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    i’m having a stroke

    can somebody caption this for me

    I wish my father was here! <>*LA CUCARACHA!* *SCrrEEEEEECH* *COWBOY MUSIC* HELLOOoO Soss! Timmy Turner, my name is Dougsdale Dimmadale Dimmadimmsdomedoodiddomedimedimmsdimmadimmadome owner of the Dougsdimmsdimmadaledimmadimsdomedodimmadimmsdaledimmadimmsdaledimmadome! Thank you for locating my long-lost son Dale Dimmadimmsdomedoodiddomedimedimmsdimmadimmadome, heir to the Dougsdimmsdimmadaledimmadimsdomedoodimmadimmsdaledimmadimmsdougsdaledimmadome fortune! If there’s anything I can ever do to repay you for your kindness, all you need to do is ask!!! Doug Dimmadome? The owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome? Not right. Not right? That’s right. Doug Dougmadomedimmadimmadomedimmsdaledomedaledimmsdodimmdougdodimmadomedimmadomedimmadomedimmadome owner of the Dougsdimmsdimmadaledimmadimsdomedoodimmadimmsdaledimmadimmadimmadimmadimmsdaledimmadome. The same Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome, where they’re showing Crash Nebula? On ice? Yeah! Not right. Not right?! That’s right. Timmy Turner, my name is Timmy Dimmadoodimmadome owne<>r of the *SOUND OF COMPUTE<>R DYING* Then you can get me three tickets to s– Not right! <>!O L L E H *hcEeeeEERrrCS* *!AHCARACUC AL LA CUCARACHA!* *LIMO REPEATEDLY PULLS UP AND <>PULLS AWAY* I wish my father was here! *Freezeframe, grayscale* CRAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLINGGG INNNNNNNNNN MY SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN THESE WOUUUUNNDS THEY WIIIIILL…………….

    just so you know this transscript is in fact actually 100% accurate

    I am screaming lmao also this reminds me of @rosewater1997

    I really do love that people have legitimately always just been people. Like how many angry breakup texts have their been that end with “Come get your stuff or I’m donating it to goodwill”? People never change.

    The concubine after reading this:

    This is my new breakup format

    Fuck him and his harem. I hope Nisaba made you #1 wife, baby

    screaaaming me

    not a dream

    this might be a little different, but today I am here to expose vile behavior of a white tiktok user that has gained 30,000 followers on harassing Korean men, and getting away with it by trying to appear/be cute

    although she’s deleted most of her videos by now (she probably got called out before or received rightful backlash), her account used to be full of proof of such behavior, and she recently went back to posting similar content (does she think people forgot?)

    grabbing random people you don’t even know and forcing your touch and hugs on them is sexual harassment and abuse

    her @ is 8_alesha

    this screenshot of her account was sent to me, and that’s how I became aware of her vile behavior

    she’s catering to her fellow koreaboo young audience by continuing on to do stuff like this, and I don’t think she should be allowed to get away with it anymore

    before she deletes her most recents, here she is grabbing a random boy on the streets, making him uncomfortable, posing with him and trying to appear cute while he is trying to get away

    here’s another example - it’s clear that the boys and men in her videos don’t know how to react and are uncomfortable, but she’s getting away with everything because she knows they’re all too polite to make a scene and are caught off guard

    this is so messed up

    does anyone have any idea what can be done? can her account be reported? I’ve heard this kind of behavior is a trend among some white tiktokers living in Korea and Japan and that they have a niche audience of kids who eat this up, which is so messed up, we should not be normalizing this kind of abhorrent behavior

    It’s also worth acknowledging that she’s violating social distancing with strangers and risking other people, imagine you’re trying to go somewhere without getting sick and some stranger with their mask not covering their nose starts grabbing you

    But how would they know she is as cute as she is if her mask wasn’t low enough to show her cute nose uwu (sarcasm)????

    She really should not be getting away with any of this!