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    There is a difference between a first and all other cheats. A lot of women at first aren’t sure if they really want it, sometimes it just happens, sometimes it is planned, but still unsure how it’s gonna go.

    Every other time on the other hand, is like taking the best drug ever, again. It gets you addicted. Cheating is one the most exotic and exciting things you can do. But, there is a catch. It comes the next morning, or just after you do it. If you can live with guilt, you will love it. A lot. But before you do it, make sure that you can live with it. Because if you can’t, it will eat you up from inside. But if you can…honey, only the sky is the limmit.

    Happy humping and stay safe (and don’t get caught lol)


    My boyfriend and I have been in different countries since the start of COVID. Since then I have cheated on him multiple times with guys I don't even know. I keep telling myself I'll stop but every time it comes up I give in. I'm finally planning on moving back in with my boyfriend at the end of the year and I'm worried things will never be the same and that he'll find out. I'm also scared I can't stop myself from doing it again... I was hoping you might have some advice?

    You've seen my posts, right?

    Keep cheating. You'll just need to be more careful. The cheating sex will get even better.

    BTW, maybe you're cheating because you're missing something with him. Maybe you shouldn't move back in with him.

    Maybe. But WTF do I know? I'm just some pervert on Tumblr.

    Just like you.

    Cheating sex is the best sex.


    i went to a uni party where i met a girl. we made out, talked, i even began to kiss down her neck in front of everyone at the party. the host was a mutual friend so we both ended up crashing there after the party. we slept next to each other and i felt her hands reaching for me. we made out in the dark while my hands started touching her and we fucked while other people slept in the room. the next day i found out she had a bf but she told me she couldnt stop think about what she wanted me to do

  • send me your slutty confession here and ill post it, you can read them all here
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    I had a year long affair with my dads married best friend. He took me to 5* hotels, showered me with gifts and affection then railed me all night long. He was such a good dom daddy. One time I was late to my own birthday party because he was giving me his own personal "present". He dropped me off a few streets away so it didn't look suspicious. When i walked in he was sitting there with his wife, non the wiser to the fact that I still had her husband's cum inside me.

    send me your slutty confession here and ill post it, you can read them all here


    I think my new older boss has a crush on me . I sure have one on him. He always buys me food and candy and compliments me. I feel like he always finds a reason to to touch me. I want him so bad. Of course he's married and so am I. How can I tell he likes me? Should I even bother?

    Try to make a move on him. Dress more slutty around him, try giving him hints . If he's into you he will surely take that chance