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    It really is becoming hard to remember the time when I had to live as a boy. It must have been when I was 11 or 12 and even then I used to wear my sister's clothes whenever I could and I fought to keep my hair long. It's almost like that time was a distant dream. I suppose it might be more approprate to call it a distant nightmare. I was an unhappy child. Even if I couldn't explain it, I knew I was a girl and not a boy. Transitioning has been a long, arduous process with many problems along the way but it was so worth it. And I can now honestly say I'm a happy woman. Katie XX


    Taylor had eagerly anticipated her inevitable enslavement ever since she was a kid and first saw a girl being pulled on a leash by her Master. She'd spent years preparing her body to be perfect for her future owner and even had a collar & cuffs photoshoot to improve her marketability. Now the day is finally here and she can't wait to be led onto the auction block and sold off into her destiny. That isn't going to be happening however as a pre-order has already been accepted and her new owner is on the way.

    I just hope the reality of life as a slave isn't too disappointing for her.