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    The funniest thing about this is that it's commonly believed to be more or less how the Yakuza were born


    weirdly large amount of people who don’t seem to understand that a cowboy’s job was to be a shepherd and a samurai’s job was to kill or threaten people for money, and a ninja’s job was just straight up to murder people 

    like it wasn’t always necessarily money but samurais were literally just PMCs for all intents and purposes 


    Yeah actual samurai more often operated like the dirtiest, most brutal cops you can imagine but with *even less* accountability, extorting anything they wanted from more vulnerable people. Then, the theory goes, the last of them survived rapid post war modernization by evolving into mobsters. I mean, they were already, but they started wearing sunglasses.


    I could write up a longer explanation if anyone is interested but the short version is: this isn’t even a little bit true. I’d suggest Alec Dubro and David Kaplan’s Yakuza: Inside Japan’s Criminal Underworld for a history of the Yakuza


    A direct samurai Yakuza pipeline is purely hypothetical, but they at least occupy a more similar niche than most people know because at least the part about samurai being bastards is verifiable. I would like longer explanation though!!


    Lily toxicity in Cats

    This is just a quick PSA to say that all parts of the Lily are toxic, not just the pollen, to cats.

    I’ve seen a few owners tell other owners that if you remove the stamen or seal the pollen with things like glue or hair spray, then the Lily becomes safe to be around for cats.

    This is not true.

    There’s even shops beginning to sell Lilies with their stamens removed, marketed as “cat-safe”.

    This is also not accurate and these are not cat friendly.

    Although the pollen is a particularly potent part of the plant, the leaves/petals/stem can also be toxic if eaten or chewed on by the cat.

    If you think your cat has been rubbing up against (even tiny amounts of pollen on the fur which is then ingested can cause kidney failure), or chewing/eating a Lily plant, you need to be calling your vet.

    Here’s some more information:

    Personally, Lily toxicity has a pretty high mortality rate for patients I’ve seen in practice. It can be devastating.


    I’ve personally yet to see a cat survive lily toxicity. Do not take chances.