In a committed FLR relationship with my wonderful wife MistressJ101 (who is also my keyholder). Not looking for another Mistress (one is all I can handle). Into Chastity, FemDom, Hypnosis, Forced Feminization, Pegging, and Sissy Maid Training. Also have an interest in Hotwife Lifestyle and Cuckolding. I reblog posts that attract my attention, and add my two cents worth if appropriate.


Last update
2022-01-27 02:51:06

    My Mistress/Wife expressing Her team spirit after a big win. The uncensored view is 💯times better. I was hoping that She would be in a generous mood after the win, but She informed me that I would remain caged. There is a glimmer of hope if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. GO CHIEFS!!! Do it for me.

    If anyone is interested, I have moved my censored content over to NewTumbl. It is a lot like what Tumblr used to be. You can find me at ChastityCowboy. Hope to see some of you over there. I will still check in on my Tumblr blog occasionally, but NewTumbl will be my primary posting blog.

    Hey everyone, I am going to take a break from Tumblr. Their SELECTIVE CENSORSHIP is bullshit, and that is from someone that actually knows what bullshit is. I am searching for another site to move to, but until then, I’m out. Thanks to everyone that followed my blog. I started this blog to have fun, and I really enjoyed interacting with all of the people that I met on here, but SELECTIVE CENSORSHIP is not something I want to deal with. LATER

    I had the most amazing view of my incredibly sexy Mistress/Wife sitting on Her caged cock this morning. She allowed me to take a picture of Her and gave me permission to post it to my blog, but when I tried to post it, Tumblr blocked it. After I took the picture, my fantastic Mistress/Wife straddled my face and I licked Her to a thunderous orgasm. I attempted to give Her another orgasm, but I was unsuccessful. I was close, but I couldn’t get Her over the top. It wasn’t for a lack of trying. I enthusiastically worshipped Her beautiful pussy for over 3 hours (no exaggeration), but to no avail. The best part was that I mentioned to Her while I was servicing Her that I would like someone to jack-off on Her tits while I was eating Her out sometime, and She immediately responded that I would have to lick 👅 up the cum. What an amazing woman. Thanks to everyone that liked and reblogged the last picture that I posted of Her. If you like that picture, please visit my Mistress/Wife’s blog. She is MistressJ101. She is starting to get jealous that I am getting all of the attention from pictures of Her. And to answer your question, She is 100% natural. If anyone would like to see the picture that got blocked, please message me and I will send it to you. I will keep trying to post the picture to my blog.


    Of course you do. That shrimp can’t do anything for me. That’s why I have to fuck other guys. It’s your fault and you should be ashamed




    I do 😔


    Not a bigger dick, but I would really like (and my Mistress/Wife would appreciate) a longer tongue. With the amount of exercise my tongue has been getting during Locktober, my Mistress may just get Her wish. 👅


    My Mistress/Wife has also made the transformation from letting me out of chastity when I asked to be unlocked, to now only unlocking me when She is good and ready. She has found that the longer that She keeps me locked, the more attentive, affectionate, and pleasant I become. A weekend lockup used to be the normal. As of now, I am on Day 35, with no release until at least the end of Locktober.