When he became a teenager, Ian was told the truth. His “Daddy” was not his biological father. In fact, Ian had been developed in a lab from various DNA, given false memories and placed in Daddy’s care. He had been bred for one thing only, to at the age of eighteen, become a sex slave. Suddenly his good looks, Daddy’s strict work out schedule and utter control over what the boy wore, made sense.

    “So what about school, my friends, college, all of that?” asked Ian.

    “It doesn’t matter” said Daddy. “When you turn eighteen, you’ll give all that up, live in the dungeon downstairs and begin serving me sexually”

    “I can’t stay in my room?”

    “Ian, when you turn eighteen, I’m burning everything you own besides your socks and underwear. You won’t even have a name anymore. I’ll probably keep you in a cage or tied to a bondage table. You’ll barely be allowed to speak, you’ll be gagged”

    “I’m supposed to just become a sex object?”

    “Yes. It’s a great honor”

    “But what about my life?!”

    “Your life is a lie, ok? You are meant for one thing only…to please my cock. The sooner you accept that, the better. Now, in the next week, I need you to start packing up your room and giving your clothes away. Again, what we can’t get rid of, we’ll burn. Tell your friends you’re going to college early, end those relationships now. You are to start watching gay porn and practicing deep throating, a banana should help”

    “This is crazy”

    “If you try to run, I will find you. You have a tracking device in your body that I can trace. So you might as well just follow orders.”

    “You taught me everything I know and now you tell me that my life means nothing”

    “Your life never belonged to you. And you were never more than a hot body that I’d eventually get. Anything else is false”


    Ian woke up on his eighteenth birthday to an empty bedroom. Even his sheets were gone and he was just sleeping on a mattress. He had done as instructed, saying goodbye to everything. The straight boy was dreading this day. Despite knowing everything now, it was still tough to accept. He was wearing a t shirt of his favorite band, sweatpants from his favorite sports team and white nike socks. He’d never listen to music or go see a game again. Before he could take this in, Daddy entered the room.

    “It’s time. Strip to your underwear and socks”

    Ian got up and stripped to his briefs. Daddy threw the t shirt and sweatpants into a garbage bag. He then took out leather wrist/ankle cuffs, and put them on the boy. He tied Ian’s hands behind his back.

    “Can I just… can I have the morning to be-“

    A huge red ball gag was stuffed in Ian’s mouth, and secured behind his head. Ian whimpered, Daddy was wasting no time in transforming him into a sex toy. Daddy grabbed Ian by the hair and forced him out of the room, down the stairs and into the dungeon. This was the first time that Ian saw his new home and he panicked. Bondage tables, sawhorses, cages, walls of whips/clamps/gags/restraints/toys/chains. Ian started to struggle.

    “Fuck no! Please! Please!” shouted Ian into his gag. Daddy had no mercy though and quickly stripped the boy of his briefs, tying him over a sawhorse, so the boy’s ass was in the air. He took a whip off the wall.

    “Eighteen strikes. For the birthday boy” Ian cried as the whip came down on his back eighteen times, making it red. Daddy blindfolded the boy, causing him to struggle more.

    “You don’t need to see or speak. You don’t need to move either. You have no name now. Only slut or boy. I will feed you from a dog bowl twice a day. You will have bathroom breaks twice a day as well. You will be bathed daily. You will not speak unless I tell you too. Until you learn this, you will be gagged. I will cum in you three times a day. And make you suffer the rest of the time. I’ve wanted to see suffer for so long”

    Daddy lubed up a big butt plug and forced it into Ian, causing the boy to cry out. He smiled at the whimper of pain from Ian.

    “That will open you up for me. Now, if I take your gag out for feeding, sucking, kissing…again unless I want you too, you don’t speak. Don’t bother begging to go outside, or be treated like anything other than a sex toy. I don’t care that this is tough for you. I don’t care that you’re struggling to give up your life. And I don’t care that you’re scared. All I care about is using you for my pleasure”

    Ian struggled against the sawhorse, pulling at his restraints.

    “Take it out! Please take it out!” cried Ian into his gag.

    “No, boy. It stays in. Now I have to finish getting rid of everything resembling “Ian”. So you just lay here and I’ll be back soon to fill your hole with real cock.”

    “You sick fuck!” Cried Ian. “My name is Ian! You can’t erase me!”

    “Oh but I will, soon the only thing in your mind will be “more cock please”. And your name isn’t Ian. You don’t have a name. Sex object”

    Daddy slapped Ian’s ass and shut off the lights in the dungeon, on his way out. Ian still blindfolded could still sense he was in complete darkness and this shocked him. He truly was helpless. His new existence had begun, and he was not in control… not at all.

    Steve had never been with a guy before. But on a dare from his friends, he signed up on Grindr and answered the first message he got. He didn’t want to tell his straight bros that he was actually intrigued by men. Maybe he was bi? Anyway, the man that messaged him, picked Steve up from school and brought him to his house. In the car, Steve tried to start conversation, but the man told him to shut up. It was kinda hot actually. The man was a muscle daddy in his forties with silver hair.

    “Get out of the car” said Daddy. Steve and Daddy walked into the man’s house, up some stairs and into a bedroom lit only by candles.

    “Bathroom is through there. Strip and prepare yourself, when you’re done, come back in”

    “Okay, sure”

    “What kind of socks do you wear?”

    “Umm white socks”

    “Be specific, bitch”

    “Ugh white long nike socks, they go up to mid leg”

    “Good, keep those on. Underwear?”

    “Plaid boxers”

    “No, there’s a closet in the bathroom. On the top shelf you’ll find clean fresh pairs of white briefs. Find your size and put them on”


    “GO! And make sure your clothes are folded in a neat pile”

    Steve quickly went into the bathroom and locked the door behind him. He was breathing heavy. This was a lot. He was in over his head, despite slightly being hard. Does he go all the way with this? Can he call it off? Steve found that his hands were already unzipping his pants though. He kicked off his sneakers and slid out of his jeans. He took of his tank and put that on top of the sneakers and jeans. He felt vulnerable, in his socks and boxers, in this man’s bathroom. This was a feeling that this largely straight 19 year old was not used to.

    Steve found the bathroom closet and searched through the briefs to find his size. Then, in a quick breath, he took his boxers off and put the briefs on. This is so weird, he thought. He looked in the closet and found multiple pairs of Nike socks, like the ones he wore, and gray sweatpants. Almost as if the man liked to dictate what his boys wore. Steve closed the closet and looked at himself in the mirror. Firm athletic body in briefs that outlined his cock and white socks, the briefs made him more vulnerable and boy-ish. His cock was pressing up against the brief fabric. He stepped back into the bedroom.

    Steve’s eyes went wide. Daddy was now dressed in all leather, even a leather hood. The bed was now outfitted with leather cuffs at the headboard and end of the bed. Daddy had a whip in hand, which he snapped against the floor. Steve panicked.

    “Wow wow, what is this?! I didn’t agree to this, what the fuck?!” shouted Steve, trying to go back into the bathroom. Daddy kicked the door in though and grabbed Steve by the neck. He threw the boy on the bed and quickly, despite Steve’s struggles, secured the boy’s wrists into the cuffs on the headboard. Steve scrambled, his feet kicking at the bed.

    “What are you doing?! What are you doing?!!!” Screamed Steve. Daddy didn’t respond, he just grabbed one of Steve’s ankles and secured it into one of the lower cuffs, then grabbed the other and did the same. Steve was now stretched out, spread eagle on the bed. Steve pulled at the restraints.

    “HELP! Someone help!” Daddy slapped Steve and stuck a huge ball gag in the boy’s mouth, securing it behind the boy’s head. Steve continued to shout, but Daddy slapped him again.

    “You know you want this, bitch” said Daddy as his hand went down and started to feel up Steve’s crotch in the briefs.

    Steve shook his head. He wasn’t into this anymore, he wanted out. Whatever this sick fantasy was, he didn’t…..holy shit, the man’s face was now nuzzling his crotch. It felt good, it felt really good. Steve couldn’t help himself and moaned, his thighs pressing into Daddy’s head. He was hard as a rock now. Daddy stopped and brought out two clamps from his pocket.

    “What are those? What- no not my nipples!” Cried Steve. Each clamp secured to his nipples, causing his chest to be searing in pain. Daddy picked up the whip and whipped the boy’s chest three times, causing the clamps to painfully fly off. Steve bucked against his restraints, biting down into his gag. Daddy grabbed the boy by the throat and started to dry hump him. Steve was terrified, angry and….so turned on. The weight of this muscular man rubbing against his body, pressing down between his legs, felt amazing. He wanted to run and yet he wanted to be tied up for this man as long as possible. Something awakened in him. He liked being dominated.

    “Such a beautiful boy in your briefs and socks, helpless and all mine” said Daddy as he kissed the boy’s neck, continuing to hump him.

    “You want my cock inside you?” Daddy whispered into the boy’s ear, his tongue licking it. Steve moaned. Daddy ripped open the briefs, spit in Steve’s ass and mounted him. Steve’s hole contracting against the big cock and Daddy fucked him hard. It hurt, it hurt like hell. But after a while, pleasure was rushing through Steve.

    “Tell me you love Daddy’s cock!”

    “I LOVE DADDY’S COCK!” Screamed Steve, surprising even himself. Daddy smiled and continued to fuck the boy.

    “You’re going to come back everyday and get fucked by Daddy, understood? I’m going put you through discipline training, worship those hot socks of yours and punish you. We will make you into a good daddy’s boy”

    “Yes Daddy. Please daddy!” Cried Steve.

    Daddy gripped the boy’s cock through the briefs, and Steve came in a full blast of cum on the fabric of the briefs.

    Boy, if you’re going to be Daddy’s new boy, we need to talk about your wardrobe. While I like you in gym clothes, my boys are always in white undershirts, briefs and white socks. So gone are the sneakers and the colored socks. Don’t worry, I’ll supply you with plenty of white shirts, briefs and white socks. What if you go outside? Boy, you’re not leaving the bedroom. How will you exercise? I have some weights you can use. But your exercise will largely be sex. You don’t know whether you’d like that? Too bad. I’ll chain you to the bed if I need to. You don’t wanna do this anymore? Oh straight boy. Too bad. Here’s a nice chloroform rag for you. Take deep breathes. Hush, no more struggle. There we go, fall asleep in Daddy’s arms, sweet boy. I’ll make you look like a good boy and then I will MAKE you a good boy. 


    9 Ingredients For Taming Your Slave, Results Guaranteed…


    Lock its genitals in order to restrict access. Make sure it is chaste most of the time, free only in your presence from time to time. This way, its body parts become your property and it is unable to play with itself, which ALL men do.


    This might seem like unnecessary play only but it is not. It send a strong impulse to its mind about who is in charge and has unlimited freedom. Do it on regular basis.


    Routines are very important, any kind of routine. To begin with, decide upon a daily routine with which it will show its respect and humility to you. Make sure there will be no skipping on routines.


    This is a complete must, done on daily basis. Discipline is the most essential ingredient. It doesn’t need to “deserve it”, it is simply necessary. Find the time and the will every day.


    Having and keeping its balls full will ensure its full attention towards you. It will make it beg and it will make it soft on its mind. Have you tried it for hours? No? Try it. Bigger balls equals more obedience and willingness to do anything for you.


    Your slave needs to cum and it will do anything to cum. You will allow it to cum on occasion but you will also slowly take away its right to have that pleasure. Ruin its orgasms often and make it thank you. In time you could easily have it pleasure-less and without actual orgasms, up to you. Remember, an orgasm is not a right, it is a health necessity. It is not a reward either. Yours are important and only orgasms that should be cherished.


    As bad as this might sound, subtle ways of humiliation are extremely effective. It needs it, it wants it. Do it. Find ways, decide up on them and act upon them. Humiliation makes it more humble. Then humiliate some more, subtly.


    slaves need to be treated like objects or toys. So that’s just what you need to do, use it for your pleasure and needs and then simply discard it. It’s a play, nothing more but it works just fine. Make sure you train yourself for such acts properly, in order not to appear silly.


    Chastising your slave is the beginning of emasculation. Pegging is another great way to emasculate. Make it your bitch, bring out its feminine side. Bringing out its feminine side works beautifully in favor of emasculation. Emasculation kills the ego every man has. Ego is an absolute enemy.


    A slave has no right to an “ego.” IT should not even be thinking about the past or the future. ITs needs to learn to focus exclusively on the present moment. IT must endure whatever is happening at the moment with no thought of rest, food, water, toilet, pleasure, and certainly not, freedom. Through proper training, IT will have no thoughts, just reactions, to ITs Master’s immediate needs.


    All it takes is time, patience and practice, and before long, IT will have the largest dildo up ITs ass, and the tiniest cage will be locked on ITs cock.  This shows the slow progression of a slave, faggot or Object into service, being dominated by a real (Alpha) man or men, and forfeiting ITs cock as a pleasure “tool” in exchange to make ITs ass the center of ITs sexual attention and satisfaction.  Once IT decides and starts the road to slavery, IT won’t be able to turn back.  IT will never, again, be able to get a hard on strong enough to penetrate anything or anyone.  IT will only experience ruined organisms to drain ITs prostrate, and release the pressure.  IT will never again enjoy the feeling of a full, powerful and massive erection and ejaculation. 


    Ok people , you get the idea: where are you in the process of totally submitting to becoming a full time slave, faggot or Object. Start somewhere, but just START. You won’t be fully satisfied with your life until you can comfortably “take” the largest dildo, and are wearing the smallest cock cage. Once you’re there, you will be totally at ease with being chained, handcuffed and shackled every night, weekends and holidays. You will perform your duties for your Master out of respect and dedication. You will serve with dignity, honesty and loyalty. You will eagerly drop to your knees and open your mouth WIDE when He says, “I need to piss, slave.” You will take His hot, golden man juices and not spill a drop. You will LOVE Him, and yourself, for living the life you were meant to live.


    Sometimes your hand just reaches to your crotch, hoping to feel something, to touch, to connect with your body. But down there, only steel. You fight inside the steel prison: your dick too wants to reconnect with the whole body. You struggle to no avail. You punch the hard steel with your first. Useless. Steel doesn’t give a shit. Steel doesn’t care for your feelings, your desire, your lust. Steel hides away everything. Steel is the answer.


    Secured by steel. Don’t bother reaching down to touch your cock, slave. Besides, you can carry “your” cock, but “your” cock belongs to Me, now.

    Aaron, 18, had been renting the spare room in Mr. T’s beach house for a week. The boy had saved up most of his money to give himself this vacation, and so far it had gone well. He was at the beach daily and surfing long into the night. One day though, after coming back from the beach, he found Mr. T lying in his room, on the bed. Mr. T explained that he had wanted to bring Aaron a special protein drink, because he knew how obsessed Aaron was with fitness. Aaron thought it was weird that Mr. T had gone into his home and laid on the bed, but he expected the drink anyway. Soon after drinking, he passed out into Mr. T’s arms.


    Mr. T dragged the boy the bathroom and stripped him of his bathing suit. He then put Aaron in the tub and started to wash him.

    “You’ve been out on the beach all day, gotta get my boy nice and clean for bed time”

    After washing him down with soap and shampoo, Mr. T dried the boy off, threw Aaron over his back and carried him to the bed. Mr. T had already thrown back the covers and prepared the bed with restraints. He laid Aaron naked in the middle of the bed, and grabbed some dark green plaid flannel pajamas from a nearby closet.

    “I bought these just for you. Shall we get you dressed for bed time?”

    Mr. T slipped white briefs onto Aaron, making sure the waistband was firmly pulled up to cup his crotch (Aaron usually wore plaid boxers, which Mr. T hated). He then slipped a pair of white long nike socks onto Aaron’s feet, pulling them to the calf, and pulling the toe out to make it puffy. The pajama bottoms were slipped on next, the draw string tied in a perfect bow. The bottoms were made to rest right below the waistband of the underwear. Then the pajama top was put on, buttoned down the middle and tucked into the pants. The collar of shirt was firmly pressed down. Aaron’s ankles were slipped into leather cuffs at the end of the bed. A strap in the middle of the bed was secured across his waist. Another strap across his shoulders knees and forehead (pulling his head down to the pillow) as well. Leather wrist cuffs secured the boy’s arms to his side. A blue ball gag was slipped into the boy’s mouth, a huge one, and secured behind his head. Mr. T then pulled the covers up to Aaron’s chin, and laid next to boy, caressing his hair.

    “Oh my beautiful boy, sweet dreams”

    Mr. T kissed Aaron on the forehead.


    Aaron woke the next morning staring at the ceiling. He usually slept on his side, so this was weird. He felt something in his mouth…what the hell? It was a ball, that was currently full of drool, his mouth barely fit around it. He tried to reach up to take it out, but his hand stayed down. What the- in fact he couldn’t even sit down or take his head off the pillow. And what was he wearing? He usually just wore boxers and gym shorts to bed, but he felt flannel on him, long socks and…and briefs. None of these clothes were his. What the fuck?!!! He began to panic, quickly realizing that he was held down by leather straps and cuffs. He could wiggle a bit, move his feet up and down, but that was about it.

    “HELP! HELP!” Screamed Aaron into what he now realized was a gag.

    “Oh my boy’s awake”

    Mr. T reached out a hand started to caress Aaron’s hair again.

    “YOU SICK FUCK!” Screamed Aaron.

    “Hush baby it’s ok, I know being still is hard for you. But you must not wiggle so, you’ll mess up your outfit.”

    Mr. T threw back the covers and Aaron saw for the first time- his restraints. His eyes went wide. Mr. T secured another strap around Aaron’s chest and another around thighs. What little movement Aaron had was taken away. Aaron’s hands tried to claw at the nearest strap.

    “Oh must not have that now”

    Mr. T slipped both Aaron’s hands into leather mitts. Completely taking away any hope.

    “There we go, now that’s better, yes?”

    Mr. T laid down next to him and Aaron started to breathe heavy. What was this sick fuck going to do to him? He was trapped. So fucking trapped and helpless. He wanted to run. This man had undressed him and then dressed/secured him as a play thing! He suddenly started to cry. Mr. T leaned down and licked his tears, causing Aaron to scream in anger again.

    “You just turned 18, yes? I hear you boys are so horny. So horny that it hurts if you don’t get release. Especially in the morning. Shall I help you, boy?”

    “No no no no!”

    Mr. T slipped his hand past the waistband of the pajama bottoms and started to feel up Aaron’s crotch. Aaron whimpered and struggled against his restraints, the man’s big hand cupping his balls and caressing his cock.

    “Oh you must really need it, huh? Ok boy, it’s okay”

    Mr. T reached into the briefs and brought out Aaron’s cock, pulling the briefs and pj bottoms down slightly, and opening the pj top a bit, enough for Mr. T to kiss Aaron’s belly.

    “I don’t want you to mess up your nice pjs with your cum. Now just relax and enjoy this”

    “GET YOUR HAND OFF MY COCK!” cried Aaron through his gag.

    “With a little help from Mr. vibrator, we should be set”

    A vibrator was placed on Aaron’s balls, and the boy couldn’t help but get hard in Mr. T’s hand. Don’t you cum for this man, he thought. Don’t you dare cum for him. And it was building in him. Warmth. Pleasure. Aaron couldn’t hold back a moan and then…

    “Good boy! There we go! Cum for me, baby.”

    Aaron shuddered against his restraints as every bit of cum was milked out of him. Mr. T then licked up the cum from the boy’s stomach. The briefs and pj bottoms were pulled up again, tied and positioned as they had been before. The pj top was rebuttoned and tucked back in. The covers were pulled up again.

    “Now you rest. I’ll be back in an hour to feed you. Then we’ll take your first bathroom break of a day, a nice bath…and it’s back in bed, in a new clean set of pjs, socks and briefs. Tonight we will have your first exercise session, gotta keep that body fit. It’s a great exercise program called sex…doesn’t that sound nice, boy? I’m gonna fuck you. I’m gonna give you a nice work out”

    Aaron burst into tears as he struggled again, but there was no moving. Well, his feet were still able to move up and down.

    “Oh dear, you’ll mess up your covers”

    The covers were pulled back and Aaron’s socked feet were taped together at the ball of the foot. Mr. T took a sniff of Aaron’s socks as he did this. Then the covers were replaced. Mr. T kissed Aaron on the forehead and walked out of the room.

    “Oh you can call me a new name now, boy. I’m your Daddy. And you will love Daddy, with all of your holes”


    Awesome Find

    Tyler is an average 19 year old guy with some pudge on his frame and blond hair. Today his outfit was a pair of cargo shorts, some white low top Adidas, and a red plain t-shirt. He always wanted to fit in with the skater and surfer kids at his school along the coast but he never could get into shape. He got out of school early on Friday and decided to walk home instead of taking the bus like he usually does. Tyler decided to do some sightseeing and went over to the concrete runoff where he usually hangs out throwing rocks and such. He walked on passing a couple little bridges that go over when the one closest to his house had a random suitcase lying there. Tyler became curious and thought he’d take a peek inside it. “There’s always a chance of good stuff” he thought. Tyler unzipped it and was hit with a wave of musk coming from the clothes, he pulled back in disgust then came back after seeing the hot clothes. Tyler was never attracted to anyone so he never knew his orientation but when he saw the clothes he popped a boner and wanted to put them on. “This is wrong, I can’t just wear some nasty clothes out here or even change in public.” Tyler was conflicted but he ultimately gave in to the pleasure of wearing the clothes. He decided to kick off all his clothes and go naked as he grabbed the skinny jeans. Tyler searched in the suitcase for underwear but found a pair of nice musky boxers that he held up, sniffed, and moaned as his 4 inch cock was twitching. Tyler put them on and the jeans as he found the sneakers and noticed there we no socks, he shrugged it off. The sneakers were a size 11 while he usually wore a size 8, he didn’t care as his curiosity and pleasure tookover. The last thing to put on was the tight t-shirt and cap as he put them on and twisted the cap backwards. He started to feel a bit dizzy, he fell back but the concrete wall behind him kept him standing. His cock started to throb and get hot, he whipped it out and could tell something was wrong. “Wh-what the hell is going on bro?” Tyler covered his mouth as he never said bro and wasn’t raised like that. “Fuck dude I’m so horny, mmm I gotta jerk huhuhuh!” Tyler is scared but his overwhelming horniness and pleasure is making him not care as much. His hand starts stroking his cock as he sees it grow right in front of him, he also feels his arms, legs, and practically everywhere ache. “Unnfff fuuucckk dude!” Tyler moans out as his arm muscles start to grow replacing the fat and becoming a bit toned, even his stomach and waist fat is going away and showing abs. “Bro I look so fucking hot and my fuckstick is gonna get me all the guys huhuhuh!” Tyler shook his head, this can’t be him he isn’t gay or this muscled or have this big of a cock for all his friends to suck on. “No no no! Get out of my head!” Tyler sees his cock grow to 5 then 6 as his horny skater self starts to take over, he feels his feet and legs start to tingle as his upper body stops changing. “Bro my feet are gonna be worshipped by guys all day huhuhuh!” His feet grow from size 8 to 8.5 to 9 as they crack and stretch becoming musky along the way. “Fuuucckk they smell so sweet, I wanna lick them all over!” Tyler’s old self starts to fade away into his cock which is now nearing 7 inches and growing to 7.5 real quick. “Huhuhuh this load is gonna be massive dude!” Tyler’s new mind is Ty the skater as his feet finish growing to size 11 just about a half inch of wiggle room along with his cock being almost at 8 inches. “Bro here I cuuuummmm!!!” Ty squirts out gallons of cum out of his newly transformed body and 8 inch cock. Tyler is now a bunch of cum on the concrete, he enjoyed his last minutes though hehe. “Bro gotta get back to the beach, my friends wanna have an orgy huhuhuh!” Ty put his cock away somewhat and ran over to the beach, he’s enjoying his new life.

    This story was made for @casualpatrolperfection I hope you and everyone else enjoys it! Forgive me for being so inactive but life happens you know.