Unconventional Interactions
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    Cute date idea

    Pick out each other’s outfits.

    Show up at a bar separately.

    Pretend to be strangers, flirt, buy her too many drinks.

    Take her back home.

    Tell her that she’s too pretty to let go, inform her that you’ll have to hurt her, if she tries to escape.

    Bring her somewhere dingy, the basement, grab her hair and tell her to put her palms and butt up on the cold wall, then inspect your new prize.

    First her face, neck, with your lips and fingers. Then her mouth. Taste it. Hand her a couple hair ties and wrap your hand around her throat.

    “Pigtails. Slut.”

    She complies. Collar her, produce a pocket knife and cut away her shirt and skirt first. Taste every little bit.

    Cut off her bra and panties. Bend her over the washing machine, or stack of boxes. Play until you’re both nice and sticky, sloppy, craving climax.

    Shackle or cage her. Make sure she’s restrained or caged when you get her off.

    After she’s finished, she won’t be interested in this little game anymore. Good thing the dog crate locks.


    Throat training.


    I want one!!!

    A stranger online said they'd buy it for me. I keenly agreed, thinking it's free and there's really no repercussions. But I had to give them my address... and that's where the trouble began. Yes I got the mouth gag, but I also got an ass raping that I'll have to endure everyday until he's found a new bitch to humiliate


    “God, you’ve really come such a far way, little slut. Do you remember, way back when, back when you were still allowed upstairs, before daddy got his other girls, before you couldn’t fit anything big or fun in any of your holes? I’m so proud of you. You make a perfect bottom beta little slave. You’re better as a toy.”

    Daddy kisses her forehead, and nose, locks on her collar and leash and brings her upstairs on all 4’s. He locks her head into the seat of a plush chair, in his office. He locks her wrists to her ankles, and inflates the two matching toys in her lower holes until he hears muffled screams and sees snot on her face.

    “Poor little slave. Don’t groan and gripe about this. You literally begged for it. Didn’t you?”

    She nods her head, ever so slightly, the leather cushion squeaking around it.

    “Princess, come here, I know you have to work from home for a while.. so daddy got you a new chair. This way you can do your plug training and get your work done all at once! If you sit in it all day I’ll go down on you until you get off, a few times. If the chair gets noisy or moves too much just open the app on your laptop and press on the little lightning bolt button a few times. That should help.”


    Little subs who fantasize about being stupid, objectified toys obviously have the mental capacity to understand the irony of their desires.

    If you were really a dumb bimbo, you wouldn’t realize it, hell, you may be barely aware that you’re alive.

    Exploit this. Even if she needs to work on a thesis, or is in the line of lofty intellectual work- play into her gross little kink.

    Have access to her laptop camera.

    Make her dress up and plug herself for permission to use the computer. Every minute, or 10, she spends thinking, typing, using her smarts is another day added to her denial; and another strike with the switch.

    Ironically, having a fetish for being stupid requires some of the most mental investment to make fun for both parties.

    Think of it as intellectual denial, like denial of climax. She may want her dominant to say “no”, to restrict basic human function or necessity.


    Sometimes I get dressed up just to play with myself


    I love this concept.

    “Dressed up to play with myself”

    It’s so cute that it makes me throb. No more edging or climax in crusty-ass sweatpants and a comfy shirt.

    Pleasure only comes with getting dolled up, spending at least a couple hours on your outfit and makeup, texting your owner photos for approval, changing if need be...

    The more time and effort dedicated to your solo-playing, the better the mental effect.

    Association is important for mental training.

    Associating full makeup, a cute little collar and panties, pigtails and plugs with permission to rub for a little bit is powerful.

    Anyhow, what’s the point of a good little bimbo groaning and grinding if it’s not pretty to watch? There is none.


    After a long night of use- playtime and pretend with Daddy and his friends, slave is sweaty, bruised, sleepy, and sticky with pleasure. Slave literally is a gooey, gross mess. We both need a shower.

    I lock my pet’s wrists, and lock them to an attachment in the shower. Her first job is to suck clean every single toy which was used last night, most stick to the shower wall, some she must kneel and lap spotless from the floor of the tub. Now she’s earned her shower.

    Still dressed in bows, thigh highs, a little lace tie on thong and cup less bra. They all reek of sweat and lust. Undressed, I remove all of the paper thin, cheap lingerie from my slave and stuff it into her mouth. Nearly gagging, kneeling, I turn the water on and tell her to stand.

    I wash her, spread her legs, behind her ears, every inch of her until she’s clean. Now for my shower, slave kneels and worships my ass and thighs, and between my legs as the warm soapy water runs down. She is only able to nuzzle me with her nose and lips because of her gag.

    I turn on the cold water after I step out. When I’m dry, I turn it off, and dry her shivering body with my towel.

    Slave knows the routine and spits her slimy, skimpy get-up into the sink and washes it by hand as I get dressed.

    Her thigh highs, bra, thong, and ribbons are hanging on the shower bar when I come back.

    Slave is uncuffed. I spit in her mouth then brush her teeth, brush her hair, dry it, and hood her for a well earned rest in her comfy little cage.

    Slave should feel dirty, dumb, and helpless- even when she’s clean.


    I’ve never been the jealous type. My little girl is allowed to date boys as long as daddy approves of them, and she follows a couple easy rules. I’ve felt far more at ease with my precious little pet mingling with strangers since I had her microchipped. Just a little prick, and downloading an app. Now I always know where she is, if she likes it or not.

    Slave is to keep everything plugged but her mouth on dates. They’re metal, the ones that “bloom” outwards and lock. Daddy has the keys. She can use her mouth freely, but if the little lovebirds want to go further, they need to come home to have daddy unlock her. Sometimes this requires slave to butter me up, and ensures she doesn’t date just total assholes.

    “You look cute tonight princess. Spread. Let me inspect you. Your makeup is perfect. What’s his name? Be back by 1.”


    Pretend you’ve never done it before.

    Daddy says keep your face stuffed in the pillow or it won’t work, so you do.

    Daddy says use your hands and grind your cute little ass on him until you feel it grow.

    You moan, you’re not sure it’s supposed to go there. You look up from the pillow and stutter something.

    Daddy reassures you. Spanks you, for not listening, and slowly uses the part he wants to leave a mess in.

    He rubs the other one through your cute little thong until it’s sopping wet, explaining how good little girls can’t have anything inside this one, ever.

    You feel a warm pulse within you, daddy groans and turns over. He pets you and gently guides your face from the mascara stained pillow to his half hard part.

    “This hole is ok too. Now clean up the mess you made”


    Part of being a slave, is being uncomfortable. Learning how to embrace it is another aspect



    The more uncomfortable you are, the more Daddy likes it. This applies to all aspects of your life. Daddy likes you edged and denied- perpetually, it makes training easier, and keeps noises from the cage to a minimum.

    Daddy likes when you expand your horizons. First the collar to the store, then the heels, then the big rubber plug and short little skirt. Constant discomfort makes for rapid progress.

    Slave may find taking a floppy dong down her throat to eat her protein shake uncomfortable, even a bit extreme, but she’ll get hungry- soon it will feel normal.

    Clothing, diet, desires and dreams will all be out of slave’s hands soon.

    This leaves more space in her little head to indulge herself with her imagination.

    She’ll make herself uncomfortable. She’ll feel uncomfortable telling daddy about what she craves. She may even panic when he surprises her with what she wants.

    The subtle electric anxiety is key to forming a perfect little pet. A comfy slave is a little brat, a slave on edge is a soft treat.


    I have those heels, so clearly this is how I should be kept more often.


    I guess we’ll just have to hang out and wear them sometime~


    “Daddy only lets me play with other guys if he picks out my outfit, lingerie; and makeup. He doesn’t want me running off with any of them so I also have to wear these dumb ankle cuffs, a shock collar, and wrist cuffs. He’s sooo controlling. It’s creepy how he makes them come over to our place too.. he has to “approve”, which means he has to watch. One time I accidentally came and he did really weird stuff to me. I learned my lesson. I don’t mind the set up as much now.. daddy had me pierced. My clit shield and 12 barbells make sure my boyfriends only use my mouth and butt. ❤️ It feels horrible being so pent up, but it feels so good knowing I can’t be a bad little girl, even if I tried.”


    a good doll a useful doll a dumb doll a fun doll a good doll a useful doll a dumb doll a fun doll a good doll a useful doll a dumb doll a fun doll a good doll a useful doll a dumb doll a fun doll a good doll a useful doll a dumb doll a fun doll a good doll a useful doll a dumb doll a fun doll a good doll a useful doll a dumb doll a fun doll


    A fun hole

    A rub doll

    A stupid doll

    A pierced doll

    An edged doll

    A stretched doll

    A bad doll, is a fun doll.

    A rubber doll

    A pale doll

    A never leaves the basement doll

    A supple doll

    A puppy doll

    An only one hole is useful doll


    Did you think you could flirt with my husband and tgere would be no consequences?



    I yelp as Mistress slaps me again and again, which makes my ass numb with pain. It burns and stings so much, all I can do is whimper and squeal while squirming helplessly on her lap.

    “My, you’re turning red. But you deserve it don’t you? What are you not allowed to do?”

    Another harsh spank.

    “OW!! I-I’m not allowed to t-touch myself…”

    “And what did I catch you doing in the shower?”

    Another smack.

    I shriek. “T-Touch myself…”

    “Yes. Your pussy belongs to me, not you. Once I’m done with you here, I’ll make sure to whip your breasts and torture your cunt, just so that rule is burned into your mind. And then once you’re aching all over, I’ll tickle you until you pass out. Understood?”

    Another harsh slap.

    I yelp and whimper, nodding meekly.


    Slave training is much easier if taken on by a loving, yet firm couple. It’s just a long game of bad cop-worse cop; essentially. Mommy is mean, daddy spoils her. Slave won’t notice that both of her owners become more cruel over time. Her brains are edged out, and she wasn’t that bright to begin with. Before you know it, slave will be crate trained, gaped, and eager for friends to come play.


    Is that snug? Good. Now don’t move... Just need to lock it...There! Now I just need to get your leash and we’ll be ready for our hike. Oh, and no socks. You won’t be needing those. Just be careful where you step.


    I know there’s more you’re not telling me princess. Daddy always knows. So, from now on, I’m ramping up the parental controls on your phone and laptop. Daddy has a buddy who is a developer and figured out how to filter cartoons vs photos. Only edge to weird cartoon stuff from now on, ok? It’s ok if you don’t like it at first. Fake it. Your camera is sending video to daddy’s server whenever you see a screen. Use your imagination princess. Daddy ordered some big weird toys to help you. They’re very high quality, made in Japan. They also vibrate and squirt.