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    i learned that in August 2014 Women’s Voices for the Earth commissioned testing of four types of Always menstrual pads, manufactured by Procter & Gamble. The certified laboratory STAT Analysis Corporation analyzed the products for volatile organic compound.

    “The results of the testing indicate that both scented and unscented Always pads emit toxic chemicals, including chemicals identified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, and the State of California Environmental Protection Agency as carcinogens, and reproductive and developmental toxins. None of these chemicals are disclosed on the product by the manufacturer. (x)


    I switched to dye free fancy cotton pads, after years of having periods so fucking bad I would sometimes faint, and now i just get like. regular cramps occasionally, they’re not even that bad anymore.


    i switched back to these after using fancy organic cotton pads during my most recent period & they caused PROBLEMS out of the blue - 100% confirmed, these are not good to use


    been using thesereusable menstrual pads since november 2019 and im never going back to these commercial pads. commercial pads like these always gives me skin rashes which is so annoying. switch to reusable i swear you’ll not only be period-ready but also rashes-free!

    psa they also have a starter pack in case you want to switch and you dont know what to get and an xl size for plus sized women!




    Plus, there’s a study that showed that vagina are highly vascular so, basically, every chemical you put down there is absorbed by your body real fast and really well. In short, ditch tampon too.


    TAMPONS are dangerous frequently the direct cause of TSS  TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME


    Yeah, reusable pads were one of my first major eco-friendly changes but my body has been way happier that way. They are infinitely more comfortable and effective, and I just throw them in my washing machine on the hand wash + extra rinse and hang dry. I can’t say being on your period is ever pleasant, but it’s way better than before - ESPECIALLY in situations where you can’t change as often - and I don’t feel like the harbinger of the end of the world when I look at my restroom trash can anymore :)


    I always buy generic brands but wasnt “always” the ones who were sending fucked up pads to women in africa just a few years ago too???? Fuck always brand.



    they now have a budget-friendly trial pack so you no longer have to worry which pad fits best for you. you can just buy the pack to get one pad of each size!!


    Could the fact that i use Always brand be the reason i get such bad cramps?? I must test this theory…


    Also, pads can take up to 800 years to decompose. Yikes.


    Cariona pads (link above) are AWESOME. Don’t knock it til you try it - I’ll never go back to always pads. My period is, like, manageable, for the first time in my life. It is no longer a struggle with excruciating cramps, heavy bleeding, leakage, and looooong periods, but like, mild to medium cramps, and I HAVE A CYCLE AGAIN for the first time in years. Try it. The upfront cost is daunting, I understand, because I was worried I wouldn’t like them, but I’m SO GLAD I got them. Just toss them in bottom of your shower when you take them off, shower as usual, and then squeeze them out. That basically rinses them for you, and then they’re all set for the washer and dryer. You’ll thank yourself later; give it a try.


    Why isn’t anyone talking about how cute the Cariona pads are? They look adorable tbh


    Cannot recommend reusable pads enough. They’re much more comfortable, conforming to the shape of your body, no chafing and they’re great for the environment


    Am I the only one whose internet addiction started with my parents not letting me fucking go anywhere


    This but I also had no friends so I wouldn’t have anywhere to go if I was allowed


    this is a thing! danah boyd is a researcher who has been studying social media for over a decade and in her 2014 book it’s complicated she argues that teenage social media “addiction” (which she also contends is like…..not actually a thing) is a result of the fact that “today’s teenagers have less freedom to wander than any previous generation” because “parents argue that these restrictions are necessary in an increasingly dangerous society, even though the data suggest that contemporary youth face fewer dangers than they did twenty years ago.”

    as a result, teenagers are reclaiming these lost social spaces (which their parents and grandparents had in the form of mall hangouts, drive-in theaters, after school parking lots, etc) by using social media, where they can continue to “engage in crucial aspects of maturation: self-presentation, managing social relationships, and developing an understanding of the world around them,” aka stuff that teens are Supposed to be doing


    Reminder that numbers like these are if a corporation is deciding to pass on all costs of raising their wage to a living wage onto a consumer. The correct amount of what it should “cost” you as a consumer for a corporation to raise their wages is $0.


    I’d like to see it phrased as the equivalent of, “If Walmart paid its employees a living wage, the family that owns it would have to take an 2% cut to their yearly profits, meaning they’d make only 294 million a year instead of 300 million a year,” just to really drive home how little they would need to pass on the cost of paying their employees a living wage to their consumers.


    Three dimensional characters for the win.


    “It feels better, right?” is the part that gets me, because it explains everything about Flash ever.


    hi everyone can hate on amazing spiderman all they want but ndklnfklngsksfkjnsn this is how you write a real person


    Flash being the first person to approach Peter with the genuine intention of trying to comfort him after Uncle Ben’s death + the allusions to Flash’s incredibly abusive home life that manifests at school because he’s a kid who doesn’t know how to handle his emotions delivered all in four words = good fucking scene, great fucking understanding of both Peter Parker and Flash Thompson.

    JoJo Siwa is gay and this is what it means

    With the publication of this tweet, it is official and indisputable: Joelle Joanne Siwa is gay. And this is a massive win for the LGBTQ+ community.

    Allow me to explain.

    In the past few years, JoJo Siwa has all but become the next Hannah Montana. She’s the pinnacle of child star culture. Her songs are sickeningly peppy, to the point where teenaged and adult listeners cringe at the lyrics before they can even notice the production. 

    She did this on purpose. JoJo Siwa is nearly eighteen. Similar to Ke$ha’s promiscuous image, Siwa’s persona is an exaggeration of one part of her personality. Which leads one to wonder, why would she ever choose that part of her personality to exaggerate? I don’t mean the energetic way of talking, per se, but the glitter. And the ice cream. And the JoJo Juice.

    The thing is, behind all of this, Siwa is an expert businesswoman (assuming that the “best gay cousin” shirt uses gay as an umbrella term for bisexual/lesbian, not a way of saying transmasc mlm). She carefully positioned herself as the most powerful force in the childrens’ music industry. She’s going to have as much of an influence on kids’ lives as early Disney Channel series did on many of yours. And she did this on purpose.

    It’s easy to think that her purpose is to make money. And while that’s always a motivator, she said it herself on an interview with Jimmy Fallon. She’s here to spread an uplifting message.

    And now that’s what she’s doing. 

    JoJo’s face is on everything. She has an entire business empire. She has made entire videos going through her merch catalog, since there’s so much of it. She has solidified herself everywhere. People have shirts, backpacks, even food with her face on it.

    Not only that, but her image is that of innocence. People tell their kids to listen to JoJo Siwa, since it’s clean. People point to her as the pinnacle of cheerful innocence. She’s a role model to kids all around the world.

    And now she’s gay.

    Now homophobes around the world are going to have to grapple with the fact that gay can also be innocent. This isn’t Miley Cyrus. She didn’t release any raunchy singles before coming out. She’s at the height of her career. Kids love her songs, teens love her TikToks, parents love her safety. She’s showing homophobes that gay people can also be marketed towards a young audience. 

    idk about you guys but I think sometimes its a little fun for fictional characters to go “I am going to be a little bastard man for no reason” like I’m over the agonizing about right and wrong, and wrestling with one’s darker nature. I wanna see people go “hey wanna see something fucked up?” and then do it


    Fire Lord Zuko passing a law that forbids challenging anyone under the age of majority to Agni Kai

    Fire Lord Zuko waiting until the day he reaches the age of majority to pass this law, lest anyone think he is a coward

    (No one. Literally no one would have thought that, but it’s generally regarded as a very classy move regardless)


    Wait but also, until then, if anyone under the age of majority is challenged

    Zuko fights it for them.

    Which, especially in more rural towns (where Agni Kais are less of a public event and more of a fast and violent duel) is terrifying because you challenge your neighbor’s kid over a stolen chicken-fish and all of a sudden the Fire Lord is showing up???

    But, those few who still challenge those who should be kids learn quickly to regret it.


    Okay but this implies that Zuko knows whenever someone challenges a kid to an Agni Kai and is there before the battle takes place.

    Firelord Zuko: *wakes up in a cold sweat near midnight*

    Firelord Zuko: *running down the palace hallways while still struggling to put in his pants, being chased by his team of bodyguards* I’M GOING TO HING WA ISLAND TO KICK SOMEBODY’S ASS SEE YOU IN A WEEK BITCHES


    Random spirit: Why’d you do that to him? Isn’t it kind of a stretch for a mortal to be blessed like that?

    Agni himself: I felt like it