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2021-06-12 20:37:13

    the unholy trinity of piss-poor caretakers, tag yourself:

  • tomboy, meaning "this child is clearly queer but let's hope it goes away"
  • sensitive, meaning "clearly neurodivergent and often distressed but let's keep going until they grow numb"
  • mature, meaning "traumatized but let's ignore that"
  • sherpawhale

    shy, meaning "this child clearly has anxiety but let's tell them everyone gets nervous before things instead of going to therapy"

    If you are still in the closet,

    If you have no clue what label to use,

    If you hate labels and don't use them,

    If you do not "pass",

    If you are in a straight passing relationship,

    If you have lots of names,

    If you still use your dead name because picking one is hard or because you like it,

    If you're indecisive about pronouns,

    If you use more than one set,


    If you know fuck-all right now when it comes to gender, sexuality, or both

    🏳️‍🌈Happy Pride🏳️‍🌈