giggled just like before. My attention went immediately to his very full diaper, I couldn’t help but squeeze it right away. I reached around and squeezed the back as well to try to get some idea of how messy he was. “Wow, what a good little boy you are, baby Easton. What a good boy for using your diaper like a little boy,” I said in a nurturing voice, still exploring it with my hands. “Are you going to change me like you did before?” he asked. “Yeah, something like that,” I said, “now lets get you up on the changing table.” I patted the pad on the table and Easton jumped right up and laid on his back. Again I reached out and felt the front of his diaper, having to compete with Easton who was doing the same thing.

    I looked up at him and saw the most mischievous smile I’d seen on a boy in a long time. “Did you make a messy in your diaper, baby boy?” I asked. “Yes, daddy,” he replied as he lifted his legs so I could further explore his diaper. I began rubbing the bottom of his diaper, right where his boihole would be, in an effort to massage his wet and messy diaper against his bottom. I bent down and kissed the front of his diaper, knowing he wouldn’t protest. “Good boy,” I said again. I reached around his leg and began to un-tape his diaper, one side at a time. I could see his mess bulging against the leak guard around his leg and knew that suppository I slipped in him did it’s job well. I pulled his diaper down between his legs, exposing his boy sized erection and his messy bottom, caked with his mess.

    “Oh boy, someone made a big poopy,” I said as Easton giggled. I reached into one of the changing table drawers for some baby wipes and pulled out perhaps half a dozen. I went to work cleaning his bottom, which went rather quickly. I lifted his legs up even further as I cleaned further up his back side, ensuring he was all cleaned up, then I dropped his legs back onto the changing pad.

    Then I turned my attention to his small boy sized cock. “Does someone need some touchie time?” I asked, already knowing the answer. “Uh huh, daddy, can you help me cum again?” he asked. “Of course baby boy,” I said as I reached forward and began touching his boy cock. This time was going to be different, I thought to myself. The first time I sucked his dick, I relied on a horny teenager to give into the pleasure I was giving him. This time I knew Easton would let me do whatever I wanted to him. First I slowly jacked his little dick, gently rubbing his cock head, which made him gasp and arch his back a few times. I licked my thumb and returned my hand to his cock, using my thumb to massage his head again. Then he started to get vocal, letting out an obvious moan of pleasure.

    I couldn’t take it any more, so I leaned over him and took all of him in my mouth. I pressed my tongue against the base of his dick and began blowing him, just as much for my pleasure as for his. I used my other hand to unbutton my pants and release my throbbing boner from my boxer briefs, then began jacking off. I took a second to ask, “Do you like that, baby Easton?” Trying to breath normally, he gasped out what sounded like, “Uh huh,” so I began sucking his little dick like never before. I knew it would only take another 40 seconds at the most, and I was close myself. Just then I knew I was going to cum.

    I’m not a heavy cummer but I can shoot pretty far. An instant later I felt Easton’s penis twitch and I knew he was about to explode in my mouth. As much as I wanted to enjoy the taste of his cum for the second time that day, I had a better idea. After his first spurt of cum, I pulled my mouth off his cock and finished him off with my hand, watching him cum on his chest. At the same time, my own dick exploded and shot cum all over Easton’s cock, tummy, and chest. We both let out giant yells of satisfaction. Both out of breath we didn’t move for a few moments. I bent down, putting my hands on the changing table on either side of Easton’s legs to try to catch my breath.

    A minute later, I pulled out a few more baby wipes and began to clean myself up. Then I moved my attention to Easton and cleaned my cum and his off of him. “Did you enjoy that, little guy?” I asked. “Uh huh, that was awesome!” he said, still laying on the changing table. “Well you’re all cleaned up so lets get you in the bath for scrubby time,” I added. Easton sat up and I picked his naked body up in my arms, cradling him while I moved him off the table. I stood him up on his feet and applied a gentle smack to his bottom to get him into the bathroom sooner rather than later.

    I turned on the water and plugged the bathtub, then opened the cabinet under the sink to retrieve a bottle of baby shampoo and a basket of bath toys. “I get bath toys?!” Easton said with excitement. “Of course, little guy, it wouldn’t be a bubble bath without a… shark!” I said as I pulled the toy shark out of the basket and used its rubber mouth to chomp his shoulder. Easton giggled, “I wanna see,” and reached for the toys.“ I turned my attention to adding bubble bath to the water and adjusting the temperature to a comfortable level. After a minute the bath filled up and I told Easton to hope in, which he did. I dumped the toys into the water, half of them disappeared in the bubbles immediately. "Go ahead and play in your bubble bath while your daddy gets your jammies and night time diaper ready,” I said as I left the bathroom and went into the little room.

    I opened the closet and picked out a set of red fuzzy footie jammies that I thought would match his paci. I laid them over the crib and selected Easton’s night time diaper, the same kind he had worn earlier. I retrieved his paci from his shortalls, then cleaned up the little room, putting dirty clothes where they belonged and disposing of his dirty diaper in the adult size diaper genie. I made sure the crib was squared away and had pillows and blankets, then returned to the bathroom to find Easton sporting a long beard made of bubbles. “Pardon me Sir, I’m looking for my baby boy, have you seen him?” I asked in a deep playful voice. Easton let out a little giggle and wiped the bubbles off his face. “Well I suppose I should get you all clean, huh?” I said as I grabbed a washcloth and the baby shampoo.

    I knelt down next to the tub and dunked the cloth in the water, then added some shampoo. “Arms first,” I said. Easton presented his skinny but toned 13 year old arms and I washed them both gently. I added more shampoo and then began washing his submerged legs. 'Oh his legs,’ I thought to myself. Wow was he muscular and in great shape. Next came his tummy, chest, and back. Finally I said, “Now it’s time to wash your diaper area.” I reached into the water with the wash cloth and began to gently wash the inside of his thighs, between his legs, and finally his boy parts. He had long since gone soft but feeling his soft boy cock through the soapy washcloth still turned me on. “You’re all done, little guy, lets get you rinsed and dried off,” I said. I reached in and pulled the plug to the bathtub and told Easton to stand up.

    As if seeing him in a messy diaper wasn’t perfect enough, now I got to see his amazing teenage body, glistening from the bath, half covered in bubbles. Some had congregated over his dick, which had since grown a bit from it’s soft status when I washed his diaper area. I grabbed a cup from the counter and used it to shower him with bubble-less bath water to rinse him off. After a few rounds, he was all rinsed off so I grabbed one of the towels hanging on the wall and began drying him off. A nose boop or two, perhaps an extra moment spent drying off his boy parts, and I wrapped him in his towel as we marched towards the little room.

    “Hop up,” I said, thought Easton was already on his way to the changing table. He dropped his towel just short of the table, jumped up, and laid down. “Lets get you all padded for beddy-bye time,” I said. Just like before, I unfolded the diaper and slid it under Easton’s bottom. He had since grown hard again but even being young and horny, I don’t imagine I could get him to cum three times in one day, especially since I had just 20 minutes earlier, so I let it go. I added diaper cream and baby powder to his diaper area, then pulled his diaper up between his legs and taped it into place, ceiling it with a kiss. “Lets get you in your footie jammies,” I said, reaching over to grab them off the rail to the crib. “Like, little boy jammies?” Easton said with excitement. “Yep, see?” I said as I showed him. “Yey!” he exclaimed as he sat up on the table and jumped down.

    I helped him put his jammies on and zipped him all the way up. I think they may have been a half size too small because they were very form fitting. “Comfy?” I asked, to make sure they weren’t too small. “Yep!” Easton said, as happy as could be. I grabbed his paci clip and attached it to his jammies, then stuck his paci in his mouth. “It’s a little early for bedtime, do you want to watch another movie and have a bottle before bedtime?” I asked. “Hey! What about ice cream and a bedtime story?” he asked with a grumpy face. “I know, little guy, you can have that too. Come on,” I agreed as we left the little room and went back to the living room. “Find a movie for us to watch and I’ll get you some ice cream,” I said while walking into the kitchen.

    The next two hours, well past Easton’s bedtime, were magical. After some ice cream, I bottle fed little Easton on the couch, then held him as we watched the movie, occasionally giving him a diaper check. I held him and he held his stuffie, perfectly playing the role of daddy’s baby boy. We didn’t quite get to story time because he fell asleep in my arms as the movie wrapped up.

    I turned the TV off and picked Easton up in my arms and carried him to the little room. I laid him down in his crib, admiring how gentle and soft he was. I must have watched him sleeping in his crib for a good 20 minutes, motionless and sucking on his paci. I ran my fingers through his hair and gave him a gentle kiss on his forehead. “Sweet dreams my little guy,” I whispered into his ear. I closed the door as I left the room and got ready for bed myself, curious of what the next day would bring.

    Photo Credit: Ronikat Author Credit: Unknown

    Day 7 I kept rubbing my hand up and down Austin’s hard cock, jacking him off. His eyes were rolled back in his head and he was moaning. Just before he was about to cum, I stopped quickly. I grabbed the thick white disposable diaper that was between his legs, and pulled it up over his cock, taping it in firmly in place.

    His cock strained against the bulky diaper, and he looked at me like a wounded deer, opening his eyes wide, and then slowly blinking them repeatedly.

    “Come on, Austin, we talked about this” I said to preempt whining on his part. “We gotta get you to the point of climax as much as possible, so you’ll associate it with diapers. That’s the whole point.”

    “Shit” he moaned, lifting his arms and rubbing his eyes. He ran a hand back through his short dirty blond hair. His chest arched out and his toned midsection curved inward. He ran his hand down, over the crotch of his diaper, which was tented by his cock “this may be harder then I thought” he moaned.

    “All done buddy” I said, looking over my well diapered boyfriend.

    It had been a week since we had decided that it would be best if Austin went back in diapers full time, and it was still new to both of us. Previously, we had only entertained his diaper interests occasionally during sex.

    He stood up from the bed, stretching. The diaper hugged his ass, which was cute and round, bulked up by the absorbent padding.

    “Lets get dressed and head out” I said, walking towards the bathroom to shower. “Sure, sure” he muttered, pulling a pair of loose jeans out of the dresser. As he pulled up the jeans over his diaper, it occurred to me that he had stopped wearing underwear over his diaper. I smiled to myself.

    We were making progress.

    Day 15 Austin wiggled in his seat again, adjusting himself by standing up a little and sitting back down.

    I playfully jabbed him with my elbow, whispering, “Austin. Stay still, we’re missing the best part of the movie” he didn’t answer, so I looked over at him. He had his head down, and was poking his hand into the waist of his jeans, his red ringer t-shirt riding up a little on his stomach.

    “What are you doing?” I exclaimed quietly, “What’s wrong?”

    He looked over at me “I need to pee again, but I’ve wet a bunch already and I’m worried about the diaper leaking” he said very softly, stuttering half way through the sentence, and looking around to make sure no one heard him.

    “Ah fuck”, I sighed, grabbing him by the arm, standing him up, and rapidly walking out of the theatre. He followed me looking a little startled.

    If I was gonna put him back in diapers, I didn’t wanna hear about his fucking needing to piss. When we finally got outside, I stood in front of him, slightly angry.

    “Look, Austin. You promised me that you wouldn’t fuss about your diapers. This is what you wanted, remember? Stop fucking worrying if you leak a little!” I exclaimed a little too loudly, since an older guy beside us turned to stare. Austin turned red. I lowered my voice and continued

    “Look Austy, you just need to try and stop thinking or worrying about your diapers at all. Just use them. Let me worry about it. That’s the point. Your only job is to fill them.” I looked him in the eye, and rubbed his ass “Right cowboy?”

    He looked abashed. And, then, as if in response, his eyes widened a little bit, and I knew he was wetting his diaper again. I let the corners of my mouth curl up in a half smile, and I patted Austin on the ass again.

    Taking his hand, I lead him back into the theatre. When he sat back down beside me, not only could I hear the squish of his wet diaper but within a couple minutes if I concentrated, I could catch the telltale scent of a wet, used diaper. Occasionaly someone near us would look around and sniff the air, as if searching for the diapered baby. But, the only diaper in the area was on my boyfriend

    Day 28 Michael rolled over in bed beside me. I stretched, opening my eyes slightly, and letting my hands run down over my stomach to my diaper. It was swollen and wet. I curled my legs, enjoying the feeling of the bulky diaper encasing my crotch. I had started sleeping only in my diapers, because that’s what Michael wanted. Besides, it felt good. I liked being able to see my diapers.

    I began rubbing my hand over my crotch, pressing down on my dick, which was hard inside the wet diaper. Shit it felt good.

    I heard Mike whisper quietly beside me “Remember what we talked about yesterday Austin” he growled softly, in his low masculine voice.

    With that, I turned over, and began to hump my diaper against the bed. My ass rising into the air, I rubbed and thrust my diapered crotch into the bed.

    “Good boy” Mike moaned “That diaper feels good around your dick doesn’t it?”

    I continued faster, feeling my dick sliding inside the wet diaper.

    Soon, I climaxed into my diaper, and moaned. Slowly, I rolled onto my back, spent. Mike reached over and rubbed his hand over my crotch. “Great.” He replied. “you’re doing great.”

    With that, he guided my head down to his crotch, where his throbbing dick was hard as a rock. I took the whole thing in my mouth and sucked. As I did, I could feel my own cum running down my diapered crotch, mingling with piss in my already wet diaper. After I was done pleasuring Mike, he left me in the cum-filled wet diaper for a while and put me in jeans

    Day 39 We climbed into the car after lunch, and I looked over at Austin. He had a slightly drowsy look on his face. “Buckle your seat belt” I ordered.

    It wouldn’t have been necessary for me to tell him usually, except that I had moved into the next phase of our regression plan, where Austin would try and only do what I instructed him.

    Truth to tell, he was becoming more malleable and submissive every day. We had also started using small amounts of a muscle relaxant to help with his transition.

    He looked at me, and pulled the seatbelt over himself, clicking it in place. I reached over and ruffled his short spikey hair, which was sticking out in all directions.

    “Your diaper wet, little guy?” I asked

    “I don’t know Mike” he replied, sounding a little startled to admit that, “I think so. I’ve been having a little trouble telling lately” he said matter-of-factly.

    I reached over and slipped my hand into the waist of his jeans, feeling his tight abs, and the crinkle of the diaper.

    Inside, the diaper was slightly damp and warm, but not too bad. Certainly nothing that needed attending to.

    “That’s what I’m here for buddy” I chirped, “Your diapers a little wet but nothing serious.”

    I was trying to keep him in wet diapers most of the time, to emphasize his dependence.

    Day 50 Jacob, one of Austin’s best friends sat in front of me, gaping. He was clearly shocked by what I had told him.

    “So, you mean,Austin is wearing diapers?” he asked for the fifth time. “And, he uses them? Like, uh…..to piss in them??”

    “Yeah, Jake” I explained slowly, for what seemed like the fifth time. “He was always interested in them, but he’s gone back to wearing them full time for the past couple months.”

    “Fucking crazy!” he said smiling a little, as if warming to the idea “I bet the little squirt looks adorable in ‘em…..” he paused, thinking “but, why tell me now Mike? Whats up?”

    “Well, I’m moving Austin’s training into the next phase. His temporary job ends on Tuesday, and he’s decided not to renew it. So, he’s gonna be home. We decided this would be a good time to move forward with the more advanced phases of his regression.”

    With that, I explained in detail to Jake what I was planning.

    “I want his friends to know what’s happening and be involved.”

    Jake broke into a grin, letting his tongue play over his white teeth. “Of course Mike” he said, clearly relishing the idea.

    Day 58 Austin stood in front of me in the men’s dressing room. I was trying on a pair of jeans. He starting bouncing up and down on one foot, before slowly shifting to the other foot. Over time, he jiggled more quickly. His loose t-shirt sloshed over his chest and abs, and his slightly loose jeans shifted up and down, accentuating the bouncing bulge at his crotch.

    “Stop fidgeting tiger” I said, while looking at myself in the mirror. “What do you think about these jeans?”

    “Michael. I really really need to use the bathroom.” He whined, sounding every inch a toddler “I need to poop really badly.” He whispered the word poop so that it couldn’t be heard outside of our dressing room. Pausing, he added, as if for emphasis “My stomach is huuuuuurting,” dragging out the word hurting into a long whine.

    I rounded on him, wearing only the jeans, which finished slightly below my waist. Because I was taller, I looked down on him slightly “Look, Austin. If you really need to crap, just go. I can’t take you to the bathroom until I get these off and pay for them.”

    I paused “Besides, you want me to take you to the mens restroom and untape your diaper so that you can go poop in the potty? Really? You know your diaper can handle it buddy, and I’ll clean you up as soon as possible.”

    Austin looked crestfallen “Michael, I don’t wanna mess my diaper here” he whined, much more openly then he would’ve a few weeks ago “I’ll wait.”

    Austin had a couple dirty diapers a week now – but most were times when I had to coax him to mess. And, none had yet occurred out of the house. But, he clearly was having more and more trouble holding himself – since the seat of his diapers were now regularly stained at least slightly brown during his changes.

    As I took off the jeans, folded them up, and slowly got dressed again,Austin continued to fidget and squirm. He began unconsciously rubbing his hand over his diaper and stomach. I smiled at how adorable he looked.

    “C’mon” I motioned as I was walking out of the dressing room.Austin slowly followed, gingerly placing one foot in front of the other as if something would break. I grabbed his arm and tugged him forward to speed up the pace.

    Letting out a little whimper, he crunched a little bit and looked to the floor. I heard a loud wet fart followed by a whoosh and low level crinkling. When he looked up at me, standing in the middle of the store in his now messy diaper, my boyfriend was on the verge of tears.

    I walked close to him, and lifted his chin up with my hand “What happened Austin?” I cooed. “Did you mess your diaper?” Before he could answer, i patted him on the ass “Good boy buddy, gooooood boy. We’ll make a baby out of you yet”

    Michael lead me into the mens restroom, just off of the food court. I walked slowly, convinced that everyone could see my diaper. It felt huge. It felt disgusting. The front was wet and matted. I could feel the huge mess in the seat of the diaper, squishing back and forth, and extending further up my ass or in between my legs with every step I took.

    Strangely, my cock had gone hard in the front of my diaper.

    As we entered the men’s room, it was blissfully empty, and Michael led me to the handicapped stall at the end. Locking the door behind me, he said, “Drop your pants Austin” and as he did, he unzipped his backpack and pulled out a fresh diaper, pack of wipes and a foldable mat. Tossing the diaper on the floor, he unfolded the mat and layed it on the floor, as I fumbled with the button on my jeans.

    Briskly, he took one step towards me and brushed my hands away. He unsnapped my jeans, and slowly lowered them to my thighs, before letting them drop to the floor.

    I looked down at my diaper. I was soaked. I reeked. I smelled like…..like…..well, I thought with astonishment, I smelled like a toddler in a dirty diaper. Well, more like an infant I guess….most toddlers didn’t mess their diapers I thought, puzzled.

    I looked at Michael. He looked at my crotch and saw my cock tenting the front of my diaper.

    “You messed your diaper for the first time in public Austin. That was great” he said, reaching through my legs and caressing my diapered ass. “But I want you to cum in your diapers now ok?”

    “Now, Michael?” I said, shocked looking around the public bathroom stall, and then at the oversized plastic baby changing mat that Mike had placed on white subway tiled floor.

    But even as I protested I could feel my cock throbbing in my wet diaper. I looked around again, and listened carefully, worried that someone else would come in. As I was thinking about that, I heard a couple guys enter, talking and joking about a baseball game.

    Just as we heard one of them start pissing, Michael leaned close and whispered in my ear “Go ahead, Austy listen to those men pissing in the toilet and then think about the diaper you have on.” He paused “and now fuck your diaper against my leg like a good boy” and with that he pushed me down into a kneeling position, my knees slightly crinkling the changing mat.

    In a daze, I looked down at my diaper, and scooted up to him. I straddled his leg and pressed my diapered crotch against his calf. The diaper pressed against my dick, and my head was at the level of Mikes crotch. Within what felt like a second, just thinking about my situation, I felt myself explode into my diaper and began to moan softly.

    As if no one else was in the bathroom, Michael said “OK buddy, get on the floor, lets get this thing off you and get you changed into a dry one”

    One of the guys hearing this said “What the fuck, who’s there?” and Michael, not missing a beat “Just changing my little boy into a clean diaper guys” with that, they walked out muttering softly.

    I seated myself on the floor and laid back down, and allowed my boyfriend to change me back into a clean diaper.

    Day 80

    I stretched, and curled my hands into fists, rubbing them against my eyes, and arched my back. I felt my diaper between my legs. It was big, and soft, and wet. I was wearing a onsie over it, which I liked. My diaper never sagged now and never got caught in anything.

    I felt my cock throbbing in my diaper. But, I turned toward Michael who was still asleep. I bent down to his crotch, and began to lick his dick, and quickly it became hard and big, and full. I put it in my mouth.

    Daddy Mike didn’t want me cumming anymore without a dick in my mouth or a messy diaper. Since I didn’t feel like messing my diaper, my only chance for relief was to get a dick in my mouth, and I did.

    I sucked hard on his dick, and as I did, I rubbed my diaper against the bed, humping it.

    Soon, daddy was moaning, and his dick was throbbing in my mouth. He began to cum, and I felt it squirting against the back of my throat, sweet and sticky. As I began to swallow his semen, I felt myself explode into the front of my diaper.

    I no longer yearned to grab my cock, I thought absently. I liked having it in the diaper all the time.

    I thrust my diaper against the pillow, grinding it through my onesie. When I looked up, Daddy was smiling down on me.

    Day 115 I sat beside Jacob at the baseball game fidgeting nervously. I looked over at him. He had come unexpectedly.

    It was hard for me to remember what was normal anymore. My mind felt mixed up, backwards. Jacob had looked me over a couple times when he saw me in my shorts and t-shirt. The shirt was tight, and white, with a big cartoon print on it. My shorts didn’t do much to conceal my diaper. The shorts were clearly bulging out in the crotch, and the seat was far too thick and full. I was sure I got a couple stange looks. But, I knew it wasn’t really possible for me to go out without a diaper anyways. In fact, I needed pretty thick diapers to feel comfortable when we were out for any period of time. Specially if I was drinking and eating. I tended to wet pretty constantly, and even mess a little. I rarely thought about much about it anymore, but I hated it when I leaked.

    I said hi and hugged him like I used to do. I didn’t know if I should tell him about my diapers or not? He probably noticed. Then Mike ended that for me, by asking Jacob to check my diaper near the end of the 2nd inning. He did so, as I blushed a deep red.

    “Don’t worry Austy” he purred “I’m not gonna hurt ya, just wanna see how wet you are”

    I nodded at this, and somehow felt better. He just barely leaned over, and reached his left hand into my shorts at the waist, sticking his index and ring finger into the front of my diaper, pressing up against the inside.

    Overall, he didn’t seem to mind that I was diapered. And, I reflected it was not like I had that much choice. It had been a while since I could tell when I had to piss anyways. By the fifth inning, I was acting my normal self, squirming and bouncing, with one finger in my mouth.

    I tried to have some of Jacobs coke, but I managed to spill most of it on my chest and shorts. I looked down and I saw that the coke had wet the bottom half of my shirt, and some of my shorts. The shirt stuck wetly to my stomach.

    But, as I was thinking about this, I saw Jacob pick up a bag of chips “Me!” I yelled, and grabbed the bag from him “I want chips!” I practically squealed

    Meanwhile, I barely registered Jacob and Mike talking.

    “seems like he needs a sippy cup of some sort, if not an outright bottle, huh?” Jacob asked Mike “He seems to spill most shit onto his shirt.” Then turning to look at me, and the crumbs all over my damp shirt “and prolly a bib I guess too” he laughed

    Mike didn’t laugh quite as much “I know Jake, I got some sippy cups for him soon that we’re gonna start using at home.” He paused and changed the subject “I appreciate you coming out, he’s gonna regress pretty fast from here on out and I wanna get some babysitters lined up for him”

    I looked at Mike and Jacob sideways, babysitters I thought? For who?

    Day 155

    I moved around on the floor. I scooted right, and then left. I lifted my butt into the air and then back down to the ground.

    I was bored. I took the blocks that Daddy Mike had left in front of me and started pushing them randomly to the side.

    I stood up. I was just in my diaper, which seemed to be sagging a little on my waist. I walked slowly to the kitchen where Daddy Mike and Jacob were cooking dinner. I approached Jacob while they were talking.

    Both men ignored me. I was shorter then both of them, and felt slightly nervous approaching them like this and bothering them.

    I tugged on Jacobs sleeve to get his attention. He looked down at me, without smiling.

    “Uh Jacob, can you get out my play-dough?” I asked. There was nothing else to do.

    Jacob looked down at me, and Daddy Mike turned around, “Hey Austy, what are you supposed to call Jacob now, little guy?”

    I paused “Um, Uncle Jake, can you help me get my play-dough?” at that, Jake patted me on the head, ruffling my hair, and said,

    “Sure, cutie. Why don’t you follow me Austy”

    And, with that, I walked quickly after him, waddling to keep up.

    Day 190 I looked over my shoulder at Austin, who was in the back seat of the car. He was wearing a pair of overalls, and a colorful patterned onsie underneath. He had his pacifier in his mouth. His diaper was pretty obvious, and I had had the overalls custom made, with a big crotch and seat to fit his diapers, and crotch snaps for easy changes. It was great being able to change him now without getting him all undressed.

    He was adorable. He was my little boy.

    I thought about how far we’d come. It had been less then 7 months ago that Austy had been hesitant to even wear a diaper outside the house. Now he was always heavily diapered, and I knew that he no longer had control of his bladder or bowels.

    A couple months ago he had his first night-time messing episode, where he woke up in a messy diaper without consciously messing himself. After that it had become pretty regular. And, now he had a couple small messy diapers every day.

    I had tested him with Jake – a messy test we wouldn’t bother repeating. We had put Austin into a pair of swim trunks and made a big show of only packing a pullup style toddler training pant with us. We explained to him we were going to the pool and he should try and control himself like a big boy.

    Well, it was a disaster. Of course, that was the point. But, he ended up wetting himself a little in the car on the way to the pool and then asked for the pullup. Jake helped him get into it in the car, and he was even squirting a little piss around while getting into the pullup. Needless to say, he ended up soaking the pullup and then soiling himself at the pool, and the mess leaked out of his pullup and down his legs, getting all over him. He started crying. And, it had been pretty clear he was trying not to mess himself.

    But, now thickly diapered at all times, I loved seeing him squirm a little and then just mess his diaper and go back to whatever he was doing.

    I pulled into the parking lot, and climbed out my door, going around to the back, and opening the door. I had to shake Austin awake.

    As he came to, he looked right, and left, clearly startled. “Hush, baby. Take it easy” I cooed as I rubbed his head “We’re just parking at Pacos”

    I had started bringing him here less then a week ago. I knew he was close to complete regression. But, I also knew that in order to get him to total submission, I would have to take him out of the house to more public places. Other men would have to see him in his diapers, and baby state, and he would have to accept that.

    Pacos was an out of the way gay bar that welcomed fetishes. And, we had known most of the guys before Austy had begun his regression. I thought it would be good for Austin to confront and come to know these men as a baby.

    I thought back to the first couple times we had come –Austin had been scared. The first time he had even started crying inside the place.

    Shockingly for him, Caleb, one of the regulars who Austin had dated a couple years ago had become fed up with his crying, and had come up to him, pushed him to the ground, and made Austin suck on his pacifier and stay seated. Which, it seemed Austy had liked. And, thank god, it had quieted him down.

    Austin sat up on the edge of the seat, and slowly climbed out of the car. He stretched his arms above his head, and clutching his pacifier in one hand, he walked beside me to the door.

    I smiled. Even a month ago, he would have left his paci in the car unless I brought it.

    Day 215 I rocked back and forth, my head on Daddy’s leg, as daddy pushed the nipple further into my mouth. I sucked slowly, as the oatmeal thickened milky mush flowed slowly into my mouth.

    It wasn’t that I couldnt hold the bottle myself, I just liked it when daddy fed me. It was so easy. I lifted up my legs and bent them at the knee. I rocked my butt back and forth a little more. I grabbed my toe and tugged it toward my mouth.

    I was wearing my favorite yellow sleeper, covered with characters from the Lion King. I kept unzipping it because I was warm, but daddy would zip it back up again.

    As he was doing this, I saw Robert walk back up again.

    I called him Daddy Rob now.

    He had started living with us a little while ago. I couldn’t remember when. But he was very nice to Daddy and he helped change my diapers and he would feed me sometimes too and help me to get dressed in the morning.

    When I was done with the bottle, I sat up, and Daddy Rob rubbed me on the head,

    “What’s happening cutie pie? How’s daddy’s little guy?” with that, he shoved me back to laying down again, and unzipped my sleeper, feeling my diaper “Just a little wet, are we?” he cooed, as he zipped me back up.

    I squirmed away and landed on the floor, where I shimmied to my coloring book, and began coloring a picture of Simba.

    When I looked back at the couch, Daddy Robert and Daddy were close together and holding hands.

    Day 249 I walked slowly into the nursery, not wanting to wake up Austy if he was still asleep. But, as I walked in, I saw him sitting up in his crib, sucking distractedly on a bottle of water that had been in with him since last night. With his other hand, he was clutching a teddy.

    I approached him “hey there puppy” I cooed. Austy was wearing a onsie in tan brown, with a cartoon dog face on the front. He had chosen it himself. His diaper could be seen sticking out from under the leg gatherings. It was white in places, and yellow-stained in others.

    He was never dry in the morning, so there was no point in checking. But, the Ultra diapers we were using on him now were enough to last through breakfast, so I didn’t change him. We had them specially ordered now – thick adult diapers but with the form and print of a baby diaper.

    It didn’t smell like he was messy. I didn’t bother asking the boy – he never knew anymore.

    I dropped the rail of the crib, and he mouthed “goo- morn-in” to me around the nipple of his bottle. I smiled.

    I heard Rob walk in behind me. He was naked, which is how he slept. I was wearing my briefs. He thought we should wear as little as possible around Austin now to emphasize our manhood, and thus his submission.

    Rob walked up to me, kissing me on the cheek, and then bending down and kissing Austin on the forehead.

    “How’s my baby this morning?” he said, as he fondled his manhood.

    Austin pulled the bottle out of his mouth, smiling “Good Morning, Daddy Rob!” he shouted, sliding off the side of the crib and landing on the floor. He scampered towards the door without looking back. He looked silly in his young man’s body with the infantile outfit, but super cute.

    Rob and I looked at each other and grinned, before slowly following Austin into the hallway.

    Day 297 “Mornin’ Austy” Daddy Rob drawled in a semi-babyish voice as he walked up to my oversized crib and dropped the bar. “How’s my little one this mornin? A little stinker from the smell! Don’t worry, daddy ‘ll get you all cleaned up”

    I sat up slowly, I could feel my hard-on tenting the front of my diaper. My onesie was tight, and as I sat up it pushed in the crotch of my diaper against my dick. I moaned a little around my paci.

    He paused “You wanna enjoy yourself a little before daddy cleans you?” daddy rob asked, slowly, grinning.

    I grinned in return, and flopped back onto my back, rolling over onto my stomach, and feeling the plastic coated mattress wrinkling under me. I lifted my ass into the air, and began humping the mattress of the crib, hearing the crinkling get louder as I did so, and feeling my used and full diaper slide back and forth along my crotch.

    Standing next to me, naked, as he usually was in the morning, daddy put a hand on the small of my back, as I was bucking down against the mattress.

    “Good boy” he cooed “Good baby boy. You want to suck on something Austy?” rubbing the small of my back and diapered ass with more vigor. I could feel my shit smearing around the back of my diaper. I looked up at him eagerly.

    In response, he moved closer to the side of the crib, where the bar was down, and he turned my head toward his crotch. He moved my mouth towards his cock, and pushed it into my mouth. I began to suck eagerly.

    And, finally, I heard him urge “Go ahead son, you’re my little baby and always will be….cum into your diapers for daddy”, repeatedly pushing me down agaist the crib. As these words went through my head, I felt myself orgasm, and the cum sprayed out into my already well used diaper. Meanwhile, I felt daddy’s cum filling my mouth.

    Day 329 I wiggled sideways, squirming around the harness. I moaned through my pacifier. I felt myself drool a little as I did that, and vaguely noticed the drool running down the side of my chin.

    The drool distracted me and I forgot for a moment what I was doing. I watched it, with my head turned down, as it dripped onto my bib. The bib was white patterned in colorful baby block prints. Daddy had been making me wear them for the last couple months. I tugged at it, and felt it pull on the back of my neck.

    I giggled.

    I turned my attention back to the chair. This was new. A big high chair, I was strapped in by shoulder straps, and a locking crotch harness. My legs were splayed open by a plastic bar that went over the crotch of my diaper and then buckled around my waist. I was pretty high off the floor, and my feet dangled below me.

    In front of me was a large white plastic tray. I wiggled again, and could feel the wrinkling of the plastic printed fabric below and behind me.

    I furrowed my brow. It seemed like Daddy Rob and Mike always locked or snapped me in place where-ever I went now. I wiggled against the crotch harness, and it pushed against my diaper.

    My bladder felt a little full and I released it without even thinking into my diaper. I tugged on my bib again. I whined.

    Daddy Rob approached me. He was wearing only running shorts, no shirt, and the sheen of sweat covered his torso. He placed a bottle of juice on my tray.

    Then Daddy Mike brought over some oatmeal. It was in a colorful plastic bowl.

    They didn’t give me spoons to eat anymore, so I just scooped up some of the gooey thickened oatmeal with my fingers. And, slurped it down. It was good – rich and sweet. Of course, by the end of breakfast my face, hands, and bib were covered with food.

    Day 343 I looked over at Austin. He was short for his age – 5 foot 4, and skinny. But, the way he bounced and wriggled made him seem much younger then his 22 years. He was smooth from head to toe.

    He laughed as I grabbed him with the towel, and dried him off. I half dragged half carried the giggling boy back to his room, and dropped him on the table top we had recently installed – when it became clear that Austin would be in diapers for a long time.

    He bounced at the end of it, his butt rustling on the plastic backed white matt with lion king prints. I pushed him backwards “Austin, lay down so we can get on your diaper, ok boy? Daddy Rob is waiting downstairs for dinner.”

    Mercifully he complied.

    He seemed distracted as I pulled out the thick disposable diapers from the shelf below him. I diapered him quickly, having him lift his ass in the air – mostly it didn’t take any instruction. He did it reflexively now, and I slid the diaper under his ass, swatting him quickly on his cute butt. I covered his little parts with baby oil and gel – I found it made Austy wriggle in his diapers a little more.

    As I sat him up, in his dry diaper, I said “Austy, you know it’ll be a year tomorrow since you got back into diapers”

    He looked at me blankly for a few minutes, chewing his bottom lip. Then, as if in reponse, he reached to the shelf on the side of the changing table, and grabbed a blue paci, which he stuck in his mouth and began sucking.

    I though that as we neared his one year anniversary of baby-hood, we should emphasize Austin’s state, and so, with that in mind, I chose one of his most infantile outfits.

    I slipped Austin’s head through the open snap-crotch bottom of the romper, and fastened the straps over his shoulders with the big cartoon buttons. It was cut low on the sides, with a bib in front and and a high back - baby-blue stripes with white - a classic young toddler playsuit. It ballooned over his diaper, which peeked out over the sides and around the leg openings of the shorts.

    He looked at me sweetly as I did up the crotch snaps….his fresh diaper crinkling and the straps of the cute playsuit falling from his shoulders.

    I had him crawl in front of me downstairs. He would mostly crawl on all fours, occasionally doing a walk-crawl where he would stick his butt in the air and rush forward on his hands and feet. I was wearing jeans and no shirt. Some of the other men in the living room were similarly dressed. Some wore army pants, others workout gear. Some just jeans. Rob was in his cargo shorts, and a skinny tank top. They all exclaimed when they saw Austin.

    Some ruffled his hair. Others commented on his outfit. Halfway through the gathering, Austy sat-stood in the middle of the floor, got a faraway look in his eyes, and then stuck his diapered butt up a little. I knew he was messing his diaper in front of the room full of men, and he didn’t even seem to care.

    Making my first diaper boy

    Since the age of 10 I’d known I had a fascination with diapers. Only five years later I discovered I was more interested in changing another boy and treating him like a little guy more than wearing them myself. My junior year in high school I transferred from a small private school to a much larger public school. I was never much into socializing and I didn’t play sports so I found a home playing chess during the lunch break with other like minded students. There were two that caught my eye, one named Danny, the other named Luke. 

    Danny was a nice boy, Luke was a pain in the ass. Both were freshman, 14 years old, about 5′6″ and very skinny. Danny had two sisters at the school and a nice family that I met on occasion. Luke came from a broken home and had the occasional bruise on his cheek, wrist, or upper arm. There was something about his rebellious nature that drew me to him. His uncut dirty dark brown hair, skinny physic, and worn clothes occasionally entered my mind as I lay naked in my bed at night shortly before I fell asleep.

    After some thought I devised a plan to turn him into the most perfect obedient diaper boy. I waited for him to leave the chess room one day and followed him out. “Hey Luke, wait up…” I yelled

    “What do you want,” he said with a snotty attitude, as usual. Very bluntly I asked, “Hey do you look at porn when you jack off?” I could tell he was taken back, its not everyday someone asks a 14 year old if he looks at porn.

    “Of course…” he said in a slightly confused voice, barely eking out a tiny smile. “Tell ya what, bring in your best pic or mag, I’ll bring in mine, and we can share,” I said, while watching both the confusion and smile slowly grow on his face. I suppose it was his thinking that a 16 year old could get better porn so I could have something he would like; something that he couldn’t get for himself.

    “Sure, tomorrow,” he said in a very matter of fact tone of voice. “Meet you in the bathroom over by the culinary building 20 minutes into second period,” I replied before turning a corner and walking away, not wanting to give him the chance to rebut or change his mind. The next day was eventful to say the least. As long as he showed up I knew I could make it work. I left my class quickly nearly 20 minutes into second period as planned only to find him there waiting for me in the large bathroom. He lifted his well worn and faded shirt to show he had brought a magazine that he had stuffed into his right pocket. I walked towards him and without stopping as I headed toward the handicapped stall at the end I muttered, “Come on.” I’m sure he figured out that we would share in private because he followed and closed the door behind us. The layout of the bathroom guaranteed that no one would be able to see that we were in the stall together unless they were literally at the door.

    I said quickly, “Lets see it,” to which he promptly pulled out his precious porn mag. It was already turned to the page that he wanted to show off first. There lay a beautiful young blonde woman, as naked as the day she was born. As he admired it I quietly replied by saying, “Nice.” After waiting a second seeing that his eyes had yet to wander I asked, “This is your favorite? This is the one you jack it to?” Nodding his head he said in a cool suave voice, “yeah…”

    “Keep looking at it then, don’t take your eyes off it no matter what,” I said in an authoritative voice and I positioned it in front of his face. I dropped to me knees and unsnapped his jeans, exposing his well worn white Hanes underwear. I thought it would have taken longer, most guys his age had grown out of jeans with a snap instead of a button. I could see his hard dick under his thin underwear so I quickly put two fingers from each hand behind his waist band and pulled them down in the front, exposing his circumcised and slightly vainey boy cock. This startled him as I felt him pull back though he didn’t have much success because he was already against the wall. 

    I mouthed his whole cock at once, enjoying its unwashed taste and I moved my mouth up and down on his 4.5 inches of boy dick. He went from being startled to being in shock to what I was doing to him, after just a few seconds I knew he had given into his nature of being a horny teenager as he let out a quiet moan of pleasure. I could tell he began to pay attention to his porn mag because he lifted it close to his face from where it had fallen when I initially unsnapped his jeans. He made some deep breaths and shallow moans as I enjoyed every second of sucking on his boyhood. As I expected after a while he tensed up, even rose to his tip toes and shot cum into my mouth. I’m certainly no fan of cum but there was so little I didn’t see the point of spitting it out and I swallowed his load down. After a state of pure ecstasy for us both, he returned to being shocked at what had happened. The look on his face said that this was his first time doing anything like that and his eyes said he was worried as if he had done something wrong. He stood there with his pants and underwear down, holding his porn mag in his hand which had since dropped to his side. I unrolled some toilet paper from the dispenser and cleaned up the spit and a bit of cum off his boy dick. I pulled up his underwear and said, “Pull up your pants and put your mag away.” He did as he was told and looked at me with wide eyes, seeking further direction. I said in a very strong voice, “Same time on Thursday, bring whatever porn you want to get off to,” as I opened the stall door and walked back to class.

    Two days later, I met him in the bathroom again, then again the following Monday, this time he was already in the handicapped stall waiting for me. Over the next two weeks I pulled down his pants and sucked his boy cock until completion roughly every other school day. Each time afterward the only words that I spoke was the next time we would meet. On the Friday of the second week he didn’t bother to bring porn, I dropped to my knees and he enjoyed the blowjob his girlfriend would never give him.

    This is where I began to step up my game. We’d arranged to meet, rather I told him to be in “our stall” the next Monday. I arrived first this time and waited for him by the sinks towards the front of the bathroom. He came in and I wrapped my arm around him, resting it on his shoulder as we walked into the stall, both of us hard as a rock I’m sure. I was a little more forceful this time, I could tell he was latching onto my authority and I was willing to bet he enjoyed being told when he would get his blow job. 

    I pushed him against the wall gently, I don’t think he would have noticed unless he was waiting for a slight shove. I unsnapped his jeans and pulled them all the way down this time instead of letting them fall naturally while I sucked his dick. I did the same with his underwear and sucked his little cock right into my mouth. The moans started as I took my right index finger and used it to clean up some of the excess spit I was leaving on his dick. I moved my lubed finger between his legs and then upward, between his butt cheeks. As I moved it to his boihole, I felt Luke twitch a bit. He stayed put as I pressed it against his hole, too locked into pleasure to move. As I inserted my finger into his butt I could feel him getting onto his tip toes. As he could only get so high his butt shortly took my whole finger. No sooner as I got my finger all the way in did he cum in explosive fashion. I slowly pulled my finger out and cleaned it off with some toilet paper, then I cleaned off his boy cock. 

    Instead of pulling up his underwear as I had done every time prior I commanded him to laydown on the floor. I stood up to see the confused look in his eyes as he attempted to mutter, “why,” but only the sound of a “w” came out before I commanded him again. “Now it’s my turn to have some fun… you didn’t think you were getting free blow jobs, did you?” He nervously and slowly dropped to the ground, trying to reach for his underwear. I pulled his hand away saying “Not yet Luke,” with a smile on my face. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a size 6 Pampers baby diaper that I imagined would fit him perfectly. He said rather loudly, “Is that a diaper?” I Immediately said, “Keep it down little guy,” as our activities in the last stall may be hidden from view, but our voices easily would carry out of the bathroom. “Little guy…?” he said but before he could continue I replied with ,”Yes, ‘little guy.’ You’re going to be my little guy for a while, you’ve had your turn now its my turn, that’s unless you want to suck my dick too.” Its obvious Luke was straight, I never forced the issue of him sucking my dick, in fact I’d never even brought it up, because I knew he wouldn’t unless I forced him.

    He shook his head and laid back, knowing very well what I was going to do. With his pants and underwear around his ankles, which made things a bit more difficult than I imagined, I lifted up his bottom and slid the diaper under his butt. After dropping his legs I moved from by his feet to next to his side. I pulled the Mickey Mouse diaper up between his legs and placed is over his boy-sided dick, which had gone mostly soft. I taped his diaper into place and admired my work before looking at him only to see he had his eyes closed. A few motionless seconds passed so I woke him by saying “Well stand up.” Baby Luke opened his eyes and they went right to his diaper. He felt it out a little, half with curiosity, the other with fear of being caught in such a compromising position. He stood up as instructed and I couldn’t help but say with a smile on my face, “Perfect.” 

    What came next was a bit of a surprise but it lasted only a second. I saw a slight smile on his face as he was appreciative of the small praise I had given him. I pulled up his underwear as usual and without a word he pulled up his jeans. Then came the questions… “Can you see it? Can you tell I’m wearing a diaper? What am I supposed to do?” I smiled and told him to calm down. “Luke, you’re going to wear diapers for a little while but don’t worry, your big brother is here to take care of you.” 

    His eyes remained wide with confusion on his face but at least the questions came to a stop. “No one can tell little buddy, what were going to do is keep you in diapers while you’re at school,” I said. “What?!” he replied in a low tone and angry voice. “Don’t take that tone with me Baby Luke, you’ll do exactly as you’re told,” I said with certainty. “Every other day we’ll meet here during second period and I’ll suck your dick until you cum, afterward your big brother will put you in your diaper. Twenty minutes into fifth period we’ll meet here again so I can change you, and you better be wet too,” I explained. 

    “What about if I have to take a shit?” he inquired. I thought it was absolutely hilarious that he had accepted wearing diapers so easily and his only concern was what to do if he had to take a dump. “You don’t use that big boy language with your big brother, you’re just a little guy,” I said as I ruffled his dark brown uncut hair. An adorable play-angry look came over his face and he looked up at me. At this point, I knew…. I had him. “Now Baby Luke, I’ll see you during fifth period, get back to class and be a good boy,” I said. “But you didn’t answer my question,” he yelled. “Figure it out, but no diaper - no blow job,” I said as I left the bathroom.

    Sure enough, just into fifth period, he walked into the bathroom with one hand in his pocket. We went into our stall and he closed the door. “Alright Baby Luke, kick off your shoes,” I said in a nurturing voice. “He did as he was hold then I pulled down his pants and underwear gently exposing his fairly wet diaper. I couldn’t help grabbing it to see how wet it was. “Good boy Baby Luke, now lay down do your big bro can change your diaper.” 

    He laid down as he was told and kicked off his underwear and jeans. He looked absolutely adorable laying there in a wet diaper with his legs in the air. I had a massive boner but I wasn’t quite ready to show him exactly how perverted I really was and I doubt he would suddenly let me fuck him so I held my lust in. His legs were already in the air so I spread them a little with my hands and moved closer to him. “Hmm… something is missing,” I said and I reached into my pocket and pulled out a light blue baby’s pacifier with the picture of a little truck on the front. My view of his face was obstructed by how quickly I moved my hand holding the paci towards his mouth. His eyebrows were raised in confusion but he knew better than to question me. I popped it right into his mouth and he began sucking on it right away. With a smile I retuned my attention to his wet diaper. I caressed it for a moment, feeling it out to see how wet it was, before untapping both sides of his diaper and pulling it down between his legs. As the smell of his piss began to fill the stall, there stood his fully erect boy cock. I looked up at him and all he did was look back, sucking on his paci. I didn’t exactly plan this part but I was extremely turned on and obviously so was he. I bent down and began sucking his dick like never before. The smell of piss from his diaper along with its taste on his boy cock was everything I thought it would be. He came fairly quickly with the sound of him sucking on his paci getting faster and faster as he climaxed. 

    I pulled out some baby wipes that I had brought with me along with two dry diapers from my pockets. I used the wipes to clean up his diaper area and pulled away his wet diaper, wrapping it up so I could discretely put it in the trash bin unseen. With his legs still up in the air I slid one of the dry diapers under his butt, lifted it up between his legs, and taped it into place. He sat up, still sitting on the floor with a smile on his face that he hid under his paci. I pulled out his paci and he asked what the other diaper was for. “Funny you should ask Baby Luke. When I suck you off on Monday, second period, you will be wearing this diaper so I can change you. You should expect to be diapered the whole time you’re at school every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,” I explained, “If you don’t do as you’re told like a good boy, no more BJs.” Then he said something that I would never had expected: “Yes, big brother,” with a smile on his face. I could tell he was just loving the positive attention.

    After a weekend filled with anticipation I met him in the bathroom the next Monday and sure enough he was wearing his soaked diaper. We proceeded into our stall where I got him undressed and laid him down on the floor for his morning dick sucking and diaper change. I had to do a double take because that wasn’t the same diaper I had given him the past Friday. This one was a Huggies, this one with Toy Story characters. I asked what had happened to the diaper I had given him. “I already wore it… over the weekend… so I went and bought some with my allowance,” he explained. He was blushing hardcore but I could hardly be mad. I knew at this point he had fully accepted being a diaper boy and would do whatever I asked of him. I untapped his diaper and pulled it down between his legs. He enjoyed his blow job as did I. I got him cleaned up afterward and changed him into a dry diaper then got him dressed. When I went to ruffle his hair but before I could he walked over and gave me a hug, holding onto me for a few seconds. “Alright Baby Luke, get onto class now, I’ll see you in a few hours,” I said. With a smile on his face he said “Yes big bro.”

    This continued and became routine for about two months. I had since given him the paci I brought with me. He had it on him for every diaper change. We reached the end of the semester and my cute little guy broke the news to me, that he would be moving in with his mom across town, that he couldn’t take living with his dad anymore. Saddened, I told him that he would always be my little guy. I ruffled his hair one last time and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. His little smile lit up the world, something I would surely miss.

    After 100 shares, I’ll post Part II.

    My first time with Michael

    After a few lack lusted years in Boy Scouts I nearly stopped going until my best buddy Andy’s little brother joined the troop. Michael was the typical 12 year old boy with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. He ran around the middle school gymnasium that we used for our meetings like nothing else, full of energy and full of life. I myself was much more reserved and only associated with a few other scouts, Andy of course being one of them. I spent the next year or so feeling a strong attraction to the young, energetic, slender boy with dirty brown hair as common as the jeans he wore the each weekly meeting. I would occasionally annoy him by calling him by a nickname he had grown to dislike. I don’t know why he didn’t care of it because it fit him very well. He was only a younger version of his brother so naturally his nickname was “Little Andy.” At first I called him Little Andy with the hopes of getting on a more familiar basis with him, but after time I did it just to piss him off. He would get a certain look on his face that was just adorable.

    It was summer time and our troop was ready for that year’s summer camp. Unlike in the past we were staying local this year, only about an hours drive away. As we were about to load into the vans one of the parents came by with our tent assignments. I flipped when I saw it would be just me and Michael in the same tent. I was of course super happy because I knew I could “borrow” a pair of his well used undies when he was away. I had imagines many time how amazing they would smell. My outward expression of the news was quite different. Being a full three years older than him it was certainly out of the ordinary for a 16 year old to be tent mates with a 13 year old; an immature 13 year old at that.

    Our camp side was fairly large as we were used to having one of the bigger troops at each summer camp or jamboree that we went to. Lucky for us we were pretty close to the covered eating area and the trading outpost. I picked a tent on the outer edge of camp with Michael in tow and threw my backpack in to lay claim. He ran out to find his friends while I unpacked and set up my sleeping bag. I managed to catch up with him and his gang a little later as I did some exploring myself. I kept a fair distance as I always had because I didn’t want him to think I liked him or anything. Much to my chagrin he came over to hang out with me instead of following his friends to do whatever. You could barely call it hanging out in reality, I think he saw my heading towards the trading post so he decided to come too. Either way, we chatted back and forth, compared merit badge schedules, and said plenty of meaningless words. With our camp being elevated up a hill above the covered eating area, the walk down the well worn path could be described as treacherous. He did most of the talking because I was doing my best not to trip and fall as I had done at another camp two summers ago. Michael on the other hand wasn’t paying attention and about half way down, he tripped and went flying. I gladly picked him up and helped dust him off, my hand running down his backside at least twice. I could feel his tight bubble butt through is jeans and instantly felt my dick growing. It lasted only a few seconds and he wasn’t hurt so we kept walking. I thought to myself that perhaps I would get to hold the very underwear he was wearing against my face as I jacked off later that night.

    My schedule was pretty packed so I didn’t get a lot of time to myself as some other scouts preferred. On the second day, Michael came back to camp soaking wet after spending the afternoon swimming. He asked me to step out of the tent so he could get changed so I closed the tent flaps and left, or so he thought. I looked around and saw no one was about so I peered into the tent from a small opening on the side. What I saw next took me back a step and left me breathless. Michael was completely naked in all his glory with the cutest boy butt I had ever seen. He was white, smooth, petite, and very handsome. I only got a full view of his back before he pulled on dry underwear. I backed off a bit and he came out of the back of the tent to hand his wet swim suit and underwear on the makeshift clothesline I had made. My first though was “why would anyone wear underwear under their swimsuit” but immediately changed to see what I could do with his undies after he left. 

    Sure enough, only a few minutes later he was all dressed and had ran away to hang out with his friends. I on the other hand had other plans. I made sure the flaps to the tent we tied tight and pulled his underwear off the clothesline. I gently but quickly pressed them against my face and took a giant breath in. Unfortunately the water from the lake had taken away any scent that he had put on them so I was quite disappointed. That didn’t stop me from jacking off but something in my mind reminded me that the best was yet to come.

    Three nights later I was awakened by the same noise that had woken me each night since arriving at the camp. Michael had night terrors and each night at least once he would wake up, breathing hard, almost screaming. This night was especially bad for him. He tossed and turned, muttering to himself, but not yet awake. I gently shook his shoulder to wake him from what must have been a bad dream. A night terror hit him and he started softly screaming so I shook harder until he woke up. “You okay, buddy?” I asked him. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said “I had a nightmare, it was really bad.” I didn’t really know what to say other than “It’s okay now.” What he said next was unexpected and certainly told me something about how bad his dreams were. “Will you hold me?” He asked. 

    A lot of things went through my head, some honest, some not so honest. I opened up my sleeping bag and lifted the top portion up as if it were a blanket and motioned him over. The look on his face changed and he tried to wiggle over while staying in his sleeping bag. It didn’t work at all so I asked “What are you doing?” He didn’t say anything for a moment and said “You have to promise not to tell.” 

    “Fine, whatever, I won’t tell,” I said, still thinking he was referring to me holding him so he could get back to sleep. He unzipped his sleeping bag and got onto his knees as he made his way over to mine. Though it was dark I clearly saw he was wearing a Goodnite pull-up that was a bit swollen. He felt the front of his pull-up and said to hang on a second. He reached into his backpack and after a second, pulled out a dry Goodnite. I heard the wet one he was wearing hit the floor with a thug as he took it off and put on the dry one. I didn’t say a word but was a little surprised that he was still a bedwetter at the age of 13. He crawled into my opened sleeping bag and got right up against me. I was thankful he was so short otherwise he surely would have felt my growing erection either between his legs or on his back. 

    We both laid on our sides, I put one arm under his pillow and another around him to hold him close. I figured this already qualified as something neither of us would tell anyone else so I may as well be comfortable. “I got you, buddy,” I said to reassure him that he was safe and his nightmare couldn’t hurt him. He pressed himself against me and I loved all the skin to skin contact. I don’t know exactly what was going through my mind when I gently kissed his neck. Perhaps I was too tired or still half asleep from being woken up in the middle of the night. Michael didn’t move but also didn’t protest so I kissed him again on the same spot, not hard but this time not so soft. He slowly craned his neck around and turned his head to almost face me. I looked him right in the eyes and he came closer still until we were face to face. I guess it was just instinct because my next move was to kiss him softly right on his lips. The first time he kissed back and to my surprise he continued to do so.

    I had an impossible time coming to grips with what was happening. I was holding a nearly naked Michael and kissing him softly while he returned the favor. A few short seconds later he rolled over so we were chest to chest and our lips met again. I couldn’t resist moving my arm, that was wrapped around him, down to his butt. I could feel the distinct texture of his Goodnite pull-up but was more focused on how warm and round his perfect boy bottom was. As we continued to kiss each other I could feel his arm opposite of mine move between us and down to my crotch. I assumed he was going to adjust his cock that surely must have grown hard by now but he went straight for mine. As if he could see in the dark, he reached into my boxers and gripped the upper half of my throbbing cock. Almost like he knew what he was doing he began jacking me off so I took that as an ongoing invitation to do whatever I wanted to him. 

    I threw the top of the sleeping back off of us and moved him from his side to his back. I moved down his gloriously toned and smooth torso and stopped for a moment before pulling down his pull-up. His rock hard 3.5 inch boy cock teased me with a very inviting look so I took him in my mouth right away. I used one hand to stabilize me, the other to play with his balls and I suck his little cock and listened to his small moans of pleasure. His cock was just the perfect size as I easily fit the whole thing in my mouth, just as I imagined I could. There was the faint smell and taste of piss from his recently departed swollen pull-up. That made me even hornier and if at all possible, enjoy sucking his little boy cock even more. After a few minutes I felt him tense up and his moans changed to deep breaths. He cam the smallest amount which all but disappeared in my mouth with all the saliva that had congregated. After he relaxed a bit I pulled back and he quickly said “my turn,” so we changed positions. 

    Instead of taking the same position I did, he climbed on top of me with his face at my crotch and his beautiful boy’s bottom close to my face. He began sucking my cock furiously, taking more of it deep in his mouth that I would have guessed he could have. I figured we were well past the point of return and I had always fantasized about licking his boihole. With the opportunity literally right in front of me, I jumped right in. I used my hands to grab his thighs, pulling his boihole closer to me and began indulging in my fantasy. I licked his hole like it was the sweetest dessert in the world, the most delicate, the most rare and sought after. His skin was so soft and his hole so textured, that coupled with his deep throating of my cock I knew I wouldn’t last long before I would drown him in my cum. I knew I was close so I buried my face between his round cheeks and continued pleasing him. Only moments later I myself tensed up, making my legs ridged as I cam it Michael’s mouths. 

    He didn’t miss a beat and kept sucking my cock as if nothing had happened. He took it so well that I thought perhaps this wasn’t his first time. He didn’t stop sucking so I returned the favor and continued eating his bottom and boihole. I used one of my hands to grip his cock and began to jack him off. His mouth and tongue on my sensitive dickhead was further incentive for me to lick more sensually and jack him off even better. A minute later he released my cock from his thirsty mouth and let out the unmistakable sound of intense pleasure as he cam on my chest. 

    At this point, natural instinct took over as I rolled him of me and told him to roll over onto his chest. Without saying a word he did as I told him and spread his legs knowing exactly what I was planning on doing to him. I used some spit to lube his already well lubed boihole then added some extra to my cock. Surprising to me, his continued blow job after I cam had gotten me ready for round two very quickly. He didn’t object in the least so I took that to mean his boihole was mine to do with as I wished. I positioned myself on top of him and began to push my cock against his boihole. “If it hurts, you have to stop,” he said in a low voice. With a bit of experience in this area I whispered into his ear, “it will hurt some, but it’s your job to take it.” Again he didn’t object so I told him to relax as I pushed my cock into his tight and inviting bottom. I forcefully moved one of my arms under his chest so I could control his movement too, much like how I was holding him only minutes earlier. I maintained a tight grip on him and I thrust into his virgin ass time and time again. I used my other hand to caress his smooth bottom one moment, and run my fingers through the hair on his head the next. This was much more about having sex or fulfilling a fantasy. It was about enjoying Michael to the fullest and ensuring he knew that from that time on, he was mine.

    After a few minutes of many deep thrusts, a few dozen whimpers from Michael, and a handful of soft kisses to the back of his neck, I cam inside him for the second time that night. The feeling was more amazing than I had ever imagined. I slightly used my teeth to softly bite the side of his neck as I shot every last bit of cum I could into his tight boy bottom. When I was finished, I laid there, still inside him, for a minute trying to catch my breath. I planted a final kiss on his cheek before pulling out of him and reaching for any piece of discarded clothing I could use to get cleaned up. Michael rolled over and sat up saying “Oh, man,” which I thought was just adorable. Another idea entered my mind as I reached into Michael’s backpack and searched for a distinct texture I had felt earlier. I pulled out two Goodnites, one for him and one for me. I tossed him one that he put on without a word and I put one on myself so we could match.

    I laid down in my sleeping back and he did the same, right next to me, just as we had originally started out. I wrapped my arm around him holding him close and again softly kissed the side of his neck. “Go back to sleep, little buddy,” I whispered into his ear.