Chastity and Submission

Submissive to women, I spend my days locked in chastity and under strict orgasm control.

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2018-12-07 02:47:06

    Pantsed tiny dick bouncing

    One time I had the privilege of seeing a guy get pantsed in front of roughly 100 or so people. Luckily for all of us that witnessed it, when his friend did it, he accidentally yanked down his boxers along with his pants and we all saw the tiniest little dick come bouncing out!! I’ll never forget it, so frigging hilarious!

    If you have any stories like this or have experienced something similar, go and send them over so we can all enjoy the memories :)


    This happened to me in high school. The girls all pointed and laughed. The guys got me finger covers as joke condoms. They called me "Excalibur" as a joke for years to come, and each incoming freshman class was told the story. It was never forgotten, and I was turned down by every girl I asked out at my school.